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Ao no Exorcist

Alternative Titles

English: Blue Exorcist
Synonyms: Ao no Futsumashi
Japanese: 青の祓魔師(エクソシスト)


Type: TV
Episodes: 25
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Apr 17, 2011 to Oct 2, 2011
Premiered: Spring 2011
Broadcast: Sundays at 17:00 (JST)
Licensors: Aniplex of America
Studios: A-1 Pictures
Source: Manga
Duration: 24 min. per ep.
Rating: PG-13 - Teens 13 or older


Score: 7.871 (scored by 461,696 users)
1 indicates a weighted score. Please note that 'Not yet aired' titles are excluded.
Ranked: #7362
2 based on the top anime page. Please note that 'Not yet aired' and 'R18+' titles are excluded.
Popularity: #14
Members: 758,973
Favorites: 12,388


Both are generic shounen series on the surface, but are enjoyable regardless. They both take place in a school dedicated to defeating the supernatural and both stories revolve around the students, mostly. The main characters also both deal with being demonic. 
report Recommended by RedBardIsCool
Ao no Exorcist is very similar in storyline to D. Grayman. The main protagonist is a young boy named Okumura. He however is cursed with being the illegitimate son of Satan. He then is rescued along with his twin brother by a society of exorcists. A priest, who Okumura calls father raises him, in hopes that he Okumura will use his powers for good, and not evil. After Okumura's foster father is killed, he pledges himself to train to be an exorcist, and defeat Satan's forces. In D. Grayman the main protagonist is Allen Walker, who is becomes cursed after he turns his dead relative,  read more 
report Recommended by noneexistent
Cute blue eyed boy fights supernatural evil with a sword, and despite being a goofball he has tremendous power and is protective of his friends.  
report Recommended by princessofheart
If you're looking for a series about brotherhood, then both series would have to be the best recommendation as both tell a tale of the bonds 2 brothers have and the trials they go through. Whilst both series may be of different plots, what they both share is the highly-packed action and spectacular graphics. 
report Recommended by Scrypt
Both the main characters are almost very similar, they have the determination to become one of the best and strongest person there is. In both series they possess unbelievable strength and power already or later on. They both are also similar since they have a path of solitude and basically not wanting to rely on others that much. Another aspect about both series is that they both have a lot of Drama since the main characters have at least a lost a loved one. Both are also really good Shounen and this one is mostly Seinen 'cause the characters are more matured  read more 
report Recommended by MysticStrider
In both series, there is a supernatural setting where there are beings that are otherworldly. Additionally, the main male protagonist are hotheaded and are not human themselves.

There is a lot of humor in both series although Blood Lad also has more fan service and even a little romance. However, they both have the fact that the main male protagonist is not human and possesses similar personalities. Both shows also gives similar vibes in regards to its atmosphere. 
report Recommended by Stark700
In these anime, the protagonists are stripped away of their families and left alone until they join certain organization to avenge their cause with their own hands. Also, they both fight using swords. 
report Recommended by MystiC_MOON
Both have protagonists whose appearance changes during fight scenes and both include demons (yokai) and exorcists. 
report Recommended by YukuZetsuji
Both of these Anime have fighting scenes, sword play and monsters that need to be taken care of. There is also the theme of hell, less played up in Bleach. One of the major themes is protecting others, and another is being accepted for who you are. 
report Recommended by Yemi_Hikari
While both series have different premises, they involve the concept of a character who is not so ordinary living on Earth. At the same time, they discover more about themselves and the world around them through interactions with others.

There are supernatural elements involved in both series. Furthermore, there is action, drama, and comedy. The main male protagonist in both series has similar personalities.

Both series also involves a parallel of two worlds described metaphorically - one of humans and other of demons.  
report Recommended by Stark700
the similar are the charaters personalitys

i would have to say that Naruto and Rin are alike they are some person who likes to help others, and let them understand peoples feelings, Naruto and Rin know when people are being hurt or know that when they need someone, they know that they have to be the one to be there. Like Naruto helping Gaara, Naruto new that Gaara was like him, and the same thing went as Rin wanted to stop Ryuji making the same mistake as what he did to his own father. Everyone didn't like them, everyone knew that he had a  read more 
report Recommended by xninaxhangx
In both shows, students are training to become slayers of demons. 
report Recommended by iadmin
I'm an addict for series that follow a pair of brothers. For me Ao no Exorcist and FMA fall in the same category. Hot headed older brother, check. Reasonable, level headed younger brother, check. Supernatural elements, check. You could basically exchange the Exorcists for Alchemists, alchemy for magic, and homunculi for demons and have a pretty close to the same type of story. And did I mention the brothers and lots of brotherly love, angst, family bonding moments in both? I've made my point. Though not like anyone whose watched Ao no Exorcist will have not watch FMA. Seriously if you haven't you really shouldn't  read more 
report Recommended by harmony_kh_kairi
Both series have protagonists as brothers, with near-dichotomous personalities, including talent levels. Both involve a single father raising both of them. If you like the fantasy & drama vibe of Ao no Exorcist, you might take a liking to Black Clover. 
report Recommended by Vizard
The main character is the incarnation of the greatest evil; however he only wants to be a good guy. Both stories have funny and serious moments (less in Daimaou). As far as I know, there will be an academy atmosphere which is also common in them. 
report Recommended by DaiOni
Crazy cast of characters which balance each other as the storyline progresses. The serious plot line is broken up with nice hero bits. 
report Recommended by Yemi_Hikari
Ao no Exorcist and Tokyo Ghoul both run on the system of "What have I become?!"

Both main protagonists start out with normal human lives uninterrupted with the 'real' world they are being kept away from. Both protagonists are then introduced to the hidden world they were being kept hidden from under certain disastrous incidents having to deal with death.

Ao no Exorcists', Rin Okumura, is a normal teenage boy who just started high school. He's been ostracized by society due to his monstrous behavior. After some time, demons attack the monastery he lives at searching for him. He finds a sword hidden  read more 
report Recommended by WindBreaker
Both are highly popular shonen action anime revolving around Satan's child.  
report Recommended by TheCuban
Both series are about demons and exorcists who try to vanquish them, with both series starring a lone demon who works for good. Both have spectacular graphics and fluid animation, and a story that's worth being in your list if your into the supernatural/demon genre. 
report Recommended by Scrypt
I just feel that the main character has a similar situation. Being half human and half demon, the main character doesn't belong to either side. But they chose the human side and decided to get stronger in order to protect them. 
report Recommended by reinee
Rei looks a little bit like Rin and the blue flames.
They both have the action, Shounen and Supernatrual genres.
Rei and Rin have the same seiyuu. 
report Recommended by xMichi
Both are typical highschool shounen shows with supernatural (aka devil/demon) elements, with the main difference being that Ao no Exorcist doesn't have the enormous amount of fan service.
In both shows the loser/outcast/main protagonist gets involved with these supernatural elements and has to fight and train with all his might to win the inevitable battle at the end to safe the ones he loves.
Typical, but very enjoyable. 
report Recommended by JunkWatcher
I cant help but think that Noragami and its seconf season are at its core more polished versions of Blue Exorcist. Noragami deals with gods, while Ao No Exorcist is about demons. While Ao No Exorcist is pretty much what youd expect in a shounen like series, Noragami is something more. I cant promise the other way around that if you like Noragami you'll like Blue Exorcist, but I am saying it might definetly be worth a try. 
report Recommended by ReactAsylum
The main characters are supernatural beings that are trying to learn to live with their demonic powers and to search for the truth behind it and their origins. They are both considered highly dangerous as they have issues controlling it. to add, they have groups after them to wipe both out. Ao no Exorcist is more of a classic shounen while Strike the Blood tends to be more of your action-harem series. Both showcase pretty good powers and fighting scenes. 
report Recommended by papsoshea
- Both main character are very similar.
- Both have unbelievable powers.
1. Ao no Exorcist: demonic powers
2. Sword Art Online: Highest level player in the game
- Both desire a lonely path of solitude; don't want to rely on others.
- Both, everyone hates them.
1. Ao no Exorcist: Most people mainly hates/fear him for being the son of the Underworld King.
2. Sword Art Online: Most people mainly hate/fear him for being a Beta player and branded as a " Beater." He's the strongest player in the world.
-  read more 
report Recommended by iNinjeek
The exorcists have special privileges, getting to go wherever they want to with the keys. The hunters license is like a passport to anywhere. Each group goes on adventures within their group and they form friendships, despite dark adventures. The plots draw the viewer in. 
report Recommended by Yemi_Hikari
Similar concepts around Exorcists and demons however Ao No Exorcist is done better, especially with inclusion of a second season that follows the manga more closely. 
report Recommended by Dracosine
Both have a same vibe, and involve characters with supernatural powers
Both churches, deal with monotheistic religion, but with have Japanese religious characterstics, like exorcist, animal spirits, temples, etc 
report Recommended by Biel-Kun
Both series are about a pair of brothers fighting against demons. The older brother Dean is more the action kind of guy, attack first, ask questions later, which is like Rin. Sam the younger brother is the more reserved thinking brother. Sam also is very smart and tends to use research and intelligence against enemies rather than brute strength like Dean (though they both kick some serious ass regardless). This is quite a bit like Yukio. In Supernatural one brother also shares a strong connection to demons and Lucifer (Satan) in particular (not going to give away which one). The other brother often tells his  read more 
report Recommended by harmony_kh_kairi
Similar vibe and fantastic art, story lines, action, comedy and character development. 
report Recommended by jayafj
both the main characters are monsters.
both have people hunting for their blood.
both select to be human .
both have many foe.
both want to Protect their friends.
both of their parents are kind. 
report Recommended by TrOjAnHoRsE
The feel about series is similar, both are quite dark, but feature some comedy. Also, again some group of humans vs. demons, special powers, hell gates (or rather equivalents), etc. 
report Recommended by lolwutwhatever
Because its unique and i love the plot/story! I don't even know how to explain my excitement to you, because this anime, IS A MUST. If you're an otaku, then you must definitely watch this, but if you watched this already then read the manga, there's a lot of twists and cliffhangers though, and you have to wait for it to update and stuffs like that, but the best part is, ITS WORTH IT.  
report Recommended by ayumurii
These shows have in common:
- Similar characters/ character types and personalities
- Super power theme
- The main character is hiding a secret and making everyone wonder
- In both, characters are students in a "special" school and have to work as a team.

Differences in these series:
- Boku no Hero academia revolves around weak main guy, who aims to become stronger and be the hero who can bring smiles and protect. In Ao no Exorcist the main character is already strong, trying to get accepted by others and befriend with them and his ultimate goal is to defeat Satan.
- Boku  read more 
report Recommended by Makum
Both series have demon hunting, a half-demon main character, and a Japanese highschool setting. There are also many almost identical character archetypes. Both series have a theme of not all demons being evil, while having gratuitous amounts of combat between the characters and demons. Action/animation quality and the general "feel" are comparable.

It should be noted that Ao no Exorcist is more focused on the main character and his training, while Kyokai no Kanata splits the focus between the two main characters and their romance. 
report Recommended by Sabertoothedhand
Both animé involves demons and the supernatural. The main characters have powers and skills that are yet to be mastered. They have the same dark but also light atmosphere, in Makai Ouji's case and in Ao no Exorcist, that has characters that relieve the tension. Both has its funny moments as well. Although William Twining is an elite who is born to a prestigious family and possess above average intelligence, Rin Okumura is the opposite. Both have an interesting plot that I would watch again and again, so I would definitely recommend if you like the concept of demons. 
report Recommended by amaliachan
Both are action/comedy anime that involve magic use for exorcisms.  
report Recommended by forever_twelve
Both following in their father's footsteps, Naruto(Hokage) Rin(Paladin)

Have Demonic powers inside of them that were infused at birth

Their demonic powers make them overpowered than normal

Troublemakers that are good at making bonds and friendships

Started out as outcasts/losers, are now working hard to be the best

They both release a strong aura when in Demonic forms, Naruto(Red Charkra) Rin(Blue Flames)

Learning to rely on own strength instead of just demonic powers or run risk of losing their minds

Naruto and Rin working hard to surpass their rival/brother/best friend Sasuke/Yukio

Both are blockheads that love to  read more 
report Recommended by D34D_N0v3LTy
They both have brothers, the older brother is seemingly gifted with some kind of power. They both exorcise some spirits. 
report Recommended by SwordWielder
Both characters have something to do with demons and they both have powers sleeping inside them that they can use only when certain conditions are meet, in Ao no Exorcist Rin gets his powers when he draws his sword, in Nurarihyon, Rikuo can only transform at night 
report Recommended by farcaster
The main protagonists struggle against a world that curse their innately evil powers despite their best attempts at being good. 
report Recommended by NeoRinTinTin
- both main characters are related to demons
- both main characters have magical/spiritual battles
- both main characters attend a magical/spiritual school
- both main characters are motivated by an emotional event
- both main characters are male
- both main characters are seen as ''dangerous''
personally i felt like the shows had similar feel to it from the moment i started
report Recommended by celumie
Both about Exorcist
Both main characters have a katana as a weapon
Both side characters have different and unique weapons  
report Recommended by ReadReadRead
-A character that wants to become stronger to protect others and is comedic (Rin and Yoshimori) paired with a serious, studious character that keeps the other in check (Yukio and Tokine)
-Fighting demons or ayakashi
-Yoshimori (Kekkaishi) and Rin (Ao no Exorcist) are given a power at first that they deny, and have immense, natural talent
-The same sense of adventure and reckless strength
report Recommended by SmoothCoffee
Cool action with dark secrets and deaths to not be taken lightly. Similar humor with school in the background. The MC's have good personalities and demons/youkai has a major focus in this anime. Both are solid and worth watching. 
report Recommended by -Alians-
Felt the smiliarity directly when I watched the first episode of Ao no Exorcist.
Mostly the combinations of demons/torches/Guzes no tomogaras and exorcist/flame hazes. Thought in Ao no Exorcist there misses a opposite-gender main character but that probably will be filled up by Rin's brother Yukio.
Conclusion: Both have a mysterious story that you have to accept to continue and lots of action and a slight touch of comedy. 
report Recommended by keraito
It gave me the same vibe, mc doesn't have parents, the characters have unique personalities and both are funny and bloody at the same time. 
report Recommended by Ritshiro
Demons/creatures infesting the world obviously! Both anime also have an action streak and most notably summons that correspond to their user personality/ability/profile. The difference is that DS2 has a technological streak while Ao no Exorcist is more of a laid-back comedy. 
report Recommended by shinezu
-main character is cute
-there are some strange creatures that can possess humans
-church themed 
report Recommended by Yurippe
Both involved in religious organizations with a supernatural twist. Action scenes are quite similar, as well.

Ao no Exorcist focuses on demons and exorcists (obviously; just as the title suggests), while To Aru Majutsu no Index deals with espers and magicians, as well as saints and priests with powers. 
report Recommended by ink-and-paper
Ao no Exorcist has a sword weilding male lead. Although it's not as inclined towards romance and ecchi content, it still has an amazingly action and comedy packed storyline with some tear jerking moments. 
report Recommended by Lyevino95
Both deal with a protagonist with a common goal of defeating a central authority figure of evil. Both protagonists have a trait that sets them apart from the rest of the human population. KLK and ANE both take place in a school setting with a powerful authority figure acting as the puppetmaster of the school. Authority figures are also related to the Big Bad.
Protagonists are defiant and stubborn, and want to make their own path and find their own way. Both also possess large amounts of power that they use to bring them closer to their goal.  
report Recommended by potaytoes
Blue Exorcist and [C] are not similar in many ways. However, where they are similar is astonishing, and quite amusing.
Both animes have two worlds parallel to each other. And both parallel worlds "invade" "reality." For [C], the money invades, but for Blue Exorcist, the demons are the ones that invade.
Both animes have fun fight scenes. And the fight scenes are mostly about the main character. However, I felt that [C] focused more on other characters, unlike Blue Exorcist, which was all about Rin.
The main characters Okumura Rin (Blue Exorcist) and Yoga Kimimaro ([C]) are not alike in any respect, besides  read more 
report Recommended by Verria-Nichole
both are bishonen action shows, similar characters, many of them have Mu's eyebrows. 
report Recommended by Okumura_Kate
Both are in a city that was arranged scientifically and magically. Both main characters have strong magic powers. Both of their main themes are friendship. I highly recommend both anime. 
report Recommended by BobMarleyJr
The similarities are glaring: they're both about strong-willed students pursing a goal that could save the world, while attending an occult-based school. Blue Exorcist however is a bit darker, with more graphic artwork and a bit more fluid. Both are fun, supernatural action adventures that really makes you curious as to what will befall your hero. 
report Recommended by Callow
The overall concept of both is a normal, average boy turns out to have hidden powers, as well as, a back story they never knew of, or had forgotten about. Both set out to fight the antagonist from the world in which they really belong to, with the help of their friends and allies. 
report Recommended by giraffuh
They may not seem alike in the plot, but the main character is somewhat lazy and gets into some sort of situation or problem.  
report Recommended by Compact_Fangirl
Both anime are about guys getting dragged into a new world or situation were their primary goal is survival, and helping someone that played some role in their coming to that world. 
report Recommended by --Aurabreaker--
Both have a interesting enough premise; both have action that varies from mediocre to pretty good; both have stereotypical characters with at LEAST one standout female fanservice character and both have, in my opinion, quite sh*t endings. Well, from a satisfying perspective at least. 
report Recommended by LaughinOtaku
A jaded boy with low self worth after the world convinces him that he's an unlovable monster who won't ever succeed in life. He finds a supportive group not only willing to accept him for who he is, but also repair what others tore down inside him. Action, fighting, motivational speeches, character growth and healing. Comedy on the side. 
report Recommended by CoolerthanSenpai
Two boys both born from the the Demon King satan him self. One which has inherited his father's power. Raised as humans by a prist but to have their lives turn up side down and decide to become exorcist to take daddy down.

-Great action
-Mad plot
-Amusingly interesting characters
report Recommended by _Kasper_
-Both Anime tell about an organization which is based out of Vatican.
-Both have Priests who do the mission.
-Both have Dark Atmosphere.
(Although Ao no Exorcist still has some comedy moments)

-While Ao no Exorcist focused on battles & how they do the exorcism, Vatican Kiseki Chousakan focused more on religion theme & mysteries.
-Vatican Kiseki Chousakan targeting the adult audience, while Ao no Exorcist targeting the younger audience. 
report Recommended by renzospark
Both shows deal with the supernatural. Both have a cast of characters that use different approaches to deal with supernatural. Both have their own sense of humor.

Ghost Hunt's is more about mystery and suspense. Blue Exorsist is more action. 
report Recommended by Holocat_Zer0
Maybe people wont find this similar, but i think they have their similarities. Both are shonen, and im so used to them that i liked them both.
They have this demon thing in their main characteres, that make them have to hide their really personallity from others outside the world. I really like the relationships Sebastian-Ciel and Rin-Yukio-Shirou, thats another similaritie. And these animes have strong and lovely secondary characters like Mephisto o Shura in Ao no Exorcist and Grell and Undertaker in Kuroshitsuji. 
report Recommended by Athena839
Both have a goal to kill a strong opponent (main goal). They both have action and fighting as theme. At last they probaly face their opponent(their goal), where they have learned a lot through the actions and earned some knowledge, that they have done through the story. (sry for bad english) 
report Recommended by Herst
in both anime the mc is bend on fighting the things which are generally feared by most people.......and both mc become that thing which they hated the most 
report Recommended by Ramirocruz
The main characters are 15 year old boys who are unwillingly brought into a fight between humans and demons. They both also start of trying to hide the fact they are demons from the humans they meet which proves to be difficult. 
report Recommended by SazUK
both shonen, both supernatural theme with demons, VERY similar main characters in character traits and personalities, similar ''bad guys'' - papilon from from BR reminds me quite a lot of pheles with their weird ways and dress sence. both have fabulous are and loads of well done fight scenes.

BR wasnt as popular as it deserved to be, it has a very similar feel to ao no exorcist so im still scratching my head as to why it wasnt more popular. BR is better in terms of consistant excitement, their isnt a dull minute, let alone episode of BR where as althoguh ANE has  read more 
report Recommended by kefkas_big_sis
I just love these both mostly the movie. Asomaru is kawaii as fuck and the voice actor is Kugiyama Rie!! also as Kagura-chan in Gintama kyaa!!~ Well others might not find it good because of the manga but its imo :^) 
report Recommended by shizuku-
both have similar main characters with special abilities that are feared by their friends but are eventually won over, similar art style (not so much the actual animation)
both brilliant 
report Recommended by kefkas_big_sis
If you are like me, then you enjoyed Ao no Exorcist for the overall concept of the show. I love the idea of a character struggling with an inner evil that they had no control over receiving, so they must keep their struggle a secret. Parasyte deals with a wimpy teen who can't figure out what is wrong with his hand, until one day he jumps out into the street to save a little girl from getting hit by a car, and he suddenly sees an eye and claws grow out of his hand that completely stop the car in its tracks.  read more 
report Recommended by BooTedesco
these animes are very similar in genra wise there both two young boys who set out to make a goal and reach there dream they are also both carless leader types which makes both aanime have the same sence of comedy so if you like ao no exorcist then i would recommend one piece  
report Recommended by L-Lnguyen
The are both about guys who aren't very good at hiding their 'secret' powers. 
report Recommended by NavyCherub
Both series are about a pair of supernatural siblings who fight demons. Both fight as a duo wielding swords and guns to defeat demons. 
report Recommended by SlinkyDreams
Both are packed with action but also light humour in between. They aren't too deep but oh so enjoyable! And they leave you with a positive feeling after you watch them.
I also found that the two main characters resemble each other greatly.  
report Recommended by flyingpardin
An epic character who uses guns.
(both supernatural and action, though Hellsing Ultimate is infinitely more violent =P)
Need I say more? 
report Recommended by dyndsu
~both shounen
~deals with purifying/exorcising the possessed ones
~both protagonists uses gun and sword
report Recommended by XxshizxX
In both the anime are little invisible flying demons, and both the protagonists are the son of a important demon. 
report Recommended by AuronX
I'm surprised no-one has put these two down for recommendations yet.
Both similar types of drawings.
Both supernatural (Ao no Exorcist - Demons, DRRR! - not fully centred on supernatural, but a big majority of it is based on myths/legends/demons).
Both similar genres - action, comedy, drama-ish, etc.
Both a very enjoyable watch.
Although I would say that DRRR! is more complex (but still easy to understand), while Ao no Excorcist has a much more simple story line. 
report Recommended by rosy2lee2
I think Rin and Ueki are a lot alike. They're both kind of idiotic and there is a lot more to them than meets the eye (without inserting any spoilers)  
report Recommended by Nayukuo
The main characters have special powers and have to fight to survive while leaving their abilities unknown to the rest of the world. Secrets abound in bothser ies. 
report Recommended by Yemi_Hikari
The main characters are sort of similar, in that both use flames and can't control it at first. 
report Recommended by bunnychii
Both of these shows deal with the power that you have and dealing with it in constructive manners. Both of these shows are also riddled through with a great deal of humor that comes across wonderfully. 
report Recommended by Yemi_Hikari
There is a wide cast of characters and similar humor. The art styles are also similar and yet different in their own ways. Both are wonderful series which draws the viewer in. 
report Recommended by Yemi_Hikari
The similarity between these two is the idea of purifying / exorcising evil. They are not really similar otherwise, they are more like paralel series, they are ahout exterminating evil in 2 different cultures. Shounen Onmyoujy deals with Asian beliefs (youkai, shikigami, etc), while Ao no Exorcist deals with more like European beliefs (satan, devils, familiars).  
report Recommended by sorceritza
Similar styles, similar quirky humor. The story line have a nice light side to them but also a darker side to balance the story out. 
report Recommended by Yemi_Hikari
Kokuchi are possesing human bodies and powering them up in Monochrome Factor, as demons are doing that to people in Ao no Exorcist....It seems similar. xD 
report Recommended by KandaRainbowsoul
If you're interested in traditional Japanese culture/exorcism 
report Recommended by SamuraiBlue19
This is similar to To Aru Majutsu No Index because, it has a sort of supernatural feel
and also it has something to do with church. 
report Recommended by radwayxp
In both series the main characters hunt people similiar to them. Alucard it's a vampire from an anti-vampire organization(Hellsing) and in Ao no Exorcist we've the son of Satan(Okumura, Rin) becoming an exorcist.  
report Recommended by philiphos
Both main characters have unice powers and both are ending up in special schools to train them up.

report Recommended by Stromoror
Both have a Overpowered Main Protoganist. and magic/fantasy/action genre

Also both of them take place in a school.

Sorry for the LowQuality Recommendation but i didn't had much time ^^.
See for yourself if you like it. 
report Recommended by Phana
Both are good typical shounen anime shows! They both have typical shounen elements such as good protagonists, good action/fight scenes and great amounts of comedy.
Both shows have a supernatural premise, namely involving spirits.
Both shows happen to reveal an apocalyptic tone to the story as they approach the ending episodes!
report Recommended by JUON
This anime is surprisingly similar to Ao no Exorcist. The protagonist is half-human and half-devil, his parents are devils (and his father is a very important devil), he is killing the devils, he has companions with him... I mean, they are very similar... 
report Recommended by nzs_kaza
Both of these series starts off as tragedy stories after a startling revelation is made.

From there, the main character tries to become someone they never thought to be and get justice. Along the way, both characters meets others whom they bond but also conflicts with.

In both of these anime(s), there is action, violence, and drama. There is also comedy (less so in Zetman), and even very tiny hints of romance.

report Recommended by Stark700
Main character voiced by Nobuhiko Okamoto. Both using flame/fire. One is black/blue while the other just black. Similar personality and a BA too. One series is a shounen series that deals with demons and exorcist. The other deals with high school and supernatural powers.  
report Recommended by AnimeFan500
Both use Blue Fire as a power 
report Recommended by YuiHonma933
While the characters and plot aren't all that similar, I found them to both have very good action, and a somewhat interesting plot (Although DTB's is better). They both had a very similar feeling for me. 
report Recommended by Aldeishahn
-Both exciting & great anime.
-Both main character in the beginning of the anime realized that they had powers deep inside of them
-Both horrible past
-Both same goal; lost all of their love ones due to an evil enemy and swore to get revenge on them.  
report Recommended by iNinjeek
They both heavily involve supernatural elements (Exorcist = demons; Blood+ = vampires) and a main character who is darkly connected to those very forces that he/she fights. Both series are quite fast-paced and exciting, and the first episode or two of either should suffice to draw you in.  
report Recommended by inspecteurjavert
Both Bakemonogatari and Ao no Exorcist has the same:
• Art Style - Produced by Aniplex.

• Genre - Both have elements of Supernatural conventions.. Although Bakemonogatari is more aligned to a horror genre unlike Ao no Exorcist which is more on the shounen side.

• Narrative - Both give out the same atmosphere. Both Protagonist are alot dominant compared to other characters. Ao no Exorcist Son of Satan and Bakemonogatari Vampire.
report Recommended by Puddin-Snatcher
-Both have a spunky and likeable protagonist.
-Both of them are reckless and crazy(Though Lina is the more craziest out of these two)
-They have supporting characters who are trolls.
I recommend watching the original, then watching this show

report Recommended by TaciNox