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Mahou Shoujo Madoka★Magica

Alternative Titles

English: Puella Magi Madoka Magica
Synonyms: Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magika, Magical Girl Madoka Magica
Japanese: 魔法少女まどか★マギカ


Type: TV
Episodes: 12
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Jan 7, 2011 to Apr 22, 2011
Premiered: Winter 2011
Broadcast: Fridays at 01:25 (JST)
Licensors: Aniplex of America
Studios: Shaft
Source: Original
Duration: 24 min. per ep.
Rating: PG-13 - Teens 13 or older


Score: 8.471 (scored by 347,415 users)
1 indicates a weighted score. Please note that 'Not yet aired' titles are excluded.
Ranked: #1202
2 based on the top anime page. Please note that 'Not yet aired' and 'R18+' titles are excluded.
Popularity: #46
Members: 575,509
Favorites: 31,757


Young people fight battles against powerful beings they don't understand, for reasons they don't understand. suffering steadily increases as the story progresses. Surreal landscapes are experienced. 
report Recommended by MangaPancakes
The same kind of spin on magical girls. Yuuki Yuuna is much more uneven when it comes to quality, but it has enough to give for someone looking for something Madoka-esque. 
report Recommended by Volbla
Selector and Madoka both take the formula that is normal for Anime of the card game genre and magical girl genre and places a dark twist on it involving the fulfillment of wishes happening. On top of these wishes having a darker side to them there is the fact there is a “pure” character, a character that happens to have a positive outlook on life and easily be able to make friends with people. The characters also don't have a wish because they can't think of anything to actually wish for. There is also quite a bit of slice of life elements as well as  read more 
report Recommended by Yemi_Hikari
Both shows start very moe, but then the real drama comes out.  
report Recommended by puccapardini
I cannot say the detail as it is a huge spoiler, but both has exact same theme and plot complexity with repetition. There are also tons of surprising factors, too. 
report Recommended by ringoo4
Both Anime focus around girls giving up something for a fight and the souls that are attached. They also have anime styles that don't stick to the norm. 
report Recommended by Yemi_Hikari
Both are surprisingly dark and mature magical girl series, in which a lot of thought has been given to the story.
Madoka seems to be even darker, but Tutu is definitely worth watching as well. Both have very good soundtracks, too. 
report Recommended by lumi
Genei wo Kakeru Taiyou has a very similar atmosphere. Both have magical girls fighting something like a monster. 
report Recommended by Jesper_Rayne
Bokurano and Madoka both feature young people in a serious situation that may affect the world. In both series, the children must fight and win at all cost. The characters in each are also guided by a mysterious being throughout their course.  
report Recommended by Tsukari
Light-hearted story about magical girls doing beautiful and magical things suddenly turned into a traumatic experience as they learn more and more about the dark truth of behind the true purpose of becoming "magical girls". Desperation arises as these girls face the threat of loosing their lives through the process.
Even if both the series have a similar setting like this, Madoka Magica is more of a psychological roller-coaster ride playing with the viewers' mental state, while Ikusei Keikaku has a thriller story about a hunger-games or battle-royale among these girls with bloodfest every now and then. 
report Recommended by TahZin
Because Gen Urobuchi is an amazing writer. If you've watched and enjoyed one, you will be very likely to enjoy the other; ignore that they seem to be completely different genres. 
report Recommended by ddrcrono
Madoka is basically the spiritual successor to Mai Hime. They are both dark subversions of the Mahou Shoujo genre. 
report Recommended by asteron
Both Anime use an animation style that doesn't stick to the norm. There are bright colors and there is a lot of angst from beginning to end. Everyone tries to fight for their dream and wish too. 
report Recommended by Yemi_Hikari
They are both very similar in gore and the plot is slightly different you will see. 
report Recommended by master0537
One major inspiration for Madoka Magica - a show which starts off like a bubbly, innocent anime but eventually descends into madness, mass hysteria and distrust among people, as well as murder - but ultimately shows the idealistic themes of friendship and trust.  
report Recommended by Kirroha
Both are deviations from the traditional mahou shoujo format, and while Madoka is the darker of the two, Nanoha is far more accessible and appeals to a much wider audience. 
report Recommended by Archaeon
Both anime involve complex theories with strange organizations that mess with your mind (especially Lain). And even though both series have an entirely different feel (Madoka is more action-drama, Lain is more suspense-thriller), the endings are remarkably similar, and both are true works of art. 
report Recommended by Lazhward
Both are darker twists of the shoujo genre and they are both equally excellent in their own ways. There are heavily surreal elements and the theme of protecting someone and/or sacrificing yourself for someone else are apparent in both series.  
report Recommended by closer
Both explore the psychological state of a magical girl and her relationship with another magical girl, though in a different way. Both are dark. 
report Recommended by Hikari_Chan
If you just glance at the images of both, you have no idea what you're going to get out of each anime. They're actually pretty similar because they both have major and unexpected plot twists, both look happy at first glance but aren't, both have very dark themes, and both have supernatural elements.

I think this is a pretty good recommendation because the unexpectedly dark style of the two anime can really get to you emotionally. If you like the dark emotional elements in one you will probably like the other.

report Recommended by 3xTripple
Charlotte starts off like most Key series. A lighthearted beginning with a forced tragic ending. It even has an innocent naive girl (Yusa) common in all Key series. You will see similar themes in Madoka Magica: innocent girls with seemingly funny stories in the beginning but becomes tragic in the end. However the folks at Key seemed to copy the plot of Madoka into this show. I won't reveal any spoilers but involves having the main character saving those who face potential anguish. Essentially taking in the burdens of others for themselves becoming a Christ-like figure. 
report Recommended by Makise
✔ Both are shocking and moving
✔ Have similar disquieting atmosphere
✔ Talk about dangerous power 
report Recommended by Shifu
Both harness the concept of hunting other worldly beings for rewards in order to function, whether it be grief seeds, or money. Both also have a seemingly unstoppable force that our main characters encounter.  
report Recommended by Shifo-Chan
Probably a huge spoiler, but their point of origin is exactly the same. Mahou Shoujo Madoka★Magica seemed like the "sugar-pink contacts on for some tension" version of Higurashi series after I finished watching it.  
report Recommended by kyounii
Both feature the alter ego of a young girl fighting strange creatures in a surreal otherworld. 
report Recommended by Archaeon
Both have a unique, cute artstyle that covers a dark, deep lore.
Both have beautiful animation that make them stand out from the rest. 
report Recommended by Pelocan
Both seem to have a cutesy art and all, but in reality they are much darker and cruel. Things like underage girls communicating with alien life forms and getting strange powers as a result. 
report Recommended by insoo
The main character in the series is very naive about the way the world works. The colors are bright and the creatures styles are not normal. The costume designs on the magical girl outfits are also quite elaborate. 
report Recommended by Yemi_Hikari
If you are feeling like “Oh drat, that dick boss makes me show him how to reboot his router again, I’m exhausted body and mind, I need refreshment. Yes, maybe I should take a bath, have some fries and watch that good stuffs I got the other day. What does it call? MAGICAL GIRL? And some comedy called SCHOOL DAYS? Oh I’m gonna have my great time with cute anime chicks and of course without idiot boss, heck yeah.” (This is the rendition of an exhausted working man at the best extent the writer can imagine, as he is currently unemployed.)

However, both shows  read more 
report Recommended by lapisdragon
Both have great stories, are very emotionally charged, and have similar feels. Mahou is much darker in the bulk of the episodes, while Angel Beats has more comic relief, but both are powerful anime that I highly recommend. 
report Recommended by baltar
Both anime are shorter series with an mainly all female cast. both series the characters have to deal with a situation not exactly being all that it seems to be. Both characters deal with an extended amount of sadness and both carry along some fantasy elements with them. 
report Recommended by FordFocus96
Both are about a young girl encountering a familiar(animal) who introduce them to magical powers. in the Magical Girl genre. Even though Madoka Magica is a little darker, but its just as great. 
report Recommended by MoonXArtemis
Both series take a genre (pet monsters for Shadow Star Narutaru, magical girls for Mahou Shoujo Madoka★Magica) and deconstruct it by removing every safety feature associated with it. Do NOT make the mistake of showing these to children unless scarring fragile young minds is your intent. 
report Recommended by Yuunagi
Both places have a Gothic and surreal other world that effects the real world in supernatural ways. The cost of power is also rather great. 
report Recommended by Yemi_Hikari
Both anime have five magical girls and a main character with ponytails that is really interested in a dark-haired mystery girl. They are also both are somewhat dark series. 
report Recommended by BreezeElric
similar character design and art style. both are very good! 
report Recommended by ariamachi
Both deal with child main characters coming face-to-face with their destinies. Both are doing what they were born to do. 
report Recommended by crazyisgood
I know this might seem like its very unlikely, I am doing this recommendation through their artistic direction. Because Shaft and the ever crazy Shinbou were responsible for the production of this series, their art direction is very close to being 100% parallel. They are both filled with so many abstract images and one could even see a completely similar frame in Madoka and compare it to one in Bakemonogatari. Even their choice for the voice actors for their main heroines are the same people. (Saito Chiwa) for both Akemi and Hitagi, (Kitamura Eri) For one Karen and Sayaka, and ofcourse (Kato Emri) for Hachikuji  read more 
report Recommended by end3rr
To gain something, you must give equivalent exchange. For a miracle to occur, you must sacrifice equal happiness. 
report Recommended by ninryu
Both are awesome mahou-shoujo anime titles. 
report Recommended by sasazuka
Both look like generic, light-hearted shows at the beginning... until the plot really begins to kick in. Both also involve a young girl living through quite a bit of hardship. 
report Recommended by greymousie
Both abound in surreal and frightening dreamscapes, Art Noveau aesthetics, references to European literary classics, and both feature music by Yuki Kajiura. 
report Recommended by Forion
Both have a heavy theme of Hope vs. Despair. 
report Recommended by HatchetGirl
Both animes have a dark plot line to them, though Fate/Zero is darker in respect. They are very powerful and well-paced; with amazing animation and well developed personalities in each character. The soundtracks are very similar and are perfect for the anime. The same creator I believe too.  
report Recommended by Azunyan55
Both shows have a primarily female cast. The main characters are forced (more-so in Red Garden) to fight beasts/witches, and if they give up they die. Characters don't fully understand the situation they're in for most of the series. They're both pretty dark series, and there are definitely some more similarities.  
report Recommended by Yatsura
Supernatural dark-themed catfight with casualties. The timing of event is so well done you will be surprised and can't wait-until-next-week. Kickass combat keep you glued to your seat when the next-week finally comes. Entire lesbian casts keep you sealed to your seat once more when the next next episode come. And finally when the next next next week come once again, here come explicit confession of lesbianship on air, which once more stick you to your seat.

Short summary? Explicit Yuri (lesbian) attitudes, beautiful combat sequences, girls politic presented unlike your average Sex and the City catfight, great screenplay, and well timed stories  read more 
report Recommended by lapisdragon
Gothic anime geared towards a female audience with bright colors and a surreal other world only a select few can go into. There is a lot of angst and losing what one holds important and for each it is different. 
report Recommended by Yemi_Hikari
Both series use fantastic elements (magic for Madoka★Magica, futuristic technology in the case of Gunslinger Girl) to set up stories which revolve around complex themes.

Expect drama, an immersive ambiance, top-notch music, surprisingly appropriate lyrics, references to classic works, and cute girls in unenviable professions. 
report Recommended by Yuunagi
The most obvious similarity comes from the fact that both shows put their own twist on the "mahou shoujo" genre. But while Madoka Magica explores this theme in a serious tone, Kill la Kill jumps around the comedy and parody territory, with some drama gems in between.
Both have very unique art styles.
The true main villans in both anime share a very similar goal and origin.
Both have really intricate stories with lots of plot twists.
The main diference is the pacing and overall atmosphere, Kill la Kill being more slap-stick comedy and ecchi, Madoka having a more well-paced story.
Both were great shows  read more 
report Recommended by yaysoro
Both of the main protagonists are living a normal life in the early part of the series. They were offered something life changing that comes with a great cost. 
report Recommended by zetsuboSensei
Both Madoka and Fate/kaleid are rather dark magical girl anime that deconstruct the genre.The main character has to face the dangers of actually being a magical girl. Several of the characters between them are also similar. 
report Recommended by Fujaku
Both Akuma no Riddle and Madoka Magica involve a female cast who have different motives behind their actions for a wish. In Akuma no Riddle, they are attempting to assassinate one of their classmates for the ability to have any wish they desire granted while in Madoka Magica the girls can have any wish they want fulfilled in return of them becoming a magical girl who fights witches for the rest of their lives.
Some characters resemble each other in both personality and appearance like Madoka Kaname and Haru Ichinose along with Haruki Sagae and Kyouko Sakura.

Both Akuma no Riddle and Madoka  read more 
report Recommended by DragonA7X
Similar dark themes throughout. Both involve cute girls with much a much deeper story than your typical SoL. Good op and ed for both series 
report Recommended by kevinshi3
Claymore is also an anime about magical female-fighters, making moral decisions on their way to find purpose in the life. Before you decide to watch it: characters are a bit mature (mostly young women), mood of the series is more serious and there is some violence, too. 
report Recommended by Trzynastka
They both have 'changing destiny for beloved's sake' as main theme. What's more, their soundtracks are amazing (though they are made by other composers). WARNING: Kannazuki no Miko is shoujo-ai while Mahou Shoujo Madoka★Magica isn't. 
report Recommended by sayanee
Both series appear to be about magical girls with a similar art style for the characters and the potential to get quite dark later on. 
report Recommended by TheMisled
Involve epic scale of universe-changing physics. We all know Anime physics is mysterious, overly bouncy boobs, swords always beat guns, midair direction changing, easy to rip girl clothing, etc. But no, this two shows talk some serious physics and unlike what mentioned above, is difficult to prove untrue.

That makes many audience think "this might be true" since it's impossible to prove untrue. The laws mentioned in both shows are time-space continuum, multidimensional and multi-existence stuff. Really difficult to prove untrue. This make both shows look as credible as philosophy teacher, which is actually not much, but more believable than most sci-fi anime featuring  read more 
report Recommended by lapisdragon
Little Busters and Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica are both driven by powerful friendship and unstoppable antiheroes. Natsume Kyousuke and Akemi Homura are willing to go to the extremes while enduring feelings of hatred and betrayal to fulfill their ulterior motives, and their powerful story impact are greatly impressionable, as they're often considered to be the stars of the show by the end.

While the setting, genre, and characters differ quite a bit, both series' writers (Gen Urobuchi and Jun Maeda) come from a Visual Novel writing background and thus retain a similar storytelling style akin to Key's pattern of Slice of Life / Comedy  read more 
report Recommended by Vladz0r
Both appear to be very cute/generic but end up being way more then that..
like Pretear story turns out to be more dramatic and madoka magica story turns out to be more darker then at first sight. 
report Recommended by Lennevalkyrie
Both have magical girls who deal with tragedy. They face enemies but unsure exactly why. Starts out happy but deteriorates into misfortune. Not your average Magical Girl genre show. 
report Recommended by Kosshi
Faustian bargains, main characters need to save the world, mysterious story draws you in. These two are very similar, though Madoka is rather darker. 
report Recommended by baltar
Both Anime take their genre and make it darker then what we normally get, one being "pop idol" and the other being "magical girl". Both have a devirce cast of characters and a story line that draws people in and makes one fall in love with the characters. The designs are also very detailed. 
report Recommended by Yemi_Hikari
When the world is going to come to complete and utter destruction what does one do? Well, both the B;each movie and the Magical Girl Anime honestly have the same answer. Also, both have a happy go lucky feel to them and yet the darker side of things as the story progresses. 
report Recommended by Yemi_Hikari
Both series share some key themes: supernatural abilities determined by one's deepest wishes, the concept of soul, similar "food chain" theme of superhuman creatures and a character who can stop time. 
report Recommended by Rade-chan
Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magika is opposing the traditonal mahou shoujo genre rules with a harsh reality. Hai to Gensou no Grimgar does the same to fantasy  
report Recommended by 33orion77
The music short is styled exactly like the worlds the witches reside in. 
report Recommended by lanblade
The shows are both content and market-wise similar. Dramatic story, lesbian attitude, darker atmosphere than your average CCS, target older rather than younger demographics, oh yes and magical girls too.

I put my rec on A's because I seriously never watched the first Nanoha. My knowledge of magical girls genre is limited but these similarities are true and clear, see for Yourself. 
report Recommended by lapisdragon
Both are dark animes which involves selling one's life/soul to a different being(demon/incubator) in exchange for a single wish. 
report Recommended by zetsuboSensei
Basically same story but Madoka is much darker and depressing. 
report Recommended by DeidaraSanji
Are they similar? Well, yes and no. Shugo Chara! is a fairly straight-forward magical girl series, whereas Madoka errs much darker as a deconstruction, but it just so happens that Shugo Chara! is a perfect example of the kind of series Madoka seeks to deconstruct. If you've seen Madoka, perhaps you need more standard fair to pick you up -- and if you're done with Shugo Chara!, perhaps you're interested in something that starts similar, but shows you how dark the genre can go... 
report Recommended by lithiumflower
This might be a little far from Strike Witches but it's about 'magical' girls saving the world. I really like character development and interaction, which I think both series showcased smoothly. But if you're picky about the setting and plot, I think you should look other wise 
report Recommended by Emberred
First off, Mahou isn't romance (then again, Toki wa kakeru shoujo doesn't display a lot of romance) but both animes are both built upon a solid relationship with loved ones and friends.
Mahou Shoujo: Magic Girls. However, is not like Sailor Moon or Pretty Cure, but displays more darker and chaotic elements within that involve time, space, and energy. A quintet of girls involve themselves with giving up their souls to a cat-like crature who is titled "the Messenger of Magic". In return, they are granted a wish and are turned into a magic girl to fend off the city by killing witches to  read more 
report Recommended by Natalie4ever
Both are a "darker" approximation of the Magical Girl Genre, the two have good fights and plot twists. 
report Recommended by Roqueforte
The similarity is apparent—you do not need to go past the first episode. The moment you begin watching Madoka, you receive a chill revealed through an apparent chaos in the anime. Concepts that you are previously unaware of now present themselves with the most convoluted of thought.

On one hand, you have the chaos of plot, in which foreshadowing and motifs pile themselves one after another, forcing you to think hard on what is really happening, what are the intentions of each character, and maybe wonder who, really, is the antagonist; On the other hand, you have a world that may seem normal at  read more 
report Recommended by imjustjk
Completely different approaches but similar in a certain aspect towards the end of both show's. They both have time loops and a character going back in order to save their friends. 
report Recommended by WeebAndrossi
Both of these Anime are magical girl Anime. One is a more classic type, while the other makes its own ground. However, there are "rules" the girls have to follow and in both Anime the girls are looking for something specific. 
report Recommended by Yemi_Hikari
Without getting into spoilers, let's say they have similar tropes. The opening scene of MCA is also reminiscent of the opening scene of Madoka.  
report Recommended by ninryu
Both madoka magica and noragami uses super-natrual occurrences to explain why corrupt and malicious outcomes occur in people's daily lives; such as demons, spiteful spirits, and corruptions of the soul in the hearts of people in a modern society 
report Recommended by josenewtype
Both shows may look cute and innocent from a first glance at the characters and some posters but in fact they are hiding really dark concepts behind their cute-seeming facade in different ways and also have many other things in common.

An amazing story, sick and unexpected plot twists, lots of character development, cute girls kicking some ass, (hence) a good amount of gore, the frequent use of firearms and somewhat like a hidden past are merely a few out of the several similarities that both anime share.

Elfen Lied, however, includes a little more gore and also makes occasional use of fan  read more 
report Recommended by Kottbullar
Both are not your average magical girl show, as they portray the dark side of that it really means to be a 'hero of justice'. Darkness exists because happiness exists. 
report Recommended by MagicFlier
The very late half of the show is pretty similar to Madoka. Both contain dark themes for the magical girl genre (Though Madoka is darker) and have the main characters go in despair as they lose something that is very important. Both get less dark for the ending and have some yuri subtext. 
report Recommended by Hydreigonfan01
Both animes don't have ecchi fan service.
Both animes have an ending sung by Kalafina.
This is a story with characters using magic (magical girls in Madoka Magica)
Madoka Magica has a deceptive appearance. Like Unlimited Blade Works, was a dark universe, violent and tragic. The characters will be faced with realities such as the death of an associate, and the main character (Shirou / Madoka) is destined for a bleak future which they can not escape.

With different intentions, and Archer (FSN) in Homura (Madoka Magica) desperately want to prevent this fate is realized. 
report Recommended by TuyNOM
If you see the sypnosis of both animes, they may not look too similar: Mononoke is about a medicine seller in which job is to try to protect people from Mononoke/demons, while Madoka is basically an Evangelion-like turn on magical girls. If you watch both animes, then you'll be surprised that they would look somewhat similar: plot twists, weird imagery, unsettling moods, fighting against monsters, and places taken something from an overly surreal world.

Mononoke is more episodic as it tells a different story through it's arc-driven plot, but if you're looking for dark, psychedelic anime, then those shouldn't be missed. 
report Recommended by FlakeyBear
Both anime are parodies of already existing genres but executed in a very serious (and very good) manner. I felt the idea of 'a greatness that heavily impacts the world' was very similar, though the anime have a different feel overall. 
report Recommended by Lazhward
If you are looking for popular dark and Gothic anime like Death Note, Madoka Magica is the best shot. Do not judge the anime by it's cover picture. Although there isn't any mind game in the series, if you enjoyed the dark and Gothic atmosphere that surrounded Death Note (drawings, music, ect) you will also enjoy Madoka Magica. Is like enjoying Death Note in a different genre with a different plot. 
report Recommended by Duo02
Both have the devil leitmotif & oppressive atmosphere. In both series seemingly happy life turns out to be full of sorrow, hatred & despair, and children are opposed to the wicked, cruel world. However, there are some differences: "Madoka" has a better storyline & its plot develops more dynamically; "Madoka" 's main trope is contrasting, whereas "Jigoku Shoujo" 's one is reiteration.
Also, i'd like to say, that when i was watching these two animes sometimes i had a strange feeling: i failed to define, whether they're masterpieces or just junk. I was uncertain about "Jigoku Shoujo" especially because of its repetitiveness, and about  read more 
report Recommended by lotrus28
The main characters are fighting off an apocalypse. However, in doing so they find tragedy ends up following them no matter what they do. There are also alternate worlds/realities, not to mention multiple time lines. Both series styles are nice as well. 
report Recommended by Yemi_Hikari
Magical girls and a heartwarming tale of one girl looking up to another. Witches and mystical beings galore.  
report Recommended by silphidae
both anime are about girls with magic and special powers that are kept secret from normal poeple

both anime have dark secrets about the characters and plot twist

they both have cute animals and stuffed toys that move and talk 
report Recommended by animegirl16091
both anime is about friendship, about friends who is helping each other,
Madoka is about girls, Rainbow - about boys
Madoka have tragic ending, Rainbow - happy ending
these anime is so much different from each other but it was my favorite before Madoka...
also the main character have died, nothing more related, no magic stuff, just slice of life but if you're looking sad, tragic anime based about friendship then i recommend you watch Rainbow. 
report Recommended by damnhot_hidan
When I watched the first episode of this anime, I actually said, "This reminds me of Madoka Magica."
..So here's a recommendation for you guys!
Both are magical anime, one being magical boys, and Madoka Magica, being a magical girl anime.
Both have characters you can fall in love with, and are really cute and colourful.
Both have an alien that give them the powers to transform.
And of course, both have monsters that they go off and fight. 
report Recommended by blindedhope
Both start as common anime of it´s genre (mahou shoujo/harem), but gets darker twist later. 
report Recommended by abystoma2
Main character witnesses evil demon-like creatures harming the world. Helps join the fight against them with powers unleashed. Keep in mind Square of the Moon is a hentai. 
report Recommended by Madoka123
In Both 'Puella Magi Madoka Magica' & 'Kokoro Connect' normal students come across something that is not of this world and is not all what it seems. When both groups come across this new phenomenon they think of it has fun or harmless but as they learn more about it the darker it gets and they are all eventually in locked in some sort of psychological problems, For Madoka they learn more about the 'Mahou Shoujo' and learn what just what the cost of becoming one is, As for Kokoro the little game they had at the start turns into darkness and despair as they  read more 
report Recommended by Miyuki_Kotone
Both of these shows deconstruct their genre and pretend to be one type of show before making your brain break.  
report Recommended by TTanT
Girls fighting to save humanity from evilness. 
report Recommended by Smurftastic
-Both are of the Magical Girl decent... Kinda.
-Both have an alien life form of a sort.
-Both have an interesting cast of Characters.
report Recommended by ShiorixHime3
They're significantly different in tone, but are very similar in many ways.
The plot revolves around the life forces of everyday people, which is the source of the magical girls' power. But when the life force is corrupted by stress and grief, it turns people into monsters.

The pink girl is insufferably naive and shy, but will become extremely powerful.
The blue girl seems energetic, but is deeply troubled by what she can't achieve
The yellow girl seems like a tough and flawless role model, but hides a softer side.
The purple girl feels guilt over a tragic event, and seems cold  read more 
report Recommended by iBlewupthemoon
So Madoka Magica and KimiUso belong to two very different genres. One is full of action and written by someone with a hard-on for dark themes and the other writer is quite possibly the next regular on the Feels Train.

However, where have we heard this before?

A bubbly and lighthearted exterior masking a deeper, darker undertone. Only Madoka Magica embraces it from the very beginning while KimiUso hints and teases us of it until it strikes you at the right time.

But that's not the only similarity. The protagonists need to come to terms with making a life-changing decision while  read more 
report Recommended by iSheep
Both deal with making a wish and a price. Both are pretty dark. While Madoka is darker,and XXXHolic is just gothic. XXXholic implies the price of making a wish even more since it's implied throughout the whole series.  
report Recommended by Kirihara_Atom
Both these anime are not what they seem at first glance. The third episode in both should tell you that. Both Madoka Magica and Etotama are in the moe art style. While this anime has 13 girls to Madoka's 5, all the girls are very diverse and seem to be more than your generic harem girls. The girls in Etotama transform in a magical girl esque way. Madoka Magica is far darker than the two, and Etotama is a comedic parody of the Chinese Zodiac, but if you really think about it, they're really similar when you watch the first three episodes... 
report Recommended by Kirihara_Atom
Different genre (PMMM is about magical girls, Koe is a slice of life drama), but both have the same protagonist who is suffering because of their foolish actions.

Both have intense and serious subject matter, despite both having a "lighthearted" artstyle, although PMMM has more violence. 
report Recommended by Markdoka
Rokka no Yuusha is story of a group of hero fighthing demon king, while Madoka is a group of magical girl fighting nightmare. Well, that was the base concept of the both story.
But in both show, they focusing in different conflict, not the normally (fighting demon king/nightmare). Instead it is about the internal conflict between member of the group. And the fighting enemy part just like below 80% of the total show. 
report Recommended by tirava
-Both are very dark, violent, and tragic anime that involves guts, killing and determination.
-The difference is that Madoka is more on magical girls, while SnK is an action fantasy series focused on apocalyptic situations such as slaying Titans.
-Both are very overrated and popular anime that are highly recommended to those who are watching anime for the first time. 
report Recommended by Markdoka
Surrealistic atmosphere and colorful art are common for Belladonna and Madoka, and both of them deal witches, therefore Madoka is much more positive TV-series. 
report Recommended by Laora-inn
The reality for some might not be holding all the truth, that is the premise of both manga. Either madoka or re:creators show to the public a different kind of history involving mahou shoujo. The only thing important to mention is that in re: creators the mahou shoujo plot is well developed but it still is only a small portion of the main theme presented.  
report Recommended by chew7
Both go at a fast pace to keep it interesting but slow down the pace to keep storylines and characters developing. They also tell a story of a main character who starts off as a weakling who feels useless but the character develops into a mature, brave hero. Oh, and they also have a cute red-ponytailed girl as a companion to their brutal adventure.

The difference is that Gurren Lagann is a Mecha anime and Madoka Magica is a Magical Girls anime. 
report Recommended by LoidNerdy101
The idea of magic, wishes and curses are apparent in both series. Moreover the fairies themselves are alike magical girls. 
report Recommended by UNIC
=Just like Madoka Magica is a deconstruction of a magical girl genre, Yugioh Arc-V like Yugioh GX is a deconstruction of the card game genre.
-Both are anime that are intentionally made to appear innocent and cliche on the surface to draw in unsuspecting viewers. Once they have your attention, however, they show their true colors.
-Great animation, music, and character designs
-Both feature casualties that are very important to the plot and the psychological side of the main character and are similar as well.
-Both shows deal with themes such as the nature of ideals in similar ways
-The deepness of the story,  read more 
report Recommended by 99thEmperor
Both have wishes and the evils behind them as underlying themes. Things such as how selfishness and other evil thoughts are always behind wishes, and how wishes don't necessarily go the way you want them to. 
report Recommended by Yuni
If you watched and enjoyed Madoka Magica for what is was then you understand how a show can be silly, cute, and fun on the surface, but dark, sinister, and mysterious underneath. Kemono Friends is, without spoiling anything, basically that. The cgi will turn many away, it almost turned me away, but after watching it, I truly have come to enjoy this show for what it is; childish and silly on the surface, but dark and mysterious in subtle ways.  
report Recommended by charlyb3goode
Both are dark and depressing that messes around with philosophical themes and tropes about reality. 
report Recommended by 99thEmperor
Both are shows about a Yuri relationship (mild in Madoka but borderline-hentai in Kuttsukiboshi) that share almost the exact same ending. 
report Recommended by KazamiSan
I personally think these two anime are similar because the main character's lives change drastically, but in different ways. Both main characters meet new friends in school, and face challenges with them. 
report Recommended by Kiyo_Khitsune
Both share: cute characters, ordinary beginnings that create a false sense of comfort, decent action, (sometimes) deep introspection of key characters, twisted themes, unexpected tone shifts, and a more-or-less successful deconstruction of their original genres.

Both Madoka and Samurai Flamenco are decent deconstructions of the magical-girl and super-hero genres respectively, but Madoka is much more focused and consistent in it's analysis of narrative/character tropes. Flamenco (unexpectedly) goes fairly deep into some of it's key cast members, even more so than Madoka at times, but the constant shift in character responses/genre/themes made Flamenco's narrative far less believable and effective than it could have been,  read more 
report Recommended by jhan2294
- Both animes had exposed their darker nature during the 1st few episodes
- The characters in both anime are invloved in some sort of a war
report Recommended by uchimaki131
While the genres are worlds apart, the striking visuals in this anime reminded me of those in Madoka Magica. There are alternate universes called "witch's labyrinths" where the background changes from your usual anime style to include bright collage art, paper cut-out images, and cute but creepy creatures. If you enjoy more serious anime and liked the sudden switch of art style or concurrently used styles featured in Kuuchuu Buranko, I'd recommend checking out Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica! You may end up falling in love with the story and OST as well~  
report Recommended by lamentingempath
The main characters are female, and are also strong female leads. There is magic involved and the art and music are beautiful. The character chemistry is also very good and there are yuri undertones. 
report Recommended by jyuushimatsu
Is near the same, but Yuuki is more of a ''friendly'' kind, i think is more a slice of life, but let's see how it turns out.

Also Madoka is better in so many ways, but if you wanna see something ''near'' to it well, this is your best shoot. 
report Recommended by Jaisondfm
-Madoka Magica have the Soul Gem's and Absolute Duo have Blaze's who work in similar (not the same) way
-They have girl's with magical powers
-Lilith reminds me of Mami
-Both have some Yuri undertones (In AD they focus more in het)

-Absolute Duo is a Ecchi and Madoka Magica is Mahou Shoujo
-Absolute Duo is more romance

report Recommended by Sailor_Cherry
Both are super artsy shaft productions. Very similar art style. Both are in a school setting. nearly all characters are female. Both manage to have very strong moe vibes while not being completely basic. 
report Recommended by rdeyoung8
Cute girls have to fight using magical powers. If they lose, their fate will be terrible.  
report Recommended by dango46
•In both anime there are witches that create and then live in their special environments.
•Both series are pretty gory and mature at times.
•Both anime feature young girls in serious situations that might affect the real world.
•Both series have interesting art styles. 
report Recommended by Joanahana
Both feature all female lead characters who get involved with top secret operations. One fights witches, while the other engages in espionage. Although staring very cute high school age girls, they both deal with very dark subject matter and heavy moral obligations; the difference being Princess Principal was more upfront about it. The biggest similarity would have to be in the character personalities and motivations. Much like every character in Princess Principal is different and has different reasons for joining, each character in Madoka are very different with different motivations. Watching them all try to work together despite these differences is what makes both shows  read more 
report Recommended by whereistreycool
There's something that I can't put my finger on it, they seem really similar. Madoka is darker and explores psychology more. Art feels similar in some scenes as well. 
report Recommended by Zelorak
Both are centered around a younger crowd and have a dark artistic style to them. The story lines themselves aren't particularly similar but the style is simalar. Another is atmospherically darker. Madoka may feel at first like it's too "pink" but it gets darker very quickly and becomes very interesting. 
report Recommended by calicodragon
The first episodes are similar. The anime begins with a slow start and an apparently moe/fanservice story, but after few episodes you'll understand that the very story is Really dark with symbolism and deep meanings. Give it a chance. Both two are Really great. 
report Recommended by Xenocrisi
Little Witch Academia is a movie that has magical girls like Madoka Magica does, with a whole adventure and characters you will come to love. If you love anime by SHAFT, then you will love Madoka Magica. If you love movies about cute little witch girls (similar to Harry Potter, but better) then you will love Little Witch Academia. 
report Recommended by LittleAtisuto
Gives off the same feels, starting as soon as the OP in episode one. Highly recommend for viewers to watch before Madoka Magica as a preparation show to introduce to them the kind of emotions they would experience in a light servings. 
report Recommended by ChibiCure
Both feature teenage Magical Girls that go to school.
Both shows turn out to be very dramatic at times.
Both feature deaths that are very important to the plot and the psychological side of the main character.
They probably look like very different shows, but in the end you will surely realize how many important similarities there are. 
report Recommended by MrChocolat
Both are involving magic and there also a cute girls character in both anime!! 
report Recommended by NajSuarez94
This anime provides a very different take on magical girls and their daily lives. It carries a much darker tone that makes the show and its premise more realistic and believable. It also provides a greater range of emotions than Mermaid Melody, with some moments being sad, some funny, and some heart warming. If you would like a different perspective on something you love, I would really recommend this series. 
report Recommended by MetalUpa
Many people claim Madoka the deconstruction of a magical girls genre but in reality, in it's hidden message, it too is a reconstruction just like Rahxephon. Both dark series have a protagonist whose clouded background have something to do with the plot and surprisingly death tolls hit heavy that will destroy the viewer's positive mood. If you like Evangelion, why not try out Rahxephon? 
report Recommended by SlaughterDagger
Like Eva, both Madoka and Yugioh GX deconstruct their main theme like what Evangelion did. Interestingly they are not to be judged based on the cover of the book as each episode unfolds its true meaning. The only difference is that Yugioh is intellectual and strategical whereas Madoka is psychological and mindblowing. 
report Recommended by SlaughterDagger
In the Madoka's series we can see magical girls fighting evil witches; the protagonists usually fight in the witches' den: the labyrinth, representation of the damned magical girl's negative life-experience.

In the music video Niedola you'll find the perfect possible representation of that labyrinth, similar 3D animation, hurt girls, gothic and horror setting... In the ONA you'll even find a not-so-explained murder and a possible lesbian relationship (?), common themes of the Madoka's franchising.

Musics are totally different: if the magical girls preferred religious notes, matryoshka's song surely revokes a dreamy fantasy with an inspired whispered melody.
*If you liked  read more 
report Recommended by Jajja
There's lots of symbolism in both shows; you really get the Madoka vibes from Ranpo Kitan. Boths shows are also very colourful, but Madoka is a better show if one were to compare writing and characters.  
report Recommended by ChibiChubbz
There are many blatant and obvious features in both anime series that make them increasingly similar to one another. For the most part, both are based off the mahou shoujou series and feature their magical powers. Although minor, both also have 5 people in the protagonist's group which makes comparison much easier between the two. Aiming for a goal, both groups' themes are based off friendship and their power extracted from them. The art style and music from both are equally beautiful and pretty though it may differ from time to time. Ultimately, Houkago no Pleiades and Mahou Shoujou Madoka Magica are similar in several  read more 
report Recommended by Shiruet
Both written by Gen Urobuchi and are similar in the sense that they provoke the viewer to question things about our society through the deconstruction of themes and genre. 
report Recommended by sheep4lyf
Both starts looking as kid's shows, and both plots center around the relationship between two girls, the shy main character and the stoic one that seems at the beginning as an antagonist. 
report Recommended by BlancaXLobo
The only similarity is that a wish gets granted but without revealing that there are consequences and that you lose something of equal value.  
report Recommended by Hirugiku
Similar looking character designs and girls in frilly outfits with magic powers / crystal type things. A 'serious' magical girls show. 
report Recommended by feltano
Well, you might ask yourself "what has Bikini Warriors to do with Madoka Magica". Both are the short "cute girls doing cute things" type of anime. While Madoka Magica gets darker as the story progesses, Bikini Warriors is dark since the first episode. Fighting for survival, if you lose - you die. Madoka has the better soundtrack, while Bikini Warriors has the better writing. In just a short amount of time, it shows us deep themes such as "is it fair to manipulate people with my body (boobs)" and executes them fairly well. Also, I thought Bikini Warriors had the better ending, but I won't  read more 
report Recommended by MrGodtaste
The animation and artistic style of this reminds me of Madoka Magica. They also both have a dark plot and both have a girl as the main character. They both play on the idea of the innocent being vulnerable to corruption and of evil being disguised as innocent.  
report Recommended by Usagi-mask
A group of girls are presented with a golden opportunity, and can have their wishes come true.  
report Recommended by vipertherapper
Bright colours, surrealism in art, transformation into horroric monsters... But Madoka makes much more sense. 
report Recommended by Laora-inn
The deepness of the story, and the way the Main Characters Thinks at the ends are same.
to save the worlds. 
report Recommended by kururugikai
They are both by Shaft so have similar styled animation and visual settings. The format is also similar where the protagonists go into dark voids and fights off some sort of evil being in the void and restores the area. One of the only significant differences is that Negima!? has a lot of comically moments as Madoka Magica remains serious all the time. 
report Recommended by SuperTiencha
In both animes some children get their hands in supernatural powers which they try to use to save the current world. Unique characters, highly psychological and great character development are other themes in common.

There's also great emotional scenes in both that touch us.
Art and pace although are very different. Gilgamesh have a very dark animation while Madoka is more colorful and vivid. About the pace Gilgamesh is much slower than Madoka. 
report Recommended by Meados
Both anime have weird camera-angle-shots that are artfully pulled off. Ef employs this more while Madoka Magica only uses it sparingly. However, you can really see the emotions of the scene at work in those shots. 
report Recommended by Xrave
Just as Madoka is a dark twist on the Magical Girl trope, Denpa is for a various high school anime ones. Denpa itself is only two episodes long, and the animation quality is nowhere near Madoka's. However, Denpa uses a number of directing techniques and dark, grim backgrounds that perfectly convey the darkness of the show. 
report Recommended by ced1106
In both series main characters get transported to secret world to fight monsters/witches.

Similar type of action in a way.

Madoka seems to be darker though.  
report Recommended by kitten320
Series are different for many reasons but at the same time they have lots of similarities that I can't deny.

Both series are centered around world destiny and its protection.
Both have action.
Both deal with time travel in one way or another but not at the level like say Steins;Gate.
Both have very protective characters.
Both series are quiet heavy and depressing.
Both series have characters who are ready to do almost anything for another.
report Recommended by kitten320
Despite having cute animation with cute character designs, both series have dark undertones and cover some sad/tragic/dark moments.

However, Kotoura is more lighthearted and is not action orientated like Madoka.

Though first 10 minutes of Kotoura series are HEAVY and DEPRESSING on Madoka level. 
report Recommended by kitten320
Not your average magical girl series -- not by a long shot! Both series take the framework of the traditional magical girl series and turn the tropes and trappings of the genre on their heads. Panty & Stocking goes for vulgarity and sexuality while generally keeping a light tone, while Madoka keeps the frills and cuteness but goes darker than you'd think the genre would allow. Both work well as deconstructions of the magical girl genre, while taking it in completely different directions. 
report Recommended by lithiumflower
Both anime are about girls who use magic. In both of them they talk about sacrifice and world´s destruction. The protagonists Koyomi and Madoka are very similar, also Misa is a bit similar to Mami and Yumiko to Homura. In both of them people go back in time. At the end two girls fight for their friendship. 
report Recommended by Faylicia
Both feature a group of girls dressed in cute colourful outfits, fighting off evil creatures and the characters' soul being represented by a crystal thing. Both series get darker as they go on, though it happens to a much lesser extent in Show by Rock!! 
report Recommended by -Forgotten-
Both deal with characters with supernatural powers that ultimately lead to their own destruction. Both titles are also full of action and involve great storylines and character development.  
report Recommended by lordblackness88
Multiple futures and a person who seek the best variant of future, for saving the life of his(her) dear friend. People with 'magically' changed bodies, that gives them superpowers and ability to tough battles. The 'special dimensions' for battle (in Madoka - witch universes, in Noein - stopped time). Preventing of apocalypse (though the causes of it is pretty different). Young girl as 'living key' to great power and changing the destiny. 
report Recommended by Vla
Beyond the surface, there is more than meets the eye. 
report Recommended by DaDude
In both anime a big secret is reveled at the end, and also in both has to do with a person that was with the protagonist. 
report Recommended by Faylicia
It's trivial but if you want the to the naming reference between some characters then you might like to watch both series, whereas Sayaka represents the blade, Homura represents the snake(probably Ouroboros, ergo time-travel) and Madoka the tortoise(could represent as spatial imprisonment, the barrier and her slow development).

It also share the same equation from the anagram emotion substituted to ((E)+(motion)) that could represent the sum of heat energy & kinetic energy and the way it was conserved to prolong Enthalpy and slow Entropy(I'm kidding, but it would make sense) which where the plot also revolves. 
report Recommended by Azraniel
Second season of Masou Shoujo Meduka Meguca begins after Walpurgis Yoru in the realm where Meduca no longer exists. Her incarnation Kurokami Medaka isn't so pathetic as her origin but they two share the same goal: to help every ningen around. Protagonists in both MSMM and MB have Ikari Shinji-like teammate, who is in love with them. 
report Recommended by 1300-kun
They are both about bad spirits which are attracted to negative energy that need to be gotten rid of in a supernatural sense, and in both series' they reside inside people. However, Kami nomi is more light-hearted and cute, whereas Madoka is darker and a lot 'deeper'. 
report Recommended by Twigglet
You think the series will be light and happy like other fare in its genre. Then you're slapped in the face with the darkness of the show as well as the strange animation style (the witches realities and the Fraulein Eule sway are very similar).  
report Recommended by jealousghost
They are both about bad spirits which are attracted to negative energy that need to be gotten rid of in a supernatural sense, and in both series' they reside inside people. However, Kami nomi is more light-hearted and cute, whereas Madoka is darker and a lot 'deeper' than Kami nomi. 
report Recommended by Twigglet
Both are good magical girl stories where school girls transform into magical beings to fight the forces of evil and save the world. Where Sailor Moon is the classic magical girl series, Madoka Magica takes a different new approach. Both of these series are worth watching if you haven't already seen them. 
report Recommended by Renkku
How could I possibly think that Madoka and Evangelion are anything alike? At first glance, they may look like they have absolutely nothing in common, but I see some similarities. Madoka and Shinji are both lovable and shy main characters one might identify his/herself with. They both have drastic and critical decisions to make that could change the world.

I can't say anything more without spoiling, so you should see for yourself :) 
report Recommended by johnisnothisdate
OK now I accept that for many it could be a miss but!.. If you liked Madoka for its dark side that for now I couls day there is nothing in Aria which could lean you more to it... Aria has a girl similar to Okami san and her 7 companions Turtle girl, than all that serial killer stuff kind of brings nostalgy back from GitS SolidStateSociety and than this main guy who changes personality around girls is just like one from Special A, that is a serious compilation of many anime oh and I almost forgot a school were you are being tought in  read more 
report Recommended by ShintouX
both anime contain one of those points where you go : "OMG everything makes sense now :O" its more pronounced in Madoka. the biggest similarity between the two most noticeably or least noticeably is that they both have a very similar feel to each of them. its not something that you can put into words so i'll just leave it at they feel alike.

as well both series are very innovative where they step outside of the norms found in majority of animes so if you enjoy watching an anime that is quite different form the masses of other anime then these two are  read more 
report Recommended by muggy8
I can see people saying WHAT?? One is magical girls anime and another ir action/ drama but hold it... Seriously both are reletively new anime I mean both are 2011 ones and both are dark and psychological than why not to group them together. I believe that both boys and girls who enjoyed Madoka not in a way that ou yeahh there are pretty flying girls who fight but in a way were they tried to understand what is going on would like Deadman Wonderland which just started to air. 
report Recommended by ShintouX
Kyuubei and Migi are very similar.
-They both give superpower to the main character.
-Their thinking is very rational, logical and they can't understand human emotions.

In both anime, the story begins with their apparition and trouble grows because of their inability to understand human behaviour. 
report Recommended by Cynathia
In both series, the main characters become aware of an animal of some sort that can grant the characters any wish they want. And the characters don't really seem too concerned with this mysterious wish-granting device at all, until they make one and find out that they get more than they expected.

Just as Madoka's story runs deeper than your run-of-the-mill Mahou Shoujo, so does Henneko have a much deeper plot than you'd usually expect from a romantic harem comedy, and the deeper it goes, the more twisted it becomes.

Both shows are good for people tired of the cutesy magical girl shows  read more 
report Recommended by Firelord76
MSMM follows The Matrix series in the way it deals with matters of hope and faith. There are some more outright similarities, but no spoilers here. 
report Recommended by Forion
Both series begin as your usual magical girl/mon show and flip the genre completely, getting progressively darker with themes and elements completely unexpected of the childrens show they initially appear to be. 
report Recommended by TrickedOutHoro
Surrealism. Whether you've encountered a MM Witch or a MoO Monster, say good-bye to laws of physics and logic. 
report Recommended by Forion
Gate Keepers 21 was among the first attempts to deconstruct the mahou shoujo genre, while Madoka Magica is the ultimate «genre evisceration». In both series, doing magic appears not so cool and safe as it may seem, the enemies being far from what you'd like them to be. Also, some of the characters are similar. 
report Recommended by Forion
"I must not let Madoka become a magical robot pilot" 
report Recommended by Saber_of_Red
Both are Magical Girl shows that can get a somewhat dark tone sometimes. They also share a kind of 'religious' theme at some point. Other than that, they arey as different as magical girl shows can be. 
report Recommended by PokeL
Both have a device for transform. have animal that can talk.

while madoka was a serious mahou shoujo, moetan were the parody. 
report Recommended by CruciG
Both series have characters who use magic to fight people.  
report Recommended by Animalfaps
While the art styles could not be less similar, and Kino no Tabi has very little linear plot to speak of while Madoka is just overflowing with it, they both have a lot of philosophical ideas and points. Both of these anime make you think, question yourself just a little bit, see the beauty of the world as well as all its flaws. It's also very east to form an extreme emotional connection to both these anime, as I have done. 
report Recommended by PuddleBoots
Both anime has a very bitter sweet ending leaning towards the bitter side. lets just leave it at that.

As well both animes are relatively short so it wont really take up a huge chuck of your time. As well since both animes are rather short, you will get episode after episode of intense action.  
report Recommended by muggy8
The deepness of the story, and the way the Main Characters Thinks at the ends are same.
to save the worlds. 
report Recommended by kururugikai
Windaria did the "Happy Fairy Tales Gone Wrong" theme 25+ years ago. 
report Recommended by IWICSYI
Well they're both beautifully animated, you can really see the emotions that the characters go through as the plot forces them to choose their decisions. There are mostly girl characters, very moe, and their actions revolve around the whims of a cute guy...Does Kyubey count as a cute guy? My son thinks so <_> Also, without spoiling too much, there's some gritty secrets near the end. Very dark. Very edgy. Both Yosuga and Madoka are groundbreaking, moving anime that no fan should go without watching . 
report Recommended by reymon14
Both are the darkest takes in their genres. Now and Then takes apart the "trapped in another world" genre and uses it to tell a story about the Human Conditon. The Magical Girl has been taken apart a number of times, but none of them are as dark as Madoka. And like Now and Then, Madoka uses the genre to tell a story about the Human Condition. 
report Recommended by Neane93
I know the plots are completely different but the feeling that both the anime transmit are the same. Both anime start with the main characters living a happy life when they both enter a new world (for mahou shoujo that would be the world of witchs and SOA the online game of the same title) that at first both those worlds feel like paradise, full of hapinness but soon after they realise not everything is as good as they tought (even though in SOA this happens way faster and right on the first episode) and after that they live in a life full of dilemmas  read more 
report Recommended by Zetsumey
Both are heavily character-driven, dealing with conflicts in choice (or lack thereof) and how the characters manage to deal with them. 
report Recommended by Thetis
Both Soul Eater and Madoka Magica are different but similar in some ways

I know Soul Eater doesn't have magical girls, but both have magic weilding characters and both both take place in a dark and gothic world

Madoka is darker than Soul Eater, but I find aspects similar espically with the colorful and misleading atompshere both give off

Soul Eater at first looks like your average shounen anime, while Madoka seems like your average magical girl anime but both are not

Both have pretty dark and messed up plot twists as well, both involve characters going insane

They also  read more 
report Recommended by Hatsumi_Fukuyo
- The biggest similarity between these two series is its depiction of the existential and nihilistic idea.
- Psychological Mystery Thrillers
- For sadists and those who enjoy darkness.

(Although Monster has a slower and much deeper phasing than Madoka. Note that Monster is also more realistic and gives that "this may happen in real life feel".) 
report Recommended by RedvelvetDaisuki

- Both Madoka and Gargantia are made by Gen Urobuchi
- Both have nice characters
- Both can easily trick you into thinking that they're lighthearted (although their lighthearted parts are very good also...)
- Both are from genres that generally are overlooked by everyone (Mahou Shoujo/Mecha)

It's quite unprecise to say more since Gargantia isn't yet finished and Madoka is going to get a movie, but still.

PS: Gargantia's "tragedy checkpoint" is the episode 6/7 with peak on 9 while Madoka's is the episode 3. 
report Recommended by TheMNZ
Dark series that revolve around hunting witches. 
report Recommended by Numi
Love Get Chu and Madoka Magica both focus on a group of girls and both animes have some similarities to each other in a way. 
report Recommended by lilkk4321
Although the two are not related, but there's a reason why I recommend this one:

1. The character design reminds us with the character design we see before (PMMM with Hidamari Sketch, Gundam AGE with Inazuma Eleven).
2. At first glance the story is lighthearted, but the longer storyline, the more serious gradually. 
report Recommended by Zero_Hurricane
Both involve going into alternate "worlds" that are full of heavy symbolism and are overall incredibly stunning to see. These anime both deserve a 10 for their artwork. :) 
report Recommended by Xybirk
JoJo is about manliest men ever.
Madoka is about girliest magic girls ever.
There are stories that can make you laugh, cry and "what`s going on" at the same time.
report Recommended by pururin-rin
Both are about a young girl encountering a familiar(animal) who introduce them to magical powers. in the Magical Girl genre. Even though Madoka Magica is a little darker, but its just as great. 
report Recommended by MoonXArtemis
Both series share a similar plot, in the sense that there are magical (or supernaturally powered) girls fighting monsters which feed upon people.

Madoka is rather more refined than Shana though. 
report Recommended by Swaggletooth
Both anime's story is about a struggle to make a wish come true...
Both shows the despair and consequences that came along from a simple wish 
report Recommended by kiyomori
Starts off seeming like a common anime trope, but quickly turns dark, gritty, and very awesome. Violent battles, great artwork, and cool characters. 
report Recommended by baltar
So, finding yourself a tad disapointed with Houkago no Pleiades? Well, this season has a nother magical girl anime, though it is darker. If you are wanting Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica and want a quick watch, this isn't a bad choice, though it isn't the best of the genre. 
report Recommended by Yemi_Hikari
The Psychology and the Drama is very similair in these two anime.

report Recommended by FishyFox
I can't believe anybody made this recommendation! xD

Both shows are different in some ways, but they have so much in common:

- Main characters enter in a "paralel world" and fight against strange beings
- In "that world" the atmosphere is darker and have this psicologic thing in the air xD
- If someone dies in the other side, die in the real world
- Main characters "summon" things, like personas (Persona 4) or huge weapons (Madoka)
- Some "contract" stuff
- Great music

So, I guess if you watched or played Persona 4, you'll like Madoka Magica ;D 
report Recommended by puccapardini
Both Madoka and the Precure series are originals Magical Girls that can be watched and enjoyed by grown-ups. While Madoka is very dark and psychological, Fresh Precure is bright and colorful but has a really interesting plot and thus is not only for children.

Both anime start like your common Mahou Shoujo, with a girl meeting a magical creature and discovering that she can have magical powers ; but then it evolves to an elaborated story with unexpected turning of events. While in Madoka the change occurs suddenly at episode 3, it happens little by little in Fresh Precure, the heroines starting to  read more 
report Recommended by Aeleia
Similarly dark and foreboding. Also features Kalafina for the EDs/OPs. 
report Recommended by WaffleWolf
Both shows involve a similar art style that incorporate strange patterns that seem to move. 
report Recommended by femalegoblin
Gantz and Mahou Shoujo Madoka★Magica are very similar in the story line.
Gantz is way more violent and has some sex, but basically, in both anime they have to go to a different dimension(basically) and kill something because they are being told to. In both animes they have to survive, some might make it, some don't, and the ending has a twist.
report Recommended by xxxcreep
Both have some action in the story. Both main characters, Saya and Madoka, are similar in weakness, and they want to save their friends and fights for it. 
report Recommended by HarissonLA
Akari Sakura=Madoka Kaname
Storyline also very similliar, white speaking animal promise to grant your wish if you will be magic conta...girl.
And DAT ending. 
report Recommended by Aranti
-Both involve somebody granting any wish the person's desire with exchange of something equivalent.
-Both wishes they make comes twisted
-Both bitter anime
-Involves Magic 
report Recommended by iNinjeek
-characters fight to protect innocent people destroying evil, fighting for justice.
-character's who's protecting people from evil are to be unknown from the world/they don't exist.
-both dark and deep anime
-both gain powers from a master
-both fight the evil in order to grant one wish 
report Recommended by iNinjeek
-In both animes, characters can transform and communicate with each other to fight against monsters
-They both have something that is like their soul, they must protect it or they could die if it is damaged.  
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