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Alternative Titles

Japanese: べるぜバブ
English: Beelzebub
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Type: TV
Episodes: 60
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Jan 9, 2011 to Mar 25, 2012
Premiered: Winter 2011
Broadcast: Sundays at Unknown
Licensors: Discotek Media
Studios: Pierrot Plus
Source: Manga
Genres: ActionAction, ComedyComedy, SupernaturalSupernatural
Themes: DemonsDemons, SchoolSchool
Demographic: ShounenShounen
Duration: 24 min. per ep.
Rating: PG-13 - Teens 13 or older


Score: 7.881 (scored by 226485226,485 users)
1 indicates a weighted score.
Ranked: #7222
2 based on the top anime page. Please note that 'Not yet aired' and 'R18+' titles are excluded.
Popularity: #316
Members: 520,503
Favorites: 4,801

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Oga is like Gintoki. Main characters, pretty aloof and sometimes naive but surprisingly strong. Furuichi is like Shinpachi. Pretty weak and screams a lot, often frustrated with the main character and points out to obvious when the main character is oblivious. Total spazzes. Hilde is like Kagura in the sense of being the only girl in the group. Kagura is more crazy, but both girls are pretty strong and sometimes also aloof. Beel and Sadaharu are pretty strong as well, and are more like the mascosts even though Beel is a baby. Lots of fights, action, and crazy humor in both series. 
report Recommended by Kaymyu
Both include Demons coming to Earth. Great combination of action and comedy which is executed extremely well. Both have badass MC and a comedic partner. 
report Recommended by Ovyda
Many similarities between both series. There's young typical boy who is attending school, but after few minutes, we can see, that there's much more about him and that's not to be only his delinquent's habits. First episode shows us characters from different world, who came to our place, because of their own reasons. I didn't read manga, but I think, there will be many many more charas, so we are receiving another "never ending story". 
report Recommended by 2Pack
Both have partners which are babies and the main character always gets into some sort of trouble. When I watched Beelzebub, it reminds me of Katekyo Hitman reborn in every aspect and vice versa.  
report Recommended by Farhan879
Both are highly popular shonen action anime revolving around Satan's child.  
report Recommended by TheCuban
Taking care of Demon Babys 
report Recommended by lzumi-chan
Both animes feature main protagonists who are extremely brash but still come out on top. 
report Recommended by lordblackness88
• Both animes begin with a teenager getting involved with the demon realm without having a say in it. • In both Yu Yu Hakusho's and Beelzebub's universe exists a mazoku (demon) race. • Both main characters are deliquents,being the strongest in their school. • Both have young,baby looking “demon lords” ( Bel and Koenma).Altough Koenma has over 500 years and can transform into an adult,whereas Bel is really a newborn. • Both are shounens where the main character gets more powerful with each fight,gaining "nakamas" along the way. If you enjoyed watching Yu Yu Hakusho,you might want to give Beelzebub a try. 
report Recommended by -Hotaru_
I instantly thought Beelzebub when I started watching Saiki. They are about high schoolers with unique attributes. They are both slap stick comedies with no deep plot and have episodes with stand alone plots.  
report Recommended by CoffeeBean
Both protagonists in the series receive a demonic child which they have to use to defend their lives from people and other beings in order to achieve a certain goal. Gash is focused more the action and adventure genre while Beelzebub is a pure episodic comedy manga with several action-themed plots. 
report Recommended by Xadyu3000
Both have a school full of delinquents, a Freddie and lots of comedy. 
report Recommended by vigil
They'r both delinquent comedies on their daily lives -lots of fighting -badass main character -funny as hell I'm amazed no one had recommended this anime, this is just great 
report Recommended by MxPanda
-Both involves delinquents as bosses -Both super strong and supernatural powers -Both involves demons, underworld, demon kings/bosses -Both hilarious, good, entertaining -Both involves a lot of big boob + eechi  
report Recommended by iNinjeek
Binbougami ga! seems like it would appeal to people who liked the female delinquents in Beelzebub. It has similar humor and roughness of language, as well, and beings of the supernatural involved in the main plot (demons in Beelzebub, gods of poverty/misfortune in Binbougami ga!). 
report Recommended by Numi
Same Vibe/Atmosphere Both take place in school full of badasses its a anime revolving around Satan's child. 
report Recommended by Black-Flash
The same humor level! Ok, there are barely any similarity about the storie or art, but both are really funny. If you give them a try to any of both, you will be laughing for long!! 
report Recommended by NoHeart
Very crude humor featured in both titles though DMC is much more extreme.  
report Recommended by lordblackness88
Both are about highschools full of delinquents who love to fight. They also both have some epic fight scenes from time to time. 
report Recommended by Lupin_Arsene
- involving demons and hell. - main character is stuck in a contract with a demon and is trying to get rid of it as fast as possible to return to his normal life. - demon girl helps main character and lies to his parents to live with him. 
report Recommended by walloman
Sense of humor, action elements, sci-fi elements, houseliving with strange creatures. Main characters have many things in common,they live with people from "other worlds", have special abilities. 
report Recommended by Snake4fun
The two shows give off a similar vibe as they both are comedy's that involve demons 
report Recommended by SissyMango
Both shows have delinquents as main characters, and they both turn into parental figures. Also, both have a titular hero/heroine who provides supernatural powers to the main character. Beelzebub's one of my favorite shows, and Hinamatsuri provides a similar vibe. 
report Recommended by Sanjid099
The same producer. Main character is a delinquent. Similar age, clothes, surroundings and the anime style of course. Plus here is a small child. In Midori no Hibi was it a girl, that the deliquent took care of. 
report Recommended by berserk-san
They both have non-human babies that have been placed on earth for some reason. And they both are being rasied by humans with a non-human servent/caretaker. Also both animes have comedy. 
report Recommended by GoddessV
Both Beelzebub and SKET Dance are unique in their own ways, both have lots of comedy and some romance. SKET Dance has more school life while Beelzebub doesn't. Both have different kinds of violence, but its more involving comedy/helping others. Both are long series that I wish had second seasons -v- Looking for comedy and strange twists in the stories? The you should watch both Beelzebub and SKET Dance! :)  
report Recommended by Lightzu
Both series are comedies that are centered around high school students. They also have really funny and likable characters. So if you liked Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou, you should definitely check Beelzebub (and reverse). Why? Because they are hilarious! Do you need more?! 
report Recommended by deactivated13041
Tatsumi Oga is a delinquent and carries around a naked Demon Baby, whereas Luffy is a rookie pirate that's aiming to be the Pirate King. Sure... there's a large difference, but both are very comedic and there is action in both animes. :) 
report Recommended by JunnChii
They main character of the animes are delinquents which with one incident change their whole life. They are also both comedy genres. The two main character are reckless and they get support from many other supporting characters. 
report Recommended by DCRxx
Not very similar but both of them are comedy and have lots of fights, i really enjoyed both of them.  
report Recommended by LadyEclair
Aishiteruze and Beelzebub are both about high school males that end up being the caretakers for small children. That's the only similarity because one (Aishiteruze) focus on love (both the romantic and familial kind) while the other (Beelzebub) focuses on humor. However, if seeing high school males take on nurturing roles is your schtick, you'll like both of them.  
report Recommended by arielifeoma
- both are shounen comedy - both main characters are simple-minded but fun to watch - main cast contains a blonde girl 
report Recommended by Duzell
A story about delinquent fights, quite funny misunderstandings, with each fight increasing their bad reputation, sinister looks thought kind characters 
report Recommended by Foyn
Both have the main character being the strongest, encountering rivals along the way who constantly re-challenge him time and time again. Many times involving a new technique or way of powering up for the rival side character to stand up to the MC this time around. Both have filler, many episodes of which is dedicated to a certain side character. Developing the character further. Both are action shows where the MC blows away some side characters (Beelzebub, the MK5. Ranma, Kuno.) Sending them flying into the distance. It doesnt sound like much, but it happens so often it sort of sets a tone for the show. Both of  read more 
report Recommended by rockocalypse
A being from the demon world enters a contract with a human against human's wishes. 
report Recommended by Niveen_Sleem
Both protagonists have extraordinary powers They are both a comedy Both have creatures from another word Both involve delinquent fights although Beelzebub is more focused on that 
report Recommended by moon-flowers
Both anime have a very strong main character, who is trying to find strong opponents, but usually ends up defeating them easily (although their reasons for doing so are not the same). They also have a similar sense of humor and supernatural abilities. 
report Recommended by BohemianRhapsody
a child changes the life of adolescent. Humor is also common factor though beelzebub has more comedy than baby baa chan. Baa chan re-educates her grand-child and where as this little devil's influence forces change in the protaganist of beelzebub's characher. 
report Recommended by deep3anime
Similarities -Demons and humans -Main character is assigned a great responsibility from demon world -Comedies with serious arcs -Main character is a high school boy -Main characters have sidekicks that never fail to amuse Differences -Kyou kara maou has multiple male friendships that hint of romantic intentions -Beelzebub has a few one-sided romances -Beelzebub takes place mostly in the human world, Kyou kara maou takes place mostly in the demon world which archaic compared to the modern human world of both shows -The main characters have very different personalities. Oga, in Beelzebub, is a delinquent who loves to fight and Yuri, of Kyou kara maou, is an athlete who lacks physical strength but has a  read more 
report Recommended by aiai_capn
Overpowered MC who catch the attention of the school.. Both school have some delinquent that underestimated the MC at first, but later they show respect to each other like friends. The atmosphere and comedy are somewhat similar, and there is at least one girl who has a romantic feeling to the MC. 
report Recommended by renzospark
Main Similarities: •Both involves a teen having to take care of a young kid who are considered to be important (In Kure-Nai, the protagonist takes care of a young female kid while in Beelzebub, the main character takes care of a male baby). •Both main characters are considered to be strong. •Similar genres. 
report Recommended by RFernandez23
Evil Smile of Protagonist comdey demons Girls around protagonist Fights Action character gradually subdues foes and attain more devilious power 
report Recommended by Don_Maou
Similarities: -Has Demons -Demonic powers -Unrivaled Powers -Both Shounens Differences: -Doesn't want the baby, other Wants Oppais -One is Strongest human, other weak human -One is Perveted, other doesn't care -One is ecchi, other is not 
report Recommended by eterath
overall, these two are not entirely similar but if you're looking for something comedic with the serious action, drama and fight scenes in between and also an overall funny and diverse characters, then I definitely recommend. 
report Recommended by __catsukii
Both Main characters are chads....  
report Recommended by LinnyLinstar
Congratulations! You're a Japanese High schooler possessed by a demon! Other such similarities are not wanting the demon to plunge the world into chaos, having a core trio of fighters, and both having comedic moments. 
report Recommended by Calabre006
Both involve babies! Beelzebub is definitely more action packed and really jumps into the comedy aspect of things, but I can guarantee that if you love one you'll love the other.  
report Recommended by virios
FLCL's a somewhat old supernatural, school, comedy, randomness-infused series that's lost some of its well-deserved popularity in the face of newer series: DMC, Cromartie, Gintama, and Beelzebub. Still, I consider it the top of the line for an intense, fun, laugh tear jerking adventure. Beelzebub and FLCL will give you the same treatment, a hilarious thrill ride that's just too good to miss out on. 
report Recommended by S2VX
Both have a rebel mc with unnormal physical strength, who fights against the 4/5 strongest students (Tohoshinki/Supreme Five Swords) at his school. 
report Recommended by karakatsu
They both have comedy martial arts and super power. I thought this was way funnier (yes funnier) than Naruto. It is one of the best anime I've ever watched.  
report Recommended by Saskue_Uchiha
Interestingly enough, the comedy/shounen flicks, Beelzebub and Kill la Kill are quite similar in setup, execution, and of course enjoyment! Some similarities they share are: School theme—if you liked the school premise, where there is a main character "challenging/getting challenged" by other groups/gangs you will enjoy both, for both use the school as a catalyst to move the plot. The school is also like a gag, which is quite silly, as they do not represent how a normal school is at all. Over-the-top—Both go to extremes for enjoyment, both showing some degrees of nudity (which I won't list here) for the humor effect, which works  read more 
report Recommended by _Dazzle_
Beelzebub and the Working!! series are both extremely comedic, slice of life anime with emphasis on great, varied characters and a facetious story. Beelzebub involves the supernatural, whereas Working!! imitates the real world.  
report Recommended by timmchu
Both have the same supernatural mood with charismatic characters make the story to invez to be a heavy climate becomes fun and humorous!  
report Recommended by A-yaBokukakkoi
Young main character suddenly encounters a certain little troublemaker that gets attached to them. Wagamama Fairy is how this situation plays out in shoujo, while Beelzebub is how it plays out in a shounen. 
report Recommended by abystoma2
Masaru Daimon and Oga Tatsumi are basically the same character. Both start off as street fighter delinquents but after meeting Agumon/Baby Beel respectively, they begin to mature. Friendship is an important factor in both series.  
report Recommended by AhTreyYou
Over the top and beyond impossible! TTGL does it with awesome mechas, but Beelzebub is about...raising a child. TTGL has it's serious moments, but Beelzebub is 100% humour. Amazing voice cast: almost every Beelzebub's main character has a seiyuu from TTGL. For example, crazy awesome Kamina's voice actor is playing the role of arrogant but idiotic main character, Oga, who is also crazy awesome in his own (beat them up) way.  
report Recommended by Henna
Both are extremely funny, even though the main characters are completely different from one another. Its got a similar sense of humor. If you liked Beelzebub and its slap-stick comedy you will love Golden Boy, and vice versa. 
report Recommended by FullmetalRaikou
I don't think Beelzebub is worth watching if you liked Kenichi but if you liked Beelzebub you will definitely like Kenichi. They are very similar: humor, school, gangs, fights, training etc. No exploding clothes, ecchi or anything unnecessary like in some other animes that have similar settings. 
report Recommended by Sceles
Once I saw the beginning, I saw the naked baby with greenish hair and him zapping the gangster, I immediately thought,' This could be Lum's child...' 
report Recommended by WindNWater
This one is also about a highschool full of delinquents  
report Recommended by stealthninjax2
Both are comedy shows with a male protagonist who is lost between two worlds. 
report Recommended by cerberus20
I got the same vibe from both anime. The vibe where in their worlds, nobody gives a sh*t about you're opinion and at the end of the day, it's all about making your life miserable. ! The theme ! DEMONS. Also, the detective guy in this is pretty similar looking to Oga Tatsumi XD  
report Recommended by BigBoss0327
Well, the story may differ from each other but from what I have noticed is that the main character in Maid-sama, Misaki has some similarities with the supporting character in Beelzebub, Kunieda Aoi. First of all they look somewhat similar -> face Secondly, they both hate men and protects the girls from the boys in school. Also, they both got feared by the most boys, except for the main guy character! Well, you know what I'm talking about right, the boy giving her some attention and finally she falls for him. 
report Recommended by maji_saikou
similar style of comedy 
report Recommended by AzNKid
Beelzebub is similar to The Law if Ueki because: #1. The main characters's characteristics and power. Both the main characters Oga and Ueki are tough little bastards. They also have an insane amount of strength. The main characters's personalities are also quite similar. Both Oga and Ueki have a careless attitude. They also say some respectable things that make people around them wonder if they're really that careless. I think it's cool. >:D OH! and one more thing! that cliche main character getting pissed when someone they care about is in danger. Yup you guys know what I'm talking about! ^•^ #2. How the characters  read more 
report Recommended by radwayxp
Demons. Their human contractors. A lot of mindless violence. And tons of humour. 
report Recommended by jakkubus
Both anime are similar in a sense that the characters have to use their hands to unleash the power though in both animes the characters are already strong 
report Recommended by Gladeo
Both are comedies about babysitting demons and the troubles those devil children bring. 
report Recommended by abystoma2
Similar whacky comedy, sometimes in absurd situations. The protagonists are also self-proclaimed delinquents, share similar personality, and also have the same voice actor to top it all off. 
report Recommended by 4kicks
Both anime have really strong people in school settings and have special powers. Though Beelzebub starts off with just delinquent fighting, it picks up into a super power type of anime. Both anime are based on action. 
report Recommended by Dignity
Both have many similar things. To start with, both have an easy going, lazy person as the main character, a straight, simple person to support them, and a girl with monstrous power. They also both have the same kind of comedy. 
report Recommended by amirhoss
if you like the underhanded humor in beelzebub you'll definitely like and enjoy this masterpiece full of laughter  
report Recommended by shadowjarls
The main characters of both series are overpowered and have supernatural abilities resulting in a lot of curbstomp battles.Oga Tatsumi is also similar to Izayoi personality wise.They also have similar comedy and artstyle. 
report Recommended by A_Lam_Ma_El
Strong guy that gets into fights frequently adopts a demon child. 
report Recommended by abystoma2