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Alternative Titles

English: Witchblade
Japanese: ウィッチブレイド


Type: TV
Episodes: 24
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Apr 6, 2006 to Sep 21, 2006
Premiered: Spring 2006
Broadcast: Thursdays at 01:45 (JST)
Licensors: Funimation
Studios: Gonzo
Source: Other
Duration: 24 min. per ep.
Rating: R - 17+ (violence & profanity)


Score: 7.341 (scored by 35,103 users)
1 indicates a weighted score. Please note that 'Not yet aired' titles are excluded.
Ranked: #23792
2 based on the top anime page. Please note that 'Not yet aired' and 'R18+' titles are excluded.
Popularity: #1194
Members: 85,312
Favorites: 538


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Dec 6, 2009
Winter (All reviews)
I don't know how many times I looked at this page only to run away five seconds later. For some reason I just refused to watch this, but I can't even remember why anymore.

Witchblade was a nice surprise. Considering it is based off an American comic of the same name that is known for being very sexual and violent, I was expecting a perverted ecchi mess. Her costume certainly doesn't leave much to be desired and the ecchi factor is certainly there, but miraculously it doesn't become the focus of the story. Don't worry boys, you'll all have plenty to drool over. But there's read more
Mar 1, 2010
AironicallyHuman (All reviews)
"When I saw the pictures and the explanation of the story, I thought it was a coarser, scarier and darker anime. But once we started, I realized it had less violence and more heart." - Mie Sonozaki


Before anything else, you need to understand the following: Witchblade is, first and foremost, a character-driven drama, rather than an action series. It has some fighting, yes, but the vast majority of the episodes are spent focusing on character development. Everything else comes a distant second. At first the suggestion is that it's going to be a The Devil Lady, 'monster of the week' type, and that is simply read more
Nov 6, 2007
twillit (All reviews)
Last Wednesday I caught the Flu, I worked through the first two days and took friday off. Wow, three day weekend of misery. So, after calling in friday morning I go back to bed, early saturday afternoon I awake, soar, hurting, miserable and bored. Now you know the state of my mind, and body, as I watched a 26ep Witchblade marathon!

Okay, let me get it out of the way early, it's a good series. It didn't wow me, it didn't bore me. It kept me engaged for two days of coughing and fever.

So we have a story set in the near future of an amnesiac read more
Feb 12, 2009
PKAmmoTroop (All reviews)
I stumbled across this anime at Funimation's Anime Selects On Demand channel and was pleasantly surprised. Lately it seems like anime has become stale and formulaic, but Witchblade brings some American energy into the mix with this US/Japanese co-production.

The characters were energetically imaginary but with enough reality mixed in to further endear them to the viewer. I've known several people like Masane - flighty and incapable of holding down a real job, but with enough heart and love to do what ever it takes to raise their kids. Rihoko is the mandatory kawaii injection that just about every Japanese production seems to require, and read more
Jun 1, 2013
TraparDensity (All reviews)
This show first caught my eyes while I was browsing through netflix. At first I thought it would be some soft core pornographic mess but in reality it's not. Surprisingly witchblade delivers very well and truly enticed me as a viewer.

The art was a little lacking but it still delivered. You may notice a few blemishes here and there. But overall it's alright, I really do appreciate the art style used. The animation also bears a few blemishes but it's nothing to hate the show for.

The sound and music is good and really suits in their respective moments. It won't be disappointing.

What really made read more
Apr 28, 2008
Helwig (All reviews)
I first heard about this Anime when i was watching G4TV and a commercial came on announcing that they were going to Air it. Instead of waiting, i jumped on it and saw the first 4 episodes. Based just off that, it caught my interest almost immediately.

-Story: Unique story even if there wasn't much background to get you to know everything. But, as you watched, more and more is revealed.
-Art: Great art, got a little qwerky here and there, but other than that, Nice.
-Sound: I watched the entire series with my Studio headphones and it was great. Explosions, screams, clashes, and the music all turned read more
Apr 20, 2011
Umm_what (All reviews)
There's a lot of 9's and 10's on the review page for Witchblade so, if your looking for a review with a more opposed opinion here you go.

I actually like the initial premise for the story. The single mother relationship between Masane Amaha and Rihoko makes for a good plot device. There's potential for heartfelt moments and potential for moments of desperation but really, when those moments come, the aren't delivered well. The manufactured drama here just doesn't catch me enough. After the first few eps, the plot from episode to episode begins to fall into a cookie-cutter pattern. 5/10

The face value of the animation read more
Mar 29, 2014
FullmetalCowboy (All reviews)
Critic’s Log - Earthdate: March 29, 2014. Review #82: Witchblade.

If you have been checking my reviews and wonder why it has been taking long for me to get a new review going. I have been busy lately. It is that time of year again.

As current events are concerned, On the Easter Weekend. I attend my local anime convention which is a big one in Seattle called Sakura-con. I personally find it to be a blast to go to and I really enjoy going to that convention. At the time I am posting this review. It is the weekend of Emerald City Comicon 2014 and read more
Jan 9, 2008
Xaltwind (All reviews)
I was half worried when I started watching this show that I'd end up dropping it halfway due to some negative feedback I'd gotten from others who'd watched it. However, I found myself surprisingly entertained and enjoying the show enough to actually keep myself watching it fully through.

Things I didn't like include the two openings, I always get ticked off when a series changes it's opening credits halfway through the show and when it changes to a peppy, jamaican reggae-esque song it gets even worse. The first opening wasn't that good anyway, but luckily they changed back to it in the final episode (nice surprise!). read more
Nov 18, 2011
iron-arny (All reviews)
Witchblade - i expected this anime to be a sort of *not much of a story but a lot of action and ecchi* anime, as i read the description on an anime streaming site. i just finished it and shall present to you my fresh impression of this anime.

to my biggest suprise, there was not that much of action in it, but quite a lot of talking. and there was no "ecchi" in it at all (expect of the girls to have really big boobs, but thats not really ecchi, is it). the more episodes you progress, the more interesting it gets, and i, read more
Jun 27, 2012
angelsreview (All reviews)
Oh god… alright… this one is well… I see it as another one of those ‘Queen’s Blade’ style shows. It’s got tones of Fanservice, almost little story, and just overall was made as a thing to show powerful almost naked woman fighting. It’s not all that bad I guess in that it’s not as boring as Queen’s Blade and they actually tried to give the characters some depth but when the main characters breasts are so big that they flop no matter how she moves; it just throws me from the show.

This is based off of an American comic book character and if you look read more
Aug 11, 2010
Naughty-Seraph (All reviews)
I must say, when I first looked up this anime I thought it would be mainly fanservice and no story, so I dropped it after the first episode. However after a couple years I finally gave it a second chance and I'm glad I did. My favorite part of the whole series is Masane and Rihoko's mother-daughter relationship, I found it so sweet and heartwarming, I'm glad it was the main part of the series. The action scenes were good but sometimes the fanservice was a little too distracting, could've done with a little less of that. Overall I highly reccomend this show! :)
Jan 17, 2009
Femboylicious (All reviews)
Story behind Witchblade Anime kept me going from the 1st episode to the last one; the plot that keeps together a mother/daughter relationship forces us to feel both the pain and joy they experience. It's impossible to avoid psychical contact with problems that characters in this anime have to struggle with. While watching the show, You actually feel like Your a part of it.

If it goes to Art, it's the best I’ve seen in an anime series, that long, so if You like to please Your eyes, that's one of the best shows I could recommend You.

Soundtrack/effects during battles, or more emotional base scenes is read more
May 3, 2015
JLaw21 (All reviews)
This is my first review so I hope all who read find it informational.

First of all, I have been watching anime nonstop for a year or so now, and out of all that I have watched, none have actually been able to make me cry until I watched this one. Many of the ending episodes were so emotional that they truly brought tears to my eyes.

The story was great and unique. I loved that they incorporated so many different genres into it. Besides the main action and sci-fi genres, I love how they threw a little comedy, drama, and romance into the mix. It really read more
Dec 20, 2008
Huntsman (All reviews)
When this series first came out I didn't pay any attention to it. About two months ago my older brother bought the box set and he loved it and a week ago he let me borrow it. The anime is loosely based off the comic which I read and really liked. Still I wasn't expecting to much from the series but I was wrong.

The story was very good. Focusing on the mother( Masane) and daughter(Rihoko) relationship. The Witchblade plays a secondary role in the anime which I thought was good. The two problems with the story was the back read more
Nov 11, 2012
Swaggerson (All reviews)
Witchblade was one of the first animes I had watched and now that I look back on it, it was pretty damn good. I remember when I first found Witchblade I was working off the high of a lot of ecchi and was all like ermahgerd a chick wearing like no clothes fighting robots and shit this is gonna be sweet! As I watched Witchblade I was pleased to find that yes there are tits and explosions, but I found myself not watching Witchblade for those reasons. Witchblade is not about the boobies and blades it is actually a really feeling story about a woman read more
Jun 23, 2015
WildNeptune (All reviews)
Witchblade is among the epitome of don't judge a book by its cover. Most probably know that the anime is one of many adaptations of the Witchblade comic (made in America), so just based on that you might not even watch it knowing the track rate of those shows.

While the cover art might make it seem like the show is a ecchi fighting anime, it's actually a show about how a mother is trying to protect her daughter. The Witchblade is the "Ultimate Weapon" and whoever is chosen by it has the urge to fight. Obviously several organizations want the Witchblade for themselves, and the read more
Apr 5, 2015
Luquillo (All reviews)
Witchblade appears as if when in production the writing team were sitting at their round table, and just going down a checklist on the many different sub genres they want, not need, to add into their show in hopes of telling a story. It attempts to be a jack of all trades but clearly excels in none. This anime was a total disappointment for me that resulted in being a massive waste of time; but there's a mass of very easy to please otaku's out there whom will swear to you otherwise. They claim this anime is truly excellent and it's quite rewarding to read more
Sep 21, 2011
VioLink (All reviews)
Witch blade is a story about the most loving mother in the world who would do anything for her daughter mixed in with technological advances and the most powerful weapon in all creation (which gives her a lust for violence) along with a memorable cast of friends and enemies.

Like many others have said in their reviews "Never judge a book by it's cover"really comes into to play for this anime. I thought this would just be a teenage boxum babe vs another teenage boxum babe type anime that would only focus on fan service I was dead wrong.

Story - The main focus is a Masane read more
Feb 7, 2016
kassnicxo (All reviews)
For someone like me, I have a little harder of a time enjoying something, especially animated things when its a little bit older. It's snobbish I know, but I like what I like. However thats not the point here, since it was a little bit of an older anime, if your like me, you really have to get past the shotty artwork at times and pay attention to the story line.

It did take a while to get used to but once I did, minus the crazy amount of fan service, the storyline was actually pretty decent. Fair amounts of feels, and actions, and the read more