IS: Infinite Stratos

Infinite Stratos

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Alternative Titles

English: Infinite Stratos
Synonyms: IS
Japanese: IS 〈インフィニット・ストラトス〉


Type: TV
Episodes: 12
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Jan 7, 2011 to Apr 1, 2011
Premiered: Winter 2011
Broadcast: Fridays at 01:25 (JST)
Licensors: Sentai Filmworks
Studios: 8bit
Source: Light novel
Genres: ActionAction, Sci-FiSci-Fi, HaremHarem, ComedyComedy, EcchiEcchi, MechaMecha
Duration: 24 min. per ep.
Rating: PG-13 - Teens 13 or older


Score: 6.811 (scored by 263411263,411 users)
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Ranked: #43442
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Popularity: #220
Members: 466,175
Favorites: 2,251
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Jan 21, 2011
DangoSage (All reviews)

IS: Infinite Stratos..
If my Greek isn't so rusty, I would confidently say that "Stratos" means "Skies"
But after watching this anime for the first time, I could conclude that Stratos actually means "Harem"
Why? Because when you're the only guy in a girl school, THERE'S INFINITE HAREMS POSSIBLES! Thus they should rename this anime to Infinite Harems!

Now to tell you the truth, I was a bit reluctant to watch this. Oh sure, harem turns me on, like any normal guy, but mecha genre really turns me off.
But after looking through the mecha suit design, "Hey! You can still see the girls! They're not read more
Apr 1, 2011
Archaeon (All reviews)
One of the problems with the anime industry is the tendency to overuse stereotypes and themes, and many of the studios in Japan continue to operate under the idea that the shows they create will generate a profit in some manner (regardless of the content), through DVD sales or merchandise. The sad fact is that many producers barely break even from one season to the next, which then prompts arguments of piracy, licensing, pricing, distribution costs, etc, all of which seems more than a little strange as while it may appear that the studios have some perfectly valid arguments, they've neglected to talk about one read more
Sep 23, 2013
GodlyKyon (All reviews)
With the dawn of the second season, I think it's time to revisit an old friend. In this review, I will attempt to describe IS: Infinite Stratos and it's components, then give you it's worth as a series.

The basic premise of Infinite Stratos is set in a world where armored mecha suit, the Infinite Stratos is invented, thus rendering all other technology obsolete. One catch, this suit can only be worn by women.

While this was an interesting premise, the setting itself just attracts questions. Why can only women wear it? What has the effects of this technology had on society? What happened to the political read more
Apr 22, 2014
Valefor (All reviews)
There are many ways to describe your own thoughts about an anime: you might say you liked it, you might say you hated it or you might say it's Infinite Stratos.

Infinite Stratos is a major example of what a series about love, action, robots and comedy would look like if you were to remove the action robo-love comedy parts. Still, there are invisible quantic panties so yeah, that's science and storytelling for you.

As for the plot, it all revolves around naked girls and some kind of powerful lethal war machine that can only be used by naked girls called Infinite Stratos. You might wonder how read more
Nov 28, 2014
GriffithIsRight (All reviews)
Infinite Stratos is a show about some generic Japanese kid (the intended audience) who gets put in an all girl's school because he's the only male in the world who can use a Gundam. This is a major plot point that is heavily referenced and alluded to but never actually explained beyond being referenced because this show doesn't need to have a coherent storyline or characters.

The only reason anyone watches this show is for the qt girls, Germany and France are qtest btw, whose personalities are just based off various pages from TV Tropes. None of them are really important to the plot at read more
Feb 11, 2011
Jekmyster (All reviews)
First of the Bat i would Like to say that this is my first review. Why i did it for this anime is beyond me. Second i would like to say that i am no expert with anime. I'm just your regular Joe that has a lot of anime and likes to watch em, so i wont go overly critical to my review. I'll just say write in why i scored the way i did in each of the categories given to me.

Story (6-fair) - Well I've watch a lot of anime. i have over 400 in my collection. and to tell you the truth, read more
Feb 17, 2011
Sebastian33 (All reviews)
To put Infinite Stratos in simpiler terms.....IT'S A CLICHE, LAZY, HAREM. Long story short: A universe that has mechs piloted by only females , but one guy is able to pilot it without any reason. So the government sends him to school full of chicks so that he can pilot better and learn. Oh, did I mention he's dense. Beyond, Naruto dense! Also, the girls in the school want to be in his pants. Horny much? Now for the girls:

The following competitors are:

Houki- Stupid, USELESS, tsundere childhood friend who has the brain capacity of 10 year old.

Cecelia- The Ojousama of jolly good England who read more
Jan 7, 2011
thecandyman328 (All reviews)
One word: Copypasta.

If you have seen Shuffle or any other harem ecchi anime don't waste your time with this bag of cliche already been done poo, because this is a bad rendition of Shuffle with mechas. Seriously. Complete with a retarded protagonist who wouldn't know know a girl was interested in him even if she sucked his dick, a childhood friend apart for six years who will be doing some of the sucking, a big sister, a tsundere high class stereotypical blonde blue eyed english girl (definitely gonna be sucking his dick), and of course it all takes place in the over used setting of read more
Mar 6, 2011
Exkalamity (All reviews)
Infinte Stratos has absolutely dreadful plot but top notch harem romance comedy and fan service. The key to enjoying this anime is to completely ignore the attempts at plot throughout the anime while savoring the characters and their fanservice. Infinte Stratos' premise is begins with our main protagonist, Orimura Ichika, just happens to be the only male that can pilot the Infinite Stratos mecha unit, which was thought to be only compatible with females. Thus our main protagonist is sent of to the IS academy and becomes the only male in a sea of females. And by stint of being male, he becomes the most read more
Feb 24, 2011
HowTragic (All reviews)
Even before I touched the play button on Infinite Stratos (IS), all I've heard about it was "wow so generic", "so boring T_T", "another one of those stupid harem ones". Screw what people think, but I still started watching with a rather pessimistic opinion. IS is generic, but what's so bad about being generic? Isn't the entire definition of being general the idea that it follows the popular and majority trend? Truthfully, an anime that is only accused of being generic doesn't provide ample and concrete evidence of being a bad anime. In fact, I believe that IS is progressing rather nicely. Despite the setback read more
Jan 21, 2011
DarknessAngel (All reviews)
First of all i would like to start this review with the fact that THIS IS NOT AN "Genres: Action, Mecha, Sci-Fi, Shounen" but it's a "Harem, Romance , Mecha with a spoon of Action and a pinch of Shounen" , i dont even feel the need to add a Sci-fi genre considering this is a mecha anime .
And second is that this show has nothing original in it , the Mecha looks like Strike Witches with some add on , the characters are like any harem characters , the story ( still undeveloped ) gives you nothing read more
Apr 21, 2012
deoxys101 (All reviews)
Here's the deal: I have a dream animé. It's a show that's primarily mecha, with the robots piloted by humans and function like body armors rather than bigass robots that tower over the skyline (Zero--and pretty much all the other Maverick Hunters--from the Megaman X franchise inspired this). I wanted a little romance on the side, and awesome fights here and there, with possibly a few moments of comic relief. Character designs should be clean and crisp, with detail in the eyes and the mecha suits. Fanservice is not desired, but allowable to an extent. A male or a female lead would be fine, so read more
Oct 6, 2012
masamvne (All reviews)
Whenever I watch anime, I try to keep a critical mindset. This doesn't mean I examine and inspect every aspect of the show, but that I try to discern the things it does well and the things it doesn't do well so that I may develop an informed opinion of it. Sometimes, however, I don't really want to bother with that, and I just want to sit back and enjoy myself without having to worry too much about reading through the lines, and usually I'll reserve moeblob anime such A-Channel or Hidamari Sketch for this role. This time, however, I decided to go with a read more
Jun 23, 2014
GloriousKaiser (All reviews)
PLEASE READ: This is a review of both IS seasons. Scroll to the very bottom of this review to see IS S2 review (it's legit I promise!!)

There is absolutely nothing wrong with over-used generic stories. Nothing, really! Except when they're like IS. The anime that failed from the start. Though I can't say I'm surprised, with predictable story, characters, there's nothing to keep me guessing or wondering what's going to happen next.

I can sum up the story with a couple of common words:
High school

Now go ahead and guess: Will the story be interesting or not?
There you go.

Instead of putting us into a world where the read more
Jan 6, 2011
tlarn (All reviews)
From viewing the first episode, it's made quite clear that this series is doing nothing to move away from the old formula for harem anime. It's sticking so close to the formula, in fact, that it feels like a copy-and-paste of harem anime done before.

If you're someone who's seen plenty of anime in your time, particularly harem anime, you'll be pointing out many details, character-types and scenarios that are very typical to harem anime in general as you watch this.

In short, this is just another harem anime. While the addition of the mech-suits makes for interesting possibilities, the characters themselves are cookie-cutter and predictable in read more
Jun 20, 2018
magaiverix (All reviews)
My first Anime, after which I now understand the difference between PG 13- older (Genre) Echhi and Echhi 17+.
Just say! this Anime is for his own taste people who dont cares about the plot, the main thing is HAREM (people who love this genre like me) In spite of the main story I like when there are lots of girls and one lucky guy, so my enjoyment as a minimum will be 8/10.
First season main story in overall was booring= mech vs mech in workouts all the time and only at last episodes something appeared so the story I didn't like, BUT!..... what happened with read more
Sep 5, 2012
Mindjack (All reviews)
Infinite Stratos... Oh boy, where do I start?
Infinite Stratos is THE ultimate harem. The main character is a retard who happens to be the ONLY male in the world to be able to operate an IS. The reasoning for this is explained later in the series, but if you haven't watched it then I won't say how. Did I mention how he had a sister complex? Anyway, this show contains almost all the harem cliched elements that one show could have.

[X] Tsundere
[X] Robot Girl (Laura)
[X] Retarded male character
[XX] Childhood friends
[X] Girl with glasses
[X] Reverse trap
[X] Bossy older sister
[X] Main character walks into someone else changing read more
Mar 2, 2015
swagzzz (All reviews)
With Infinite Stratos, I only watched through it mostly because i wanted a good laugh. Not because it was a comedy, but just because of how bad it could get. The story mostly surrounds a boy who gets put into an all girls school because he's the only male that can operate these machines. Why is he the only male? Why can females only use them? Don't ask, you're here for tits. This is the equivalent of to love ru but with mechas. But don't get too carried away because there is no advancements from the MC to the females.

The main character is basically read more
Mar 5, 2011
Nasty001 (All reviews)
I haven't read the manga yet and the review is simply based on this anime, I'm fully aware that there are still a couple of more episodes to go, and it is too early to make any conclusions. Ok, amigos how do I rate this anime:

Story- 7

Ok, so the anime is about a girl genius, Tabane Shinonono, who invented an exoskeletal suit called "Infinite Stratos" or "IS" for short, which can only be operated by women thus gives them greater dominance in society and leaving men to be wussies ( I wonder what happen to the nukes?) but the story is more focus read more
Oct 9, 2014
Tiddlesworth (All reviews)
First of, if you're gonna watch this, fuck you, you think this is some sort of Mecha Anime, you're horribly wrong, not even close. Oh it must be a harem then? Wrong again! Listen up children, this show is the story about your best girl. The only girl archetype this show probably doesn't have is a Yandere, but if you're looking for a yandere you're in the wrong place bud, Date A Live road is next door, perpendicular to Harem street.

This isn't something you watch to ponder about your existence and learn it's deep philosophical value. You're watching this to discover your best girl, something read more