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Alternative Titles

English: Nana
Japanese: NANA [ナナ]


Type: TV
Episodes: 47
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Apr 5, 2006 to Mar 28, 2007
Premiered: Spring 2006
Broadcast: Unknown
Licensors: Viz Media
Studios: Madhouse
Source: Manga
Duration: 23 min. per ep.
Rating: R+ - Mild Nudity


Score: 8.471 (scored by 122,349 users)
1 indicates a weighted score. Please note that 'Not yet aired' titles are excluded.
Ranked: #1182
2 based on the top anime page. Please note that 'Not yet aired' and 'R18+' titles are excluded.
Popularity: #305
Members: 307,407
Favorites: 13,722


Nana and Paradise Kiss are similar in that they're both done by the same producers. This leads both shows to have a similar "drama" appeal. You're not quite sure what will happen to all the characters, even all the way up to the last couple minutes of the last episode. Both are directed toward more of the "girl" market, but they're entertaining enough for any type of drama/romance fan. 
report Recommended by Xinil
Music, music, music. Both series have great music scores to keep you entertained, not to mention the underlining drama that eats away at each character. Even if you're not a fan of the drama, you'll probably end up enjoying the music in some sense~ 
report Recommended by Xinil
Both have strong female character and it seems to have the drama and also the love triangle 
report Recommended by belldandy2009
Both series have a very mature approach in romance and relationships. Music is also an important factor in both series, but romance and drama predominate. 
report Recommended by GeniusofIron
Somehow, I feel a similarity to this both the female main charcters (mogami,kyoko and nana) have been pushed aside by their mothers, and the whereabouts of the fathers are unknown. Another thing is that both the female main characters are trying their best to enter the *Celebrity World*. Skip Beat is somewhat more of a comical version and Nana a more serious version. But there definately is a similarity in both Nana and Skip Beat! 
report Recommended by Anime-Addicted
Both of these animes have a large prospect in the slice of life point of view and the drama in these animes are overwhelming. >_> While Nana concentrates on Music, Honey and Clover concentrates on Art, and they both display the characters of these anime trying to pursue a career toward these things.  
report Recommended by Tenks
Both animes treat romance in a different way. They show imperfect relationships. Nothing is perfect and there's no such thing as "They're meant to to each other". In the end people have so many selfish wishes and don't give a shit about other people wishes. I really love when I can see these realities been shown in animes.  
report Recommended by lauvene
It's hard to explain why these series are similar to each other. I'd rather say that if you liked Bokura ga Ita, you'd love NANA. Why? Bokura ga Ita relates a story about teenagers in love, NANA concentrates on a little older, but still young people; but still, their problems look really similar. Though, in NANA they're more serious. Plus the individual characters and awesome music. 
report Recommended by Mayu
Music, struggle, losing a parent, wanting to protect something 
report Recommended by Caroline___
Nana and Nodame Cantabile are similar in that they each weigh heavily on music. Nodame Cantabile has much more comedy, whereas Nana contains more drama, but I'd group them close together in terms of character development and drama enthrallment. 
report Recommended by Xinil
This 2 show revolve around Love X Girls Thought X Girls going after guys and basically Humor... But just to warn you, NANA storyline has more Adulthood then Lovely Complex =D  
report Recommended by DeZheKun
Two beautiful souls collide via the power of music. 
report Recommended by Bayrock
The story nearly totally different but both of the series based on music and dreams. So Oosaki Nana and Mitsuki's goal is the same to be a singer, but they doing it in different way and style. Nana is for adults rather, in my opinion, especially for females.  
report Recommended by boomkin
Nana is about two girl who have a lot of problems in their life and have to keep struggling, just like Nagisa had to. Both anime made me laugh and cry. The first few episodes of Nana may seem childish or boring, but that's the same problem I had with Clannad, however, in the end, they both became my favourite animes.  
report Recommended by xSimone
Both deal with the complications of relationships, deceit, cheating, and loss of innocence. However, NANA doesn't make you want to tear out your hair quite as much, and isn't sluttery on such a high scale.  
report Recommended by shannontheme
Both anime are about two parters who start thier lives. Takagi Akito and Mashiro Moritaka at Bakuman and Komatsu Nana and Osaki Nana at Nana. Although Mashiro and Takagi are only 14, they grow up at the anime and become Nanas's age (20) at sencond season and the manga. Also, both anime talks about love. Many times at Bakuman there are talks about love and littlie sex as Mashiro wants to marry Miho or Takagi and Kaya's relationship (and much more at Nana). Also, while Takagi and Mashiro use their lives to make manga, Osaki Nana lives meant for music. Remember of course that Nana  read more 
report Recommended by Yammi-Reckorrd
Both anime focus on alternative band music and the main protagonists are the front vocalists of their respective bands.  
report Recommended by Babyssb
Nana and Golden Time are both anime series with themes of relationships and complexity in terms of characters' dynamics. The main characters both have a past that are explored throughout both series. Both series involves romance with a sense of maturity (more so in NANA). They have a more sense in adolescence as opposed to being in a high school setting. Additionally, the characters have dreams they hope to make come true. Nana has an additional theme of music while Golden Time deals with more of an identity crisis. There's comedic dialogue but also emotions that are touched upon in both series.  
report Recommended by Stark700
- both series focus on performing arts (music/rakugo) - there's a similar dynamic between main characters (unlikely friends) - lots of realistic drama/relationships - both are aimed at similar demographic (josei) 
report Recommended by helensan
After watching White Album 2, do you have a taste for characters suffering? Well, look no further! Like WA2, Nana is also music-based, but that's not the main focus (though Nana has better songs). Nana is very strong in the drama/romance department, with believable characters making a mess of their lives, similar to WA2. Both start off lighter in tone, and then fall away into darkness. If you liked what you saw in WA2, I advise you to hop over to Nana-land immediately... and be prepared to shed black tears. 
report Recommended by tsukiyo123
same high level of drama though nana is stronger! with some music and some romance while having some comedy~ so awesome! 
report Recommended by LoveCute
I believe that this show almost resembles Nana in terms of "starting a band" and meeting characters by fate. When it comes to the story, Fuuka is lighter, as well as less mature of a story to follow; until tragedy comes through out of nowhere and hits you like a truck. The drama in Fuuka feels forced where as the drama in Nana feels natural. I feel that if you like Fuuka and want to see a story that's better, more mature and lengthier. Then I would strongly recommend Nana for your viewing pleasure. 
report Recommended by LeaderTGW
When you look at these shows, I'm surprised-more so shocked that no one has recomended NANA to NA kiss. Fact is, both female leads are similar looking and have a similiar outlook on the male characters. The main difference is, hachi is stuck in a more drama love triangle kind of situation, apposed to an unrequitted love. It's a very easy recomendation, and I believe anyone who enjoyed either NANA or NA Kiss would enjoy the other equally as much 
report Recommended by NotSoEpicMuffinz
Both shows have love and music as their main theme. Shigatsu may seem more of the dramatic type and innocent love, Nana can be a bit darker and tragic. These two are homogeneous in terms of characters having a hit and miss in their love target but anyhow, things just somehow get refreshing and bittersweet 
report Recommended by connielas
Chihayafuru is very similar to Nana. • Both anime are of the genre josei • Chihaya is very similar to Nana Komatsu and Taichi looks like Shouji • Both anime have the same feelings • Complicated love 
report Recommended by Namerisek
If you really like music anime series, try Nana / K-ON!. Both series are about music bands, trying to get famous. Warning though, Nana has more drama in to it and is more mature. K-ON! is more kawai and about school girls. 
report Recommended by Nerdo
They're both romantically focused, but at the same time, there's more drama going on than you think. They're also both quite realistic in the sense that not everything goes as planned, and there's also a lot of character development in both 
report Recommended by RedBardIsCool
They both deal with the relationships between a group of friends and have some romance and lots of drama. If you like NANA you'll most likely enjoy Gankutsuou.  
report Recommended by Danish
The atmosphere throughout the whole series is VERY similar. They're both about music bands, competition, love stories and for R-rated audiences. The only difference is NANA is straight, while Gravitation is shounen-ai. SimilarityL 3 1/2 * 
report Recommended by yomu
Both kind of are love anime, and deal with some themes of betrayal. 
report Recommended by kittenz73
Mature, thoughtful stories about adult women living in contemporary Japan. Neither show shies away from realistic depictions of romance, sex, and failed relationships. Both have a strong sense of melancholy interspersed with levity at life's absurdities, and their protagonists make difficult and interesting decisions. Nana is long and lacks a conclusive ending; Anime Time tells four unrelated short stories. In each case it's less about the destination than the journey. 
report Recommended by q_3
Both have strong female protagonists, who have vulnerable best friends who are easily hurt and often have to be protected by their friend. Both also have irresistable male leads and are both great romance comedies, with strong addictive storylines. 
report Recommended by Lambylittle
Both are really good and have a very sad story with unsatisfactory ending. Nana is the story about two girls that share the same name but with different personalities and about their friendship and love lives and the problems and obstacles they go through and Candy Candy is about a very good nature orphan girl who goes through a lot of obstacles in her life but she never gives up and also about her love life. Both of them are really sad dramas specially when it comes to their romantic lives and hardships of life. Expect to get emotionally consumed when watching Candy Candy just  read more 
report Recommended by Malach_Hamavet
Both are character driven shows that deal with the themes of human interaction. The characters of Hachiko and Nana are similar to Shinji and Misato respectively.  
report Recommended by ThatRazorGuy
Both have interesting and complex characters and both are of the josei genre. If you're looking for something with a little more substance than your standard slice of life or romance, either one is an excellent choice. 
report Recommended by pablogonzalez
Both shows are about the special bond (of friendship) gradually forming between two strikingly different females. 
report Recommended by Stray_Star
Nana and Kaze ga Tsuyoku Fuiteiru (Kaze) are similar in their character development and their drama. The characters are given vivid, realistic backstories. And while Nana is about getting to the top of music/showbiz, Kaze is about being in the top 10 to win the biggest running competition in Japan. Nana is a Josei (for women) and Kaze is more is more for boys. But it's refreshing how the characters are older. In Nana, they're out of school and Kaze is college. The drama is very heavy in both and the scenes are pretty realistic as well as the actions and motivations of the characters.  read more 
report Recommended by ninjabia0
Both have similar shoujo style character drama and yuri undertones. (Moreso Utena) And both tell a story with 2 female leads, who are different like night and day and characteristically rub off on each other. 
report Recommended by StrixAnime
I would recommend Nana to anyone who enjoyed Given because they are both music anime and they both include 2 characters with a complex wholesome relationship. The same feelings of the joy of friendship, the complications of life and overall relaxing tone is reflected in both series. In Nana the 2 main characters have a platonic relationship unlike given, however the bond the 2 characters in nana share made me fell the same as a romantic one. Also Nana has superrrr cool outfits and great music too! lots of punk and vivienne  
report Recommended by Amircat
The best thing about Nana is that there are a group of interesting characters and you can relate to each of their lives. It gets you in the feels and you have grown to understand why people think and do the things they do. And people learn in their own way how to grow up and make changes. Also catchy and loveable music, drama, love triangle, regrets, pain and happiness. Orange is very similar. if not, the same. Minus the music. If you want to go through the same feels, gain a smile time through time, shed tears of sadness and joy, and enjoy the  read more 
report Recommended by Miki-Samusu
1. Although Nana is completely based on real-life complications and emotions, Nana and Kokoro Connect both offer extremely authentic, original characters. 2. They both delve into the deeper and more complex aspects of human relationships, individuality, psychology - there is serious character development in both. 3. Touches on adult themes, but contains no unnecessary fan-service 4. Fantastic music in both. 
report Recommended by MagicPotato98
both centered around relationships and has different personalities which bring their own finesse to the show 
report Recommended by AmberRose
It is about the love of music. Characters in both animes are very passionate about music and want to become the best. They always try hard to achieve their goals and succeed. However, there arent any deep love relationships in Uta no Prince-sama anime even though male characters are secretly in love with the female heroine. Anyway, even tho the theme of the animes might not be so alike I cant help but think about Nana when I watch Uta no Prince-sama. They kind of have the same feeling ( for me ). 
report Recommended by xcuppycakex
Both are romance anime but there is also drama as well. There are many types of relationships and characters development. Some lighthearted moment that will make you love the characters. If you like Hanasakeru Seishounen, you should try watching NANA and vice versa. 
report Recommended by atobesama
Cute girl, romance, rock band, handsome guys and good music. NANA had all that, but Ai Shite Night did it first. . .over 20 years earlier, too. It was kind of revolutionary for its time. I've been wanting to see this show for several years. It was worth the wait! 
report Recommended by keitasama
if you liked all the drama and sadness in nana you would like canvas 2 in the first couple episodes its not so good just like nana was but then it gets interesting and i really enjoyed it and i actually cryed in the last couple episodes and the ones in the middle of the anime 
report Recommended by Rammstein
The aura, year and the fell might be a little different but I can actually say that they both revolve around love stories about unrequited love, reunited love and new love. I believe that you will enjoy both of their stories and characters. While, Nana is a bit matured than Ao Haru Ride but even so, you will love them both.  
report Recommended by connielas
If you liked NANA for the realism, romance and soap opera drama, you will probably like Kimi ga Nozomu Eien too. The characters are also of similar ages. Although the stories are both extremely different. 
report Recommended by Taliko
Though it's no Yuri I think the strong bond between the starring characters are very much alike. In addition to that both have a strong female character you will like. As I do like strong bonds between people I would recommend seeing Nana as well if you liked Strawberry Panic, also it has real good music in it. 
report Recommended by LaineSimone
They both remind me of a teen drama like One Tree Hill or The OC. Plus they have buetiful art. 
report Recommended by gizmo99
If you are looking for a music anime that isn't just happy and fluffy all the time but has a rather realistic ring to it, these shows might be for you. They aren't exactly similar in their overall topics, but in this aspect, they can be comepared. Wake Up, Girls is about a group of girls trying to make their way into the idol industry, realizing how harsh this industry actually is and therefor giving an insight in the japanese idol industry in a way not a lot of idol shows tend to do. It is still quite fluffy but it's more realistic than the average  read more 
report Recommended by PokeL
They're both more mature shoujo titles with great plot and character developments. Sure, there are the shoujo cliches of rich, handsome guy falling for the protagonist, but they're far from cheesy. 
report Recommended by Athena
Both are about young people leading their lives in a city. Even though Mouhoutsukai ni Taisetsu na Koto focuses on supernatural elements the way the drama unfolds is rather similar. Also, both shows focus on relationships and how people handle those relationships. Without spoiling anything the way they end is quite different but that doesn't take away from the overall atmosphere and experience.  
report Recommended by Faylicia
The subject matter is completely different, but they are similar in that they deal with more mature themes from a female perspective. There is quirky lighthearted humor in both shows and there are adult situations and complicated or serious issues which are addressed and portrayed in a realistic dramatic manner.  
report Recommended by Dinamet7
What's with that look on your face? Oh you surprised? There's no need to be surprised, I couldn't possibly make this recommendation if these two aren't similar. 
report Recommended by ReZA171
Both can be realistic in a way and have very understandable human characteristics esp. NANA which actually made me cry at points. Death note is good for the psychological views of humans and our sadistic evil nature. 
report Recommended by October9641
Both shows deal with similar conflicts such as discovering what love is, relationships, the difficulties with growing up and trying to figure out what you really want out of life vs. what you thought you wanted. Both shows include very relatable characters and life challenges, the emotions never feel forced or out of place. You will find yourself feeling a personal connection to almost each character as you watch them go through different situations 
report Recommended by drseuis
both are realistic josei about life in the big city for women on their way up and all the complications, romance, and comedy that goes with it........ 
report Recommended by octal9
Despite having different approaches, both shows focus on music. Each of them has a character who likes The Sex Pistols. While NANA has more romance, DMC has more comedy. 
report Recommended by Kyomu9
It may not be the most obvious recommendation but still I find some similarities between Rainbow and Nana. What first got me thinking about it was the background music it sounds pretty much the same, also the art work (some characters from Rainbow do look like some characters from Nana). But ultimatly what I believe is the most resounding similarity between this too is the hoplessness, the despair, the feeling that there are just some things you cannot fix, no matter how hard you try. All in all I believe if you liked Rainbow you will probably like Nana. 
report Recommended by SisterOfHH
Although not shoujo ai it's a great romance story. Much better, because it has the airing time to deliver much more about characters and story. Yuzu has somewhat similiar personality to Komatsu Nana and maybe I liked Citrus much more because of that similarity. 
report Recommended by Jullio