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Amagami SS

Alternative Titles

English: Amagami SS
Japanese: アマガミSS


Type: TV
Episodes: 25
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Jul 2, 2010 to Dec 24, 2010
Premiered: Summer 2010
Broadcast: Unknown
Producers: Pony Canyon, TBS, Movic
Licensors: Sentai Filmworks
Studios: AIC
Source: Visual novel
Duration: 24 min. per ep.
Rating: PG-13 - Teens 13 or older


Score: 7.501 (scored by 97,852 users)
1 indicates a weighted score. Please note that 'Not yet aired' titles are excluded.
Ranked: #16372
2 based on the top anime page. Please note that 'Not yet aired' and 'R18+' titles are excluded.
Popularity: #375
Members: 212,888
Favorites: 1,689


While Amagami SS does not have an incestuous relationship as a central plot point, both shows are presented in an omnibus format that allows the viewer to experience all of the available 'good-end' paths for each girl.  
report Recommended by one2the
Similar situations, has arc's just like Amagami SS and its seems to be based along the same style of story setup. 
report Recommended by Indiana_Guy84
There are several story arcs where a different girl gets her own story with the male lead. It is in an omnibus format, so it's not actually a harem anime. The main difference is that Amagami is more dramatic, and Kaminomi is more comedic. 
report Recommended by tplusent
While not both in an omnibus format, both share the atmosphere, the plots and the feeling. 
report Recommended by Bondius
Made by the same author. Both follow different storylines where the MC hooks up with a girl, and after that story ends the time would reset to an alternative setting where the MC hooks up with a different girl.  
report Recommended by Dignity
they are both about love and about couples.While Amagami is about a boy falling in love(in an omnibus style-he falls in love with various girls in different arcs) Hatsukoi Limited is about girls pursuing their love interests(couples are formed with a continuous storyline). They are both good but I like more Amagami 
report Recommended by HRisa
You Always Get The Feeling What If He Would Be With Her Or Her. Both Stories Has Different Stories In Them. By Clannad I Counted The OVAs As Well. 
report Recommended by Jesper_Rayne
Both series has similar character designs and the main male protagonists have similar personalities. The feeling and atmosphere of both series are also similar and has school life theme involving drama, comedy, romance. And of course, both series has characters of stark personalities. 
report Recommended by Stark700
Both Male Main Characters Had A Sad Pasts. Both Are Somehow Trying To Look Forward. And Different Girls Comes In Their Life 
report Recommended by Jesper_Rayne
Amnesia and Amagami SS, are both dating like animes, in amnesia its a girl that goes out with lots of boys, with each one having their own story, and in Amagami SS is the other way around, this time its a boy dating a lot of girls with each individual story. both are very cute, romantic and there are tons of kiss scenes :3 
report Recommended by Judita8
in both series, each of the female characters has their own story arcs. the arcs for the kono aozora female characters are split into 2 parts while in amagami, there are 4 parts, though unlike kono aozora wherein one arc is a continuation from the previous one, the amagami version is more of a what-if scenario if the protagonist chose that heroine 
report Recommended by mrpogi91
Similar as in one guy getting all the girls. The artwork is also similar and they both have that same type of twist with the main girl. The main girls are similar in many ways i.e. smart and popular.  
report Recommended by Weister
-Both animes's setting/story goes by an omnibus format, and have small arcs that can either or not be diverging from the central plot of the story (with the setting intact) 
report Recommended by MagicFlier
If you liked elfen lied then you might want to watch amagami ss since it's an enjoyable shoujo with a lot of love. Elfen lied has also a lot of twist like amagami ss, but unlike amagami ss the show don't restart every 5 episodes with a new female protagonist. 
report Recommended by blueshuffle
Both are really similiar, because everything goes about love, but Date a Live has action. 
report Recommended by Covetousness
Each arc (or episode) focus on a girl. Both adorable slice of life with individual stories. Also based on a game.  
report Recommended by frailpopuri
Both series : *are romance - harem with many story behind each heroines *have a visual novel or eroge released!! 
report Recommended by rmadillah
Anime who based dating-sim too and have similar atmosphere like True Love Story. 
report Recommended by Luchianka
Both are harem, but Dakara Boku, H ga Dekinai doesnt have chapters for every girl, it goes with one story 
report Recommended by Covetousness
The Clannad OVA is an alternate timeline love. Amagami has a new alternate timeline every 4 episodes. Both involve school aged romance. Amagami is not as dramatic and has no supernatural elements, but it reminds me of this alternate timeline. 
report Recommended by ghunor
School, Romance and Slice of Life, the concept of "forgetting" is not entirely focused on this one though. (every 3-5 episodes the story starts over) 
report Recommended by snazzz
Both of these animes are cute short romance stories done in a similar way, where the series isnt about just one couple but instead a large group of different ones. The main difference is that while amagami ss is about the same guy with different girls, tsurezure children is just about different couples. Anyways I definitely recommend both 
report Recommended by BountifulGames
Short, slow-paced vanilla romances about teens finding true love. Tsuki ga Kirei feels like an extended version of an Amagami SS arc. 
report Recommended by Jerakor
Both of these anime are setup in an omnibus or arc format and both have just sweet love stories. Koitabi is a lot shorter but if you liked one odds are you'll appreciate the other! 
report Recommended by AmethystItalian
They both are a love triangle between a guy, his purely romantic interest, and his previously friend-zoned childhood friend. Kimi ga Nozomu Eien is much sadder, though. 
report Recommended by renix
If for some reason you've come across Keitai Shoujo and haven't seen Amagami SS then I highly recommend you do so. It has a similar feel with multiple girls paired with the same guy except with Amagami SS each girl gets her own arc and ending! Keitai Shoujo is pretty much a VERY short version of Amagami SS with only 1 girl getting an end. 
report Recommended by AmethystItalian
'Not your average harem' is what I think about both of these shows. Both of them present us few specific female characters, each having couple of their own episodes, plus the main hero, who is leading us through the whole story/ies, dealing with their complicated personalities, fulfilling their wishes or solving their problems, or just tagging along. All of it resulting in gaining mutual sympathies. And in both stories, the main hero 'gets' the most difficult character as the first one, I would say. Despite being average-looking shoolboy with 'too nice' personality. 
report Recommended by Monoxid
This is the same ideology, which prove, that parallel worlds exist. After few episodes, there's reset and the plot is going diffrent way (including protagonist and one of main characters) and, in the very end, all storyline pieces are connecting to one. That's the only similarity between this series, in fact, they've got totaly diffrent genres. 
report Recommended by 2Pack
-Both animes's setting/story goes by an omnibus format, and have small arcs for each heroine that doesn't diverge from the central plot of the story (with the setting intact) 
report Recommended by MagicFlier
both series features a tea club and at least one of their respective heroines are members of the tea clubs. Rihoko is the only one of the 6 amagami ss heroines who is a member of the tea club in amagami while in school rumble, all (except for karen) are members  
report Recommended by mrpogi91
-Both anime's plot focuses on a different heroine showing the heroine's romances one after another showing viewers different situations (with the setting and idea of the story intact.)  
report Recommended by MagicFlier
-Both animes's setting/story goes by an omnibus format, and have small arcs that can either or not be diverging from the central plot of the story (with the setting intact) -Both can be considered BUT IS. NOT. a harem, since the anime concentrates on one heroine to the next.  
report Recommended by MagicFlier
-Both animes's setting/story goes by an omnibus format, and have small arcs for each heroine that doesn't diverge from the central plot of the story (with the setting intact) 
report Recommended by MagicFlier
-Both animes's setting/story goes by an omnibus format, and have small arcs for each heroine that doesn't diverge from the central plot of the story (with the setting intact) 
report Recommended by MagicFlier
both are school settings. kagura and ai nanasaki are members of the swimming team, all the characters have their own image songs, and miss takahashi seems to remind me of yukari tanizaki 
report Recommended by mrpogi91
Similar setting. Similar art/style. 
report Recommended by jimmy2027
In a few ways, these two series reminds me of one and another. Both Boys Be..and Amagami SS takes place at a school setting with themes of drama, comedy, and romance between various characters. While Amagami SS+ has one main male protagonist, Boys Be...features other male characters also with their own little romance adventures. Still, the drama is there. Both series also has emotional moments despite some of the comedy and also some background stories of the supporting characters explored in some episodes. 
report Recommended by Stark700
Similar art, atmosphere and characters. 
report Recommended by Reosia
Also describes relationships of the main character with multiple girls, but each has her own arc. But this anime is much more mature than Amagami SS, yet still very very good. 
report Recommended by Violet_fire
Both series delve deep into the characters' emotions and portray affection, though dramatically, well. 'ef' will make you care deeply about the characters and what happens to them. 'ef' made me realize that, for God-knows-what reason, I am a sucker for these sort of anime, and Amagami has reinforced that so far. o_O 
report Recommended by shi-zu-me
REC is as straitforward as every(so far) arc in Amagami.  
report Recommended by bo4onok
Both Hayate no Gotoku! Cuties and Amagami SS (Also applies with Amagami SS Plus) uses the named omnibus relationship concept, where the main character try to get a relation with one girl and after some episodes the story resets starting another relation with another girl forgetting the previous relation in previous episodes, the main difference is Amagami SS is mainly drama themed than HnG Cuties is mainly comedy themed. 
report Recommended by daniyan