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Alternative Titles

English: xxxHOLiC
Japanese: ×××HOLiC(ホリック)


Type: TV
Episodes: 24
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Apr 7, 2006 to Sep 29, 2006
Premiered: Spring 2006
Broadcast: Unknown
Licensors: Funimation
Studios: Production I.G
Source: Manga
Duration: 24 min. per ep.
Rating: PG-13 - Teens 13 or older


Score: 8.061 (scored by 84,751 users)
1 indicates a weighted score. Please note that 'Not yet aired' titles are excluded.
Ranked: #5032
2 based on the top anime page. Please note that 'Not yet aired' and 'R18+' titles are excluded.
Popularity: #493
Members: 211,774
Favorites: 3,747


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Jun 24, 2009
JesuOtaku_ (All reviews)
On the technical side of things, I have many bones to pick with the art and animation here. Actually there are too many bones to pick out on these spaghetti people, who I feel like I could easily snap across my thumb if I ever pat them on the back, even the supernaturally voluptuous Yuuko. Seriously, that woman should have SPINAL PROBLEMS with a rack of that magnitude on that beanpole, and throughout the entire series’ run, I never got used to the tiny-headed, long-bodied creatures they call people in this show, or the way they move either. Really fluid animation could have compensated for read more
Jul 7, 2007
jet2r0cks (All reviews)
Funny, creepy, dark, interesting and clever. Those would be the words that could describe this anime.

It’s funny – thanks to Watanuki’s wild antics as well as Mokona’s drunkenness. Creepy – mostly because it scared the heck out of me sometimes (especially episode 10, 12 and 24). Dark, because it presents the world in a way that people rarely see. It’s interesting – you get hooked into it and you actually become an xxxHOLIC-holic. Finally, it’s clever because it doesn’t take the viewers for fools.

The characters are just great. Doumeki and Watanuki are yin and yang. They always seem to have this love-hate comedy routine wherein read more
Jul 19, 2008
doge_senpai (All reviews)
Prepare to be taken on a tour de force through the world of the supernatural. Or maybe just a regular tour. I wouldn't know. Having only recently experienced the genre of "supernatural" anime, xxxHOLiC (hereby referred to as simply "Holic") was a breath of fresh air from my usual action/fantasy fare.

The story behind Holic is intriguing and interesting, revolving around spirits, ghosts, and the very strange. Geared towards an older and more sophisticated audience, there's little action, but loads of thought-provoking and amazingly insightful dialogue. Holic is the kind of anime that gets your mind pumping about topics such as fate, destiny, and one's purpose read more
Nov 9, 2011
ktulu007 (All reviews)
Surprisingly enough, xxxHolic is the first request I've had for a Clamp review. For those of you who aren't familiar with the group, they're an all female group who started out writing doujinshi before moving on to professional work in 1987. They've been fairly prolific, but their end products tend to range considerably in quality. Some being spectacular, others being terrible. xxxHolic leans toward the latter.

xxxHolic is an anime that doesn't have an underlying plot so much as a series of loosely connected episodes that are all based off of Japanese folk lore. A young man named Watanuki can see spirits. He finds a shop read more
Sep 1, 2014
13lueH0ur (All reviews)
“Mokona is a Mokona.” - Mokona

There are many things we don’t understand about the world. But as much as we are stupefied by the unknown, we often take everyday human behavior for granted. And with a show centered on the supernatural, we’d think that the supernatural are the enigma, when in reality, humanity and society are the real mystery.

Enter xxxHOLiC, a show that explores the irrationality of human behavior in a supernatural context. I admit, this show wasn’t too high on my priority list. Though after my cousin watched and expressed his love for it, I decided to give it a shot and boy, was read more
Mar 9, 2008
cafekun (All reviews)
xxxHOLiC, is a project of the famed group CLAMP. Let's begin the reviews ne

- xxxHOLiC is about the daily lives of Watanuki and Yuuko. Two characters whos fate has intertwined. xxxHOLiC is a collection of different strange yet interesting stories which happens to produce a happy ending on every episode. One particular viewer would learn something from the episodes of xxxHOLiC. It's about the mistake of humans and the solution to them were given by the main character "Yuuko". I'd say that some episodes were mediocre but interesting enough.

- Production IG was involved, judging the fact that this anime were made in the read more
Dec 19, 2017
MobbD (All reviews)
Going into xxxHolic I had high hopes because the description and reviews of the anime gave the impression that it would be dark and creepy. What a disappointment! None of the "scary" stories would ever cause one to think twice about how ominous they are, let alone keep one up at night. The characters are so annoying and they say the same thing over and over, so many times in each episode that it will start to bother you. In my opinion the art design is lacking. WORST of all, after watching xxxHOLiC Kei, Rou, and Shunmuki there is no plot at all. I am read more
Mar 30, 2008
galluvton (All reviews)
Its possibly the BEST anime i'v ever seen.

It combines fun and adventures, but it also has an aura of seruisness around every episode.

I never saw an anime that had a better script than this one, and there wasen't even a second that I thought of anything else while watching this anime.

The art isen't the level you would expect for an anime of this rank to be, but even though it lookes kind of chieldish, I would like to see you find an anime that can give such a story with such an atmosphere with this art.

I labeled it as Holy. You should too.
Oct 7, 2007
Belinda (All reviews)
Oh CLAMP! I’ve always loved their works; there is (albeit, sometimes misguided) sincerity in their stories that many other anime/manga can’t quite manage. An example of this is in the second episode that revolved around a girl with a pinky problem. It is revealed that it’s not mere limb stiffness, because to Yuuko and Watanuki, they see that she has a trail of black smoke coming out from her finger. The episode goes to reveal what the black smoke is about and the type of life this girl leads. There is obvious social commentary going on, and in a very CLAMP-esque way, rather than any read more
Feb 25, 2013
lastmann (All reviews)
(Spoiler Free)
A misleading title is one of my only qualms with this series. Far from being some sort of ecchi comedy, xxxHolic was one of the most thought provoking, moving, and beautiful animes I've had the pleasure of viewing.

The roots of the show are set deep in the grounds of Japanese folklore. Fans of the animated movie Spirited Away or of animes like Natsume Yuujinchou are sure to love the world of spirits and mysteries crafted in xxxHolic.

The story is mostly episodic with numerous different stories taking palce over 1 or 2 episodes each. While I usually prefer serial animes with longer arcs, xxxHolic read more
May 29, 2010
unclesnapple (All reviews)
There are no coincidences in this world. There is only inevitability. If you find Yuko's shop, then that too was fate. It means you have a wish that can be granted. For a price of course. This is the simple premise for xxxHolic, a stylish and magical anime and manga series by CLAMP.

xxxHolic is a show that tries to stimulate the viewer in many different ways. There's adventure, philosophy, plenty of comedy, and sometimes action, all with a distinctly CLAMPy flair. The routine nature of Watanuki's life between school and the shop allows for episodes to be largely interchangeable with no heavy storyline that covers read more
Mar 9, 2013
thatleftnut (All reviews)
Where do I begin with this amazing anime? I suppose I'll start with the lowest rated category: Story. The reason this is so low, is well, bluntly, there isn't much of a story. The first episode segways into the rest of the show, and is more of an excuse than anything to at least make sense of the series. There's very little persistence throughout the story, other than tiny character progression. Each episode is typically unrelated to the previous one. Now, although there isn't plot, that's not necessarily a bad thing. Each episode is unique from one another, aside from the typical antics of Watanuki read more
Apr 24, 2010
rioyoki (All reviews)
Music: Excellent, the background music was perfect at all times and I loved the theme songs. The Credits song was okay, but the intro won out :)

Art_ I loved the artwork, it could have been touched up or more vibrant, but for this anime it definitely suited the dark atmosphere. The detailed kimonas, the cat like eyes, everything was perfectly in place. The way they did Yuuko's hair so beautifully.

The Subject: Most then anything I enjoyed the offbeat plot. Most of the themes in this series revolved around bad vices and good vices and what control we really have over them. All in all read more
May 11, 2019
Luchia (All reviews)
XXXHolic is another anime series made by CLAMP

Art & Character: 1
The characters are poorly designed. The characters are too tall, and their body parts are not proportional. For example, the upper body (such as the chest area) is too large. The length of the body parts (such as the arms and legs) are too elongated. Therefore, the art is poorly made. I am a digital artist. So I noticed how the size of the characters' arms and legs are not realistic. Most of the characters have black hair. However, the art is poorly designed compared to the typical colorful anime.

The artwork is very read more
Jul 9, 2010
deleteme234 (All reviews)
If I could attribute one state of mind to the show xxxHolic, it would be boredom. It seems whenever I try to watch this show, I tend to fall asleep. I even showed this show to my friend, who also FELL ASLEEP. What is it about this show that is so dreadful, well...

The story revolves around a boy named Watanuki who has the uncanny ability see generic, uninspired spirits. He runs into Yuuko who runs a stupid and useless store, in which I have no idea how she would be able to obtain any sort of decent revenue. Maybe she sells drugs as a side read more
Oct 10, 2019
mouthpiece (All reviews)
NOTICE: This review covers the whole franchise; not just the first season. No need to make different reviews for the exact same show.

- Animated by Production I.G. which means it will have a good budget but the characters will behave like robots, or in this case like string puppets.
- Directed by Mizushima Tsutome, who has some fame for his fondness of making comedies with cute chibi girls who act all erotic and/or violent (Hare+Guu, Dokuro-chan, Punie-chan, Squid Girl). Other than that, he is not good in anything else he was part of (especially with the crap he did in Blood-C and Another) and since read more
May 10, 2010
Xzhieaenne (All reviews)
To begin with, xxxHolic is what you could call "once in a lifetime ANIME"....
Everything about it, the story, the art, sound, characters, even the enjoyment were simply SPECTACULAR... I might be exaggerating, but really, its 'that' amazing! Though I haven't finished reading the manga, i swear the anime was good enough that i almost cried the hell out after I finished watching it.
Yuuko Ichihara really has her own way to touch my soul,, everything she says, every deliberate acts she do, it is as if she knew everything since the very beginning. (Indeed, she do!)
What she says, it read more
Apr 4, 2014
turquoise_neko (All reviews)
"There is no such thing as a coincidence in this world, there is only the inevitable" (as miss Yuuko Ichihara would say, this containing the essence of the anime and personally my favourite quote)

If you are into supernatural and think that there is more to the world that meets the eye and are looking for interesting characters than definetely this is you kind of anime.
I first found out about this amazing work through manga and then started watching the series but it also works the other way around- you can start watching the anime and then continue with the manga- which is actually better.

Story - read more
Dec 21, 2008
graysky14 (All reviews)
"Coincidence is nothing but an illusion", such are the words of Yuuko that influenced my life choices since I've watched this CLAMP masterpiece.

Xxxholic is a slice of life anime that showcases several supernatural settings that is in one way or another, very similar to real life situations. It shows how greed brings loss, lies can be fatal and how love andfriendship can save.

The story is about extra-ordinary events in Watanuki's life such as meeting creatures seen from folk and fairy tales and exploring different grounds known only from myth books, while working as a part-timer in a mysterious shop of Ichihara Yuuko, the witch that read more
Feb 14, 2010
NinjaKirby1322 (All reviews)
Ak: Hey! Wait, issat xxxHolic? I thought you already watched it?
NK: Yep. We're watching it in anime club now.

Ak: Is it good?
NK: I enjoyed it the first time around. Now that I'm rewatching it, I'm noticing some parts are still pretty funny, and others aren't as funny as I remember them.

Ak: But, this is in Japanese, right?
NK: Yeah. The first time I watched it in English, so it's interesting to compare the two.

Ak: Whaddya think of the voices so far?
NK: Hmm...I liked a lot of the English voices better because they brought out more of the character. Yuuko's especially. read more