Shinryaku! Ika Musume

The Squid Girl

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Alternative Titles

English: The Squid Girl
Synonyms: The Invader Comes From the Bottom of the Sea!
Japanese: 侵略!イカ娘


Type: TV
Episodes: 12
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Oct 5, 2010 to Dec 21, 2010
Premiered: Fall 2010
Broadcast: Unknown
Studios: Diomedéa
Source: Manga
Genres: ComedyComedy, Slice of LifeSlice of Life
Demographic: ShounenShounen
Duration: 24 min. per ep.
Rating: PG-13 - Teens 13 or older


Score: 7.441 (scored by 7651276,512 users)
1 indicates a weighted score.
Ranked: #18322
2 based on the top anime page. Please note that 'Not yet aired' and 'R18+' titles are excluded.
Popularity: #1008
Members: 171,168
Favorites: 905

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If you like nonsense comedy, go with Shinryaku! Ika Musume and Azumanga Daioh. The first is some kind of an amateur version of the second, but the laughter is guaranteed either way. And don't forget: Osaka-san rules all! 
report Recommended by Superman
Ambitious "conquerors" attempting to take over the world but ends up becoming a part of the working society. Both packed with comedic moments, it'll sure to entertain everybody. 
report Recommended by IchiroEX
These are two similar series that are SO similar - it's almost scary. Both main protagonists, Keroro and Ika, are "invaders" from very different worlds who come here to Earth in order to invade us and claim everything in humanity for their society back home. And, both end up becoming slaves to a pair of siblings to do hard work and labor for one reason or another as soon as they arrive unto Earth. Ika - a pair of sisters. Keroro - a sister and brother. The art style and emotion art between the two is even similar. The comedy is the same between  read more 
report Recommended by sillyker0nian
Mermaids and squid both come from the sea. This is MAL and that's enough to justify linking the two. Yes. ... It's also worth noting that both series consist almost entirely of gagtastic slapstick comedy. Mermaid Bride has romance and haremish humour powering a hefty chunk of its jokes, where as Squid Girl has its titular heroine and is devoid of love-love... aside from a lesbian stalker. But those minor differences aside, these two are aimed at 100% the same crowd. 
report Recommended by AironicallyHuman
Both have a main character coming from another world, who wants to be evil and impress others but ends up being nice and bullied by animals and other people. 
report Recommended by El-Melloi
Similarities: Both settings are in a Restaurant. Both have characters (Aizawa Chizuru of Shinryaku! Ika Musume, Sato Jun and Kyouko Shirafuji of working) which the main character (Ika and Souta) won't dare mess with. Both were safe enough to be viewed by elementary school kids. Both do have either a shallow or unstable plot. Both characters (Souta and Ika) never intended to work in the restaurant in the first place. And both have little bit lesbian that goes in it. Dissimilarities: One was set in the suburbs of Hokkaido while the other one was set on a beach somewhere in the southern part of Japan (In Okinawa... I think). One  read more 
report Recommended by Mugen900
Cute girls with superpowers find themselves doing cute things around town with puny humans. Ika certainly acts like she's a civilization destroying dragon but doesn't show off as much power and everyone just accepts she has a weird head thing while Dragon Maid each new character has superpowers and is hiding. Both are great comedies and have a touching moment here or there. 
report Recommended by Ptrico94
Both feature mysterious blue haired 'aliens.' Both are comedy. 
report Recommended by arigajoe
Both series consists of silly dialogue, scenes, and interactions involving sea creatures. In essence, they are supernatural comedies that deals with characters who are not so normal. Both series follows more of a slice of life style with no different story. The main female protagonist also seems to have an outgoing personalities from both series that occasionally drives some of the other characters nuts.  
report Recommended by Stark700
Both protagonist are trying to conquer the world. But Shinryaku is more focused on comedy and Zvezda on the action. 
report Recommended by Groveeeee
Both are the humorous misadventures of a strange creature and its interactions with a small community. Both have cute, simplistic character designs, and each has the same satisfyingly slow pace.  
report Recommended by Denji
Similar summer time mood, similar humor, similar settings. An eccentric and not-quite-human character comes to live with an unsuspecting host family and causes them havoc, while also bringing about their own character growth. They each remind me of the other, and I imagine anyone who enjoys one will enjoy both. 
report Recommended by Xaeveax
Both are fun comedies with rather unique characters. Each episode is structured like multiple misadventures following humorous events. If you enjoyed the randomness of daily life of Ika Musume, you'll like the adorably cute Umaru-chan. 
report Recommended by yobibear
Ika Musume is basically Aqua, both are the same kind of idiot. Ika Musume is like if Aqua had her own show where she was the center of attention. 
report Recommended by VanishingKira
Both stories revolves around a blue haired female (or tentacles for Ika's case) whom have superiority complex issues and childlike behaviours due to the fact they both have flat chest, probably. 
report Recommended by DangoSage
They are both the top of the genre when it comes to consistent quality of lighthearted entertainment. 
report Recommended by Volbla
Hakone and Ika Musume are very similar as characters, both feel they are very powerful and are proud of themselves, but are very innocent and easyly surprised by this new world where they are living 
report Recommended by Ruffette
Powerful monster girls trying to fit into human society resulting in misunderstandings over cultural differences and the occasional destruction of property. MonMusu is an ecchi harem with many monster girls while Squid Girl is a comedy about the titular character and an otherwise human cast. 
report Recommended by kasarn
Both have a bunch of short, cute, funny stories. Plastic Nee-san is made of simple 2 minute shorts. Shinryaku Ika Musume has full length episodes but each is split into 3 separate mini-stories. 
report Recommended by PandaJerk007
Both shows have random humor at its best, with likable characters and great music. Both Squid Girl and Ryoko are great heroines that really make you laugh. Be warned that while Squid Girl focuses more on humor and random scenarios Okami-san has a much heavier plot, as well as much more overall seriousness. I highly recommend both shows! :^) 
report Recommended by SquareMelonBread
Both are comedies. Both have the same epiosde structure of 2 or 3 episodes within 1 episode. Both have plenty of parodies. Urara and Sanae are similar. 
report Recommended by Sprint747
They are both about kemonomimi girls who feel oppressed and decide that the only logical solution is to defeat the entire human race with the help of their tentacles. They are then taken in by a group of friendly humans and forget about what they were trying to accomplish. 
report Recommended by zombie_pegasus
In both. Enters a character or if are several (in Rokujouma) to invade , mainly the earth, under their own purposes. But at know the owner or owners of the property (base of invasion), forming a strong friendship, making situations comedy. 
report Recommended by OtakuNote87
Both shows feature a "very powerful & merciless" child-like main character trying to take over the human realm, though they always fail in their antics in one way or another and along the way being to realize that the human world actually isn't all that bad. 
report Recommended by tl_dr
Slice of life comedies that usevignettes to tell witty stories which are often very random in nature.Lashings of moe and general endearment abound in each. If you liked one you'll probably like the other, although the characters are very different in comparison. 
report Recommended by Monjoex
If you are a fan of quirky comedies with some cute silly characters in odd situations, watch it! Squid Girl is about an anthropomorphic squid girl who goes on land and adjusts to life with humans. She is clueless and very cute. Her goal is to conquer humanity, de geso! In Panyo Panyo DiGi Charat, Princess Dejiko and her friends come to earth and have a lot of silly and whimsical adventures. Their goal is to make people happy, nyo! 
report Recommended by PastellRain
In both series, there is a focus on comedy with a lighthearted background. Additionally, it involves a talking creature with the ability to speak and behave like a human. Both series contains an area where there it involves food. Additionally, the main character from both series has curious personalities. Both series has many cute expressions with the main character being the main focus. Although lacking storyline, they have give off a slice of life feeling that details every day lives in a fun way. 
report Recommended by Stark700
Although the genres may be different, with IkaMusume leaning more on comedy while Umi Monogatari presenting more of drama, the theme is likely similar with beings or shoujos from bottom of the sea, interacting with land dwellers, ocean and seaside as the main obvious settings, and giving the anime fans who are seeking for genres/themes like these, a piece of their minds. 
report Recommended by GiancarloLS
-both the main characters are very similar & have a specific goal throughout the series -each episode includes short skits that make up the plot -same balance in comedy & similar art style -both characters experience and learn new things to fulfill their goals Tomoko: new student currently attending highschool for the first time who is trying to accomplish popularity by experiencing and discovering what it's like to be "part of the group" with the help of her friend, Yu. Squid Girl: new citizen currently inhabiting the surface land for the first time and is trying to accomplish her goal of invading the world by experiencing and discovering what  read more 
report Recommended by pastiched
Both series are comedy focused and have a main character who isn't exactly human (one is a Squid Girl and the other is literally a talking hamster), therefore they speak and act a way different from most humans around them. Both characters stick to their shtick throughout the series. Both are fairly hilarious.  
report Recommended by ZachM
Lead character of these shows have a very strange goal! Yamada in B Gata H Kei wants to make about 100 sex friends and Ika Masume in Shinryaku wants to take over the world, but none of them have no clue of the truth beyond their simple imagination of their goal! Very funny Stories to watch with random jokes here and there.  
report Recommended by maKAKERO
Both look like stupid moeblob but end up as very funny and touching. 
report Recommended by ninryu
Both adorable in some ways, with incredibly clueless characters with similar levels of humor 
report Recommended by Nagato198
Its really similar, since they have the "Musume" word in the name too.. But the randomness and the characters are pretty similar also. Tho it dosen't have the ecchi of Penguin Musume, Ika Musume is surprisingly good and fun to watch. And also, it has many weird characters xD. 
report Recommended by MXMach
Both are comedies that have the OP sung by ultra-prism and the ED by Itou Kanae. 
report Recommended by MakiseChristina
Same level of comedy. Lots of goofy powers or situations which really mirror how I felt when I watched Ika Musume for the first time. It's a cute feel good show with silly jabs. Even though it's now almost ten years older than this anime, it's still worth a watch. 
report Recommended by Yup
The main girls, Flower and Ika Musume are really simular. If you like one main character, you will probably like the other too. But Kowarekake is more serious then ika musume. 
report Recommended by annabloem
Both series prominently feature a strange tentacled invader as a main character among an ensemble cast of "normal" humans, for lack of a better term, and are ripe with ridiculous comedic antics. First in the endless summer gag category we have Shinryaku! Ika Musume, featuring the title character Squid Girl. She claims to be a messenger of the sea and has come to invade the surface so as to punish humans for polluting the ocean. Unfortunately she is incredibly naive and lacking in knowledge of the surface, as well as easily influenced and pushed around by other humans, such that she got dragged into working  read more 
report Recommended by Numi
They had the same relaxed quality summer time makes you sit back and enjoy every episode. 
report Recommended by rainfalls
Both use the same format of splitting the episode into 3 different stories.  
report Recommended by komic
Both main female characters love the ocean. And both animes have a comedy element to it. 
report Recommended by TrisTops
Both characters are cute. Although both plots are different, they both have a sense of fun-loving, and the show include slight comedy, and both shows are very carefree. Moreover, both shows are targeted at the same age group. Hence, this two shows have quite a bit of similarities. 
report Recommended by darkj25
Land lubbers are invaded by malicious sea dwelling creatures. 
report Recommended by Hakjabtholah
similar format. They're both plotless and the episode is split up into smaller stories or skits. 
report Recommended by halfshadows
The anime are both very funny and contains parodies. Both anime also each episode contains 3 different short fillers inside one episode. 
report Recommended by iNinjeek
Another anime revolving around cuteness done right. Moe characters, humor based on situations that are both funny and cute at the same time. Great as a way to boost your spirits when feeling drab or tired. 
report Recommended by iSee
Similarities: Both can be watch by children ages as young as 10. Both have somewhat a meaningful slice of life. Dissimilarities: One can be watch with adult supervision, while the other can be watch by kid without any supervision. One has a couple of mild encchi while the other one can be accepted since the setting is in the beach.  
report Recommended by Mugen900
•Both are about "Aliens" •Both have a secondary character who is "in love" with the main character •The anime revolves around the main characters Ika/NieA. 
report Recommended by Nikoru-san
In essence, there's a slice of life feeling feeling in both series. But more than that, some of the characters aren't so normal; or rather not even human. There is a lot of comedy that is presented in a lighthearted way. The main characters also have fun with their lives doing various activities such as working, chilling out, and trying new things in life. Both series also has this sense of fun atmosphere that although seems somewhat unrealistic but gets its point across with the characters' every day lives. 
report Recommended by Stark700