Issho ni Sleeping: Sleeping with Hinako

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Alternative Titles

Synonyms: Isshoni Training: Sleeping with Hinako, Isshoni Sleeping: Sleeping with Hinako
Japanese: いっしょにすりーぴんぐ
German: Im Bett mit Hinako
French: Une Nuit avec Hinako
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Type: OVA
Episodes: 1
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Feb 11, 2010
Producers: Primastea
Licensors: Maiden Japan
Studios: Studio Hibari
Source: Original
Genre: EcchiEcchi
Duration: 49 min.
Rating: PG-13 - Teens 13 or older


Score: 4.411 (scored by 95929,592 users)
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Ranked: #120622
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Popularity: #4259
Members: 18,356
Favorites: 36

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Apr 30, 2015
b1kmusic (All reviews)
In this anime, you get to watch a overly-enthusiastic school girl sleep with you while acting like a 5-year-old. Making nasily "ehee" noises with this face: =^_^=.

Thus begins a 50-minute mystery journey that ends with a stunning revelation: Issho ni Sleeping: Sleeping with Hinako is a prequel to Bleach, and a sequel to the movie Inception.

Hear me out...

First of all, you can, and DO, teleport. Very often. Maybe you're a camera wearing a human disguise, maybe you're a wizard! Who wouldn't want to sleep with a wizard!? Maybe that's why she thinks she's five, you put a spell on her, you dirty old man, read more
Jul 18, 2015
Index1 (All reviews)
"...without precedent in the purity of its confrontation with the essence of cinema: the relationships between illusion and fact, space and time, subject and object. It is the first post-Warhol, post-Minimal movie; one of the few films to engage those higher conceptual orders which occupy modern painting and sculpture. It has rightly been described as a ‘triumph of contemplative cinema.'"
--Gene Youngblood, L.A. Free Press

Highly recommended for fans of Warhol's seminal works of structural film, "Sleeping" and "Taylor Mead's Ass."

Obviously for the uninitiated, this will just seem like academic wankery. Which is a shame because the film really says something very important about cinema and read more
Feb 16, 2010
Splitter (All reviews)
In the past year, we’ve seen a phenomenal glut of anime made almost exclusively for the sake of pandering. One of those titles was “Isshoni Training”, a lucrative fanservice anime with the premise of convincing anime fans to get off their butts and exercise, when in reality, it’s an excuse for the trainer to give the viewer a lot of T&A. It was a silly but profitable venture, and so it was hard to be surprised when a sequel was announced. Now here we have “Isshoni Sleeping” which takes the pandering of “Isshoni Training” to a whole new level, one that your humble reviewer is read more
Feb 14, 2010
game8910 (All reviews)
hahahahahahaha oh wow

So when they said "Sleeping with Hinako" they really meant it! I would say about 70% of the 49 minute video is still shots that continuously loop of Hinako sleeping, of course the camera angles are oh so perfectly aligned to help its otaku audience "sleep" as well.

Actually even for sleeping this seemed like a rather short episode, since around the 20-30 minute mark Hinako starts to have different dreams, thinking of how much shes fallen for you? (maybe seeing you doing so many awesome pushups last episode) and later she even goes get something to eat...while I appreciate the fact that this read more
Jul 26, 2013
blackchaos30 (All reviews)
Oh wow. . . Never in my life have I seen an anime so perfectly put together. I don't know where to start. I guess I'll just go down the list.

Character: The character development was masterfully played through the entire OVA. To the untrained eye there seems to be little to no development, but in fact they use development through observation and not through action or spoken word. The constant shots of Hinako's panties show how innocent she is through the plain white non-slutty panties with the bow. An innocent pair of panties that is obviously seen by the guy she is having sleep over. read more
Mar 21, 2015
literaturenerd (All reviews)

Back in the year 1963, the famous Avant Garde artist Andy Warhol decided to make a movie that was nothing but 6 straight hours of a man sleeping. Fans of the Dada movement, which often embraced absurdly stupid and pretentious art, thought it was a masterpiece. In the year 2010, the blockheads at Primastea studios produced "Sleeping with Hinako", which is 45 minutes of watching a moe girl with big boobs sleeping. However, there is a bit of a difference between the 2.

In defense of Andy Warhol, he was making a film unlike any other that had been made to that point. The purpose read more
Apr 5, 2010
chocolaetmaelk (All reviews)
The Hinako series has been an insult to the intelligence of its viewers.

Believe it or not, yes... and I have just wasted 49 minutes of our lives watching a girl...sleep.

Once that has settled into your brain, reflect upon your mistake and think of the many different things you could have done with those precious 49 minutes well wasted.

That is all.
Feb 17, 2011
Xer0117 (All reviews)
Wow, Hinako sure has a lot of problems. In this episode, where we yet again get a slice of her life, Hinako isn't suffering from being a couch potato, she's suffering from FREAKING SCHIZOPHRENIA. Don't believe me? Look at the times after she talks to the camera, where the camera angle switches to a bird's-eye view. She's not holding anyone's hand, nor is there anyone for her to talk to. She just stares at freaking empty space, holding her hand out awkwardly, as the camera resumes its eye-rape.

This anime is seriously the scariest I've ever seen, for it's subtlety in showing Hinako's insanity. It read more
Jul 20, 2014
Bellicapelli (All reviews)
Issho ni Sleeping: Sleeping with Hinako is, by far, the best thing to ever grace my eyes and bless us all by bringing light to our dark basements through our computer screens.
In Isshoni Training Hinako helped us get up from our fat NEET asses and start losing some weight by showing us how to do pushups and offering suggestive shots of her cleavage. The prequel of Isshoni Sleeping was absolutely great, but it didn't even get close to the masterpiece that the second instalment of the series: the character development, art, sound design and everything else far surpass its predecessor and every other second grade read more
Mar 12, 2010
zebra_boy (All reviews)
So I actually watched it. And I see what they did there.

The OVA is incredibly good for what it's meant for, which is not plot or depth, I felt like Hinako and I were pressed up next to each other in my bed. I felt incredibly at peace and warm, like I would drift away any minute, that is not to say it was boring. If I had to compare it to something it would be a soothing lullaby that even though the song may be beautiful fatigue still creeps up and takes you over! But that's what it's suppose to do! Make you read more
Apr 29, 2015
SanaeK10 (All reviews)
This review contains minor plot spoilers. View at your own discretion.

Post modernism is an art movement that seeks to deconstruct and subvert existing pre-cognitions of modern art. I feel that the first half of Sleeping with Hinako is a post-modernist masterpiece. While the second half of Hinako is an offense to the viewer as much as it is a complete betrayal and reconstruction of the theme it tried so hard to explore and critiqued. In fact, it wouldn't surprised me if both halves were written by different people.

For post modernism to exist, it has to be compared to a modernist work. For Hinako, this means read more
May 25, 2014
Fel_Temp (All reviews)

OK seriously, this series is emblematic of exactly why I got out of anime for years. It's basically a waifu simulator. A generic moe girl dresses sexy, acts like a toddler, and addresses the audience directly, allowing you to live out what the animators thought was your fantasy. And sadly, given that it was successful enough to have a sequel, it really is the fantasy of a lot of horrible otaku. It really brings to the forefront all of the terrible subtext that's far too common in anime, laying bare the things many of us have tried to pretend aren't there read more
Feb 13, 2010
Paski (All reviews)
Well after you're finished Training with Hinako you are certainly bound to get a little tired, so what better a followup than sleeping with her. Based on the titile you might think ooh sounds like fun, but instead we are just going to watch her sleep and talk to herself for 50 minutes, which in itself is a tad creepy. dialogue is mediocre at best, i mean what can you honestly expect from somebody who is sleeping.

Story: We are watching a girl sleep...

Art: alright but nothing over the top, nothing really special, a lot of frames get reused.

Sound: Nothing special, seiyuu kind read more
Oct 4, 2012
klopkr (All reviews)
Sleeping with hinako was one of the worst sleeping aids I have ever attempted. The brightness of my screen while I tried to sleep definitely didn't help and neither was all the noise coming from this show. Even worse was the fact that they didn't even show me how to sleep properly or anything and halfway through the protagonist started having drams and waking up which waked me up. This anime isn't even long enough to have a good nap. If you're looking for a sleeping aid I suggest you avoid watching this.
Sep 22, 2012
angelsreview (All reviews)
((Same as Issho ni Training: Training with Hinako and Issho ni Training Ofuro: Bathtime with Hinako & Hiyoko))

Well, this is one of the perverted shows that sometimes come from Japan. It’s not hentai… although it really should be. The only real people who would be buying this would probably be very, very lonely men with much to much time on there hands who will wack off to cute little girls that look a bit to young.

The artwork and camera angles are only to show these strange little angles for a ‘better view of the training’… ya right. No girl in their right mind would read more
Mar 8, 2015
1popte (All reviews)
This review is going to perform the function of an analysis more so than a review, because you probably already know everything you need to know about the content from the synopsis and other reviews.

However, I am writing this because I feel that Issho ni Sleeping is a very misunderstood OVA. At first glance, it is a complete waste of 20 minutes that is focused solely on fanservice. However, I believe that rather than having the goal of providing entertainment to its audience, Issho ni Sleeping's true intention is to convey a deeper message to viewers: Issho ni Sleeping is primarily a critique on read more
Aug 11, 2019
thetickdickler (All reviews)
Training with Hinako sold really well, selling out on release day, so Studio Hibari, the company behind the first OVA, decided to make a sequel to capitalize on the first, releasing it a quick 7 months after the first. This time around, instead of exercise, you're now falling asleep with Hinako, assuming that you're all tired out from the exercises from the first one. Or you're watching her as she sleeps, depending on what you're doing under those bed covers of yours.

Much like the first OVA, Sleeping with Hinako is a few bits of original animation, like Hinako talking to you while you're both in read more
Sep 15, 2015
Kaapinator (All reviews)
Story 10
The story was about a female protagonis who was in love with a hotdog salesman. The love is mutual and one they the man goes to the house of the protagonis, then they decide to sleep together and eat sauseges untill the night is over.

Art 10
The art was amazing. from the cracks in the wall to all the diffrent kind of sauseges.

Sound 10
I especially like the sound that came from all the sausage eating, in the bed.
But all the sound in general was amazing.

Character 10
My favorite character was ofcourse the hotdog salesman, which is the case because my favorite food is sauseges.
All his diffrent read more
Oct 13, 2014
TheNSCL (All reviews)
Have you ever had that feeling that you were being watched? Hinako does, in fact she is being closely watched... BY YOU! Yes, for about 45 minutes you stare at this klutzy girl snoozing and you have never seen anything more magnificent. From the constant camera switches to show off Hinako's better sides to the dream sequences, you would never guess that this was a plot to troll the biggest anime fans. The best way to watch this time waster is to riff on it MST3K style. Without that, you may just doze off yourself, a fate far better than watching this anime.
Feb 17, 2010
Xelzeno (All reviews)
Lets see lets see...
Well to begin with I don't recommend this to anyone... this is just 45 minutes of watching a big breasted semi naked girl sleep with the occasional dream or other "event"
The story is non existent this is just for otakus that want to fawn over panty shots and similiar camera angles, just go watch any ecchi anime you can find and repeat some scene and you will get as much enjoyment story wise...

The art is just art, nothing bad but nothing good

Same with the sound guess they could add some music or something but well..

Character... She is just an clumsy a read more