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Soukyuu no Fafner: Dead Aggressor

Alternative Titles

English: Fafner of the Blue Sky
Synonyms: Fafner in the Azure: Dead Aggressor
Japanese: 蒼穹のファフナーDead Aggressor


Type: TV
Episodes: 25
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Jul 5, 2004 to Dec 27, 2004
Premiered: Summer 2004
Broadcast: Unknown
Producers: TV Tokyo Music
Studios: Xebec
Source: Original
Duration: 24 min. per ep.
Rating: PG-13 - Teens 13 or older


Score: 7.351 (scored by 11,175 users)
1 indicates a weighted score. Please note that 'Not yet aired' titles are excluded.
Ranked: #23272
2 based on the top anime page. Please note that 'Not yet aired' and 'R18+' titles are excluded.
Popularity: #2225
Members: 35,719
Favorites: 231


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Apr 7, 2008
KaminaKai (All reviews)
This review is based on 4 rewatches of the anime in 2 years. So I hope this will be as unbiased as possible. As a long time Xebec fan, I must say this is by FAR the best mecha anime they've produced to date. Now I shall try to break it down to different components.

Story: The story began with a paradise-like environment, but it quickly turned into a scene of chaotic desperateness. With tons of downhill battles to begin the story, it certainly illustrates how desperate the situation is for the protagonists (and the small group of humans living on that remote island). For a read more
Nov 21, 2007
kazue (All reviews)
I will agree with one of my club members regarding this anime. It is underrated as a series. I've watch this anime 1 year ago but I'll do my best to write the review about it.

The story has a nice flow. Like all mecha series, it got fantastic mechas with specialized specification for each mechas, skills training and conflict between characters, powerful enemies and realiable reason(s) for fighting. Not to mention 'best friend theme' where we can find alot in other anime is also included.The start of this anime which shows peaceful school days for main characters, Kazuki and his friend make a nice twist read more
Apr 3, 2019
HeadlessHorseman (All reviews)

Lying in the ocean is an island paradise; its inhabitants peacefully going about their lives. A cool breeze sweeps through, lightly caressing the body of one of the residents. Ominous music calmly drifts into the viewer's ear as the camera brushes across the tranquil scene hinting that something is "off." A voice heard by all suddenly rings out, clear as the azure sky on a bright summer day—

"Are you there?"

The voice entraps those who hear it; an ethereal feeling washes over the body; the residents are frozen in place.

The voice is gentle...

It seizes the very soul of the one who read more
Apr 3, 2012
TheLlama (All reviews)
Sokyuu no Fafner is an anime of the good old Evangelion school; a postapocalyptic setting where mankind faces annihalation at the hands of a mystic supernatural species, a band of mentally depraved kids as this world's saviours, and a plot with what is, at times, fairly cryptical content. Whether or not it does it well is hard to say however; it has its strengts but also its distinct weaknesses.

The series start off quite calmly on your average tropical Japanese island, where a group of kids are attending school as if life was nothing unusual. However, soon a Festum (the series' supernatural/extraterrestrial race) attacks the island, read more
Mar 18, 2008
slpless (All reviews)
The beginning of Fafner was quite confusing as it went straight to the action. Going straight into the action is often never a good idea since it’ll leave the viewers confused. Now if this were only the first episode and the second episode takes place a few months earlier then it would work. Gungrave, Berserk, and the Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya used this technique. Haruhi used it quite effectively as it made more viewers come back for the 2nd episode to figure out what was going on. I guess my biggest problem is the fact that the action was relentless read more
Aug 10, 2009
Duskrados (All reviews)
Important: Forgive my english please. As a french person it's not always very easy for me.

It's been awhile since I didn't not rewatch this serie and I should do so. This anime is one of my favorite anime of all time for now and I doubt that one day it will dropped from my top ten. I'm doing this review by trying to covince the more people to watch this awesome serie.

Story: Incredible!! It was so well built that when I watch it I was like: EH!!It could happen one day in a not so far future. There's no cliché except for the first episode read more
Aug 3, 2014
michalpelszyk (All reviews)
A good story played out by unconvincing characters.

I have been hearing this title for quite some time now and expected something decent at the very least. I had almost dropped it after 9 episodes due to execution and characters but I found myself thinking about the plot after a while and came back to it.

The show greets you with a great song by angela, and ever since Stellvia of the Universe I have been a fan of angela and the singer's voice. The opening sequence is one of highlights of this series.

However, the first 10 episodes is very difficult to get through. Instead of throwing read more
Oct 18, 2007
Wyvern (All reviews)
The Festum are attacking, and this time it's Kazuki who is supposed to ride the Fafner, a gigantic robot, designed to save the island, that the remaining japanese call their home.

Soukyuu no Fafner is so much more than just one of thoose Mecha-series. It has a wonderful animation, music and the best characters.

It made me laugh, made me cry, and sometimes it was to exiting I couldn't breath.
The characters are wonderful, and I think they make this anime so great!
The story was a little complicated for me, but still it was good.

I loved the one-hour-last-episode. I remembered I was squeesing read more
Feb 23, 2017
Aristophanes (All reviews)
Fafner tries to be a good show but it is such an average typical mecha filled with forced, cheesy, and fake dramatical moments that despite it retaining some entertainment value and possessing a good mystery draw to uncover, this show is hard to watch. The drama is filled with cheesy lines and other additions such as forced tears and little to no sufficient character development to ensure viewers would feel anything during these emotional or dramatic scenes. During fights pilots often scream like maniacs and it can carry on a bit too long when they do. Only a few characters have any read more
Nov 13, 2011
JackCox (All reviews)
Fafner is an anime rife with symbolism, it is a mecha anime somewhat in the vain of Neon Genesis Evangelion. In fact most of this anime reminded me of Evangelion, down to the music and most of the mood of this show, except the one thing that separates it from Evangelion is the fact that it manages to stay optimistic throughout most of the series.


It takes a couple episodes to get off the ground but I think Episode 6 is when the series really changes things up, you will see a lot of characters perish throughout the course of this series, but in this episode read more
Sep 6, 2015
Mannhovf (All reviews)
After reading a few reviews I thought "heck people seem to like this and it has a sequel running, could be interesting right?". Well right of the bat in the first episode I had a more or less "wtf" moment and it wasn't a good one. We go from cliche school setting to super powerful next to impossible to kill boss fight in a instance. Oh in classic mecha style all defenses are useless and we have a professional scrub force that gets instawhiped, like why even bother. Out goes our hero, badabing badaboom boss fight is over.

The good stuff about the show read more
Jan 23, 2013
Rogueleader17 (All reviews)
I have watched many mecha series over the years and I have to say Fafner is a solid series but is far from original. The story was alright with some similarity to Evangelion and Raxephon. I would recommend Fafner to anyone who enjoyed either of those. I thought the art style was pretty well done, and found some of the plot points and characterization was pretty unique and interesting.
Jul 16, 2013
ggultra2764 (All reviews)
Let me make one thing clear with Fafner in that the series isn't gonna win any awards in originality considering the number of cliches and plot setups in the mecha genre it pulls from teens forced into fighting an alien threat to the mental anguish faced by said teens as they are faced with the reality of war. If you're approaching the series to expect anything different from the mecha genre, don't waste your time watching this as going with this mentality led me to drop Fafner two years ago due to my disappointment with its unoriginality. But if you're approaching the series for an read more
Jan 4, 2010
miki_sei (All reviews)
Soukyuu no Fafner is an anime full of good ideas that could have been even better with some adjustments here and there.

The world of Fafner combines elements of Evangelion (Festum = Angels), Gundam (teenage pilots and "real robot" action), and even Star Wars (Mir = The Force) to create an original flavor. Shades of Huxley's "Brave New World" can be seen in the too-idyllic Tatsumiyajima setting, and the characters themselves spend a lot of time absorbed in philosophical thoughts and arguments. Unfortunately, the plot isn't quite as unique as the setting, and it's a little slow to develop - but in the second half read more
Mar 11, 2016
Mondblut (All reviews)
I found out about Soukyuu no Fafner quite some time ago, actually it was 8 or so years ago when i was looking for something similar to Neon Genesis Evangelion. Even though i heard many good things about the show, the stigma of being a very "shounen ai" anime kept me from watching it. With the airing of last years second season i decided to finally give this mecha classic a shot.

The story about angsty teenagers piloting giant mechs against an alien invasion of so called Festums doesn`t deserve any awards for creativity, though i have to admit that the show throws a multitude of read more
Nov 21, 2017
DarkRavie (All reviews)
Fafner is the story of a paradise island called Tatsumiya and its people who have managed to stay hidden from the alien attackers called Festum. With the help of the island's teenagers who are able to pilot the Fafners, the military send them out to fight the Festum.

My thoughts:
I truly enjoyed watching Fafner. The animation is superb, the music is engaging (doesn't put you to sleep) and the storyline is very good. I like mecha type anime and this one had it all. Hints of romance, action, friendships, sorrow, acceptance...So many emotions in this anime and well worth watching. I certainly recommend read more