Eve no Jikan (Movie)

Time of Eve

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Synonyms: Eve's Time, Eve no Jikan 1st Season Complete Edition, Gekijouban Eve no Jikan
Japanese: イヴの時間
English: Time of Eve
German: Time of Eve: The Movie
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Type: Movie
Episodes: 1
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Mar 6, 2010
Producers: Directions, Code
Licensors: NYAV Post, Pied Piper
Studios: Studio Rikka
Source: Original
Genres: Sci-FiSci-Fi, Slice of LifeSlice of Life
Duration: 1 hr. 46 min.
Rating: PG-13 - Teens 13 or older


Score: 7.981 (scored by 5553355,533 users)
1 indicates a weighted score.
Ranked: #6262
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Popularity: #1708
Members: 123,198
Favorites: 590

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Preliminary Spoiler
Aug 4, 2011
In a future where every family is in possession of androids, for which all basic human chores and tasks are delegated to, how does the relationship between humans and their robotic creations pan out when androids seemingly have artificial intelligence?

This isn't a new topic in the science fiction genre by any stretch of the imagination, but as a film Time of Eve manages to be a huge breath of fresh air with both its approach and execution to the topic.

The setting of the film mostly takes place at a cafe, called Time of Eve, where inside the cafe there is a rule that there will ...
Jul 9, 2015
Mixed Feelings
Do you like theories about human-robot social relations? Do you wonder what it would be like to have a robot that developed human sensations? Then, Time of EVE might be for you. If you're looking for something more than that, steer clear. This is more a romantic slice-of-life piece than a sci-fi flick, and even calling it romance might be a bit of a stretch. The concept behind this anime is indeed noteworthy, but unfortunately, most of your curiosity will be satisfied as a byproduct of the film not delivering in the atmosphere it builds off of. In other words, you'll be left imagining what ...
Oct 28, 2010
Eve no Jikan is a story about the lives of the customers who visit a café where you are not allowed to disciminate against robots/androids to the point that when your in this café you have no idea who is human and who is an android. The film asks many questions concerning whether androids really should be treated as mere things or as people, and you get to meet people who are extremists for both sides of the point.

The setting is stated as 'probably Japan' and is set sometime in the near future, i like how they took a few current inventions that you see ...
Aug 2, 2014
When we live in a world in which Japanese android newscasters can deliver the news and other “Geminoids” are closer to mimicking the exact appearance and movements of humans, the line between the living and the nonliving is constantly blurring by the day. What are the implications and the consequences of having lifelike robots live among humans? Will they fulfill Sci-fi lovers’ fantasies and take over the world? Or will they blend into society, disturbingly so, eventually becoming more humanlike than even humans themselves? All these possibilities and concerns are just humanity’s natural reaction towards the uncertain, and answers are sought out through various forms ...
Nov 12, 2013
This movie is a gem. One whose elegance and brilliance outshines most. There is one word I would use to describe Eve No Jikan, and that is beautiful.

Story: 8

All of the events in the movie are tied to the Time of Eve cafe, which is the main set shown in the show. The movie is told in linked segments that each transition beautifully into the next. I was truly touched by this film. The plot moved briskly from segment to segment bringing more elements which enhanced the overall theme of the story. Mentioning the theme, the concept of adversity that human like androids ...
Apr 5, 2012
How "human" are we?

I've been asking myself this very question after watching Eve no Jikan. I'll go ahead and save you some minutes of reading: watch Eve no Jikan. It's intriguing, it's engaging, and above all else it's entertaining. For those interested as to knowing why, I'll explain below.

I just came across Eve no Jikan by accident one day in someone's list, and I gave it a shot. I guess I'm just the type of person who can't say no to shows that tackle androids. However, I was expecting some tacky storyline with androids as human partners and all that. Eve no Jikan, however, defied ...
May 12, 2015
While deciding to watch Eve no Jikan I was a bit skeptical as to whether or not I'd even like it, but as the movie started and the story unraveled before my eyes, I found myself being dragged into it with each passing minute. It even caught the attention of my younger brother, who ended up taking the time out of his normally video game filled day to sit down and watch it with me. Which I must say, considering how well I know my brother, says a lot about the quality of this movie.

Technology plays a huge role in today's world and Eve ...
Dec 10, 2011
I wish someone could tell me why most reviews I read on this site are plot summaries and not reviews.

The setting and art of this film were great. The directing was fairly interesting as well. The story however was nearly non-existant, and there was no real character build-up.

Overall, not alot going on in this movie, but it was well drawn. If you want to see a better android-human conflict story, watch the Animatrix.
Apr 20, 2015
Eve no Jikan is a rarity. The stage in which the story is set may not be the most original but the elements that blend it all together as a whole makes a great movie. Issac Asimov the man who created the settings in which half of science fiction takes place in and this movie is no stranger to it. He is the one responsible for creating the three laws of robotics, and he is the one who also delved into the idea that robots could be much more than what we intend them to be.

In Eve no Jikan we see a multitude of ...
Jul 25, 2011

The Time of Eve is a café hidden well beneath the towering skyscrapers of Japan in the near future. As the customer opens the door to the café, a bell rings signaling their arrival. The atmosphere is quiet and cozy save for a little girl running around and calling herself a cat. A couple cuddles with each other and whispers sweet nothings into each other's ears. A man is sitting on a couch reading a book. With a bright smile, a woman greets the customer and welcomes the customer into their second home. With an order, the customer asks for a coffee to be brought ...
Jul 10, 2012
This the first sci-fi anime I've seen that is real sci-fi.

In the near future androids will be involved in every part of our lives, cooking, cleaning, childcare, healthcare, education etc. Androids appear emotionless and are treated as objects by their owners but what if they did have emotions and were capable of independent thought and we just didn't know it and if we did would we treat them differently?

The story involves Rikou who discovers that his house android, Sammy, has visited a café called a Time of Eve on its / her own free will. Investigating the café with his friend Misaki he finds the ...
Nov 15, 2014
Eve no Jikan or in English Time of Eve. hmmm...

Well.. The first that always comes in my mind when I watch a show or movie about machines that looks like human and how they blend in society. are two shows.

Number one is Terminator and number two is The Matrix.

You may think that this show might contain scenes like blood,guts and robots being hauled down in a container full of lava while doing the thumbs up sign. and the machine takes over the world. nope, there is no such thing like that in Time of Eve.

Time of Eve is like Animatrix meets Chobits. but leaning ...
Dec 5, 2014
Lion Tamers, we find another installment of the reviewing process.

We turn our attention to "Eve no Jikan (Movie)".

Before I give my review, I want to talk about references stated in this movie. Since the movie is about robotics, and the more proper term from within the movie "androids"; it might interest people to know about the term "Three Laws of Robotics".

These laws were originally envisioned by scientist and author, Isaac Asimov; and was most important in his "Foundation" series of science fiction novels. But they began with a short story called "I, Robot" which strangely enough had almost nothing to do with the recent movie ...
May 28, 2014
If you had a android which was recently starting to act oddly what would you do? Ignore it,Scold it or find out why it's been acting up.This series brought up the question of whether you would treat a android like a human and if you had a android what would you do.

Story: 9 - In Japan, sometime later androids are part of our daily lives as we make them do our odd jobs. Rikuo noticed that there was some odd activity in his android Sammy's log. Rikuo decided to visit where Sammy goes with his friend Masaki and discovered the café named Eve No Jikan ...
May 19, 2016
A very beautiful film exploring the complex and strained relation between humans and androids in a future world. The film narrates the story of a boy who stumbles upon a cafe," Time of Eve" that , unlike almost all other places, do not discriminate between robots and humans and how ensuing events changes his perception of his own life and of robots, who were hitherto been thought of as machines without any emotional intelligence or personality. Despite massive constraint of time, the film did really well in taking us through the inner workings of most of the main characters, although the anime does ...
Nov 6, 2015
Eve no Jikan is a rarity among anime/anime-movies. It innovates in many ways including first being broadcast entirely as web episodes as well as using entirely 3D backgrounds with 2D characters superimposed in front. But beyond these new techniques is a story that is masterfully executed and themes to keep the philosophically inclined at awe.

Eve no Jikan is about a futuristic world in which androids are commonplace and assist humans with tasks ranging from cooking to driving. Do these androids have feelings? Can there be "love" between a human and android? One might want to categorize this with shows such as To Heart ~ Memories ...
May 8, 2016
A great sci-fi movie, where no mecha battles or space oddyseys are most important, but peaceful, everyday life. The only struggle present in the movie is to understand each other despite the erected barriers.
Every character is interesting and likeable, camera movement and the way scenes and transitions between them are animated is deserving a standing ovation. Soundtrack isn't that impressive by itself, to be honest, but it is placed in the anime so well i admit i was moved 2 or 3 times by it.
Story is very absorbing, and the only regret after watching the movie for me was that there is no continuation, ...
Dec 17, 2019
If they're just made out of metal scraps. Then we're just made out of organs. Humans made robots. Nature made humans. What's the difference? Well, it's pretty obvious but what about "feelings"?

In real life if I am ever to see a robot with feelings and its own thoughts.. I'd probably freak out. But in anime? Heh. Anything's possible. So I can say cliche things like "Robots have feelings too".

This anime. Or movie. Is a movie about robots and humans resolving around two students. Things happen and yeah. Things happen. Okay. The summary of this movie is pretty much "Robots have feelings too" and that's ...
Apr 14, 2016
I watched this version as opposed to watching the ONA so this review will be based on my thoughts on the movie.

Story: 10/10
The anime utilizes not a robot uprising or rebellion as its vehicle for story telling but its titular place of equality and I like the depiction of the so-called ethics committee and many a background characters snide comments as truly antagonistic.

Art: 8/10
Above the notch. The shaky camera effect in some (but not all) of the scenes makes this one really distinct.

Music and sound effects are utilized very well. In addition to the piano sub-plot, I really like the kind of break-beatish music playing ...
Aug 28, 2012
easily one of the best sci-fi anime.
redefinition of humanity is certainly necessary with the emergence of self-awareness of AI. Conflicts will not always take place. Coexistence and mutal understanding can be easily acheived after breaking that 'barrier' of rigid definition of humanity.
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