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Full Metal Panic! The Second Raid

Alternative Titles

English: Full Metal Panic! The Second Raid
Synonyms: Full Metal Panic! TSR
Japanese: フルメタル パニック!The Second Raid


Type: TV
Episodes: 13
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Jul 14, 2005 to Oct 20, 2005
Premiered: Summer 2005
Broadcast: Unknown
Studios: Kyoto Animation
Source: Light novel
Genres: Action, Military, Mecha
Duration: 24 min. per ep.
Rating: R - 17+ (violence & profanity)


Score: 8.021 (scored by 117,939 users)
1 indicates a weighted score. Please note that 'Not yet aired' titles are excluded.
Ranked: #5462
2 based on the top anime page. Please note that 'Not yet aired' and 'R18+' titles are excluded.
Popularity: #489
Members: 201,169
Favorites: 1,310


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Aug 4, 2008
TheLlama (All reviews)
If you haven't watched the original Full Metal Panic! series, you should watch it before watching The Second Raid, because it's the sequel to the original series. In regards to Fumoffu?, you don't have to watch it before TSR.

With that away, let's get to reviewing. The story in TSR easily surpasses any 13-episode show I've watched as of writing this review. The pacing varies a bit; suddenly this and that happens and then it's done quickly, and you may be left baffled ), but some scenes are very slow, like the scene when Chidori cut Sousuke's hair. Some may not like that, but I think read more
Jul 24, 2010
immortalrite (All reviews)
It is fairly uncommon for a sequel to excel over the original in virtually every way possible. That is, typically, even if the sequel is mostly superior, there are often a few noticeable elements missing from it which made the original enjoyable (A personal example would be Batman Begins and The Dark Knight). Full Metal Panic: The Second Raid (TSR), on the other hand, is one of these rare instances of a sequel surpassing its predecessor in all respects.

All around, The Second Raid has a better plot, better scripting, better character development, better action, better humor, and better animation. To get a good idea about read more
Oct 26, 2007
Master10K (All reviews)
People may look at this and think of it as a typical mecha anime but if you’ve seen Full Metal Panic then you’ll know that this franchise isn’t loved only for its mechs.

Full Metal Panic! The Second Raid is the true sequel to the fantastic Shounen, Romance, Comedy, Mecha anime; Full Metal Panic! It basically starts where the story left of with teenage mercenary Sousuke Sagara continuing to fulfill missions for Mithril (the military organization), whilst protecting the teenage girl Kaname Chidori who is being targeted by other organizations. However this time round TSR focuses on a more serious storyline, full of drama.

The series begins read more
Aug 29, 2008
Arbalyst (All reviews)
You know, honestly, I'm not sure why Full Metal Panic! The Second Raid (TSR for short) is not ranked with a higher score than it currently has. This show surpasses every aspect of Full Metal Panic! and Full Metal Panic? Fumoffu, which you should be watching first for the sake of chronological order. Like any sequel in a series, people expect the next one to deliver more than the previous, and deliver TSR has. Even though the prequel, Fumoffu, is a great comedy between the main characters, Sousuke and Kaname, read more
Nov 29, 2015
ChucriBZ (All reviews)
FMP! The Second Raid
Ok this is an improvement from the first season but still has the same problems that makes it not enjoyable, just like in the first one and that problem is Chidori and her constant unjustified violence and other considerable problems of interaction between Sousuke and Chidori.

The story starts two months after the first season with a somehow changed enviroment, like if Chidori was more violent and isn't aware of the hard work Sousuke is put on by Mithril but for some reason she is bitchy towards him for not being there for her (he should be sorry for saving people) and when read more
Feb 17, 2008
Akaike (All reviews)
This is probably going to be difficult to review without giving too much away, but I'll try to keep it simple. I'm not too used to reviewing - so bare with me here! I'll start off by saying that I absolutely adored the first series of FMP! And, to be honest, was completely overjoyed when I found out that a second season was also being released. However, I have to say that I was slightly disappointed by the length of FMP!TSR. At a mere 13 episodes, I didn't really think that it was long enough - compared to its predecessor at a read more
May 13, 2010
Lindle (All reviews)
As Yahtzee Croshaw once said, "A good sequel is one that uses the original as a jumping-off point for a brand new story, while a bad sequel simply wallows in the original like a hippo in a vat of liquidized children". Seeing as how the original Full Metal Panic was fairly mediocre, with only a particularly impressive antagonist pulling it through its inconsistency, poor characterization and bad pacing, it would have been very regrettable if The Second Raid had simply taken the latter route and rehashed the first series in an inferior format. So what a shock we're in for, as Full Metal Panic: TSR read more
Aug 31, 2008
AironicallyHuman (All reviews)
After finishing watching The Second Raid (TSR) around 20 minutes ago, I was left with a feeling of fulfillment anime rarely ever gives me these days. As an action series it's hard to fault: the action was enjoyable to watch, helped by the high production values, and it had a strong cast of characters that painted over the simplicity of the story. It did everything it needed to do right and ticked all of my boxes, meeting my overly critical standards.

This wasn't the case with the original FMP series, though. Back when I watched that I was left a bit underwhelmed by an experience I'd read more
Jun 24, 2008
slpless (All reviews)
When Full Metal Panic: Fumoffu aired many fans questioned whether or not the then unknown animation studio Kyoto Animation (Kyoani) would be up to the task. It was pretty obvious that they were and after establishing themselves with the otakun community with Air: TV it was clear they were a force to be reckoned with. Full Metal Panic!: The Second Raid (FMP: TSR) the direct sequel of Full Metal Panic! (FMP) would be their next project and in the end became a worthy sequel. Perhaps FMP:TSR could even be considered to be superior to the first FMP.

FMP: TSR story/structure can be easily read more
May 21, 2010
kajia (All reviews)
Sleek animation, adrenalin pumping action, and a great plot containing many twists and turns, I really should have enjoyed this more than I did. I lay the blame on one of my friends, who hyped it up way too much for me. I mean, there is no doubt that "Full Metal Panic: The Second Raid" is very good show, but it's no where near the best anime ever, or even one of the best, like my friend had claimed.

"The Second Raid" is a generally good all-round anime that succeeds very well at what it tries to do, which is to be a kick ass action read more
Feb 12, 2013
5camp (All reviews)
Picture the scene: A rainy night on top of a love hotel. A girl wearing nothing but a tattered dressing gown is down on her knees. She’s been sexually assaulted and just had to watch someone be choked to death. Shivering with her arms wrapped around her, she casts her face towards the sky, tears and rain dripping down her face, and screams “WHHHHYYYYYYYYY”. Fade to black, roll end of episode credits.

This is a thing that happens in The Second Raid. I get that you wanted to get serious this season after Fumoffu, but there’s serious and there’s surgically removing all the fun from a read more
Apr 7, 2009
KillerMan91 (All reviews)
Full Metal Panic! TSR is 13 episodes long sequel to FMP! and FMP: Fumoffu. Story begins from three months after the original FMP.

Story was good and overall better balanced than in first series. Story was rather quick because of limidet episode quantity. I feel that story would have been maybe better if they had made few more episodes but it was good even now. This one had less humour and darker athmosphere than first one but I actually liked it. It felt somehow better and better fitted for this series.

This in one thing that I loved the most in this series. Art and drawing are read more
May 4, 2018
Supersam1492 (All reviews)
Compaired to the last series of full metal panic which i found was below average to good at best, this is certainly an improvement.

The animation in the original was lack luster at best and at times looked extremely ugly. I know that can be a factor of me just liking the look of new anime moor, but I think this still looks worse then some anime during that time or before it. but, the animation in the second season looks spectacular and still holds up to this day

the story is a lot better then the firs and it seems a lot less repetitive. read more
Jun 11, 2012
who_dat_ninja (All reviews)
This third season of Full Metal Panic "The Second Raid" is probably my favorite of the three. It's definitely the most competently made: It has fantastic action sequences, an interesting plot and features much better pacing, animation and characterizations! The military stuff in this one is actually pretty damn good and it's balanced much better with the show's campier side which is hilarious as ever!

On the dramatic side of things: Sousuke and Kaname's relationship is pushed to its limits when they're unwillingly split up! In one heartbreaking scene Kaname calls out for Sousuke's help, but for the first time in the series - Sousuke is read more
Nov 27, 2008
WolfOfMibu (All reviews)
The Darkest FMP! Series To Date:


The story is defiantly strong, it picks off well from where the first series left off, and has a good pacing speeding up/slowing down when necessary, There isn't a single filler episode in this series, and I felt that after every episode I watched that the plot or the characters had developed a little; which is obviously very positive. I won't talk too much about the story itself so not to ruin it for people who haven't seen it yet, but it is defiantly a good continuation of the first series



FMP! has always had it's own distintive art style, read more
May 18, 2009
DarkGyraen (All reviews)
Fans of the original Full Metal Panic will find more of exactly what they loved about the first season with Full Metal Panic the 2nd Raid. The show really doesn’t deviate from what made the first season a success, and even manages to build onto that a bit.

Story: I won’t go into the specifics of the story, but the second season seems to focus less on the dangers to Chidori and instead focuses more on Sousuke’s life as a soldier as well as some new enemies he will have to face. As with the first series, I’ve always thought that FMP is read more
Oct 28, 2008
foxcek (All reviews)
It was three years ago (on my 17th birthday) that I sat down and watched the first series of Full Metal Panic! Heck I enjoyed it, I thought it was clever, funny, suspenseful and terribly entertaining. However when it came to the end I was happy to move on with my life expecting it to be over (I'm used to one series anime). I really regret waiting those three years to watch the second raid.

The storyline (in which it really is essential that you have watched the first series) relies less on the meccha action side and really focusses on character development. Souske finally read more
Feb 6, 2015
brynolf (All reviews)
And the panic keeps going, it seems. I was not too fond of the first series, nor the Fumoffu comedy, but this actually was quite ok. I really wanted to like the earlier FMP stuff, and at last something cood came up.

Flawless as usual from this title. It's basically the same as in the earlier incarnations, but with better animated fighting scenes and a little bit more gore. Character design and backgrounds are as great as always. Top notch!

The FMP titles have always had nice intro/outro songs, and this is no exception, although I must say it is worse than 1nd season and Fumoffu. Still read more
Oct 26, 2018
BartTheDrake (All reviews)
So this is the second time for me watching this season, and i am glad i did.
It`s animation is far surperior to any show from 2005, and its prior seasons.

Rigth now i am having some heavy anime hangovers, but that is probably just me, because i experience some nostalgia watching this serie again. However i am still amazed of how good its story is, and even through i am one of does guys who DO NOT LIKE MECHA ANIME I STILL LOVE THIS SHOW.

One of the reason for my love of the Full Metal Panic Franchies, can be that its one of the few anime`s read more
Dec 2, 2016
Raggadish (All reviews)
"Full Metal Panic! The Second Raid" (TSR) is a wast improvement to it´s prequel "Full Metal Panic!" (FMP). It´s not often the sequel surpasses the prequel, but in this case it really does - in every category. I did enjoy the first part, but it contained many things that could been done better (better pacing, better character interactions, better music and so on). So what made "TSR" so much better in my eyes? I will get down to that now.

Story: 9/10
The story is picking up two months after the events "FMP", so you have to watch the first part to understand what´s happening. In read more