Black★Rock Shooter (OVA)

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Alternative Titles

Synonyms: BRS OVA
Japanese: ブラック★ロックシューター


Type: OVA
Episodes: 1
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Jul 24, 2010
Licensors: None found, add some
Studios: Ordet
Source: Other
Genres: ActionAction, Slice of LifeSlice of Life, DramaDrama, SchoolSchool
Duration: 52 min.
Rating: PG-13 - Teens 13 or older


Score: 7.131 (scored by 9901999,019 users)
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Ranked: #30442
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Popularity: #865
Members: 160,203
Favorites: 910
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Aug 4, 2010
Archaeon (All reviews)
Inspiration comes in a myriad of forms, and anything can lead a person on a flight of fancy. In 2007 the artist Huke designed an original character called "Black Rock Shooter", which he posted on his blog. The character inspired Ryo, the leader of the band Supercell, to write a song entitled "Black Rock Shooter", and Huke joined the band to provide further illustrations that were used in the music video for the song. Anyone familiar with the band's musical history will find it unsurprising that the lyrics themselves are sung by none other than the Vocaloid Hatsune Miku.

In 2009 Yamamoto Yutaka's production comapny Ordet read more
Jul 25, 2010
Winley (All reviews)
Friendship. Something that is craved and needed by everyone. But if that friendship were torn, how far would you go to repair it?

Black Rock Shooter is a fantastic short story of two girls whose friendship grows from the roots that is highschool. Everyday brought them closer, making the possibility of losing one another made it that much more unbearable.

Story: Inevitably in a short OVA like BRS, there isn't much time to create a deep and complex story. So knowing this, BRS takes a common storyline and throws in something unique, making it utterly fantastic.

The way BRS shows the two sides of the storyline read more
Jul 25, 2010
Cheating (All reviews)
This show was so hyped up. For a year before its release, floods of fanart, teaser videos, even cosplay, were everywhere. Then it finally comes out and is probably the most disappointing thing I've seen in a long time. It's probably going to get high ratings just because it has forced popularity, but don't be fooled. Here's the what and the why. Spoilers, of course.

Story: 2
Awesome promo art, a catchy song, cool fight scenes, and what does the story end up as? A slow-building, slow-moving school drama. It's not even interesting. Basically, the main character Mato becomes friends with a Yomi girl. Mato then becomes read more
Jul 30, 2010
yoshikee (All reviews)
If you keep yourself on your toes, and have seen a fair share of anime in the past, I can guarantee you will be able to predict every single major plot event in this drawn out and clunky story. First off though I'll say that the animation does not disappoint, the quality is up to if not better than most on the air shows and although there's not much deviation from the standard in terms of design and motion they staff's done a solid job.

Now, about predictability, which most certainly is not an issue in any good story as plenty of plots have a read more
Jul 27, 2010
tifaonacloud (All reviews)
I've never written a review for this site, so bear with me. I've been noticing a lot of mixed and disappointed reviews. That's somewhat understandable if one's going solely on the trailers. Instead of an all action fantasy piece, we got a very experimental story of friendship. The very core of BRS is the meaning of friendship. How it bolsters one. How its absence crushes one. How far one will go to preserve it.

I'm not good at assigning number grades, so take them in stride. It's hard to quantify the difference between an 8 and 9 and so on and what deserves what.

Story: The story read more
Jul 25, 2010
Lucena (All reviews)
A year ago, an OVA about huke's original character and ryo's song Black★Rock Shooter was announced to the Japanese public, and soon, the Western-speaking world via the Internet. The Vocaloid fandom rejoiced as the thought of something relating to their beloved voice synthesizers finally becoming an anime at last. The project quickly became one of the most anticipated anime of 2010. Was it worth the hype? Well...I'm just going to say it: no, not even close.

For those of you who aren't well-versed in the Vocaloid fandom and don't know what the hooplah is about, here's a brief history: Black★Rock Shooter started out as an original read more
Jul 25, 2010
Oneironaut (All reviews)
Some months ago, I watched the trailer to Black Rock Shooter for the first time. In short, I was blown away: the art was pleasing, the song it featured (also called Black Rock Shooter, released by Supercell) was both memorable and impressive, and the story at its simplest description was not hard to guess from only that preview: two high school girls, friends at some point, locked in battle after one turns evil. Needless to say, I was expecting this to be epic, and I think it's safe to say that I was not alone. However, I'm afraid that Black Rock Shooter simply did not read more
Jul 24, 2010
VioletRebellion (All reviews)
Okay, First BRS Review because I Just watched it. /without subs. But having no Subs at all really doesn't matter, because the story is VERY Easy to follow.

//Spoilers Included, Of Course;

Mato and Yomi become friends when Mato pushes herself onto her (probably out of admiration of her), and they actually begin talking, going out and hanging out with one another; Sharing stories, and experiences, and having matching cell phone charms.

Though when Yuu gets into the picture when Mato hurts her knee in Gym, slowly the girls start speaking less and less with one another as Mato is progressively interested in Yuu. To put read more
Jul 26, 2010
NZimmer (All reviews)
This is my first review, so... Well. Here I go.
Really... Before watching BRS, I was expecting something, like... "Pew pew pew fight fight". Indeed, I didn't receive it. It was just a slice of life. And guys, I tell you. The OVA is good, it just got the wrong public with that trailer. I mean, everyone was expecting something else, like Black Rock Shooter fighting against Dead Master and all. But, well, you see, they got... That. A slice of life.

Story: 7
The story isn't bad, it's even good, I tell you. For a slice of life, it's great. But I can't rate it with more read more
Jul 25, 2010
fishie1223 (All reviews)
I feel this anime definitely had far too much hype behind it and I honestly feel like it needs to have a review from the other side of the spectrum.

Story 5/10: There was virtually no story line or plot behind the anime besides a girl attending high school and her "alter ego" fighting what turns out to be one of her classmate's "alter ego." The plot was cliche almost entirely with few exceptions. I don't want to add in too much so I don't spoil it for those who really still want to watch it after this.

Art 10/10: Was amazing as expected of a newer read more
Jul 25, 2010
AquaHaze (All reviews)
(not very good with reviews so bear with me here)

Black★Rock Shooter was one of the most hyped up series of the year and perhaps the decade, everyone thought that this would be the next big thing. However in the end it just appear to disappoint because it didn't turn out to be the masterpiece everyone was expecting. Although it was a disappointment to many, to a casual anime watcher with no real expectations it was alright.

The story is about 2 girls who become best friends but as life goes on they grow apart and eventually one of them disappears. I don't know read more
Jul 27, 2010
turey (All reviews)
This is a crappier version of Heartcatch Precure, a magical girl show written for 12 year old girls. I'll be using Heartcatch as a comparison show. Go watch that instead, or do anything else with your time but this.

Roughly half of the 5 to 10 minutes of actual Black Rock Shooter footage was already shown in the previews.

I've seen a couple reviews saying that the show is all about a great friendship story, which is the only thing they can claim when the first 44 minutes of this 48 minute show are spent without read more
Jul 30, 2010
Raptor73 (All reviews)

Black Rock Shooter is, for the most part, a simple slice-of-life story. What makes the story unique is the juxtaposition between the real world and the world of Black Rock Shooter. This creates a sense of mystery and breaks away from the more traditional style of linear storytelling. The downside is that this makes certain points in the plot quite confusing, and more than likely you will have to watch a second time in order to pick up on some of the subtler plot points.

The main drawback of the plot itself is the rushed feeling it gives; it becomes quite obvious towards the second read more
Jul 25, 2010
tokoharu (All reviews)
Now, before I get into the nitty gritty, I must admit I didn't follow much of the hype at all. I like Vocaloid related things and BRS was a pretty good song. I saw the OVA up and decided I'd give it a shot.

Story: 7
I watched the trailer and admit that like others before me I expected tons of fight scenes, epic action sequences and a whole cargo container of gar to top it off.

The general expectation wasn't met. I think a lot of people are disappointed, and probably rightly so. Starting with an action sequence right off the bat without any form of conversation read more
Aug 2, 2010
anthonyistosen (All reviews)
Unlike a few others, I just picked Black Rock Shooter on whim a few months ago and put it on my Plan to Watch list. I never saw any of the trailers or preview footage, so I had no expectations on how bad or good BRS might be, therefore zero bias. Safe to say, BRS is average at best, though it has a few merits that made it well worth the watch.

The storyline is where this OVA falls apart. Basic premises is that we have two girls (Mato and Yomi) who establish a friendship on their first day of high school. Despite being complete read more
Sep 29, 2010
DueTomorrow (All reviews)
I kept hearing about BRS, so I got curious and checked it out.

My friend fell asleep halfway through, I barely stayed awake. There's very little that's worth watching on this mess of an OAV.

There's no cohesiveness to this. The main characters are awfully boring with an unoriginal plot. Yeah I'm sure friendship and bonds are the main themes but what other anime doesn't have that? You get pretty much no clues about why the characters jump back and forth between worlds, when you do figure it out, it still makes no sense. The episode primarily comprises of the "real" world, in read more
Jul 25, 2010
brass2themax (All reviews)
Before I say what I think of this OVA in general, I'm just going to briefly say why I rated each attribute what I did.

Story: 3 (Poor)

What story? It's a high school slice-of-life, *but*, an extremely underdeveloped one. I've seen a number of popular slice-of-life animes, and while the genre itself is "basic", it doesn't have to be uninteresting. Genshiken is a shining example of slice-of-life done right. As is Azumanga Daioh, which I've just recently started watching. In order to make up for a lack of deep plot twists and turns (though they can work in the genre, they're rarely done well when implemented), read more
Aug 27, 2011
mastertek (All reviews)
I swear I couldn't understand what the fuck was happening even after seeing this crapwork of a movie twice.

The stupid story is about two parallel worlds of completely different nature, in which there are two sets of female characters doing completely different things and having different looks except for hairstyles.

In one world, it's a typical slice-of-life between two schoolgirls, which led to no conclusion. In the other one, the two girls were fighting to death, and at last one of them died! There are supposed to be connections between the two worlds, but there's effectively none...

This kind of bullshit crap... I can make a ton read more
Jul 25, 2010
lemmiecat (All reviews)
Everyone was really excited about this OVA coming out.
Even I was excited myself, but when I watched this OVA, I kind of felt something was missing.
I mean the trailer was everything. I was expecting AMAZING things from this OVA.
But it seems like the trailer was everything.
I was expecting other characters to come out from the OVA such as Black Matagi, Black Gold Saw (well she did come out but only in the beginning), Black Devil Girl, and all the other characters that Huke has created. I kind of hope there is going to be a second one that is going to be much better. (I'm read more
Jul 27, 2010
Juusan13 (All reviews)
Ok, so if you don't know the story, I'll tell you:

The artist Huke drew a picture simply titled "Black Rock Shooter", and a Vocaloid song producer named Ryo though she looked like a black-haired Hatsune Miku, so he made a song and video, which were quite good, and after this entered the internet, it became a hit, so big, that they decided to make an anime.
I can only guess that at first they planned to have fights and a storyline, with BRS's post-apocalyptic world as a setting, but then some numbnuts decided that instead they should take advantage of the hype and make a read more