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Kaichou wa Maid-sama!

Alternative Titles

English: Maid Sama!
Synonyms: Class President is a Maid!
Japanese: 会長はメイド様!


Type: TV
Episodes: 26
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Apr 2, 2010 to Sep 24, 2010
Premiered: Spring 2010
Broadcast: Fridays at 01:55 (JST)
Licensors: Sentai Filmworks
Studios: J.C.Staff
Source: Manga
Duration: 24 min. per ep.
Rating: PG-13 - Teens 13 or older


Score: 8.171 (scored by 369,351 users)
1 indicates a weighted score. Please note that 'Not yet aired' titles are excluded.
Ranked: #3562
2 based on the top anime page. Please note that 'Not yet aired' and 'R18+' titles are excluded.
Popularity: #79
Members: 636,086
Favorites: 16,435


Kaichou wa Maid - Sama! is similar to Special A because of two main couples in each of these anime. In Kaichou wa Maid - Sama! There is Ayuzawa, Misaki and Usui, Takumi. Ayuzawa is very strongminded, and always tries to protect the girls in her school which was recently made co-ed. She tends to frighten the boys at her school with her quick temper, and masculine adrenaline. However, her character changes when she is discovered by a classmate Usui, that she works as a cute little maid in a cafe shop, where it mainly entertains male genders. Usui promises to keep her  read more 
report Recommended by noneexistent
it has an interesting love story and the characters are really funny. i think that if you found kaichou wa maid-sama interesting, then you'll probably enjoy this anime as well 
report Recommended by tsubasagirl101
Both have a handsome lead male finding out the deep secret of the female lead and using it to their advantage. The two main male leads look identical, though Usui is a tease while Sata is a sadist.  
report Recommended by komic
First of all both series have great and unique main character guy, they are hilarious and different from all any others guys from other series. Both series are about school / romance in a different way (not normal way), which is very funny and entertaining to watch. The supporting characters help to move the plot and make it even more special and humorous. Differences: Obviously the theme is not the same one, but u will feel the same feeling of love and will make lots of laught 
report Recommended by Mayros
Forceful main girls, and both have a vulnerable sides. They also can't stand a certain guy.  
report Recommended by underMebius
Both have similar a feeling about them. Both are romantic, cute, and have characters are likable, unlike many shows like that. In both of them, you can find good humor and gentle romantic scenes. 
report Recommended by Rybiczek
both women protagonist in the anime are pretty scary person.. both man protagonist is popular romantic 
report Recommended by pakin
Both titles are about teenagers falling in love with each other. This is happening slowly, step by step. They're trying to get to know each other better and understand. Both contain many funny scenes. The main female characters are similiar in their behavior. 
report Recommended by Kuchi
both main characters are academic rivals and boy seems to be a natural in terms of looks and brains while the girls works hard to get where she is. Kare Kano like Kaichou wa Maid-sam is a must watch. 
report Recommended by Mwu
In his beautiful animation, in his style, both are romantic comedy with dramatic touches, have exciting moments, in his relationship between players or because Takumi and Soushi are very similar, and because the two players have strong character and they are good at everything. 
report Recommended by Dixy
A good guy and a strong tsundere-girl. Now they are argueing but this will surely lead to love! 
report Recommended by protivnaja777
both contain a male character that finds out their secret both about girls who are working in secrecy so classmates don't find out their true identity  
report Recommended by 247Eyes
Both female protagonists are hard-working and clumsy. The male protagonists are also very similar. They are always saving the female protagonists, are both at the top of their schools. And they are both the most handsome and most popular boys at their school.  
report Recommended by 50-Yen
They the opposite in maid-sama they 80% boys and the Seitokai Yakuindomo there almost girl and no boy . and both focus on student council . 
report Recommended by Melisandre
Both are romance comedies. Some supporting characters are similar to eachother. For example a cute girl who is actually a boy.  
report Recommended by Lylaaz
Both have a cool good looking guys.And the both Main Heroine's have a secret.Both Anime have same atmosphere.  
report Recommended by 586sangayuchiha
Although a totally different age and setting, the blond male protagonist struggles throughout the anime to seduce the reluctant and female protagonist. Both are nicely embroidered with some light romance and comedy 
report Recommended by spread-the-peas
Well for starters I love Kyo from FB and the guy from KwM looks similar. There's romance and light humor. ^_^ Same good romantic feeling. 
report Recommended by AlbinoMamba
In the series the male and female main characters share the same personalities. While Kaze no Stigma's main story is mostly based on magic and Kaichou wa Maid-Sama! School life I would say that these are two animes fans of one have to watch. Both Include * Romance * Same Chara Personalities * Same atmosphere at times Fans of one give the other a chance, Both are simply amazing animes. Give then both some time.. 
report Recommended by MonjaElisa
-both have romance and comedy -the male protagonist always helps the heroine -and the most important, no matter what happens they will always love the heroine  
report Recommended by antufratila
Both the main characters (Amu & Ikuto -Shugo Chara) (Usui & Misaki-Kaichou wa Maid Sama) have similarities with the guy teasing the girl and how they care for the girl, except in Shugo Chara, its more for the little kiddies that love transformations and magic,etc  
report Recommended by MissMHC
Both series has a girl in the center of attention with more than one guy interested. Both girls are also very athletic. Besides that, Okayashi actually reminds me a bit about Usui in his way of always silently helping the girl, but also by teasing/toying with her a bit at the same time. 
report Recommended by Skaya
It's an another beautiful shojo anime. It's different to Kaichou wa maid sama, but it's romantic too. 
report Recommended by ayuzawausui
an ace of the school hiding a unique secret to keep her integrity intact 
report Recommended by darkcolonist
both show a girl with a strong sense of determination. never backing down from a challenge, and working as hard as they can. they both also have a strong and cool male love interest that falls for them because of their determination and willingness to push them selves far beyond their limits. which causes the main male to slow them down so they can rest and helps them so they don't over do it 
report Recommended by dragneel1299
I am not completely positive why I found these two similar, perhaps because they both have romance and comedy or maybe it`s because both female main characters work in a cafe, no matter what the reason, these are both great animes that I recommend. 
report Recommended by PlatinumTiger
The strong character of the heroine character and hard, cold and the lovers are intelligent ... Similarly, as with "Special A":) 
report Recommended by Mitsukai-inki
Both involve.. -Main character being epic : As in, both are extremely strong -Main characters are school president council -Main characters have very similar attitudes: Believe in justice must be served -Main character will do anything to protect others if they were hurt by evil -Main character picks a fight with the other main male lead and ended up being forced to obey their orders sorta -Main male lead is EXTREMELY hot and is popular with women -Main male lead are very similar personality -Both involve school life as well If you like one, you'd definitely love the other. Both very beautiful drawings and stunning characters 
report Recommended by iNinjeek
Those two animes have a similar feeling with them and can give you loud laughs at times. In Karin the story is better and more complicated, though. 
report Recommended by icantdance
Both Kaichou and Yamato are about female leads that have deep rooted social problems with guys. Kaichou is more geared towards romance while Yamato is more geared towards comedy. 
report Recommended by S2VX
-Both main characters aren't who they truly seem to be. Maid sama = main character is actually a maid secretly Hori = Girl who normally is popular, is actually sorta like a mother at home -Everyone thinks main charcter is like a certain way, nice life style, etc. but in reality she doesn't. The main characters take care of the homes when parents aren't present -Both main character's personality traits are the same -Both meets a guy who turns out to be totally different from what everyone else thoguht they were -Both guy main characters helps keeps the secret away from everyone else about the girl's secret -Both Shoujo animes, school life  read more 
report Recommended by iNinjeek
Usui from Maid-Sama! and Io from Acchi Kocchi have the same VA and are very similar characters, being people who are almost excessively laid-back, good at almost anything, both kind and a tiny bit evil. Both series are romantic comedies with side characters who are rather quirky and at times a bit... off.... and both series feature the characters in chibi form. Also, lots of head-petting. 
report Recommended by ghosts
Similarities: Both involve female leads who were elected to be student council presidents in such difficult situations. Both involves male leads who serve as their protector and with romantic feelings on the sides. Both female leads are willing to deal with problems that involves the welfare of the students. Both female leads are not to be trifle with. Dissimilarities: In Kaicho Wa Maidsama: - The female lead is reluctant to be near the male lead -The female lead is mainly concern about the welfare of the female students (at first), since their school is once an all boys high school turned coed. -The student council already has its own VP, Secretary, treasures and other  read more 
report Recommended by Nasty001
Tenshi na Konamaiki is a mix of Kaichou wa Maid-sama!, kashimashi and great teacher onizuka. from kashimashi you have the gender switch and how it would be like to become a girl. from GTO you have the punks, muggings, clever plots and somewhat simular artwork. The Kaichou wa maid sama part is less appearent. Both mains are tomboys who are suddenly found attractive by all the boys and they are both disgusted by guys behaviors and try to change them. Misaki-Usui and Megumi-Genzo both oneway relationships. However since all the guys in Tenshi are like the idiot-trio you kinda end up hoping for a yuri  read more 
report Recommended by ninjaxdlolsord
The main female character hits main male character often. The main male characters in both anime are extremely alike. Also, the main female characters are both workaholics. 
report Recommended by rudeAi
I don't know why someone hasn't recommended this one yet. The anime plot, characters, and just basically everything is the exact same! They do have different story lines, but the jerk guy likes the girl, the girl acts all tough and doesnt show anything. Same romance, same comedy, both very good and enjoyable! Only difference is that maid-sama is the older version of kodomo no omocha (kodocha) and kodomo is also an older series. Kodomo no omocha is based on younger characters and ages, but the romance is actually more deep in it as well as the story then it is in kaichou wa maid-sama.  read more 
report Recommended by Sparksafly
It may sound like a long shot , but these animes are really similar. In both of them the main focus is romance, strong female lead , and charming/sexy/ dangerous male one. The differences is that in Kaichou wa Maid -sama we have one super cool guy and here we have four. Don't worry though we still have happy ending, only with the difference that in Kaichou wa maid sama it's clear with who , and in Hana yori Dango it takes some time :) But I am 100 % sure that if you liked Kaichou wa Maid sama you will like Hana Yori Dango  read more 
report Recommended by ffellikss
The relationship between the two main characters is similar, though in Kaguya-sama, both parties are stubborn. Kaguya-sama is also more of a comedy, and the romance is almost always paired with humor, unlike Maid-sama, which has more serious moments as well. 
report Recommended by swisstery
Akatsuki no Yona's Hak aids the heroine, Yona, in times of need while teasingly liking her by himself. Usui from Kaichou wa Maid-sama has basically the same character as Hak, though he shows less self restraint because he is not Misaki's bodyguard. I get the same feeling from both Hak and Usui and would recommend you to watch both series if you are into good character design 
report Recommended by irinchenbienchen
Both male lead has an eccentric behavior and are rather possessive, the male lead in both seem like they can do anything, the female lead is dragged along with the flow, a lot of similar comedy and overall they just seem similar 
report Recommended by DarknessSerpent
Strong female leads. 
report Recommended by White_Lollipop
I watched this two animes a couple of mounth ago.To be honest,I had a great feedback from them.Both of them have the romance theme but they are a bit different. In Kaichou,you will see that is the typical boy-girl relationship but with their ups and downs. The main reason i like this anime is because i like the personallity of Usui Takumi.He makes the anime more funny and I like how he protects the girl he loves. In Anohana(abbreviation) you can see a special relationship between a boy and a girl,who's a ghost.The ghost died when the boy was little and he was trying to save her  read more 
report Recommended by CosminAMV
The shin reminds me of usui. They both smart and good loking. Shin is a bit more violent. He falls almost instantly for kumiko, and tries to protect her in every way. Also both girls are strong and independent. The romance is not spelled out like in maid sama, but it's there. 
report Recommended by wildfly
The female protagonists are similar. They wok very hard and are good at sports. They are kind and passionate but vunerable at times too. Both anime have romance in it, but Kaichou wa maid sama focuses on the drama and romance where as in Toshokan Sensou, they focus more on the action aspect. 
report Recommended by KWMS_Anime
both are pretty interesting love stories. Both will make you laugh and if your looking for nice relaxing funny anime. Either or will suffice! Also MAID CAFES!!!! (In both)  
report Recommended by deathnote2468
In both, the main character is trying to hide a secret about herself which would otherwise damage her reputation. They're both also pretty light-hearted and have similar art. However, I would say La Corda D'Oro is slightly more serious and revolves around music, whereas Kaichou wa Maid Sama is a bit more comical and revolves around the romance between the Misa and Usui.  
report Recommended by tish92
Although Maid-sama is not supernatural, but rather school life, the art is very similar, they are both shoujos, the girl is surrounded mainly by boys, the girl is protected by the boy and there is a developing love story between the main characters. 
report Recommended by alexzaharia
Only two animes have brought me as close to death as Dashi koukosei no nichijou and Kaichou wa maid-sama. Basically they are both comedy shows that will almost make you laught yourself to death. So if you re a comedy lover like me, you should watch this one too. Now to the story. Danshi koukousei no nichijou revolves around what higschool boys do in their daily lives. Of course they only show the most funny or most stupid moments of a higschool boys life, but being a higschool boy myself there were some scenes i could relate to. This anime though doesn't follow a storylin, and  read more 
report Recommended by Ridotukushi
There's a very good reason why you don't want to finish an anime show in the span of a day, and it's probably the reason I stopped marathoning. When I marathoned Gurren Lagann, I ended up looking up alternatives and sequel seasons for an entire month. When I marathoned Kaichou wa Maid-sama, I began reading the manga. When I marathoned Hanasaku Iroha, well, technically I just finished, and my eyes are the spitting image of Niagara Falls. Just to give you a clue, I'm practically crying as I type this out. As for similarities, I found them similar initially when I thought about marathoned shows, but thinking  read more 
report Recommended by iSheep
If you love school romance drama and this anime is for you. and both are definitely worth watching! 
report Recommended by bloody_Venus55
Both have strong female protagonists, who have vulnerable best friends who are easily hurt and often have to be protected by their friend. Both also have irresistable male leads and are both great romance comedies, with strong addictive storylines. 
report Recommended by Lambylittle
Male and Female main characters, and 3 friends from Kono Oto Tomare are reminiscent of the ones from Kaichou wa Maid-sama. The overall mood and feel are also very similar, especially regarding comedy / romance. Watching Kono Oto Tomare feels like watching Kaichou wa Maid-sama all over again. (Of course, each anime has lots of great stuff aside from the comedy / romance!) 
report Recommended by __MakiseKurisu_
The anime's are both slice of life and comedy. The main characters have misunderstandings of others who surround them. They are also cynical and awkward-when meeting someone new. 
report Recommended by -RinToosaka-
Both have a male who is pretty much perfect in every way comedically, even to the point where he's the most popular in school among girls, except in Maid-Sama the lead male actually focuses on one girl. 
report Recommended by greeny2016
Both shows feature female MC's who are initially reluctant to engage with boys romantically, however, through the persistence of the male lead they begin to soften up their initial opinion  
report Recommended by Short_Circut
Similarity - Both main female character know who they are, it is like they don't get distract from other's word or action easily. Difference - Maid-sama is romance and school life - Psycho-pass is action and thriller Which one is better? love both of them but maid-sama should be read than watch 
report Recommended by reren
I think that these two anime have very much in common. You might ask why because ones about maids and the other is about princes. This is because the two have very detailed art, funny, great story lines, characters and many others. So thats why I think these have quite a lot in common and is both very enjoyable. 
report Recommended by mango-tango
Girl seems disinterest or to hate the guy. Guy is cheeky  
report Recommended by LyricsQueen
- Both are comedy, romance shoujo in which it is very amusing to see the development of the couple. - Although the protagonists are totally different being Takumi beautiful, integral, talented and loved by all the girls and Takeo being popular with the boys but not with the girls because of his appearance, not very intelligent, impulsive and always puts the happiness of others above his, both protagonists always try to do everything for his beloved girl. 
report Recommended by DaviCardoso
I think the main character is really similar in both anime. I also think the humor is kind of similar.  
report Recommended by Denise1911
The coincidences are infinite: - Girl who does not succeed in sympathizing with men is harassed by one. One of them must hide the other's secret, they do so to escape their fears. They will get to know each other better, understanding each other. Knowing that they will always be there to help each other, despite confusing feelings. 
report Recommended by OtakuNote87
First of all, KWMS and Sekaiichi Hatsukoi are similar because of their genre (Romance & Comedy) and because of the atmosphere that exists at some moments. Second of all, although KWMS is shoujo while Sekaiichi Hatsukoi is shounen-ai, I believe that the main points are the same: - in a certain couple, there is one member that is teasing the other, but also helps and takes good care of them (in KWMS is Usui and in Sekaiichi Hatsukoi is Takano) - in the same couple, there's the other member who doesn't want to accept that he/she is in love with the other guy (in KWMS is Misaki  read more 
report Recommended by deejaydray
Both involve the female protagonists being Maids. In Mahoromatic she is a proper maid in service and in love with the protagonist whereas in Maid-Sama she works in a Maid Cafe and is in love with the protagonists. Also the male protagonists are both perverts. 
report Recommended by Najia111
They both have a girl who gets easily flustered while being flirted. They also have cute flirty boys. Both girls had a hard life. 
report Recommended by KittyOtaku5158
Both are Romance anime giving pretty different vibes. Despite this, I believe that both anime are quite similar to each other. Both main characters of the anime are teased by the ma love interest. In Kaichou wa Maid-sama, this would be Misaki being teased by Usui and in Karaki Jouzu no Takagi-san it would be Nishikata being teased by Takagi. Both anime are also quite comedic as well. 
report Recommended by adri_sencen
Both anime present Tsundere type girls, strong willed and independent. ZNT is developed at a magic world while Maid-sama is in the real world. I would say Maid-sama is a little more corny but still a good anime to watch if you're into the Shojo types. 
report Recommended by VickTejeira
If you enjoy Izayoi and Black Rabbit's personalities and how they interact with each other, you would love Maid-sama. Both of these anime have cool and over power main male characters and a cool main female character they love to tease and flirt with. Maid-sama is base on romance, with a lot of action to keep it interesting, while Mondaiji is fantasy magic, with Izayoi just toying around a lot with little hints of possible romance down the line.  
report Recommended by Bleys
Okay, if you saw and liked Mitsu x Mitsu Drops, I suggest you watch Maid-Sama!, but I would not recommend Mitsu x Mitsu Drops to anyone (so if you saw and liked Maid-Sama!, ignore this recommendation). Both have: -A focus on relationships -Romance (it's different for each) -A relationship that feels somewhat forced The difference is that in Maid-Sama, the romance feels genuine, whereas in MxMD, the romance feels forced. Also, Maid-Sama! is a funny comedy, whereas MxMD is a terrible drama. 
report Recommended by RoarkTenjouin
Strong and independent female lead. The main male character's are relaxed but can be dominant. Both have some pretty good comedy and a story that builds up a romance and a connection.  
report Recommended by m0llerz
I make this recommendation because they are romantic comedies. Both have a secret that they must keep. There are a lot of changes of animation in both. Finally features traps. ;) Haha Well if you want something like this there it is. 
report Recommended by lkevsan
Comedy, no clear plot line with a focus on the daily life and interactions of the characters, attractive visuals are some of the aspects both these anime share. Kaichou wa maid-sama has a much slower pacing than Working and might, at times, be rather tiring. The former focuses on the two main characters, Misaki (student council president) and Usui Takumi and their evolving relationship. The other characters are not really given much attention nor are they well developed, though this may apply to the main characters as well. Nonetheless it is fun to watch - a little at a time. Working's characters are more important  read more 
report Recommended by Haras
Both series focus on romance, and comedy. Magic-Kyun! Renaissance is a reverse harem. Kaichou wa Maid Sama is centered around the romance between Misaki Ayuzawa and Usui Takumi.  
report Recommended by Luchia
Same romantic feeling floating in the air, same "hard to get to" main character, refreshing pace when it comes to the story, utterly alike art... and... an ending that can stand alone and it's enough as it is (without a sequel). 
report Recommended by naerayan
Both about all boys schools wich have recently changed to co-ed and they are both also reverse harems. 
report Recommended by Chuxie
the plot is not at all the same. but it has the animation technique, and many facial expressions are similar.  
report Recommended by animefreak1806
Well, it has the same comedy ,both have similar characters , they are both cute and funny animes and they're both romantic comedies !!! 
report Recommended by FMA-SUKI
both have to do with a girl working as a "maid" -same kind of ignorant main character guy -pretty girls -head strong main girl character -many other similarities.  
report Recommended by animefreak1806
Both main characters have a debt which they are trying to pay off. And both main work as a butler or maid and work to the fullest in everything. Only Hayate is randomness 
report Recommended by TH-Chen
The art style looks almost identical and the relationship between the two protagonists are also similar.  
report Recommended by Detective
Very similar story: good girl, bad boy, unexpected love. 
report Recommended by Eriis
If you think Usui is amazing, then check out Isekai no Seikishi Monogatari. Kenshi can do anything Usui can be 100x better. In addition, it definitely has a better plot. 
report Recommended by batman3456
The genre of romance between the two aren't the same at all. However, in both, the main character (in the case of Junjou though the more rational one in each of the couples, I suppose) has to deal with irrational or uncontrollable people and their significant other. Artwork is almost similar, mostly feeling wise. Comedy all around.  
report Recommended by Deep
Well, the story may differ from each other but from what I have noticed is that the main character in Maid-sama, Misaki has some similarities with the supporting character in Beelzebub, Kunieda Aoi. First of all they look somewhat similar -> face Secondly, they both hate men and protects the girls from the boys in school. Also, they both got feared by the most boys, except for the main guy character! Well, you know what I'm talking about right, the boy giving her some attention and finally she falls for him. 
report Recommended by maji_saikou
Both have sisters with financial difficulties in'm; but this is where the similarity ends. 
report Recommended by hexaq
Well...this too revolves around iinchou,romance n comedy. Bt,its really well made compared to Gokujou. Its a must watch if U like these stuff ;) 
report Recommended by Nira_kun
both are about maid café  
report Recommended by albadr_almuneer
Both the main characters can't stand being around the opposite; weather its allergies and just pure hatred. However as the series moves forward it see these behaviors start to die down. 
report Recommended by Jmac
They are both funny and romantic.... But the story is different.. If you like Kaichou wa Maid Sama, then you may like Arakawa Under the Bridge too... :DD 
report Recommended by Yamamoto24
Both feature a hard-working tsundere as the main character. Male lead in Ōkami-san is not nearly as "cool" as Usui, but the relationship between the main characters is very similar in both. Both series are episodic and primarily humorous, with some drama. Art style is also very similar. Overall the two are very similar, but each has a distinct flavor that makes it well worth watching. 
report Recommended by Denoue
First of all, both series are done by J.C. Staff. But that's not all...because they are also similar in terms of main character where despite their handsome appearances, their personality does not fit with the usual princely types. (Thank God for that) Additionally, the main girl is independent. Of course, there is also comedy, drama, and later romance blooms in both series.  
report Recommended by Stark700
Misaki is a very strong character--like Haruhi. She doesn't put up with any nonsense. Although she isn't quite as crazy as Haruhi, Misaki still can be tough. I would put Misaki up against any guy. XD The boy who has likes her, Usui, is really funny. He can be like Jiraiya sometimes. So if any of you like that sort of humor this will definitely appeal to you. Also if you like girls dressed up in cute maid outfits, I highly recommend this! 
report Recommended by saa_lulu
Both have female characters that are boyish on the outside but are really sweet on the inside. Both are class presidents and really care about the students at the school. Both are really strong. Misaki is kind of a combination of Kyou and Tomoyo from Clannad though is more similar to Tomoyo. Tomoyo and Misaki both have a love interest who would do anything for them. Clannad is a lot more serious while Maid-sama tends to be more light-hearted but still has its serious and romantic moments. 
report Recommended by ravis51
The male lead in Kage kara Mamoru and the female lead in Kaichou wa Maid-sama both have secrets that they try to keep hidden. Both are comedy, romance and in a high school setting. 
report Recommended by jbeat
both anime adores vanilla romance instead of the cliche harem slice of life school life. while the main character tries their best to win the heroines heart in which case they might (or might not). in a way, both anime also emphasize on their heroine's settings. either way, if you wanted to watch straight romance with not much conflict in it, go for it.  
report Recommended by sora2eugene
These slice of life series resemble each other surprisingly much. While the plots and settings are different, the main characters are definitely carved from the same tree. Even though other one is a young boy and other a high school girl, they have the same ethics and attitude towards working and getting things done. They have similar looks and personalities and they both obviously wear a maid outfit - much to their own discomfort. They both have that one person next to them (in Kaichou it is Usui and in Shounen Maid it's uncle Madoka) that constantly teases but also cares very much about them.  read more 
report Recommended by Makum
Involves a girl hiding her life in a maid cafe. Similar them but Kaichou wa Maid-sama! has a lot more romance! 
report Recommended by 13grica
The way the main characters interact with each other, is somehow similar. The female lead characters have similarities in their personalities and tend to be quite fierce sometimes... but in a cute way ^^ 
report Recommended by naenai
-High school student council -Scary/easily angered girl in student council/main -Irresistible male main -love development between main -moe 
report Recommended by DangVinh
the main character alice reminds me of misaki .If you enjoyed pandora hearts you'll surely like this anime.Even though its not dark like pandora hearts. 
report Recommended by cutie46
usui reminded me of natsume of gakuen alice. they alaso don't get along at first. 
report Recommended by cutie46
Sakurano (main girl in Ginban Kaleidoscope) has a similar personality to Misaki (main girl in Kaichou wa Maid-sama). Both girls have brown/black hair, are stubborn, a little stuck up, have a hobby, and attend school. If you enjoyed Maid-sama, then you will definitely love Ginban Kaleidoscope - and vise versa! The main boys Pete (in Ginban Kaleidoscope) and Usui (in Maid-sama) both have blonde hair, mysterious pasts, follow the main girl around, and constantly flirt with the girl; leaving you questioning if they are just messing around or serious. I couldn't stop laughing while watching both series (comedy, school, slice of life, romance, drama) as  read more 
report Recommended by Sparksafly
The heroin females have the same strong characters that doesn't response to the guy who's in love with her, they both are smart and good in schools activities and popular among students. So much alike! 
report Recommended by Anoo
Romantic shows that start off with a heroine who works hard, being modest and very strong willed, not easily mislead by attractive bishounens (until the very end of course they cannot lie to themselves as they are madly in-love with them too, mutual feelings) which from the start the (typically rich and handsome) protagonist had his eye on the heroine and persistently chased after her until the end. Of course there being a few complications and romantic rivals which actually (as usual) persuaded the main characters to FINALLY be together and confess their love, Maid-sama is a little bit more immature in comparison but  read more 
report Recommended by mahoeshoujo
-Both main guy and girl ersonality are similar to both animes -Both anime revolves around a girl who dislikes the guy (involves rivalry) -Both romantic and very good -Both typical shoujo and cute 
report Recommended by iNinjeek
"Bokura ga Ita" is a good love story in which both lovers admit their love and try to keep it from outside problems.  
report Recommended by mitravn