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Nyan Koi!

Alternative Titles

English: Nyan Koi!
Synonyms: Nyankoi
Japanese: にゃんこい!


Type: TV
Episodes: 12
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Oct 2, 2009 to Dec 18, 2009
Premiered: Fall 2009
Broadcast: Unknown
Licensors: Sentai Filmworks
Studios: AIC
Source: Manga
Genres: Harem, Comedy, Romance
Duration: 24 min. per ep.
Rating: PG-13 - Teens 13 or older


Score: 7.281 (scored by 104,203 users)
1 indicates a weighted score. Please note that 'Not yet aired' titles are excluded.
Ranked: #26372
2 based on the top anime page. Please note that 'Not yet aired' and 'R18+' titles are excluded.
Popularity: #535
Members: 195,793
Favorites: 582


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Dec 18, 2009
Archaeon (All reviews)
One of the problems with harem rom-coms these days is the tendency to try and be creative in unusual ways. The problem, specifically, is that the writers and mangaka assume that by simply including something like aliens, youkai, body switching, etc, etc, then the story automatically becomes new and innovative.

Fujiwara Sato, the creator of the manga upon which this anime is based, decided to adds cats. No, not catgirls, just cats (although girls are present in the story as well).

Nyan Koi follows the life of one Kousaka Junpei, a high schooler who lives with his mother, sister, and pet cat, but who suffers from read more
Dec 21, 2009
KaminaKai (All reviews)
“Yo Kou-baka, I heard you’re cursed. Wahahahaha!”

If you were like me, not sure whether to try watching a show about talking cats, then rest assure because Nyan Koi is more than your average pet-talking anime! Produced by AIC, it should come as no surprise if Nyan Koi manage to remind viewers of another “semi” AIC production known as Seto no Hanayome. Both are considered rom-com harem and they share many common traits in my humble opinion. Thus it is very tempting to make comparisons between them, but I will restrain myself to the best of my ability to not do so too often in the read more
Dec 18, 2009
Credulous (All reviews)
Mmmm, I see quite a few of Nyan Koi! reviews being presented at this present moment, and to be fair, if you want to read a well written review; read Archaeon's review. My review will not be as fluffy, nor as well written.

Now let's start with Nyan Koi!'s biggest problem; it's a harem. Apart from harem fanboys, are there actually people that watch anime fairly objectively who enjoy harem anime? No, probably not. You know there's this thing about harem, mmm,..... what's it called? Generic? Ah yes, generic. This anime is no exception, it's generic, has a weak storyboard and try to save this already read more
Jan 9, 2010
TheLlama (All reviews)
Nyan Koi! is a harem anime which tries its best to do something new, but unfortunately, it turns into just yet another bland series with the usual touch of supernatural in it.

The plot revolves around the male lead, Junpei, and his quest to help a hundred cats to avoid turning into a cat himself - due to a curse brought about by his own clumsiness. So every episode or so we get to see a new cat with some trouble, and our allergic hero trying his best to help the poor cat.

Now unfortunately it isn't as promising as this might've sound. Nyan Koi! is read more
Aug 7, 2015
ChucriBZ (All reviews)
Nyan Koi!
I was not going to see this anime at all, but i heard a lot, that Nyan Koi! was really funny, so i wanted to see if that was true, to my surprise it was really funny.

The story is not bad, is just good, because this hooks you up to keep watching to see what will happen to Junpei, if he transforms into a cat or he breaks the curse; And because of this curse, a lot of funny moments are triggered, so for that this was good.

Art & Sound
Both were good but not great, the animation was good and the characters design was read more
Oct 20, 2009
kalocho08 (All reviews)
A very good anime although when i first saw it i was certain it would not appeal to the average person. Turns out I loved it and most likely so will everyone else. Has a good story but i'm not gonna spoil it in case you havent read it. If you like to laugh then this anime will have you laughing quite a bit. Although i wouldnt necesarily call it a comedy anime it certainly seems to have a good bit of it. All in all it's good enough to satisfy the girl that's in love with dolls and the guy that likes to drive read more
Dec 19, 2009
LastLight (All reviews)
I must say that after the first 3 or 4 episodes I was really going for an 8 (Very Good) , but slowly I dropped at 4-5.This "romance/comedy" anime was one of those dissapointing shows where the producers failed miserably to develop new and unique ideas that could attract watchers.

Story: 3 - Poor
Yes it's the same old storyline with a boy , that is surrounded by girls and has an unexpected experience that changes the way he interacts with others.Nyan Koi has by far 1 or 2 romantic moments and the "comedy" moments can only make you laugh about how bad these scenes were made.

The read more
Dec 18, 2009
Yxel (All reviews)
And thus ends of the best and most underrated comedies of 2009. Nyan Koi is a complete work of art.


- Humor. This comedy doesn't fail to deliver on its most important aspect. Whether it's the sudden change from Mizuno's dramatic yakuza ringtone to a completely serene scene or a shot of Junpei and the twins licking popsicles, Nyan Koi never disappoints. The humor in this show is both crude and refined, direct and indirect. Nyan Koi is funny, and isn't afraid to show it.

- Junpei. He is a great male lead - one of the greatest I've ever seen. read more
Dec 20, 2009
vault2049 (All reviews)
Every season has it's own corresponding harem and ecchi anime. This was 2009 fall season's harem, and definitely an improvement to the usual. Nyan Koi! it's not an upgrade to the harem formula and doesn't add anything new to the lot but, at the end, managed to deliver lots of fun and, as a result of that, quality.

Almost everything in this show it's a bit chiché, take for example the fascination that japanese people have for animals like foxes or dogs. Now it's the cats turn; meet Kousaka Junpei, a typical 2nd year high school student alergic to cats that has been cursed. In order read more
Dec 12, 2009
Onslaught2k3 (All reviews)
My first impression of Nyan Koi! seemed to be a lighter franchise filled with.. well.. cats. Please read the synopsis before reading this review to familiarize yourself with the story.

This anime (short-lived only 12 eps long) is just average for an anime series. First off, a show entirely about cats is bland. There are all sorts of information pamphlets and such about cats, how they behave, and there are even ways to communicate with them. For the over-the-top cat lover you might find some interest in this story. Furthermore, this show is heavily accented with fan service (in the opening read more
Dec 16, 2012
Kynov (All reviews)
First of all, i must said, this review based on my opinion and the enjoyment i got from the anime, if you think i am wrong, well,,, thats just my opinion.
and i am gonna just straight to the point without any babbling in my review, so, here we go!

Nowdays, harem is the kind of mainstream genre that easily can make it into a top anime. since, what do you need is big boobs, pantsy scenes, and of course beautiful girl.... well, thats the truth.

Including Nyan Koi, this harem anime is maybe like another harem anime that you've ever watch, BUT WAIT! how about harem + read more
Dec 18, 2009
Thaiberium (All reviews)
Nyan Koi had me hook, line and sinker at the part about cats. In fact, that was the sole reason I picked this up, blinded by my usual bias towards these kinds of things. Which is why I had no idea what I was getting in to. Arguably, it was probably for the best, since I wouldn't be expecting too much out of it.

Despite the fact that most of the story was episodic at best, there was some semblance of a plot. Given the premise of our fearless protagonist trying to remove a curse from himself all the while trying to read more
Apr 29, 2011
Gilgaki (All reviews)
Well, I just finished Nyan Koi! and well I thought it was really cute at the beginning, near the end I was just watching it non-stop to move onto something else. (I like to finish what I start, okay?)

Other than talking cats, there's really nothing new here. It's just a generic anime about a guy who for some ungodly reason has a plethora of cute girls are who are into him. Like a lot of harem anime, there are moments of big-breasted-ness, panty shots, accidental groping and purposeful groping (girls groping girls) but most of the comedy in this series is supposed to be from read more
Dec 18, 2009
shadylookin (All reviews)
Nyan Koi isn't an awful show, however it isn't good either and it certainly doesn't deserve rating it has currently which is almost "Very Good". Perhaps it just a form of Stockholm syndrome that some people can't objectively rate something when they've invested so much time to watching it. Or maybe I'm just a jerk who rates things lower than most people.

Story wise there really isn't much. A harem anime with cats as the gimmick(Somewhere along the line they add demon fighting for an episode.). The show claims to be a romantic comedy but it isn't really romantic or funny. The climax read more
Apr 2, 2010
onigiridango (All reviews)
I was very skeptical about watching Nyan Koi. I have a weakness for romances and that is what pulled me into watching it. I thought it would be jam packed with cute talking cats and I would give up on the first episode.

Well I didn't. I enjoyed it all the way through. It's a very funny anime and I always anticipated the next episode. The main characters are all hilarious. You have the cute girl everyone loves, the tsunderes, and the idiot boy who doesn't have a clue anyone likes him. Yet, they all still seem refreshing in their own way.

You'll fall in read more
Feb 1, 2015
Fearhunter (All reviews)
While this anime is not one of the most popular comedy ones out there, I had a great time watching this. An anime about a high school student who gets cursed by the statue of the cat Jizou and suddenly has to grant the wishes of a 100 cats isn't very appealing, although it's really worth a shot.

Story (7/10)

The story doesn't look very appealing and I wasn't expecting much of it but boy, was I proven wrong! They managed to keep the plot interesting until the end. There weren't any ridiculous plot twists (Alright, actually there were but they were funny as hell). There weren't read more
Apr 7, 2019
male_humanoid (All reviews)
DISCLAIMER: this review is intended to be read after you finished the show, so you can see some idiot who dropped the show after 7 episodes ramble about the tropes he does not like.

I feel as if these types of romantic comedies are exactly the same. We've seen all the same tropes countless times. I usually enjoy these tropes, but in this show, they're completely boring, and almost painful to watch. Please excuse me I am not a native English speaker.

The story is rather average, a lot of things are very predictable. I laugh at the show occasionally, it is funny but like I said read more
Apr 28, 2015
kanwolf666 (All reviews)
It is a story about a man, his cats, a harem of typical anime girls and a curse. Okay, I will try a little harder. The story is revolves around Junpei Kousaka, an average highschooler living with his mother, sister and a pet cat (we learn his father is away working but little else is said). On the walk home from school one day he accidently knocks the head of a statue of a cat deity and is cursed to turn into a cat unless he fulfils the wishes of 100 cats.

The story order and events are pretty standard. However, not everything about this read more
Nov 22, 2014
ffleader1 (All reviews)
Nyan Koi is a comedy anime with a somewhat typical story, decent art and sound, good characters... However, none of the above makes this show memorable. There is something else special, very special about this anime. It's very very very relaxing, funny and hilarious.
This anime is about a boy who got cursed for breaking a cat statue. He has to help 100 cats or he will turn into one. Along with helping them, he also helps some girls and they in turn have some feelings or him. The ways the story is told, they ways the character act, the ways the events happen... are extremely read more
Feb 24, 2010
TeaAnyOne (All reviews)
Story: 9/10
A typical Harem stuffed with cats, either love it or hate it (I loved it !)

Character: 10/10
One of the strong points of this anime is the characters, each character has there own personality and background and soon you get a strong connection with them

Art: 9/10
The art was not completetly orignial, but it was extreamly beautiful and colourful to look at

Sound: 9/10
OP / ED songs were awesome, it really sets the tone for anime

Enjoyment: 10/10
Enjoyed every episode, i would 12 episodes is just right

Overall 10/10
Overall this a very bubbly, happy sort of anime with alot of humour with a solid storyline to keep read more