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Alternative Titles

English: DearS
Japanese: ディアーズ


Type: TV
Episodes: 12
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Jul 11, 2004 to Sep 26, 2004
Premiered: Summer 2004
Broadcast: Sundays at Unknown
Studios: Daume
Source: Manga
Duration: 23 min. per ep.
Rating: R+ - Mild Nudity


Score: 6.711 (scored by 63,125 users)
1 indicates a weighted score. Please note that 'Not yet aired' titles are excluded.
Ranked: #49912
2 based on the top anime page. Please note that 'Not yet aired' and 'R18+' titles are excluded.
Popularity: #936
Members: 115,469
Favorites: 364


Exact same storylines. Don't listen to everyone else, the stories are litterally exact. However, there are some quirks that are different between them: Ren is an Alien in DearS, while Chi is a Robot (Cyborg of sorts) in Chobits. There are other little differences that you'll notice when comparing them, but there's no doubt.. if you liked one of these, you'll definitely like the other. 
report Recommended by Despised
Sadly I haven`t read the Sora no Otoshimono manga, but judging from the description of it DearS seams very similar to it: A male protagonist encounters an "angel", later meets a second tsundere-like angel and has an female childhood friend. Though Mitsuki seems to differ from Neneko. Both are ecchi series. 
report Recommended by Shelling
same ecchi comedy anime. both female leads have this weird sign in their foreheads. they are also both pretty identical in personality and both want to learn earth's way of living. 
report Recommended by bonkler
the similarities between the two are pretty evident if you seen both of them. they both have hot alien chicks they pop out of nowhere and get caught up with a guy. also, both male characters end up having most of the women characters like him. the plot and genre are what's similar but the characters themselves are pretty different. 
report Recommended by nate23nate23
clueless airhead alien coming to earth and it seems everyones ok with it  
report Recommended by Denmark-Chan
Same type of story. Both are about alien girls. Both have a main character that's a guy and they both fall in love with the alien girl. 
report Recommended by DeathfireD
Two weird girls and him..... the same ecchi actions and ideas 
report Recommended by DiziXagi
Instead of aliens there are cans that turn into girls, and they form a relationship similar to that of a master and a slave. There is a serious plot that is going on above all the romance and comedy to keep the story moving. Has a very similar feel to it and if you like one you should like the other.  
report Recommended by Anistylez
Storyline is nearly an exact copy. A girl chooses their master and lives inside their apartment. The Landlord wonders who he's hiding... a perfect match. If you want something similar to this story watch DearS while your waiting. 
report Recommended by DarkAssassin31
same kind of girl wants boy and boy is afraid to do anything about it, even when hot girl throws herself at him. Lots of funny situations come up and you can't help but laugh. DearS has a little bit darker story later in the series and has a fighting element. Over all if you liked all the ecchi and laughs in Kanokon you'll most likely enjoy DearS 
report Recommended by mav419
The basic premise of these anime are the same, a reluctant fellow comes across a strange girl(not of this world) that doesnt really have a place in our world. Major difference if I had to say thought would be that TUYBW has a bit more psychological faceted story, but the romantic and comedy elements are the same. 
report Recommended by Defiance
Both about hot women, and they end up falling in love with a high school boy, turning his life upside down. Although Onegai Teacher can be maybe more emotional than this, it is practically the same in the other aspects. Another close relation is that the girl which the main character falls in love with is also an alien. 
report Recommended by Guiden
Both series belong to the categories that are defined as romantic comedy but also contains sci fi themes. In both series, the main protagonist meets an strange being and bonds with them. As the series progresses, the main protagonist and the girl begins to develop feelings towards one another. Both series contain drama, comedy, action, and of course romance later on. And with drama of course brings forth love triangles, misunderstandings, and even wild chases later on. 
report Recommended by Stark700
Both stories revolve around the male protagonist suddenly in charge of a female incapable of taking care of herself, that barely speaks a full cognitive sentence, and who loves melon bread. The development of the male's romantic feelings are slow and ecchi moments are abundant as more characters come into the picture because of said female's arrival to create a pseudo-harem.  
report Recommended by lanblade
both are about a girl who suddenly appears and starts to live with the male lead also both include a childhood friends which are getting jealous dearS has more ecchi, though 
report Recommended by Selesnija
very similar an other worldly stupid female creature living with a guy and going to the same school as him while she causes him trouble and they need to overcome the girl's kind to continue living together, in Bokusatsu Tenshi Dokuro-chan the girl is an angel and the main male characte (Sakura) needs to protect the girl (Dokuro) from the angels, but in DearS the main male character (Takeya) needs to protect the girl (Ren) from the DearS. And also, the caracters Neneko and Minagami are in a similar situation, think about it the girl that likes the main male character but he is too  read more 
report Recommended by walloman
Both are exactly about a non-human girl that enters the life of a male mc while they try to help them out from whatever problem they are in (i.e., if they are being chased by evil organization or runaway, etc.) Non-human girls may at times appear to lack common sense/ have special powers. 
report Recommended by RedPlaty
Both harems both have girls who aren’t human both have human guys who are weaklings both funny and witty both are super fun to watch and really cute  
report Recommended by shirogasai12
Completely different genres however both are harems and have a girl who follows around the main character claiming to be their slave/servent. 
report Recommended by Jackster27
Both male protagonist meet an alien girl. the difference between these two anime is that the girl in dears she became his masters while in the world of narue she became his girlfriend. 
report Recommended by bloody_Venus55
If u like aliens, girls, boobies. and a single dude surrounded by 4-5 girls then you must watch this anime 
report Recommended by Nexus7
Ok, so if you love the lovey dovey and sexualy stimulating cute kind of animes, Then you have probably watched Ai yori Aoshi. But what you probably haven't watched is a similar short anime called DearS - About a young male who finds a defective innocent alien girl cast out by her own kind. He takes her in and takes care of her while trying not to let the snoopy landlord's daughter find out about her. All in all i can honestly say if you liked Ai yori Aoshi then you will definitely like DearS ^.^ Give it a shot! 
report Recommended by Naruto81191
Both series have a major emphasis on ecchi and slightly perverted humor, as well as more sexual content than most animes (I watch anyway) and a realitively shallow story. FYI, I watched DearS in dubs, but I obviously watched Maid Guy in subs. I don't know if this matters to anyone who sticks to one or the other. 
report Recommended by Icy_Auron
Both contain protagonists that are first reluctant to get into relationships with the female protagonist but in the end they realize that they need them and fight to get them back. 
report Recommended by Jakeki
Both invovle non-human girl and human boy trying to live together. There is school invovled in both of them. Ah! my goddess invovles goddesses being around the main character as DearS has aliens around the main character. 
report Recommended by spineslayer
Both involve a boy living alone who stumble upon a new girl that changes their life. DearS focuses more on relationships but they both share similar hilarious situations. 
report Recommended by DarkZar
The echi and the adventure on the both of the series is very closer to each other. the animation are very good no mattar when the series exit. 
report Recommended by User-Name
The servant is an gorgeous alien girl and the master is a very lucky, but hardheaded guy. Similar in the fact that relations grow between servant and master. 
report Recommended by Shadow4479
It's a harem. It's got female aliens. Is there really anything else that needs to be said? 
report Recommended by robfoster
A guy is "forced" to have a supernatural girl stay at his house. also, both Shana and Ren loves melon bread.  
report Recommended by moeichi
Similar concept both circle around school except instead of Gods and demons there are Aliens called DearS 
report Recommended by Jackster27