Sasameki Koto

Whispered Words

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Alternative Titles

English: Whispered Words
Synonyms: Sasamekikoto, Sasame Kikoto
Japanese: ささめきこと


Type: TV
Episodes: 13
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Oct 8, 2009 to Dec 31, 2009
Premiered: Fall 2009
Broadcast: Unknown
Licensors: None found, add some
Studios: AIC
Source: Manga
Genres: ComedyComedy, RomanceRomance, SchoolSchool, Shoujo AiShoujo Ai
Duration: 24 min. per ep.
Rating: PG-13 - Teens 13 or older


Score: 7.111 (scored by 2073520,735 users)
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Ranked: #31232
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Popularity: #1997
Members: 55,673
Favorites: 286
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Jan 7, 2011
manami-chan669 (All reviews)
I think we all know how painful it can be to love someone who doesn't love you back. I certainly do, and I don't think I've ever seen an anime series that depicted the loneliness--and very rarely the joy--of one-sided love as well as the shojou ai romcom Sasameki Koto did.

I began watching Sasameki Koto at the very beginning of the year, around the same time I started Junjou Romantica. I could not have picked a better first shojou ai series. Although it is basicly about the love between two girls, it is way lighter and more fun then some of the more dramatic shojou read more
Jan 4, 2010
Poeticas (All reviews)
First of all i want to say that "Sasameki koto" was my first Shoujo-ai anime and because of that it kind of changed my view on Shoujo-ai series and all that girl+girl thing.

Story: "sasameki koto" tells us a story about love which seems strange to many of us and that love is between girls no that love which we call "friends" but real love , feelings and wanting to be with some one. The story revolves around few girls Kazama, Ushio and Murasame, Sumika also their many friends which they encounter. Murasame Sumika feel in love with her best Friend Kazama Ushio who falls in read more
May 26, 2015
jc9622 (All reviews)
Ahh, my very first Shoujou ai Anime... What I would give to remove the show in my brain and watch it again to get that "first time" feeling.

Story 9/10
Sumika Murasame, a high school girl is secretly in love with her best friend Ushio Kazama. Unfortunately, Ushio only likes girls that are cute and small. Sumi is not cute, tall and very athletic. The anime follows exactly the plot of the manga version of the same name (Except episode 12). If this was a stand-alone anime then story rating would have been lower due to the ending of the show (the ending of the show read more
Oct 12, 2016
SpaceWhales (All reviews)
Mod Edit: This review may contain spoilers.

The appeal of a yuri anime, to me, has never been about the multishipping possibilities or the epic romance across space and time. To me, it's been about the subtle interpersonal character drama based upon fear of social ostracisation or lack of mutual feelings, and it's about the quiet tempo of character growth and romance. I felt like Sasameki Koto got this, but didn't know what to do about it.

To start off, Sasameki Koto allures with the prickly thorns of unrequited love between our tall and boyish protagonist, Sumika, and her best friend, Kazama, a girl that likes cutesy read more
Feb 6, 2013
ktulu007 (All reviews)
Sasameki Koto started as a yuri manga written by Ikeda Takashi. The anime adaptation only covers the first part of the manga's story. It was made in 2009 by AIC. Sadly, there has not been a second season yet. Now, I liked this anime when I saw it a couple years ago. Just let me re-watch it so I can properly articulate why. And then I'll tell you all about it.

The story is a relatively simple romance plot. A girl named Sumika is in love with her best friend, Kazama. There's just one problem, Kazama likes cute girls and Sumika is really tall and read more
Dec 10, 2018
captjoe213 (All reviews)
Hi! Welcome to Robert's Too Late Reviews! Today we’re going to be talking about Sasameki Koto (Whispered Words) but I have a feeling you may have already known that! This is a nice little series that fuses some fairly heavy dramatic elements with regular doses of comedy, which for the most part, makes for an enjoyable watch. A glance to the right at my overall score should indicate that I do recommend giving this anime a chance. If you wish to go in ‘blind’, please stop reading at this point as I cannot certify a 100% spoiler-free review. So let’s get to finding out just read more
Jul 6, 2016
Thunderfrog (All reviews)
Sasameki Koto is incomplete as an anime. I know there are manga chapters that wrap it up, but I'm not surprised this never received the second season it was obviously planning to use to wrap things up nicely.

Story. 5

S.K. is a Yuri romance, meaning, many of the characters and love displayed is lesbian in nature. Yuri has a very small representation in anime, and only a small amount of it is really anything worth watching.

The concept is a good one. Girl A is a lesbian, and she likes cute lesbians, as a matter of preference. Girl B is a lesbian, but only for Girl read more
Apr 1, 2010
LordofBeards (All reviews)
Firstly: I'm going to keep it to the point to save you sifting through miles of text :D

I was new to Shoujo-ai anime I thought that this well done.

It has all the things that are expected from Romantic Comedies, but it also has its own turn on the genre. It has a balanced set of characters, which are really well developed, and they all bring something to the fray, be it comedy, or a serious point of the storyline.

Although the anime was a little predictable in the storyline, it didn't matter, as it was enough to keep me watching and not dismiss it. Generally it read more
Jul 16, 2020
flower-magic (All reviews)
I didn’t understand why this was rated so low at first, and then I discovered it was because people were mad at the sudden ending. Then I read the manga, and was much more satisfied after that.

Sasameki Koto is one of those yuri shows that I feel like deserves more attention. Nice art style, good music (although, a bit lacking at times,) and the comedy is great. As a girl who like girls myself, I can safely say I enjoyed it thoroughly.

This is one of those rare yuri anime that caught my interest more quickly than the others, because the plot isn’t just “new read more
Jul 3, 2011
inhumane (All reviews)
First of all I'm a fan of the manga series,therefore my score is biased, I took the time to watch the series last year and just re-watched because I love the manga.Now I will go on with the review of the anime,the synopsis gives the main plot therefore I don't need to explain, the series basic premise is unacquainted love, and hey! chances are everyone can relate to this in a way.
What I love the most about the series are the characters from Sumika,the strong,tall girl who will protect Ushio till the end,even if it means hurting herself.I happen to dislike Ushio a little bit read more
May 9, 2020
rawberryrose (All reviews)
If you’re a girl looking to good sapphic representation- please look elsewhere. Like Citrus and NTR: Trap, it’s very obvious that Sasameki Koto was written with men who like to watch girls kissing in mind other than actual sapphic women. This anime features a large breasted (and often objectified for that reason) airhead that has a crush on a girl solely for her looks and is coveted by her socially awkward and somewhat perverted best friend. Most of the side characters are uninteresting or disturbing like the only boy in the series who has a crush on Sumika but was forced into cross dressing by read more
Mar 22, 2020
84DaysWithout (All reviews)
The Sasameki Koto manga is one of the best romances under the theme of conquering image insecurities and rejection anxiety to be with the person you love. But the anime adaptation only tells a quarter of that story and falls well short of a point in the narrative when Kazama, the primary love interest, begins to receive thorough characterization that explains her previously selfish actions.

You see, before we begin to understand what makes Kazama tick she comes off as an obtuse annoying dumbass who opposes the aesthetic of Sumi almost entirely. Kazama loves girls who are short! Sumi is tall. Kazama loves girls who wear read more
May 6, 2019
moe_sama (All reviews)
Sasameki Koto is a unique hidden gem in shoujo ai anime.
There are common tropes that most genres eventually fall into and cycle through beat for beat, but Sasameki Koto takes it's story into a unique direction and gives you a breath of fresh air.

There are tangible moments of heartache and longing that this series really makes you feel, and often they can come out of nowhere right after you were just grinning at how ridiculous the scene before it was. The set up is always pretty perfect to bring you up and then send you crashing back down. This made Sasameki Koto kind of an read more
Dec 13, 2015
Ryothatic (All reviews)
Similar to other anime adaptations of manga that has yet to be concluded, Sasameki Koto ends on a disappointingly limp note. With the manga ending in 2011 and the anime adaptation both airing and ending in 2009, its only natural for the show to end in such an unsatisfying fashion. The show overall isn't bad, but the ending leaves much to be desired with there being more questions than answers being presented at the show's conclusion.

Sasameki Koti is a romantic comedy focused around a group of girls that come together to form the "Girls Club", a club dedicated to "girl-lovers who had no choice read more
Feb 8, 2017
Sonicscrewdriver (All reviews)
Sasameki Koto is a rarity in the Yuri anime world, it isn't the uber-drama fair of the more highly regarded shows, but neither is it gimmicky and insincere like some on the other end of the spectrum. Instead it's somewhere in between, it's an anime which is gentle and light-hearted but at the same time it feels genuine and it's for this reason alone that it's my favourite Yuri/Shoujo-Ai anime.

Another thing that sets it apart is the lack of ambiguity when it comes to the girl's sexuality. The story doesn't exist in a vacuum where there aren't any boys and the suggestion is that the read more
Sep 11, 2018
LegendAqua (All reviews)
As an avid yuri fan, LA likes looking at all spectrum of a genre, be it the serious melodramatic kind or the more laid back slice of life look, Sasameki Koto itches LA's latter...

Sasameki Koto is the story of one Sumika Murasame voiced by Ayahi Takagaki, a tall, tough girl who is in love with Ushio Kazama voiced by Megumi Takamoto who loves cute things and cute can see where the "obstacle" is in this yuri relationship, of course other characters comes into light as the "Girls Club" is formed in which most of the cast is swept into but by the end they read more
May 2, 2018
DesolatePsyche (All reviews)
First things first. My "reviews" system is explained on a blog entry. Which can be found through my profile.

Couldn't decide between giving it total 5 or 6. But I did manage to finish it without dying to boredom.. so I guess it was good enough?

Anyhow.. I felt as story maybe didn't have as much progression as I hoped for. But I did love the gag element and how the main girl was basically typical ecchi harem show male protagonist. Just the female version, meaning that keeping the distance, yet getting overly excited over simple things. Anyhow.. story did offer some a bit more enjoyable shoujo read more
Apr 19, 2018
Rasly2 (All reviews)
It looks like Aoi Hana, except with a bit les budget and les serious story.
Goos drawing, music, and story is okey except its seems like writter got tilted on episode 8.

And here i was thinking that Aoi Hana delivery was weak. In this anime there is no apples delivery at all. Basically 2 girls kind of like each other then 12 episodes long nothing happen and that is it! This is a good anime but i feel like im being trolled. Its the weakest romance i have seen ever.

Extra about original manga: Well i just got manga and after going thru it i understand why read more
Jan 12, 2018
SovietWeeb (All reviews)
I enjoyed this. The cast of characters in this is by far the strong point of the entire show.

All the characters react in an actual human way. They don't freak out cause they thought someone liked them but turns out they didn't.

The comedy is also pretty good.

The boy that acts like cross dresses i kind of just wish they had him be a chick instead. Just something that annoys me.

The ending left a lot to be desired. A lot of unresolved issues. Really wish they would both just say their feelings for each other.

Overall a pretty good show that probably should've gotten an read more
Jun 3, 2014
Gakeun (All reviews)
So before I start I have to admit I am one of the people who read and completed the manga before I watched the anime so I am a bit biased. Sasameki Koto or Whispered Words in English is the Story of Sumika, a girl who is good at sports and has great grades but even though she has the shy girl with glasses look she is far from shy and Ushio her best friend who is a sweet girl who has a love of cute girls. The problem is Sumika is in love with Ushio but she herself doesn't fit the qualifications of cute read more