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Synonyms: DN Angel, DNAngel
Japanese: D・N・ANGEL
English: D.N.Angel
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Type: TV
Episodes: 26
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Apr 3, 2003 to Sep 25, 2003
Premiered: Spring 2003
Broadcast: Unknown
Producers: Kadokawa Shoten
Studios: Xebec
Source: Manga
Genres: ActionAction, ComedyComedy, FantasyFantasy, RomanceRomance
Theme: SchoolSchool
Demographic: ShoujoShoujo
Duration: 23 min. per ep.
Rating: PG-13 - Teens 13 or older


Score: 7.181 (scored by 9625296,252 users)
1 indicates a weighted score.
Ranked: #30902
2 based on the top anime page. Please note that 'Not yet aired' and 'R18+' titles are excluded.
Popularity: #1079
Members: 177,410
Favorites: 1,247

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Jul 8, 2008
theeggman85 (All reviews)
It seems that most people who have read the manga are disappointed with the series, and that's completely understandable. I usually like to read a manga and then ignore the anime version of it, or possibly try the first few episodes. It's sad but true: the animes just don't quite live up to their manga counterparts.
That aside, I have never read the manga, so take into account that my review is written without knowledge of the story manga-style.

Fantastic! This anime is truly amazing! I want to start by telling you this:
The reason that this anime is so great is the innocence and purity of the read more
Jun 3, 2007
VK11 (All reviews)
Let me lead of by first saying that I love D.N.Angel and its an amazing anime, however, I just feel that it had the potential of being so much better than what was presented with the final product in the anime.

The story of D.N.Angel is relatively original as you don't see other anime shows adopting what D.N.Angel has - an angel stealing artwork in hopes of preventing world destruction, if you put it in very simple terms. In a nutshell, the Niwa family has long been the bloodline that holds the dark-winged angel, Dark, in their male children and every 40 years or so, read more
Nov 6, 2010
FauxAzn (All reviews)
Just watch the first episode — that’s all it should take. There are plenty of lengthy reviews for D.N.Angel, so I'll try to be concise to save you some time:

What makes this anime truly stand out is how the story, the characters, and the romance are all serious and pure. This is not another silly anime where the characters degenerate into loons or crack stupid jokes. They take their lives seriously, which in turn allows you to take them seriously, and eventually get sucked into their world.

Though most episodes are captivating and fun, the show does stagnate in places. read more
May 5, 2007
Rowan (All reviews)
The plotline of DNAngel is really one of a kind. There are so many unique twists throughout the story that there is rarely a dull moment. Basically a boy named Daisuke Niwa falls in love with a girl names Risa Harada. On his fourteenth birthday he is basically rejected by Risa and later when he is thinking of her his DNA has some kind of reaction to Risa and he changes into the phantom thief Dark Mousy every time he thinks of Risa. To make matters difficult, Dark has the same reaction to Risa's twin sister Riku. But there is a problem- Risa is the read more
Mar 14, 2008
DistinctlyBenign (All reviews)
I really don't understand the raving about this series. D.N.Angel has a typical anime plot, and executes it poorly.

The story starts out typically enough, based on the first two episodes it could have really been something good. Young boy who is a high school student by day, and a paranormal thief by night.

Its just that the storyline itself develops slowly and never really built up much interest. The actual stealing was a bit interesting, in the style of Lupin the Third, but in the end D.N.Angel just fails to deliver.

I'm not sure on the English dub, but I must say that the Japaneses voice acting read more
Jan 18, 2008
Phill-z (All reviews)
There is nothing outstanding to say about D.N.Angel. When I think of it, nothing really comes into my mind as to how it's unique compared to other animes, or how all the pieces of it create something truly great because it's not.

Story: Prophecies/Fate/Family Secrets are all plot points which, unless done really well, make an anime extremely cliched. I couldn't tell whether this anime was a crime/fantasy anime or a fantasy/romance. They make this really big deal about Dark being an amazing theif, which originally I thought was pretty cool, but then they make him steal magical things that hurt people...which grew read more
Dec 31, 2007
KuroiNamida (All reviews)
D.N. Angel is definitely one of the best animes of all time. It's quite well known, and with good reason. The story deals with the blurry borders between certain things - such as Good vs. Bad. And the plot basically asks one question that has become rather philosophical through the ages. "Does the end justify the means?" Without giving away the plot, I mean of course, "Is Dark/Daisuke Niwa's job alright because of his reason for doing it?"
The artwork - to be quite frank, is marvelous. In particular episodes, the artwork is so outstanding, my emotions became overwhelming due read more
Feb 8, 2013
Reborn1991 (All reviews)
D.N.Angel is an anime that i can say is a classic, the story was very understanding and simple to follow. the main character is in love with Risa Harada, but when he is about to confess to her he is friend-zoned by her, and you know the rest if you read the Synopsis.

The Art was Great not only the character concept, but the art in the pictures, there is nothing bad i can say about the drawings.

The Sound isn't bad but some of the sound is annoying, but other than that it is very pleasing to the ears especially the background music.

The Characters are awesome read more
Mar 28, 2009
Cupcake_1 (All reviews)
A little about the Characters

D.N.Angel follows the adventures of Daisuke Niwa and how he must cope with his alter-ego, Dark Mousy. Because of the nature of the ability, his two friends, the twin sisters Riku and Risa Harada become involved. Other central figures include Satoshi Hiwatari, a descendant of the Hikari family who created the artworks that Dark targets in his thefts and the adopted son of a high ranking police officer. Like Daisuke, Satoshi possesses his own alter-ego, Krad.

Daisuke's family act as supporting characters in the story and aid Daisuke as he copes with the instability of his transformations.

A little more

D.N.Angel was adapted read more
Mar 6, 2013
inarizushi (All reviews)
Way, way back in middle school, I read this manga. That was back when I snapped up every manga I could find, and adored phantom thieves (Kurama, and Tuxedo Kamen, and Saint Tail, oh my!). A friend gave me the box set of the anime for Christmas and I was so excited.

Until I watched it.

D.N.Angel can't decide if it wants to be an epic story of light vs. darkness or a show about a middle school love triangle. It starts out good enough with the phantom thief angle, but that turns into a completely different story about ancient magical rivals. Which would be fine except read more
Jul 16, 2007
Aishiteruze (All reviews)
D.N Angel is about an ordinary boy, named Daisuke Niwa who has a family secret: when a boy in the Niwa family turns 14, he\'s prone to turning into phantom thief Dark. The only way to turn into this phantom thief is to think about the girl that he has strong feelings for. At this point in time, it\'s a girl named Risa.

Dark has an alternate named Krad, who is represented as angel, which is like \"light\", and they\'re constantly at war with each other, but the reality is they both have to be conjoined together.

D.N angel is such a cute anime to watch, Daisuke read more
Feb 20, 2015
Muan142 (All reviews)
Watch it before you read the manga.

Guy, Daisuke transforms into Phantom thief Dark. Dark is different personality that lives in his head. Ladies man, very suave. Daiske is a nice dweeb, dreams of being like Dark. Can't stop transforming till girl likes him. In the mean time, he steals magic cursed art.

I liked, no loved this show before I read the manga. Daisuke is such a loser, Risa just tramples over him, and I could sympathize with that. A lot of guys can actually, despite it being about a bunch of bishounen who act ambiguously gay at times, this anime tends to appeal a read more
Mar 26, 2008
yoshiness (All reviews)
*I am not really good at writing long reviews... so yea...*

Not sure how to answer this
Great story line. I can't think of another anime with this kind of idea.

Sound effects, voices, music, and everything just matched the characters themselves and played at just the right times (??? lol)

Each character has a unique "aura". Just by their hobbies and actions you can tell what kind of people they are. You can also relate to some of them.

I couldn't stop watching this show once i started (finished it in 3 days, because I started it after it finished airing)
May 27, 2010
yuudaiikanata (All reviews)
'mkay, d.n. angel..

i remebered that faithful day when i accidentally stumbled upon the tv channel where this was showing. the first episode got me hooked! what i liked about this show was because of the art works. haha. the story is nice actually. it's unique in its own ways but interesting nonetheless.

art work is great! XD although i found some instances when they were a bit too skinny. haha. OST is great as well, i actually had the songs downloaded. i prefer the action over the love story (though the love story IS the side story) i just found it boring when they were focusing read more
Aug 8, 2009
Rinjii (All reviews)
First of all, hearing about DN Angel, I first got the impression of not being interested on it. I decided to buy the DVD to try watching a bit of it. After awhile, I started to take a liking on the Anime Series due to some reasons (maybe because it's Romance and Magic). I love the anime series so much that It resulted to addiction *I guess*. I made DN Angel as one of my best watched anime ever!

Daisuke Niwa is a 14-year-old boy who has a special genetic ability: whenever he sees or thinks about his crush, Risa Harada, he turns into the infamous read more
Jan 28, 2013
katlee8225 (All reviews)
i just gave it nines on everything because it is one of my favs, but not number 1.
story- 9
i love the whole story. everything about it i love! i love how niwa has to get riku to return his feeling before dark will go away but he ends up falling for risa! I was so sad though when dark left, like for good!
I love the art! i dont even know what else to say about it other then that!
i love the characters! i think riku is a bit of a dits but she is super nice. i think risa is just great in general! niwa read more
Jul 30, 2016
NekoHimeRikki (All reviews)
I'm very obsessed with this anime. I have already watched it 6 times and will most likely continue to watch it for years to come. I've only read a little of the Manga but there will be some spoilers. I came across this anime on Wikipedia in 2013 when I was searching for a new Magical girl anime. At the time, the magical girls genre was the only type of anime I wad interested in. It's thanks to this anime that I started to watch anime from other genres.

It's about read more
Nov 25, 2007
piphie (All reviews)
Story: The story has no story. This is just one of those animes that you watch for the hot guys. Certainly the most of a plot I could get out of D.N.Angel was that 12 year old Daisuke Niwa belongs to a family that has played host to the phatom theif Dark Mosey. The reason it's called D.N.Angel is because Dark is like a black angel (he has wings) and his DNA lives within Daisuke's. Meaning Daisuke's body has two hosts. Whenever Daisuke sees his crush (Risa Harada) he turns into Dark, and when Dark sees his crush, twin older sister of Risa, Riku Harada, read more
Jul 16, 2009
outlaw98 (All reviews)
Based on the title, the genre listed, the badass looking dude with the black wings, and the first 30 seconds of this anime, I assumed this was going to be some kind of action adventure anime. You know, kind of like Shakugan no Shana, Inuyasha, or maybe even Outlaw Star. Just something with fighting + romance. Unexpectedly, it was not. D.N.Angel is really more of a romance shojo (more on the girly side) anime. This is not necessarily a bad thing, just not what I expected, so if you're not a shoujo fan, you might want to consider skipping this anime.

Story - Quite different from read more
Feb 20, 2009
BB-chan (All reviews)
It's about a 14 year old boy named Daisuke Niwa.
And the year of is 14th birthday he turs into Phantom theif dark Mousy.
And he sends out warnig signals and for Dark to turn into Daisuke he has to
steal something. But as soon as you get farther into the series you will see why Daisuke doesn't won't Dark to do anything Daisuke wasn't confident enough to do like (ask Miss Harada out) hint hint.