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Mimi wo Sumaseba

Alternative Titles

English: Whisper of the Heart
Synonyms: If You Listen Carefully, Ghibli Movie 10
Japanese: 耳をすませば


Type: Movie
Episodes: 1
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Jul 15, 1995
Producers: Tokuma Shoten
Studios: Studio Ghibli
Source: Manga
Duration: 1 hr. 51 min.
Rating: G - All Ages


Score: 8.281 (scored by 86,995 users)
1 indicates a weighted score. Please note that 'Not yet aired' titles are excluded.
Ranked: #2662
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Popularity: #673
Members: 159,396
Favorites: 2,003


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Feb 24, 2011
Oolong (All reviews)
The strength of Whisper of the Heart is the strength all films that have been touched by Miyazaki seem to have. That is, the details. In this film the things that have impressed me were the little extras that are contained in each characters movements. It's something that you very rarely get—at least this consistently—outside of Miyazaki films. Whether it be reaching for the lamp cord from bed, failing, and needing to sit up to do it properly, or whether it be the normal silences in conversation (as apposed to dramatic silences), everything just feels a lot more real, a lot more vibrant than most read more
Oct 7, 2009
MoMo-Da-Gr8 (All reviews)
Story: 10/10
Mimi wo Sumaseba, which literally means If You Listen Closely, tells the story of Shizuku, a junior-high school student who is struggling to find out who she is. The movie takes you on a journey through her imagination and daily life as she makes decisions that will ultimately decide her future.

This is the first anime movie I watched,Ghibli movie too, that wasn't packed with interruptions and magic to HELP the characters fall in love. Their love is PURE and honest that even if the plot moves very slow, its adorable. Whisper of the Heart helped me through one of my worst years, as its read more
Aug 22, 2013
ksyndrome (All reviews)
Whisper of the Heart is unique with respect to its Ghibli film counterparts in that it seems almost mundane. Here we have our main heroine Shizuku Tsukishima and her life as a middle school-aged girl. While the film is essentially a slice-of-life with a hint of the "boy-meets-girl" rom-com trope thrown in, the way in which its characters are presented is not only relate-able to the audience but also endearing; an adult could sympathize with Shizuku just as much as a child could. As someone who values character development greatly, I feel that the creators efforts really pay off in showing how our main heroine read more
Jan 28, 2014
Aryaragi (All reviews)
Adolescence is among the most memorable phases in one's life. During this time, we tend to make decisions based on adrenaline instincts, work as we wish to, while repudiating any advice. Some of us even develop endearing feelings of love for someone, while also chasing our own dream or even remoulding them for the sake of someone else, often out of inspiration and seldom out of desperation.

Working on the themes of adolescence and infatuation giving rise to a wonderful journey of self discovery, Studio Ghibli presents us with Mimi wo Sumaseba also commonly known as Whisper of the Heart. The story mainly revolves around the read more
Jan 8, 2008
hikage11 (All reviews)
The story is based on a manga by Aoi Hiiragi. What I like about it is that it focuses on a problem that each of us go to at a certain point in our lives, what we want to be when we grow up. This is usually affected by our own capabilities, dreams, certain circumstances and people around us that either pull us down or help us keep going. I think students can relate to the plot better since they are going through similar to what the characters in the story are.

The characters are drawn in the usual Ghibli style. Although simple, the characters are read more
Jan 20, 2016
ktulu007 (All reviews)
I've reviewed a lot of Studio Ghibli films. In January of 2014, one of those films was The Cat Returns. During that review, I mentioned that it's a spin-off loosely connected to this film, Whisper of the Heart. Now, that film was pretty good with plenty of strong elements. Let's look at Whisper of the Heart and see if the same holds true for it.


Shizuku has a pretty easy life. Her parents are easy-going and she has plenty of friends and lots of time to read obsessively. One day, she notices that all of the books she gets from the library seem to have been read more
Mar 13, 2016
Lindle (All reviews)
Whisper of the Heart perfectly captures the anxieties of growing up and finding your place in the world, and the anxieties faced by any creator finding their creative voice, weaving the two into a spectacular coming-of-age story.

It's surprising that this is one of few Ghibli movies to not be directed by either Hayao Miyazaki or Isao Takahata (although Miyazaki was heavily involved with other elements of its production). It possesses both Miyazaki's incredible skill at visual storytelling, and Takahata's subtle mastery of conveying plot through emotion.

It's almost redundant to say this of any Ghibli movie, but the production job here is incredible. The background art read more
May 23, 2009
JTurner (All reviews)
Yoshifumi Kondo's first and only film for Studio Ghibli (he died a few years after it was completed), WHISPER OF THE HEART, is an absolute delight. Gentle but not syrupy, this modern-day story about a girl and boy discovering that they have a lot in common is beautifully animated, compellingly characterized, and full of heart (pun intended).

Based on a graphic-novel by Aoi Hiragi with a script by Hayao Miyazaki, the movie centers on Shizuku Tsukishima, a somewhat absent-minded but sympathetic young High School student who would rather read books from the library rather than study for her school tests. Shizuku discovers that a certain read more
Apr 1, 2019
AnimeBW (All reviews)
The best way I can describe the experience of watching Whisper of the Heart is to compare it to a critical scene in the film itself, where the protagonist Shizuku first stumbles across the old antique shop that will come to serve as her inspiration. It’s a quiet, stuffy, ancient place, tarnished trinkets from bygone ages covered in the dust and cobwebs of time’s unyielding march forward. It would be so easy to overlook such a quiet, shut-off corner of the universe in today’s much more active world. Yet there’s something enchanting about the place that can’t help but draw you in. There’s a real read more
Apr 11, 2008
fluffyindrag (All reviews)
A beautiful story that is so true-to-life and poignant...

The characters have the depth to give what might have been merely another daily life story that magical twist that has made Studio Ghibli so iconic.

With the honest depiction of the struggles teenagers encounter when facing "growing up" and the obvious thought put into every scene, the whole film moves the characters from nondescript children to young adults destined for something more. A coming-of-age that is anything but ordinary.

There's really no more to say for it. Simply outstanding.
Jun 3, 2011
Pyrakuu (All reviews)
I have no idea why people enjoyed this movie. I have never been a very big appreciator of these Miyazaki stamped films, although I don't necessarily dislike them all, but this film is the worst of them I've seen. Lets go through the details.

The animation is in constant conflict. While the backgrounds have some fairly impressive detail, the moving parts of the animation are inconsistent and often poorly done and all movement is extremely choppy. The backgrounds and characters also don't seem to work very well together in some situations as if they exist on different layers. Another example of read more
Apr 12, 2008
NotARandomName (All reviews)
I'm not a great fan of Studio Ghibli's films, but this one is definitely worth seeing.


The main plot is quite simple but its plain beauty makes it endearing rather than dull. The pacing is very relaxed, fitting with the general nostalgic atmosphere of the story. Of course there're a few flaws, such as a few very cheesy scenes (ie ending) and a side plot which feels somewhat out of place and is almost separate from the main storyline (the couple at Shizuku's school).


The backgrounds are excellent. Not only are they detailed, but also have a certain artsy charm that makes them stand out among the read more
Jan 15, 2011
trzr23 (All reviews)
High school has always been a popular setting for anime. Most anime associate high school with slice of life, comedy, romance, and of late, harem. This has worked out very well for most anime, but there was one little thing that always bugged me for some reason – it was all just a backdrop and never actually felt like one. The teachers are non-existent, the school is magically empty when the male and the female lead need to be alone and most importantly, the main characters were always a two-goody shoes or a precocious little punk, on whose shoulders the fate of the world rests. read more
Jan 18, 2019
Ethan_07 (All reviews)
" Country road, take me home ... "

A classic Japanese anime with a classic Western song, this anime is so underrated in many ways. Country road, coincidentally, was also sang by Merlin in Kingsman when he sacrificed himself to save his friends, listening to the Japanese version of it gave me extra feels and it's especially amazing.

This is a simple story with a simple setting in a simple town, a girl and a boy met by fate set out to chase their dream, one to become a story writer while the other to become a famous violin maker. It starts off with a mysterious ambience read more
Oct 13, 2016
OhWowzers (All reviews)
Honestly, it was really boring to me that I almost fell asleep. Also the ending just came out of no where. Idk is this is a spoiler but I don't care because this movie is like 22 years old, but when the 2 main characters were like, "We should get married someday."..."Yeah! We should!"... then the credits just roll up. I was like..."Wait....That's the ending?" It caught me by surprise.

The Story was boring, I couldn't get myself into it. It's just about this nerd girl who loves to read and she learns new things and she hangs out with this kid who she has read more
Mar 22, 2011
Magdalen (All reviews)
Whisper of the Heart is unusual for a Studio Ghibli film in not featuring any magic, or at least nothing supernatural. That said, it is at least as much about magic as many of their films full of witches and spirits and demons. Rather than the usual fantastic adventure stories which are merely facilitated by magic, this is a celebration of story-telling, music, creativity and love - all the sorts of things that make real life magical.

Our heroine is Shizuku, a girl of around fourteen who dreams of being a writer, and like most aspiring writers she reads heavily. Borrowing book after book from the read more
Jul 15, 2016
vini64 (All reviews)
Today this enchanting work of art is completing 21 years. A Studio Ghibli production directed by the late Yoshifumi Kondō, with Hayao Miyazaki on the screenplay, Whisper of the Heart takes us to the life of Shizuku, a 14 year old girl that lives her day-to-day without worrying about anything. She likes to read a lot of books, to write poetry and to translate songs in foreign languages. Her life changes when she meets Amasawa Seiji, a boy that has a dream of becoming a violin luthier and is already training to do so. By meeting him, she starts to think about things concerning her read more
Oct 26, 2017
kiki-jiji (All reviews)
Story 6/10

I found that the movie is very stop and start mixed with some "whats going on?" and "what are they talking about?". I didn't understand how these two kids who barely interacted were suddenly like "lets get married when I come back from Italy making violins!". That sentence alone was confusing enough for me. I think the message was supposed to be something along the lines of "Follow your dreams!" but it feels different from other Studio Ghibli movies that have a lot more love put into them. It just feels generic. But a Ghibli movie is a Ghibli movie so I can't say read more
May 11, 2014
vigorousjammer (All reviews)
What can I say about Studio Ghibli's Tenth Film, Whisper of the Heart?

Well, let's start with the story. The film focuses on a love story between two middle-school students, and their unexpected meeting. It goes in a few different directions from there, changing focus to the everyday trials and tribulations of a person's life. Anyway, the tale is told wonderfully, with each scene presented in a joyful almost fantasy-like nature. That's not to say the characters or their interactions are fantastical, quite the opposite, everything comes off as incredibly realistic. I guess the story just has a sort of dream-like quality to it, having heartwarming read more
Apr 9, 2011
Esnarnian (All reviews)
Whisper of the Heart is another Studio Ghibli film that focuses of love, life, and what it is like to be a teenager. It is a bit sappy and predictable, but if love stories are your thing then you will probably like this film. To put it short, the story is about a bibliophile who dreams of living in a fairy tale until she meets a special someone who shows her that fairy tales can be a reality if one looks hard enough.

The story of Whisper of the Heart is a heartfelt and somewhat realistic story of what life could read more