Phantom: Requiem for the Phantom

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Japanese: Phantom 〜Requiem for the Phantom〜
English: Phantom: Requiem for the Phantom
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Type: TV
Episodes: 26
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Apr 3, 2009 to Sep 25, 2009
Premiered: Spring 2009
Broadcast: Fridays at 02:15 (JST)
Producers: Genco
Licensors: Funimation
Studios: Bee Train
Source: Visual novel
Genres: ActionAction, DramaDrama, SuspenseSuspense
Theme: Organized CrimeOrganized Crime
Demographic: SeinenSeinen
Duration: 24 min. per ep.
Rating: R - 17+ (violence & profanity)


Score: 7.971 (scored by 118820118,820 users)
1 indicates a weighted score.
Ranked: #6072
2 based on the top anime page. Please note that 'Not yet aired' and 'R18+' titles are excluded.
Popularity: #615
Members: 308,946
Favorites: 4,302

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Darker than black, combined with a few "American hitman movies" like Bourne, Leon, Wanted... would get you Requiem for the Phantom, as both main characters are assassins working for a crime Syndicate.  
report Recommended by aswani
The similarities between these two great series are evident. Average Japanese guy gets involved with a not exactly legal organization and sees his life changing completely. His initial innocence also fades more and more. Both anime are mature, dark, violent, with a rotten and outlaw feeling, and have great animation and music. Add guns, mafia, action, and you'll get some really good entertainment. 
report Recommended by RenaPsychoKiller
similar girls with guns, hitman and secret association story 
report Recommended by Zazzy753
Ignoring the obvious criminal underworld and assassin lead links between the two, there's a parallel of sorts between Brandon & Harry and Reiji & Claudia's relationships. Where as both Brandon and Reiji do the dirty work required to push their 'bosses' further up the ladder, Harry and Claudia fight their battles in the criminal political arena; trying to get ahead of their rivals. There are VERY few anime in existence that deal with assassins killing too many people to count and their involvement with criminal organizations. So, though the directions the two go in differ, if you liked one then it's definitely worth checking out the  read more 
report Recommended by AironicallyHuman
Both deal with powerful organizations, using assassins, to do their dirty work. Dark psychological themes throughout. 
report Recommended by Master10K
These anime have overall a very similar feeling to me. Firstly, both are serious, dark, mature, and psychological anime which deal with crimes, death, making plans and strategies, murders, secret identities. Both have secret organizations, mystery, police, guns, bishounen, some violence, and no comedy. In both we see the male protagonist’s life and personality changing completely after a certain event. Plus, some characters are incredibly similar (Raito=Zwei, Reiji Namikawa=Raymond McGuire, Shingo Midou=Shiga, Misa=young Cal). Both have a good OST, and I’ve instantly found Death Note’s 2nd OP & Phantom’s 1st ED visually very similar (not to mention that Zwei’s sexy grin in the ending theme reminded me of Raito  read more 
report Recommended by RenaPsychoKiller
Both are involved with the criminal underworld of America, both main characters have had something taken from them 
report Recommended by Otaku_Joe
+both have Girls with guns +Both main characters have sad past +both have Wars,Military, Weapons and organizations. 
report Recommended by TrOjAnHoRsE
The both give me the same feeling when watching them. Same Assassins with "inhuman" abilities concept. Also the animation is very simillar.  
report Recommended by vault2049
The protagonists get their memories wiped clean and the organizations that did it uses them by getting the protagonists to work for the organization. In both stories the characters are given false identities. They begin shady dealings for the organization while they set out to discover more about the secrets of the organization and their own true identities.  
report Recommended by DreamingSomeday
-- Children being kidnapped, brainwashed and turned into unfeeling assassins. -- A male and female assassin pair bonding; their bond being shattered by their organization forcing them to kill each other. -- The assassins having to come to terms with normal life, after previously only knowing a world of murder and death. After an intense opening arc, AH becomes more like City Hunter: the emphasis switching to episodic, more lighthearted content. Phantom, on the other hand, is dark and serious all the way through. 
report Recommended by AironicallyHuman
Both incorporate very dark themes about humans such as the individual instinct for survival but at the same time give appreciation for the simple and ordinary things in life . Requiem expresses via mafia style while Evangelion displays the classic mecha sci-fi style. The characters themselves in both Animes are oddly similar to each other. 
report Recommended by SkiesOfBlue
Both about assassins with a strong girl lead role and a boy assassin. lots of action [there's explicit sex scenes as well however] both slaves at their job and doing what they're told by upper bosses. 
report Recommended by shootsbrah
1. Both series share the same concept of kill or be killed. 2. Both series involves training with a gun and how to kill. 3. Both series involves illegal human experiments by brainwashing and transforming them into murderers. 4. Both series have a lot of bloodshed.  
report Recommended by RedvelvetDaisuki
Both animes have a similar dark, gritty atmosphere. The main characters have exceptional capabilities and fight to break out of the cycle of despair the world has forced them into. 
report Recommended by essence45
They both have male protagonist characters who show an exceptional ability to kill people. Grisaia's protagonist is more inhuman from a cruel, abusive, abnormal past. Both shows show the protagonists training how to kill people in both guns and knives. They both have their protagonists put into morally ambiguous circumstances, with a stronger case being able to be made that they are, the bad guys (for at least part of the series). 
report Recommended by No1shero3
So similar. Both have underground organizations groups working as the main background figures. Main characters are used for killing (assassins). 
report Recommended by gregory003
Main character is kidnapped by evil organization and trained as assassin. He is forced to kill against his will. Finally he rebel and fight against organization which destroyed his life. Main character is controlled by darkness, grief, lost meaning in life. He meets something special which helps change, find light in the dark. Both are great action, philological anime. Main difference is that Phantom is darker and sadder, and in Grisaia you can find harem.  
report Recommended by KiraLT
Both feature a Japanese teen learning to cope with a crapsack kill-or-be-killed world, all while trying to do something beneficial with their lives. 
report Recommended by robfoster
Both dealing with assassin organizations and lots of gun packed action 
report Recommended by shinigami310
Phantom ~ Requiem For the Phantom is fanciful than Golgo 13, but both delve into the world of elite assassins. If you liked one, you may well want to consider the other.  
report Recommended by lisnoire
ikiru tabe ni plot ~! ~ the story is kinda different, but it all about surviving. crazy- nofeelings mode etc etc 
report Recommended by merandill
I recommend these series to anyone who is interested in tragedy and gun fight action. 
report Recommended by FalloutShounen3
Same director Koichi Mashimo and studio Bee Train. El Cazador de la Bruja is part of the girls-with-guns trilogy along with Noir and Madlax. The premise also deals with assassins and a handling organization. 
report Recommended by chicanerous
Each serie have this mafia/yakuza climate. They are packed with gun battles, as well as more emotional, sad scenes. Requiem for Phantom focuses on main characters and their decisions, while Black Lagoon is more about criminal world in general. 
report Recommended by toiboks
Like overflowing tears, we live this fleeting moment as if it is shining. The repetition of meeting and parting in those days, our whole being is torn what should we believe in? Both are tragic stories. Yes, tragedy. Sadness and pain envelop the main characters. This is the antisocial message. Ash is similar to Zwei. They have precious people named Eiji and Ein. They fight for them hardly. Both have many gunfights and deep drama. It's more than just killing. Atonement and Salvation. What is a human who wants to protect? Where is their right place? They keep looking for them. Even the end of hell. The setting is the same.  read more 
report Recommended by Xnovazero
This show is similar to Noir/Madlax/El Cazador, because all of these shows are directed by the same guy. Two people. One experienced, another a trainee. Secret organizations. Underworld. Supernatural elements. And as usual, I really don't like the OP/EDs.  
report Recommended by laflecha
In both animes, girls are raised to be killers. In both animes theres violence and drama while the main characters try desperately to live a normal life and regain the feelings that they lost when they became assassins. Also, in both animes, the main guys lost their memories of the past.  
report Recommended by Orulyon
Both have a relentless atmosphere about them that hardly ever gives off the impression of joy. Both stories are, in essence, about humanity. Granted, in two, totally, different situations. Despite this, they are quite addicting, have a nice and well-rounded cast of characters, have AMAZING art and music. And stand out as truly unique. But... they not for everyone as they're both highly mature and graphic, and deal with topics that aren't suitable for those who like "4 lumps of sugar instead of black...". Oh, and they're both slow starters. Phantom deals with the psyches of killers. It has a better, more detailed, beginning than Tex, and the cast of  read more 
report Recommended by Otaking09
Fateful encounters cause sadness at times. Both settings are different. But the characters are quite similar. Especially Main Characters. Story progress by two pairs. Zwei and Ein. Shion and Nezumi. Their relationship is almost the same. Both focus on drama than action. Friendship, frustration, and trust are part of the theme. Phantom is bloody and tragic in the modern age. No.6 is complicated and devastating in dystopia. OP/ED songs are aesthetic. Phantom's first OP and No.6's ED are goosebumps. High artistry. Both bring endless surprises. Just see it. This is a very elaborate composition. Attention. Zwei and Ein are a Normal Couples. Shion and Nezumi are included in Boys Love. But please don't  read more 
report Recommended by Xnovazero
Both have a crazy old man that's obsessed with the female main character and taking nude pictures of her, and both girls aren't regular humans. 
report Recommended by Kazami
Watching the first episode of Tokyo Ghoul remind me a lot to Phantom. Why? Because they bot have a main protagonist who becames a "something" (in Phantom, a phantom, in Tokyo Ghoul, a ghoul) against their own will. They both have to kill people for different reasons too. The main difference is that Phantom envolves mafia and adult characters, while the most part of Tokyo Ghoul's cast (by now) are teenagers. 
report Recommended by sabinseparte
Both anime's have the same sort of feel to them 
report Recommended by killua94
Ignoring the setting, both Denpa Teki na Kanojo and Phantom: Requiem for the Phantom possesses a dark and serious theme. Both of them can be related to reality, meaning no supernatural, fantasy or magic elements and unbelievably abnormal character strengths and over exaggerated and plain personalities.  
report Recommended by InvisibleMelody
The story lines both start off with the protagonist waking up in an unfamiliar and isolated place alone, suffering from memory loss. Their closest partners are girls who help them come to terms with killing others. Both protagonists are troubled by the thought of becoming a murderer, but are forced to kill other people in order to survive. The animes both revolve around the theme of "Kill or be killed".  
report Recommended by lunafly
people might find this odd but both main characters have lost their memory and in phantom ein is unfazed by killing similar to kouichi aziawa not to mention the fact the they main characters don't fully understand what's going on I hope you found this recommendation helpful 
report Recommended by lpkyle
The stories of these series are about assassins life. Both contains violence, blood, a lot of action, fighting, deaths. Also art is really great. So if you like this kind of stuff I really recommend it. However for me Phantom: Requiem for the Phantom is darker and much deeper. In Akame ga Kill! you can find comedy elements. And unlike the Akame ga Kill! assassins which kills on their free will Phantom: Requiem for the Phantom assassins are forced to kill to live. 
report Recommended by KiraLT
Phantom: Requiem for the Phantom and Phantom the Animation are both adapted from the visual novel Phantom of Inferno, so they have a very similar plot and many of the same characters. If you've seen one, it's definitely worth it to see the other. 
report Recommended by Lost_Viking
Both MCs are suddenly thrown into a darker and crueler world, and have to toughen up and lose their initial innocence/change their perspectives in order to survive. They're both aided by a companion knowledgeable of this new world, and their relationships with said companions are, besides action and character development and psychology, one of the shows' primary focuses. 
report Recommended by pometlo
This is what would actually happen if you forced kids to assassinate. similar points are just the theme of murder/assassination and kids being forced to kill. 
report Recommended by Necriptos
Both about boys who were forced into a situation where they have to kill mercilessly. They both constantly switch between cold unfeeling killer and just a regular boy.  
report Recommended by joqette
Facing East in the morning with your little brother on the left! You know, what I mean? Many would think their is no similarities but there is. If you hate Code Geass, You should watch Phantom. They are both pretty old but actual gold!  
report Recommended by UvST
The characters might not be similar, but I do find the settings somewhat similar. The show tells a story about characters who's related to some sort of an organization that needs them to kill someone the organization orders them to do. Both characters from the 2 show uses guns and arms as a main weapon. 
report Recommended by Daxonzion-
while its not Isekai both anime play the lead of highly skilled assassins. 
report Recommended by RandomGamer8221
Both of the following anime share similar themes and protagonists as well. Centering around the themes of power, money, and good vs. bad morals, we have two shows that display the trickeries that people can devise. Telomere from Vampire Bund is the equal to Inferno for Phantom Requiem and Mina aswell to some extent. They use any tricks they can and fool anybody they can in order to get what they want, no matter the cost. The protagonists, Akira and Zwei, respectively, are caught in between the worlds of the innocent and the evil and have to make rather difficult choices. Struggling between what they've been dragged into  read more 
report Recommended by spartan1232
Both shows deal with an MC who is stoic and unmerciful towards their enemies while at the same time see that an inescapable fate is awaiting them. Also don't expect both to be happy since it builds up to such a dark, depressing, deconstructed, and tragic development. 
report Recommended by WingZeroRequiem
Both feature a super soldier who starts off as emotionless and ruthless killer who does not question his authorities with a later character development. Also don't expect both to be happy since it builds up to such a dark, depressing, deconstructed, and tragic development. 
report Recommended by WingZeroRequiem
MCs were trained from youth in a harsh manner ends up as vigilantes gaining fame that draws attention threats they cannot escape from. 
report Recommended by WingZeroRequiem
Both have quite a dark feeling to them and are action packed, and watching one reminded me of the other. 
report Recommended by killua94
Althought these two are from very different genres, they're from the same scenarist (Gen Urobuchi), and they're both a lesson of realism against over-idealistic views.  
report Recommended by hannibalmick
Tragedy is the common theme in both anime as they deal with badass MCs who are soldiers that take away lives one after another. Character development takes place at some point making both MCs regret their actions and look at their lives from a different perspective. Also both are depressing and dark meaning there is zero happiness throughout the anime. 
report Recommended by WingZeroRequiem
Both series contain action, drama, and a little psychological theme to go along with the mix. Both series features a main protagonist meeting a strange young girl who holds many secrets. Both series also has some sci-fi themes and have a deeper story as the episodes progresses. 
report Recommended by Stark700
Both shows are great action thrillers with the protagonist being a highly skilled killer training under an even better killer, and their trials as they try to carve out a place in the world. 
report Recommended by robfoster
The series give a very similar vibe despite looking different at first sight. However, they are not as different as you think. In both series characters are imprisoned (reformatory and mafia) and have to fight for their survival in those two cruel worlds. Then once out their story does not end there since they still have a lot of problems to face, past won't let them be. Bothe series are dark and about unfairness of this world. If you liked one of the series, you definetly will like the other. However, Rainbow might be a bit more brutal and with bigger emotional impact but Phantom won't  read more 
report Recommended by kitten320
Both are about a misterious future and deteriorated society. love history it isn't the main point and visually they are very similar too. 
report Recommended by ariragues
Another Nitroplus anime that has the same level of drama, without the mecha. Both involve a secret powerful organization, and both have a reluctant tragic hero. 
report Recommended by geno93n0
Psychological thriller with lots of romance. More intense and tragic than Steins Gate, but definitely has a similar romantic and dark vibes as Steins Gate. 
report Recommended by st-clouds
Genres and turn of events aside, both share a plot device which, inadvertently, fuel the next steps. And that would be setbacks. How both series have goals that are wholly attainable given their power and responsibility, but... fall prey to circumstances that no one could have predicted, controlled, or changed. Seeing that both of their stories were radically altered due to such... a simple occurrence both directly and indirectly showcases both of their ingeniousness when it comes to writing. Phantom is, outwardly, an assassin show, internally, a serious estranged human one. It's a bit slower, a bit harder to start, even harder to like, but is something that  read more 
report Recommended by Otaking09
Uminkeo no Naku Koro ni and Phantom ~Requiem for the Phantom~ both have excellent plots, fantastic art and great characters. If you like one of them, you'd probably like the other. 
report Recommended by PianoKeys4
They're both produced by GENCO, have a great character design, and are amazingly animated. Both also have a good OST. In both you'll find killers, crimes, memory loss, mysteries, guns, action, and a green-haired badass bishoujo. Both are mature, even though Mnemosyne has more gore and ecchi, and Phantom is slower and 20 episodes longer. I notice a clear similarity even in how their titles are made (Mnemosyne - Mnemosyne no Musume-tachi - / Phantom ~Requiem for the Phantom~). 
report Recommended by RenaPsychoKiller
Baccano! has more gore and comedy, while Phantom is slower, colder and more serious, anyway both are for a mature audience and have, in different amount, murders, guns, mafia, mystery, violence. In both you'll find at least one cool and emotionless female killer (Chane in Baccano!, Ein in Phantom). Both also have great music and animation. 
report Recommended by RenaPsychoKiller
Guns, assassins, mafia, violence, action, drama, an emotionless girl, great character design, etc. 
report Recommended by RenaPsychoKiller
Phantom and The Book of Bantorra are both action and give off similar vibes towards the character and the scenes. Some of the characters have similar traits towards each other in a more tragic way.  
report Recommended by Natsuko
Anti-heroes living on the wrong side of the law. Competition between gangs and lots and lots of action and violence.  
report Recommended by lisnoire
The silent supersoldier is the sword in the hands of whoever wields it. It matters not who they answer to or who they are, but how they fight and what they accomplish for those who commissioned them. Both the characters from Phantom and the Spartan supersoldiers went through alot for their organizations. Stealing children and subjecting them to Rigorous training and augmentations with a high mortality rate to create a silent, deadly killing machine that carries out orders without question. Though it could be argued that the UNSC fights for a noble cause, the fact still remains that the process to create the SPARTANs was  read more 
report Recommended by callmetheBigD
In both shows, there's an assassination group called Phantom. The main characters also undergo major changes throughout the entire show. Also a lot of plot twists. 
report Recommended by SamuraiBlue19
1. Both series share the same philosophy of killing in order to live. 2. Both series have a lot of bloodshed. 3. Both series have an excellent character development. 4. Both series are tragic. 5. Both series have a somewhat romantic thing going on. (Not the usual kind of love.) 6. Both protagonists are being manipulated. 7. Both protagonists have very strong qualities. 8. Both protagonists have some kind of resemblance.  
report Recommended by RedvelvetDaisuki
Katekyo Hitman Reborn portrays mafia, hitman, comedy, supernatural, and action in the story genre. While Phantom has the mafia/hitman quality, the series has almost little to no comedy with a huge amount drama/tragedy. I would only recommend the two if you are into the mafia type anime, even though both series are excellent! Huge difference between the two series is the main characters. Tsuna from Katekyo Hitman Reborn appears weak and hopeless many times throughout the show. On the other hand Zwie from Phantom Requiem appears cool, strong, and cold-hearted = the perfect hitman. 
report Recommended by Azixe
1. Both series are tragic. 2. Both series have a lot of deceiving and mind screwing plot twists. 3. Both series involves bloodshed. (Although Requiem for the Phantom has a more realistic feel while Kuroshitsuji II has a supernatural-fantasy feel.) Note: 1. The first Kuroshitsuji is not a strong as the second one and is more focused on comedy. On the other hand, Kuroshitsuji II is darker, more serious, has more action, bloodshed and definitely more mind screwing plot twists. But still, you must see the first one before you could dive into the main course. 2. The same thing goes for Requiem of the Phantom. It started  read more 
report Recommended by RedvelvetDaisuki
Both main characters have undergone some serious training in the deadly arts since childhood and have been made into tools for killing (assassins duh) Both animes kinda go deep and focus more on the MC's past , imo if not for the fan service GnK would be a totally serious anime. It also shows you the events that have transpired before leading upto to the MC's cold cool personality in the present! 
report Recommended by Zenryoku-
Both anime have the protagonists becoming killers by twisted fate, and both are ultimately seeking their meaning in life. 
report Recommended by redinside
It's pretty much the same with it's gore and blood and guts  
report Recommended by D4rkAnubis
Both deal with moral dilemmas (however in Persona they're far more subtle), and are well-animated. The character designs are detailed both in Phantom and in Persona, and plot is really slow paced to the point it may be boring. 
report Recommended by Sartre
+Both anime got assassins, Crime syndicate and Secret originations. +both anime are Action, Mystery, Thriller, Seinen. +Both anime main male character got sad past. +Both main character got a female character beside them. 
report Recommended by TrOjAnHoRsE
it is another anime with some really kick ass people in it that is right up the ally of guns and cool action sequences 
report Recommended by arkin
strong female lead, guy that is reluctant at first to take initiative and partake in battle plan then ends up being really good at it, romance between the two leads :) 
report Recommended by Michellebelle92
even though the characters roles are kinda switched (the boy meets girl , to girl meets boy) and phantom is a lot better. this anime feels a little nostalgic and when i think it just reminds me of phantom, the emotionless killer with a bad way to live her life meets a guy who changes things for her she fals in love etc... 
report Recommended by romance-tradegy
Note: This is for both seasons of Higurashi Although this may not seem like the most likely paring of shows, when you boil them down they can be quite similar: The mystery (phantom to a lesser extent) as the story slowly unfolds, the layers of drama and tragedy, the drive for survival, the insanity. Both of these shows tackle similar ideas; however, they just present them in different ways. They both cover the themes of: trying to protect those you love, dealing with loss, and hatred. Most of all, they are both about obtaining freedom. On a more obvious note they are both great thrillers  read more 
report Recommended by nitso