Higashi no Eden

Eden of The East

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Synonyms: Higashi no Eden
Japanese: 東のエデン
English: Eden of The East
German: Eden of the East
French: Eden of the East
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Type: TV
Episodes: 11
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Apr 10, 2009 to Jun 19, 2009
Premiered: Spring 2009
Broadcast: Fridays at 00:45 (JST)
Licensors: Funimation
Studios: Production I.G
Source: Original
Genres: ActionAction, DramaDrama, MysteryMystery, RomanceRomance, Sci-FiSci-Fi, SuspenseSuspense
Duration: 23 min. per ep.
Rating: R - 17+ (violence & profanity)


Score: 7.791 (scored by 231525231,525 users)
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Ranked: #8792
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Popularity: #322
Members: 508,798
Favorites: 3,995

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Indeed similar, while watching Mirai Nikki it brought me back the feeling i had when i used to watch Higashi no Eden. Both series are action and mystery genres, as well both share an important point of the main line in the plot: a teenager (Akira for Higashi and Yukiteru for Mirai) received a "special phone" and has to somewhat change the world with it. Akira has 10 billions of yen which he has to use to change Japan for good, as well Yukiteru has the diary of future which he needs to use in order to survive and become the new god of space and time. Still,  read more 
report Recommended by EtnaEraclea
Very similar concepts which use domestic terrorists to critique the Japanese government. They each have nice OSTs and cinematography but Eden accomplishes the terrorism/social-critique angle much more effectively than ZnT. 
report Recommended by Danish
The biggest similarity of these shows is the same theme, the money. Also there are few miniature similarities in the story as well. 
report Recommended by InfiniteRhapsody
doing what's best for the world is the aim in both.. in death note using a note to get rid of criminals, in Higashi no Eden there is a mobile phone that grants any wish for it's carrier.. and they both have some rules that makes it more like a game.. they also share that there is a companion with each one (shinigami in death note, and juiz in HNE)  
report Recommended by yumiche
Both of them have this mysterious feel around the plot and characters working behind the scenes for a larger vision.  
report Recommended by Metictype
Both series superficially focus on conspiracies involving shadowy organisations and mobile phones, but are actually most memorable for their eccentric and charming protagonists, excellent humour, entertaining central romances, a strong sense of interaction between the cast and fat shut-in hackers. 
report Recommended by Enderesonix
It's detective and full of adventures. You can find many similar things. 
report Recommended by NARKOZ
If you like stories about big networks through mobile phones and the net, you should watch these two. 
report Recommended by GeniusofIron
Both series feature male protagonists whose goal is to fix their country. They each have a powerful means to do so.  
report Recommended by ukiuki
Similarities between the characters' personalities, the art style, and the sense of humor found in both animes. 
report Recommended by lovescream
Both series start off with the Main Character losing their memories, forgetting who they are and make it their main objective to discover their identity. The main characters of both works are also accused of a major crime by everyone, (terrorism in Eden of the East and murder in K). Both series also have a female lead who believes that the main character is not the criminal that everyone is lead to believe and a slight romance is there. Both series also have lots of twists throughout the story.  
report Recommended by justinspatz
The shows have plots which feel similar to eachother with their focus on secet organizations, conspiracy and mystery. They are also both produced by Production IG so they have a similar look and feel. 
report Recommended by Quanta
The protagonists get their memories wiped clean and the organizations that did it uses them by getting the protagonists to work for the organization. In both stories the characters are given false identities. They begin shady dealings for the organization while they set out to discover more about the secrets of the organization and their own true identities.  
report Recommended by DreamingSomeday
Higashi no Eden and NHK have that conspiracy feeling to it and a little bit of NEET to it. What more is there to say if you liked one you will like the other. 
report Recommended by KawaiiLolita
both series have a group of NEET that supports the main characters  
report Recommended by HackleberryFinn
they are both america/japan anime. heroman is made with the help of Stan Lee, and east of eden is alike to Robert Ludlum novel 
report Recommended by mari123
Both are dark mysteries with confusing plot lines that consistently keep your interest. Top notch animation and character studies with deep story lines. Neither one is light but yet are able to throw in some delightful sarcastic humor. Both are definitely a must watch :) 
report Recommended by Moon_River
So there's this guy and his ladyfriend, and one of them is naked when the other finds them, and then there's a dozen or so episodes of them going around discussing stuff like the economy, laws, etc, and both are a lot better than this description makes them out to be. 
report Recommended by robfoster
The way both main guys meet the main girl is similar - if you know what i mean, and if you don't, i mean they are naked. :D They also have a special phone (but different kinds) and they try to change the world. But everything else seems different, which is a good thing. 
report Recommended by Lylaaz
A wide cast of characters must win a game by killing each other. They are being watched by the one who created said game. 
report Recommended by AnimeFan500
Both of these anime revolve around a young man trying to escape from a seemingly unavoidable death, in which they meet allies, enemies, and eventually a lover along the way. A main plot point in both is a "game of death". They both have a lot of action, but it's balanced well with the character interaction and emotional scenes.  
report Recommended by shanderra
Another "game" based anime series 
report Recommended by SupremeJustin
Both anime feature main characters with essentially magical items, whether it's a phone, wallet or card to spend obscene amounts of money to do all sorts of crazy things to accomplish their goals 
report Recommended by Tardivex
Gatchaman Crowds is basically a super sentai version of Eden of the East, bringing the message that everyone should play their part in making a better society because everyone has something to offer. Also includes commentary on social media, although Gatchaman Crowds is a little more blunt with this. 
report Recommended by Eastunder
Both are noitaminA original series produced by Production I.G. that explore changing world ideals, analyze the meaning of the human conscience, and explore how people with the potential to do good and/or harm to society act out when given the power to do so. Both are action-packed series that question the lines between 'good' and 'evil' and what it means to abuse a power given to you. Psycho-pass is a more science-fictional series with a utopian setting, whereas Eden of the East is set in modern day Japan, but both share similar themes and focus heavily on the decisions made by their characters, and how  read more 
report Recommended by yurishiro
The things that will probably make you remember Higashi no Eden in Xi Avant are cellphones. In both anime cellphones are able to recognize somebody via a social network ("Eden of the East" for HnE). Also both seems to take place in the same period. 
report Recommended by -Angy-
Faustian bargains, main characters need to save the world, mysterious story draws you in. These two are very similar, though Madoka is rather darker. 
report Recommended by baltar
In both shows, the characters are chosen to be thrust into a survival game. All of the players are given items (bombs in Btooom and a concierge with the power to give you almost anything you want in Higashi no Eden) to either kill others or avoid being killed.  
report Recommended by BreezeElric
Although the plot are far different from each other, both shows have similar balance of seriousness and quirkiness. Both are quite witty shows with interesting and mysterious characters. Both has some unexpected actions, making it suspenseful but are presented in a unique and fun way. 
report Recommended by Shirayukin
When one is given the ability to live frivolously, their entire life is put in perspective. Both centre around the theme of being granted something precious but expendable, and the morality and choices behind how to use this thing. Both great shows with a sense of mystery. 
report Recommended by MarshallM
Blood-C movie is a bloodier, violent version or Eden of the East. Saya new into town meets a bunch of people that could be a carbon copy as the guys who help the protagonist from Eden. Noticing this ruined the Blood movie for me by the way. 
report Recommended by wjxxhulka66n6
Both are mysterious and main character must save the world. 
report Recommended by akika
A phone that grants and determines the one winner of the last one standing. 
report Recommended by pyroblage
Of the anime I've seen in the past year, both of these have come to surprise me and because of the similar art styles, it made it really easy to get interested each of them. 
report Recommended by Damonashu
They both have to do with some kind of program and they seem so a like.I just thought of this anime when I was seeing Higashi no Eden but BPS isn't as violent and it is more ecchi and there its romantic as Higashi no Eden. But both are very funny. 
report Recommended by KawaiiLolita
***Similarities*** They share a similar light hearted and adventurous atmosphere, with enough action here and there to keep you engaged. They are both relatively slow pacing(quite similar but not the same) and both series deals with problems of the world/society. Towards the end, you will want to ponder about the world that they live in. The side characters have realistic traits in contrast to other anime which uses them to "make the story more interesting" or as stupid lame ass comedians. ***Differences*** The major difference is that in Dennou Coil, the story gains intensity towards the ending while Higashi no Eden retains the slow pacing throughout. Another difference is  read more 
report Recommended by akgren_soar
Similiar characters and atmosphere 
report Recommended by OrderInChaos
Both shows have a well-developed sci-fi atmosphere. In both, the cell phone role is quite important to scripts. However, Ingress goes further to superpower side, while Higashi remains on physics edge. This shows are about saving the world, in their own way. 
report Recommended by Rod_Russ
These anime just really have an overall sense of familiarity with each other. Secret Organizations Main Guy has amnesia of past events Grand schemes and plotting from multiple groups/enemies Government/political innuendo Cool high tech gadgets Innocent Female who is romantically involved and gets into dangerous situations with Main Male  
report Recommended by RachelPanda
Very action-packed, good-feeling, comical, romantic at times, protagonist most people can identify with, occasional nudity, etc. 
report Recommended by zaktzu
Trying to overcome a higher power 
report Recommended by tobiorei
Both have a kind of "conspiracy" theme and involve the power of shooting things but not with a gun. 
report Recommended by Juliab
Same feels: these series involve technology, idiosyncratic young adults and a mystery where someone have lost his memory and have to retrieve fragments of his past to save a lot of people (in national scale). Recommended if you like series with a contemporary setting and use of technology as a base for the main plot. 
report Recommended by Z_Tetriminos
A phone is in both anime with a competition to 'improve' the lives of others and the similar mobile phone that puts some candidates with certain advantages over others within this 'game' Both anime express the difficulties of trust and two unexpected people randomly ending up working together and later understand some sort of plan  
report Recommended by TheVelocityCatz
Both shows have a lot similarities: - thrilling story - terrorism - the main villain try to make everything "good" for people - interesting directorial techniques - pretty same art-style 
report Recommended by Cold_Raw
Probably because their same love story it's complicated. yah thats rigth word it's complicated.  
report Recommended by Duecalion
At their core, both are about unravelling the mystery centered around their lost memories while bearing a unique power available to a rare few around them. 
report Recommended by LordRunt
The whole feeling is very similar. Kinda depressing but at the same time very calming. Both shows manage to be funny even tho the main plot is serious. If you liked one of them you'll like the other one for sure. - both "post apocalyptic" (kinda) - there is a romance that isn't completely in-your-face 
report Recommended by Nikitachan
Both deal with terrorist threatening the main characters lives and the people around them. Both also have main characters with mysterious pasts.  
report Recommended by SeasideLua
both pull you in from the begining w/ odd events.They share fast paced storyline [while being a short series] that keeps you guessing as to what and why aspects of plotline are happening next 
report Recommended by TweetleCake
Full of bloody wars,full of ambition to bring the whole world under control,protagonists grow rich,and an ultimate peaceful world. 
report Recommended by animeindie
They both have very interesting and well thought out plots. Both series has a thriller aspect to it. One difference is that Eden of the East's plot has more of an impact on Japan and the world compared to Erased which is self contained between a few characters own issues. 
report Recommended by SeasideLua
Both have a plot that focuses on changing the world (or the city). 
report Recommended by Maderra
The character designs are very very similar and there was this eeriness that made it seem so similar. 
report Recommended by toyhammered
Well, they both are romancey, (with Earl & Fairy being more of the romance type).. And they both have the phrase Nobliss Oblidge (exept in Earl and Fairy its said like 2 times). They both have the main male become a king of some sort. Also, the people are cute in both ^^;; 
report Recommended by anemonnie
Both Bokurano and Higashi no Eden revolve around a game which has certain number of players and all that there is for the losers is death. 
report Recommended by Ritsuka
The main boys are both heroes who try to rule the country . They both put the blame on themselves to keep order and peace , even though it was not their fault and they are good , and only a few people know of how heroic they are . They both try to better the world . They are both intelligent . They both have a power like something where they can control something . There is both romance in both shows . 
report Recommended by anemonnie
Both series with tremendous potential, but which suffer from abrupt endings. They each have a male-female duo with a good dynamic as protagonists, as well as a mysterious atmosphere and a solid supporting cast. Watch if you enjoy cliffhangers and unresolved plot lines~! 
report Recommended by -PixieDust-
Both gives a 'leader' feeling to the viewers. Both main characters are quite arrogant. 
report Recommended by Nia9001
Both anime are mysteries. For main character Takizawa, in Eden of the East, it is the "Selecao" and for main character Narumi, in Spiral ~ Lines of Reasoning, it is the "Blade Children". Takizawa and Narumi are alike, each with a "devil may care" persona. They also share a style of humor that is very sarcastic and dry. Both come off as cool, confident and nonchallant, and withhold pertinent details from companions while resolving mysteries that will, I assume, inevitably lead them to their goal. 
report Recommended by basbleu
I think it has the some style of technology... hmmm just watch Eve after Eden than you'll think so... maybe :p 
report Recommended by albadr_almuneer
Though not much resemblance, somehow these two had a similar feeling. A strong male leader and a girl who is in uncertain relationship - that's how I felt it. Besides, both were introduced in the noitaminA block. 
report Recommended by the_orange
They're both Sci-Fi and the relationships between the main characters are similar. Both of the two male main characters work to save the world or the country. They're also quite different but they're good in their own way.  
report Recommended by JungTaco
Same kind of mysterious anticipation SF story where characters are playing a game and must survive. 
report Recommended by kwizatz
you will feel kind of the same vibe from watching it.  
report Recommended by ahmed10
Both are stories about princes, and center themselves on a competition over who can prove themselves to be a chosen one of sorts. If you like shows that keep their plot in the dark, and throw in an absurd chuckle every once in a while, these are for you. 
report Recommended by BoyHime732
Action, Comedy, short interesting series 
report Recommended by Eatingsouls13
Noir and Eden have the same espionage mysterious amnesiac style characters. While Noir is darker than Eden they have many similarities to each other in plot. 
report Recommended by ShadowBlazer3000
Both are semi- random. Both art was a bit different, but in a good way. The plots were good in both of these animes, and I think if you enjoyed one, you'd enjoy the other. 
report Recommended by Moonstream360
both anime talks about secret organizations that has "numbers" who has to save the world. In the EN dub, the main male leads are voice by the same person in HNE and BC. both number "X" have similar appearance and personality, in the EN dub both number "X"(Lin(BC) and Yuuki(HNE)) are voiced by the same VA . Same kind of story and feeling. And of corse alot of funny moments! 
report Recommended by yagamisignum
They're both about college students looking for romance and happiness, and they're both sort of... out there (for lack of better words, they're both pretty random at times) 
report Recommended by RedBardIsCool
A ragtag group of students with a similar interest, an otherwise mundane technological development they utilize choose to use for good, and a healthy dose of shady organizations and underhanded dealings. 
report Recommended by lithiumflower
The most basic premise is the same - you have a main character who you like, but who has no recollection of who he is. You are going along for the ride with this character who you're rooting for, but you're not entirely sure who is the good guy and who is the bad guy. Memory loss, love and troubled times in the name of a more perfect society are present in both series. One caveat - if you can not stand a variety of unique artwork or animation styles, then you will probably have a hard time watching Kaiba... which is  read more 
report Recommended by Dinamet7
The character design feels similar! And the noise those phones make... Lol that aside, I can just offer my vague evaluation of how similar they feel.. 
report Recommended by firerez
At first glance, these two anime are completely different. This may be true in terms of genres, but the main male character share astounding similarities. Both protagonists have near unlimited amount of money to spend on their plans. Both protagonists possess an incredible amount of charisma and can lie through their teeth to achieve their goals. The differences are that the Count (Gankutsuou) is hellbent on revenge and Takizawa (Eden) does it all with a cool, laid-back attitude. 
report Recommended by bunny1ov3r