Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

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Synonyms: Hagane no Renkinjutsushi: Fullmetal Alchemist, Fullmetal Alchemist (2009), FMA, FMAB
English: Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood
French: Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood
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Type: TV
Episodes: 64
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Apr 5, 2009 to Jul 4, 2010
Premiered: Spring 2009
Broadcast: Sundays at 17:00 (JST)
Studios: Bones
Source: Manga
Genres: ActionAction, AdventureAdventure, DramaDrama, FantasyFantasy
Theme: MilitaryMilitary
Demographic: ShounenShounen
Duration: 24 min. per ep.
Rating: R - 17+ (violence & profanity)


Score: 9.091 (scored by 20705852,070,585 users)
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Ranked: #22
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Popularity: #3
Members: 3,261,765
Favorites: 221,861

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Both are the best shounen in the world to me! They start off with adventures of a brave main character and go on into darker themes. Love the way the character opens and evolves throughout the story. 
report Recommended by rinel
Revenge, Suffering, Agony and Redemption... Shingeki no Kyojin has a feeling of FMA Brotherhood in which a kid who lived a peaceful life gets thrown into a dark grim life full of tragedy and agony due to losing someone important to them. However, both main characters refused to move on and dedicated their lives for revenge and redemption. If you enjoy a full packed action dramatic plot you'll love both of these series. 
report Recommended by CEMPUNK
Similar 19th-early 20th century setting. Both worlds have some form of special ability (alchemy in FMA and Innocence in DGM) used by the main characters. Both main protagonists are 15-year-olds who have a strange arm. Both also have a group of villains with secret motives. 
report Recommended by paperdust
Both series revolve around one sibling looking out for and trying to heal another sibling of an ailment. Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood is a full adaptation of the original manga series. It is set in a fictional, European inspired setting and revolves around the supernatural element of alchemy. Kimetsu no Yaiba/Demon Slayer is set in what seems to be towards the end of the meiji period of Japan where technology is being steadily introduced, though I may be wrong, and is about a young man who is trying to save his sister while following the path of a demon slayer.  
report Recommended by VHaruV
There is, for both of these series, a place that should be left untouched for the simple reason great disasters will occur. And, for the most part both series are light-hearted with the plot that follows the main characters who are young, still learning, naive, yet hanging around is that beginning of the show, that gives a hint at how dark things can get. 
report Recommended by Yemi_Hikari
Surely both series do share a big part together which is the alchemy. Alchemy and all its related things: immortal beings, legends, immortality elisir/philosophical stone and so on. Both stories evolve around the same epoch (first years of 1900) and share amazing main characters. Even if, the style to tell the stories is very different, they both still share a very good music theme as well. If you enjoyed one I'm sure you'll like the other too! I can definitely affirm that both of them are masterpieces. 
report Recommended by EtnaEraclea
The main characters both gain powers and sacraficed parts of themselves to gain something. Both have a lot of daddy issues. 
report Recommended by gizmo99
A boy is coming from a village to a city to become a "dog of the military". In Akame ga Kill he is doing it because he wants to save his village. In FMA: Brotherhood he is doing it because he wants to save himself and his brother. In both anime they soon realize what the military is really doing/will do to all the people in the city. There is a lot of great action and little comedy too. 
report Recommended by shaichan
Both illustrates similar themes. The main setting of both anime are in an unusual time period. The plots are based off of supernatural characters. Both are the sequels to a previous, juvenile version of it, hence more mature character developments happen. 
report Recommended by Stellio
Both have a similar action and adventurous atmosphere with a blond, badass and short main character. Both have a large amount of comedy in their fights as you watch the MC take on various conflicts which their encounter in their journey. Also there are characters in both shows which embody the seven sins of a human. Though in nanatsu no taizai the characters have a past revolving around their sin and we focus on their present journey and development, whereas in fma:b the characters which have these sins are the main antagonists.  
report Recommended by reichann0303
Both feature their own take on science heavily. Dr. stone's science if more grounded in realism whereas FMA:B's alchemy is more exaggerated for it's fictional world. Both science's and the young genius main characters who use it, shape the world around them. Both are exhilarating series with great OST's, plots & characters. 
report Recommended by JVskunkape
Both series feature two prominent characters who are close to one another and always looking after one another's well being. The both of them go on a form of journey to fulfill their goals while the same time helping others. It brings them for a journey and gives them new hope for the world that they live in and the ideas they embrace. Throughout their journey to achieve their goals, they learn new things while making both friends/enemies/and other people of interest. Both series have many funny dialogues but at the same time have emotions, drama, and bits of violence. The battles that the two main  read more 
report Recommended by Stark700
Series where the MC travels in search of his body parts that were lost in a forbidden ritual. Both have well-animated action fights featuring "supernatural" powers and have drama surrounding the idea of a family. Plus, both are new takes on stories that already had an anime adaptation before. 
report Recommended by PlzAllow
Set in a different world, where magic/alchemy is common. They are both fully packed with action, and are likely to leave you on the edge of your seat by the end of every episode. Whether you are looking for something with a similar plot, similar fights or something epic with that dark feel to it; Look up the other if you haven't watched it yet. 
report Recommended by hal89
Both are gorgeous, wonderfully faithful adaptations of their respective manga and are roughly the same length. Human experimentation, fugitives, a mastermind antagonist with a big plan who manipulates those around him, characters seeking revenge, monstrous characters (physically and mentally), a large cast that is continually interconnected throughout the show, deep mysteries being slowly unraveled, and the list goes on. 
report Recommended by Numi
So basically just watch the god damm anime trust me if you like good writing mc and sides,power diversity, good villians fullmetal is for you, maybe if you like scary and creppy background fullmetal got it too because there is a lot of insane people in that show , the villians are so great that you going to love them and hate other ones.  
report Recommended by Pxdroxxxx
FMA:B Also deals with the idea of "human weapons" and competing factions who are not always as they appear. Both have humour on the side as well. 
report Recommended by Amarrez
At first glance the protagonists are the type of character who would alienate everyone around them, yet as the series progress another side of them shows through as they fight for those they care about, whether they be family or the friends they make on the many adventures they go on. One of the series is a more classic series, but another takes what was in the classics and puts a new spin on it as well. 
report Recommended by Yemi_Hikari
Both of these series are alternative histories regarding Europe, all of which involve the aftermath of war, though this is less apparent in Fullmetal Alchemist until one gets farther into the series. There are also steam punk elements in both series as well as the desire of moving forward, yet there is also the possibility of Fullmetal influencing Violet Evergarden in some manner. 
report Recommended by Yemi_Hikari
Both series feature characters adventuring in a foreign, imaginary world which contains new natural laws of physics, new disciplines, species, new sciences, sports, political structures, and religions: Trapars=Alchemy Limit of Questions=Equivalent Exchange LFOs/Building=Automail/Alchemy Lifting=Alchemy Vodarac=Ishval Homonculi=Coralians Basically, the worlds feel similarly fresh and fleshed out. The character casts are equally large, with two strong male leads and one or two strong female leads. Both protagonists are on a quest to save the world. The character development and pacing is exactly the same in both. Both series are the same length. Both leave similar feels when in your mind when finished. The cultural/ethnic differences in people has similar detail. Extremely similar animation. Both  read more 
report Recommended by auditear
Although as a genre, they are different but deconstruct them they are truly very similar. Both supposedly anime that are aimed for boys, both transcend their genre by providing plot narratives that tackle universal issues that slowly become personal as the both series progress. 
report Recommended by stephenalbertv
The "chained" events is a common feature in both of the animes and do drive you to think. They share Tragedy and happiness moments that are somehow alike (it's like a projection from the world of fullmetal into the world of death note).  
report Recommended by lightningfalcon
Both are made from Hiromu Arakawa. Both animes have a good sense of comedy, drama, and romance. Even though FMA deals with the supernatural and Gin no Saji is more reality based, they are both extremely good animes that deal with the struggles that occur during life. The problems that the main character from both series are extremely relatable to normal people.  
report Recommended by Allice84
Pandora hearts is just as great as FMA Brotherhood, though Pandora Hearts has an open end (something that really dissapointed me). I totally recommend it! Pandora hearts has a good plot, hot and mysterious characters, and more! (if you don't believe me, check it on google!) P.S.: If you watch Pandora Hearts, then you should read the manga! 
report Recommended by solsp
To gain something, you must give equivalent exchange. For a miracle to occur, you must sacrifice equal happiness. 
report Recommended by ninryu
Similar dark premise as far as story lines are concerned, main characters are different but seem to both fit in their perspective storylines well. Common misconceptions from the main charcters, help thicken both plots. Great action scenes of the use of superhuman abilities, as well as the idea of an alternate reality. Overall DTB was an awesome anime, what else would you expect from a BONES production, but greatness. 
report Recommended by Aiege_Rikumaru
Adventure world very original. Both gave two kids trying to find a parent and answers about themselves. There is even a tragic experiment story in both of them. 
report Recommended by AngieOrt
Magi is like a combination of One Piece and FMA, it takes the best of those two and it's a really great shounen. You have to watch the prequel named Labyrinth of Magic first. FMA shares some rather dark themes with Magi, political and socials. 
report Recommended by lighthalzen-kun
These are both over-the-top anime series that keep you on the edge of your seat. They both contain non-stop action that just keeps getting crazier and crazier. Both of these anime revolve around limitless resilience, hope, and friendship.  
report Recommended by Auralvampire
Both action packed anime! Great characters Great story Great OPs and EDs Amazing animation  
report Recommended by OtomeXOtaku
The series are actually very different. In comparison to FMA, in Busou Renkin you can actually bring dead to life. However, both series use Alchemy as a fighting power and their enemies are homonculus. So if you simply want to see different version of Alchemy, feel free to check any of those shows.  
report Recommended by kitten320
Dark plots, monsters, the mystery regarding some kind of conspiracy - well, both of these have all that, both of which take place in historical time periods, one being alternative history, both in Europe. The characters are also fun, and someone whose seen one may be looking for something similar yet of a slightly different genre. 
report Recommended by Yemi_Hikari
Monolithic expansionist empires, machine-like armies, and super-special units putting out fires in all regions of the empire are very similar motifs in both of these anime. 
report Recommended by alienninjasaiyan
Both are epic action shows with a lot of depth, great characters, and deep philosophy. 
report Recommended by philipmarie
Both plots focus on the "brotherhood". There are dark settings and suitable music for every part of the story. Both highly recommended if you like mature anime! 
report Recommended by xoSushi
Adventure shows, with an interesting fantasy twist. The character designs are very similar, and have a more serious tone in both, though FMA:B has a slight comedic feel. 
report Recommended by poormeate
They both draw heavily from german military history. 
report Recommended by Turtlesticks
Both main characters become dogs of the military due to their pasts. 
report Recommended by Deliriant
extraordinary capacities and powers/ excellent fighting/action scenes ,comedy and tragedy The characters in both of these anime have a goal they are trying to reach with never give up attitude . 
report Recommended by gangstabrainsick
-Both are action anime. -Both have a strong bonding kind of relationship between the main characters like Edward with Alfonse and Hyakuya with Mikaela. -Both have 1 noisy and the other quiet character. -Both have awesome battle animations. -Both are very similar in a lot of ways. 
report Recommended by HyperBrid
Donten ni Warau and FMA are both character driven, brother-centered shows about fighting for strength and the ones you love. I highly enjoyed both; in fact, they're two of my favorite Animes. They are emotionally engaging, and connect you deeply with the characters. Both have plenty of action and a little supernatural (FMA has alchemy and DnW has the Orochi, Omnyoji and the Shinobi--ninjas). Between the three brothers in DnW, I'm not sure who would most parallel Ed and Al. Both have lost their parents from the beginning, though Ed and Al have left and the 'Three Cloud Brothers' remain at the Kumou shrine. FMA is based  read more 
report Recommended by coleynot
Animes where "People Don't Die When They're Killed"! # where the protagonist seeks a powerfull mysterious mythological object # where sacrifices are required to save people # where the antagonists have different motives like greed, lust, pride... # where a battle needs more strategy then pure strength A dark non-episodic deep epic story full of action with great animation & soundtracks. 
report Recommended by Deago
Both are steampunk adventure anime. Both have Alchemists too. 
report Recommended by Old_School_Akira
Military organizations and their hierarchies play a big role on both animes. You may find some similarity between the main characters backstory too.  
report Recommended by Kong38
the way the show takes serious tones then follows it up with funny and endearing cartoonish moments kept making me think about fma. another similarity is a kick ass OP which is always a plus. 
report Recommended by Jared_guy2
Both are about philosophy morals etc, both have an amazing cast of characters and great female characters which unfortunately isn't much present in anime. 
report Recommended by Kyxor
If you like drama plots and battles with magic, and you have enjoyed one of them, you will like the other. Both animes are developed in a world of magic and feature a good set of characters, and they really have a good plot in my opinion. Zetsuen OST is way better imho (read, masterpiece) but the plot, and specially the ending is better in FMA. 
report Recommended by trillo69
Looking for another story about a hot-headed protagonist, who also happens to be short, blonde and an orphan? Look no further than Edward Elric and the anime series's Fullmetal Alchemist and Fullmetal Alchemist : Brotherhood. Unlike Naruto who is searching for his place in his village, Ed is searching for something else, but both characters fight through the hardest of times to get what they're looking for.  
report Recommended by KuroYatagarasu
Both main characters do not have a father figure in their life. Both main characters are on a very perilous journey (wish I could say more about this but then their would be spoilers) Both end up having to get help from other people along the way Both have very good fight scenes Both are very well made both in terms of story, character development, art style, music, etc. If you are on the fence watch the first 5-10 episodes. If you liked one of these anime I can almost guarantee that you will be hooked. 
report Recommended by Azkar
Both shows have veteran soldier characters, similar climate and sense of humour. The setting of both is based on early 20th century. 
report Recommended by bmw830
Both deal with someone with a specific view of the World trying to change it. Both have fantastic elements to it (alchemy in Fullmetal and "magic"/mechas in Code Geass) that adds a certain mood to the series. Both are very dramatics stories with lots of twists, but not without their comedic moments. Both are great shows, that will make you think, laugh and perhaps even cry. 
report Recommended by Jonijonh
They are both fantasy action shounen featuring a protagonist who has exceptional skills in magic (or alchemy), an intriguing plot, and some comedy. 
report Recommended by Nyktos
To me, Chrono Crusade is the closest anime to Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood. Sure, D.Gray-man has some similar aspects shared with Fullmetal Alchemist, but it has enough differences to not be another Fullmetal Alchemist. However, Chrono Crusade is the closest anime to Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood I can think of. The plots both revolve around siblings, and Rosette reminds me a bit of what Edward would be if he was female. There’s more, but we’d be here all day. Which is better? Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, no question. But Chrono Crusade is also pretty good and worth a watch. 
report Recommended by SebCyrSC2000
1. The setting and scenery of the anime is almost the same. 2. Lau and Ran Mao were probably inspired from the characters Ran fan and Yao Ling from FMA. 3. Circles of Alchemy and Sebastian's symbol seal were probably very much interconnected. 4. The feeling of both anime are pretty much similar. 6. Experimental and such. 7. In Kuroshitsuji, there were indians but in FMA, there were ishbalans. 8. Yao Ling is the 12th prince from his country but Soma is the 27th prince from his country. 9. Agni and Scar are similar, they have queer powers in their right hand/arm and they worship their god very much. 10. Ciel Phantomhive and  read more 
report Recommended by licht_
Same Bible setting (If you don't get it, try compare bible with Mass Effect, or FMA, or Guilty Crown and so on. You'll find out incredible amount of similarities.) Complex story. Deep main character story. Main character Unique powers. Beautiful OST.  
report Recommended by -Anderty-
Pretty large cast with good characters. They use magic and they fight bad guys. The main characters are very similar to each other. 
report Recommended by blaavane
In both series, there is the crossover of magic, fantasy, and technology involving military themes. Additionally, among the characters, there is that sibling love feeling. Furthermore, both series feature the adventure type of theme where the characters try to discover the truth and learn more about the world that they live in. There's also that type of political and conflict-ridden plot crafted into a beautiful story. Also, there is action, drama, tragedy, and some hints of romance in both series.  
report Recommended by Stark700
Both have characters who are trying to escape from their despair by using their intelligence and sheer will to power through. They both fall in the dystopian category with Edward Elric's country being a military state, and the country itself being a WW2 reference with them as Germany. Over time in the story the situation seems to get even worse too. They both also have nice sound effects.  
report Recommended by Kong38
Both were adapted from dark fantasy manga by Hiromu Arakawa and Go Nagai. Main character fights demons (that's for Devilman) and homoculus (that's for Fullmetal Alchemist). During the beginning for Devilman and Fullmetal Alchemist, Akira Fudo turns half human,half demon whereas Edward Elric loses arm and legs and Alphonse loses whole body parts. Both include sad scenes that make you cry like a baby. 
report Recommended by Kong38
Another take for political anime  
report Recommended by Akiyamaaa
if you like drama, berserk will be your fav. too. start with eps.1 and after then watch all eps. bdw read manga too -.- 
report Recommended by Dwiin
Main Characters are family members. On the adventure to take back what they had lost. 
report Recommended by Xenoneo202_
Amazing Protagonist. Great Comedy. Emotional Drama. Well-written Characters. AND BEST SHONEN FEMALE CASTS 
report Recommended by Ryuko-Nijuudai
Conflicts between races are prominent in both media, but I feel like FMAB executed it better and with a far greater scale than Promare (cause of the time contraint Promare had as a movie) but both are definitely worth the watch if you somehow haven't watched them yet.  
report Recommended by Number_23
Both are great examples of the shounen genre. They both have a group of main characters that go on adventures and fight against strong opponents. The difference is that Fullmetal Alchemist has more focus on alchemy, while Nanatsu no Taizai has more focus on magic. 
report Recommended by adzetto
Main characters are trying to ressurect their loved ones. 
report Recommended by JerryKen10
Both revolve around the seven deadly sins as humanity's enemies and must fight against it to attain true freedom. 
report Recommended by WingZeroRequiem
Both Has fantasy element Good Fights Great Animation Lovable characters and Character relations 
report Recommended by Rastro_jim
both of the main character's mom died/ taken away an evil organization wants to take over the capital city main character finds their long lost dad/friend 
report Recommended by GingM
Both anime are adventures which dictate a journey through their characters as they struggle to find truth and a sense of the world. Both anime also contain the element of mystery as they slowly divulge the answers the characters have been searching for. FMA differs with more action and being shounen; carrying the some of the demographics traits. While .hack//Sign differs with its virtual world (MMORPG) setting whilst carrying sci-fi and fantasy elements. If you are someone intrigued by slow divulgence of truth and answers, as characters make their own journey forward, you'll be sure to like both anime. 
report Recommended by Akoram
A well-animated action anime series. Also a classic, but less graphic violence if gore isn't your thing. 
report Recommended by joeydean
-Both have a system of magic that is highly technical, quantified, and scientific. -Both follow a sibling-pair as the main characters. -Both have well developed main and supporting characters, who are more than one-dimensional archetypes. -Both have main characters that are tangentially connected-to/enlisted-in the military. -Both involve organically flowing combat sequences with an undercurrent of political intrigue regarding the controlling powers of the country.  
report Recommended by VendraxTwoHands
Fullmetal Alchemist is little a bit different than Berserk but both are dark and masterpiece anime of all time. But Berserk is an horror and bloodshedding, dark fantasy anime. The leading character of Berserk is Guts and the leading character of Fullmetal Alchemist is Edward Eric. Watch the anime and find more about the anime.  
report Recommended by The_Sleepy_Ash
Both series have an original fantasy background. Both anime have drama, romance, great characters, story and good art  
report Recommended by Accord
-Adventure feel -Action with magic/alchemy -Childish MC -Shingeki no Bahamut is more fantastical while FMA:B is more scientifical 
report Recommended by Gabes108
Christianity provides important themes of the story. Both are dark, introspective and emotionally moving. They also are both set in alternate reality Europe, albeit in different time periods. 
report Recommended by HunterRose
Both are amazing shows that I enjoyed to the fullest and could rewatch 1 million times. 
report Recommended by Jay_SaToru
The two share an interesting approach to science and consequences of Humanity's progress. Nature is linked to the development of the protagonists in both of these series. Both tell the journey of a young genius (Jean/Edward) and his fellows. While Fullmetal Alchemist is more axed about the truth and the human vices; the big deal in Fushigi no Umi no Nadia happens to be how to socially connect with others (get rid of mistrust), and depict the transition to adulthood, among others. If you are looking for a fun and epic show with loveable characters, mysteries and which will make you feel a palette of  read more 
report Recommended by Muzard
Both are Shonen/Seinen series with incredibly rich writing, world-building and story-telling. They are modern classics and I would argue that they are both top 3 anime of all time. Everything, down to the smallest details, is connected/explained by these shows and they do not fail to deliver. The music, animation and art style are also really good. Must watches in my opinion. 
report Recommended by Ridzaxster
Both have a satisfying ending, although with both there are many questions left unanswered the ending is something the audience can live by. I would recommend this to anyone stuck with nothing to watch. 
report Recommended by Articleste
The plots are similar in they deal with a group going on an adventure that takes them around the country in search of a mystical object. In both shows more hidden secrets about said objects are revealed as the story progresses  
report Recommended by Short_Circut
Both series have a similar dark atmospher close to thriler Supernatural and police procedural High quality fight sequences Both have rotagonists whose arm turns to sword 
report Recommended by Saburiminaru
Both series offer an off-beat take on the typical shonen adventure. They offer a deep, slow paced story that really dives into the relationships between characters and makes you feel as though you are travelling alongside them. Battles that occur are often calculated and every system and factor of the world feels raw and intentional, as though such a world could really exist. -- With the direction Frieren is heading in, I see it standing alongside FMAB as the greatest two series of all time. 
report Recommended by Nend
1-both are magic genere 2- the mc in both anime use magic/alchemy without circle/word 3-both have an enemy who has red eye dark skin and white hair  
report Recommended by Dan-chan794
Main Character accompanied by they're friends looking for something or someone, engaging with the townfolks along the way, learning the meaning of life. Adventure type of story. 
report Recommended by Varitea
From the use of steam punk style augments and the shows near form of magic (as seen in Harmony) No Guns Life is incredibly close to FMA in setting, a lot more so than you may have thought at least. No Guns Life also has a similar deep story full of many mysteries that the main cast investigates and learns along with the audience. Many of the characters in the show are explored and given their own story (although in much less length than fma). Truly this show is worth trying, it's distinct and strange, but not overly esoteric. I'm enjoying it at least!  
report Recommended by adulterousAmpora
If you appreciated the attention to detail in rich world-building, and how much depth was put into even minor characters in one of these series, I think you'll find something to enjoy in the other series as well. 
report Recommended by JoeKr10
The protagonists of both shows have very similar personalities, Edward being lazier and Glenn being a little more over the top. both of the main characters are often looked down upon because they don't look very strong, but they have their trump cards which get them out of most situations. Also Glenn looks almost Exactly like Roy Mustang. 
report Recommended by Am_Meep
At first glance you may think they are totally different but both series are a nice mix of drama, action, fantasy, comedy and a bit of romance. Also, both are shows where every single chapter is important for the story and both are masterpieces in my opinion. Ga-Rei Zero has much less episodes, though 
report Recommended by NeverMeltIce
This Is A Weird One... There Similar Not In Genre But The Underlying Stories Once You Strip The Characters Caution: Am About To Write Alot Of Spoilers Of FMA:B DO NOT READ If You Have Not Watched Both Anime You've Been Warned -The First Similarity Is The Homunculi They Are Present In Both And Are Created By A Higher Up -The Higher Up (Father,Carol) Are Split Up People From Elfnein and Holenheim -Both Higher Ups Want World Destruction Via Similar But Different Motives Though -Both Ending Fight Scenes Include The Protagonists Getting Cheered On By The Side-Cast -Both Protagonists Have A Weird Relationship With There Dad's I Mean The List Goes On But  read more 
report Recommended by SKaT3R
Both shounen has the protagonist and his team searching for something Both anime can go from having joyful adventures to even dark and depressing themes  
report Recommended by ammarbahij5150
This anime is truly a work of art, with wonderful world building, an interesting power system, and some truly surprising plot twists- I can not recommend this enough! Shinsekai Yori (From a New World) is without a doubt one of my favorite anime I have ever watched, and doesn't get nearly enough praise. It has elements of drama, action, and even romance. This anime covers a vast many themes as well as the main characters grow as the show progresses. All I ask is that you get through the first three episodes before forming an opinion, as it does start a little slow. However if  read more 
report Recommended by Photo_Brand
Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood provides a really strong and solid history with memorable characters, unbelievable plot twists and amazing fights. While Konjiki no Gash Bell can't compete at his max with FMA:B, I found Kiyomaro and Gash's story to be pretty similar to Ed and Al's one. While in FMA:B, the brothers have to find a Philosophal Stone, Kiyomaro has sworn to make Gash the Mamodo King. Everything decorated with amazing arcs, incredible fights and, in the end, similar values. 
report Recommended by PentagramShogoki
Both anime have to do with people losing or sacrificing parts of their own flesh and blood to a supernatural higher existence in order to gain secret knowledge and awareness about the truth behind their world. They are both also about a group of Mc's who are living in a world stricken with tragedy and chaos. Despite this the Mc's join together to fight against a mysterious and powerful enemy that little is known about at first. As the enemy's end game becomes clear it is revealed that they have plans for destroying the world through sacrificing everyone's lives as a catalyst for the sake  read more 
report Recommended by Tooru25
Both are heavily political stories with a diverse cast of characters set in a 19th century-esque era, but still mantain an overall lighthearted and positive tone. The lore on both shows is very heavy and lots of plot points are revealed gradually, in the end forming a bigger picture of the conflict and giving us way more nuance on issues that were presented in a simple manner at the beginning. The characters of Loran Cehack and Edward Elric not only share the same seiyuu, but also a moral compass and a overall good natured personality. Both also display a big sense of loyalty, Loran towards  read more 
report Recommended by mushroombossa
Both shows have characters you can enjoy, both shows have coup d'etats. Both shows focus on Military and Politics, both shows have good animation, both shows have fight scenes, and both shows are addicting and have a very enjoyable plot. 
report Recommended by bigeli2020
Both about kids who have lost something, and how they overcome obticles further to come. Both with same type of plot. Both brothers in it, but different at the same time. Truely recommend Iron-Blooded Orphans to FMA brotherhood fans. 
report Recommended by MrDoodle90
Both shows have similarities within their plots, as they start off with brothers going on an 'adventure' to obtain their goal, but as the story progresses, their adventure begins to tackle bigger issues within their society 
report Recommended by Short_Circut
Both are epic tales, wonderfully written with deep character development and a huge amount of clever plot twists during the magnificent story. also, both of them treats intense and sometimes dark themed discussions related to human feelings, although still having a happy atmosphere with lighthearted comedy 
report Recommended by Deckhar
I don't know how to describe it, but they both have the same feel to them. Karakuri Circus is about a boy who's travelling around, running away from an organisation after his money that was handed down to him from his father. Fullmetal Alchemist is about two boys travelling around the country, trying to find a way to get their bodies back. 
report Recommended by Thorf
Made by the same studio. Great animation and stories with lovable characters. These two will make you want to keep watching.  
report Recommended by HELLOWORLD12233
Despite being two completely different genres/stories, I thoroughly enjoy both and have noticed a couple of similarities between them: - In both shows, the main character has no mother or father and is basically orphaned - Both shows are really great at writing strong female characters - Both of their main antagonists are 'god-like' - Kyo and Edward have similar temperaments - in both shows, the main ensembles have traumatic back stories - Both have complex characters with complex motivations - Both have a satisfying romance - Both main characters were really attached to their mothers - Both main characters imitate their dads to make their mothers happy 
report Recommended by lousassole_12
can you imagine anime with IMMORTALITY, HUMANITY, PHILOSOPHY, ULTIMATE POWER(GOD) theme are so thrilling and interesting to be followed, while action movement and funny things presented in adequate portion, then this 7th season of Gintama can be your next list. 
report Recommended by boyoungsi
Familial love drama with similar magic concepts.  
report Recommended by mneav3
Tale of father and son. 
report Recommended by hoge-san
Promised Days are involved in both shows that involve the fate of the world between supernatural users and non supernatural users only to lead them to dead or alive.  
report Recommended by SlaughterDagger
I know it can be weird—Clannad to FMA:B? But I think it's not so stupid. Both these anime are about life. In FMA:B life as a living armor, for example, but you must fight for happiness. In every world and circumstances, normal (as in Clannad) and fabulous (as in FMA:B). 
report Recommended by Sakado
Both anime revolve around a young boy who is learning about himself and his powers. Although the powers are a bit different, the boys are very alike in personality. They crave to deliver justice and won't stand aside while someone is being attacked. Oh, and Jin and Edward are voiced by the same person. 
report Recommended by gigglingidiot
both anime includes, -characters serving like dogs under the military -only serves to gain own goals completed. -military isn't like the way they are suppose to be like  
report Recommended by iNinjeek
Both protagonists believe in equality (eye for an eye), are dogs working for an organization government/military, find out the truth of everything, have special powers, and fight to bring justice. Both shows are addicting. 
report Recommended by iNinjeek
Both fight with the knowledge of chemistry and elements and use the properties of the elements to fight more effectively. 
report Recommended by IntroverTurtle
An interesting take on an adventure series. Spice and Wolf derails from the normal action you see in a typical adventure shounen, kind of how FMA Brotherhood sets the bars for shonen. Rather than fighting, Spice and Wolf is all about economics as he travels around a beautiful Italy-like world. Plus, the interactions between the two mains, Holo and Craft, is probably the best romance I've seen in any series. 
report Recommended by sehui
If you love the climax of one series when protagonists and their friends fight together their enemy(ies), you will find the same thing in the climax of the other.. *I find the similarity of the amazing cover of the last chapter of FMA manga with DiU's OP3.. It's great to have friends fighting evil together with you ... 
report Recommended by Jim_Heart
Both of these series have got personification of sins as "the bad guys". 
report Recommended by KonaKona-Chan
Alter Users and Alchemists are very much alike, in that each of them has one of many common super powers to fight with. 
report Recommended by 1231415333
Both of these shows have lots of action, intense battles, strong drama, greatly developed characters, lots of surprises, and actual endings that you will applaud. 
report Recommended by 1231415333
Both not only have "Brotherhood" in the title but explore it deeply as theme covering the kinship, strife and love in brotherly bonds. Both series villains are demon-esque in the characteristics and appearance. 
report Recommended by JVskunkape
Edward Elric and Duo Maxwell are similar. If you've seen the original FMA and/or GW, watch FMA Brotherhood! You'll find some similarities in this show! 
report Recommended by Rikudo14
Both are action shows with a lot of government involvement and super humans. Also, both have human experimentation in them, but Canaan is a seinen whereas FMA:B is a shounen. 
report Recommended by Ozzey
ATTENTION: the storylines and style are not at all similar. Texhnolyze is targeted to a more mature audience. But if you are intrigued by the idea of artificial limbs, they will both catch your attention. 
report Recommended by IceAndCream
Both shows have wonderfully developed characters and each deal with subjects like equivalent exchange and what matters most to a person in very different ways.  
report Recommended by kcam44
Both have over-the-top stylized characters with a tough guy attitude, GAR, eye-candy animation, non-stop action, similar comic relief, and appeal to the same sort of people.  
report Recommended by eyerok
Similar alternate world time line involving technology, weapons, and a despotic dictator. Both feel like they are set somewhere just prior to WWII and have a bit of a "steampunk" feel. There is even a parallel with the young boy with special powers others want to use. Both are excellent. 
report Recommended by lisnoire
Both series deal with mature teenagers going through a great struggle to achieve some bigger goal, going to particular adventures, and fighting for their lives. All the hardships they go through, together with friends and comrades, are in both series almost similar. Sometimes the characters are a bit more childish in FMA:B, but both series deal with a lot of the same elements. 
report Recommended by Ilyaoh
There an essence of brotherly love expressed in both series. Each of the elder sibling goes through trails towards other goals while experiencing hardships that will test their very sanity.  
report Recommended by hamstar138
Similar "boy seeks destiny on his own punk self" storyline. 
report Recommended by alienninjasaiyan
They both have two main protagonists, one of them lost his body and gain afterward a huge strength. Parents are nowhere to be found in both. 
report Recommended by Kanaco
Main villains representing the seven deadly sins, but in FMA these capital vices are harder to kill. Some of 11eyes characters have powers and abilities similar to various characters of Fullmetal Alchemist: such as fire control (Roy Mustang of FMA and Takahisa of 11eyes) or certain skills using swords (Bradley of FMA and Misuzu of 11eyes). 
report Recommended by Disillusion
Both anime tell the story of a boy very talented in something (go for Hikaru, alchemy for Edward), which seems, in the anime, like the best thing one could be talented at. As well as being talented, both boys have some special ability others do not that makes them seem even more talented. People around them are frequently amazed by them. 
report Recommended by amira_k
Both are about defiance against God and about harsh lives. Both are really sad and funny aswell.  
report Recommended by Darkhawk220
They are both set in an un-typical military setting with unique main characters. They don't waste time in the story telling. Well I don't know what else, I just thought they were similar. 
report Recommended by BsAsUn
They both have a similar genre, although the story-lines vary a lot.(Other wise it wouldn't be interesting, would it?) The Barsburg Military and the State alchemists are somewhat similar, and both main characters have deep pasts and people they want to protect. 
report Recommended by chelovekx
Both works feature friendship or close relationship between male characters as an important component. Stories with European backgrounds, touching lines and adventures. Fullmetal Alchemist is more imaginative and far more serious while Romeo's blue sky was a bit more realistic as it describes the tough life of chimney boys in Europe. 
report Recommended by bottle
Both are excellent. Also there is a lot of very sad and melancholic scenes in these series, obviously Fullmetal Alchemist is way longer but I still think these are comparable and if you enjoy one you will probably enjoy the other. 
report Recommended by PawnDa
- Similar story style - Both protagonists have a tragic childhood - Both protagonists have a weird arm as weapon - Exorcists and Alchemists are similar 
report Recommended by KurisuAlph
Both involve a journey to reach their goals, strong relationships and amazing conclusions.  
report Recommended by smackells
When someone make a "mistake" in the past and realize it, they have two choices. Whether they trying not to make the same mistakes in the future OR they to go back to the past and preventing that "mistake" to be done. And when they choose the second which is logically impossible, they find something that makes it possible. And then again even after they found "something" that makes it possible to "fix the past", they still ask to reconsider about their choices. DO YOU REALLY WANT TO PICK THE SECOND ONE? TO FIX YOUR PAST? OR THE FIRST ONE? TO LEARN FROM YOUR MISTAKES  read more 
report Recommended by Mascera
Tons of action, fights and interesting plot twists. Both anime have conspiracies and few "important" people controlling the society.  
report Recommended by Hutai
These are both anime that tackle the concept of souls as if it is a scientific thing rather than something to do with magic or religion. The main characters have someone who they hold dear but is not a complete human and wish to bring them back to being their former self. The same power that allows souls and bodies to operate separately is used as the main force used by the military. The fights and battles are all well animated. 
report Recommended by zombie_pegasus
Chapter 21 page 187 of Tsubasa Chronicle (manga), "No matter what kind of power you use, the life that is lost cannot be restored! No matter how much I miss her, I can't see her anymore!". And that's all I need to explain how these two are similar. They also use magic with lots of action you don't want to miss. They're both fantasy mixed with adventure and can make you cry too. 
report Recommended by binsu
To me, they are similar if we're talking about immortality. They are similar yet different. Mermaid Forest focus on immortal ones who wants to be normal again. But FMA Brotherhood focus on normal beings who want immortality. Desperately finding a way to each road they take. 
report Recommended by binsu
FMAB and Inuyasha. In both the protagonists look for a powerful stone, which brings misfortune and a great power capable of changing everything. In addition they fight against a group made of this stone, which are almost invincible. Between valuable losses, comic moments, a continuous struggle against the memories of the past that are still present is what these series offer. 
report Recommended by OtakuNote87
- Both have a great combination of humour and a more serious plot. - Unique story. - Great animation. 
report Recommended by LlamaGlitter
It has an fascinating and entrancing story, jam-packed with awesome action scenes. It has a wide variety of sophisticated yet wonderful characters to boot. Just like Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, this anime will keep you sucked in from beginning to end without leaving you unsatisfied in any shape or form. It is truly awe-inspiring. And lastly, this is one of the few shows out there that only gets better with the sequels. Enjoy! 
report Recommended by animeismybae
This might seem like a strange comparison and I'm pretty sure most people have watched FMA at this point, but if what made you love Mo Dao Zu Shi is a well-constructed plot held together with good world-building and lore, well-developed, realistic characters and a relevant and engaging ensemble cast, then these two shows have that in spades. 
report Recommended by lunanoc
Both make great dramatical use of moral ambiguity, philosophical questions about life, death and the power of men over it. Also, great character development and drama, with a healthy dose of mystery and investigation. 
report Recommended by Alchemists
Both involve alchemy and include a main character who is a sentient metal/rock object (Al as the suit of armor and Gargoyle as a dog statue with wings). They both have action and comedy with some darker themes. There are characters in both from different parts of the world who at first oppose the main characters but later help them. Fullmetal Alchemist has more of a plot, while Yoshinaga-san'chi no Gargoyle is generally more easy-going. 
report Recommended by ccorn
They are adventure/shounen shows with main characters that can manipulate matter. Also, there are themes of balancing ethics with the search for power/innovation. 
report Recommended by SAniyoukoso
I just finished Akatsuki no Yona and couldn't help but think that fans of FMA: Brotherhood would probably enjoy it. Mostly what made me think of Brotherhood through it was the way it balanced out the serious story with goofy moments without making it difficult to take the characters seriously through the progression of the story. Rather, they contributed to my attachment to the characters, giving all that much more impact to the hardships they go through. 
report Recommended by cubelet
Both are action packed battle shounen fantasy stories where the main characters have special powers. Both have main characters that are driven to solve some dark mysteries about their pasts. Both take some inspiration from steampunk. Both are filled with lovable and memorable characters. 
report Recommended by alpha_shadow
One of my favorite aspects of both shows are their main characters. Both Edward and Sagara are really cool main characters who fight to protect their friends. They are both serious when they need to be, sometimes unintentionally really funny, and of course very skillful in battle. The main female protagonists in both shows, Winry(FMA) and Chidori(FMP), are also very interesting and fun characters who I enjoyed. Both shows have a great balance of action-packed fights and comedic relief. They are somewhat military based animes but more especially in FMA. Another thing I liked was that they both had a cool sci-fi feel to  read more 
report Recommended by Axel97
Shounen anime both written by female authors, they bring two unqiue topics. Reborn! deals with mafias and Fullmetal Alchemist deals with alchemy. The main characters both are young teens, whose father is a "bigshot" however, they have yet to know, and later, they are both involved in a pre-determined conflict. The theme of "family" is given an important role in both along with a world that is darker than whatthe characters believe. Reborn! has a lighter atmosphere, laid-back and has much more comedy whereas Fullmetal Alchemist world is darker, serious and deals with much more mature theme.  
report Recommended by Indolence
They both have a good portion of military based scenes. They also carry great messages throughout the shows. If you immerse yourself into the main character or whoever is having a hard time, you will find the emotional roller coaster that drives them to do what they do and find the ability to understand the hardships. THE FEELS. Both have amazing quotes, holy crap. And both also have an anti-war message. Seed more so than Brotherhood.  
report Recommended by winniekira
Both are set in war time and mix magic with WW2/Nazi imagery 
report Recommended by bhaktivinoda
In both series there is something "supernatural" who want to face the human and demonstrate their superiority ... will be human capable of handling this situation? 
report Recommended by DMestre
Both series are set in worlds similar to those of industrial revolution. In both world exist magic/alchemy as a form of science. Main protagonists fight against supernatural threats under militaristic organisations. Protagonists are troubled by complicated pasts. World of Strait Jacket is without comedy and feels darker than that of Fullmetal Alchemist.  
report Recommended by rabi3187
Both MC never want to kill anyone. They both have a main goal, but there will always be problem that keep them from advancing. Both of the MC are reluctant to ask other people help. Both MC are already really powerful. 
report Recommended by minouneetzoe
Both set in another world off-Earth Both deal with powers Both had seasons with new characters Both main characters travels in a pair Both inflicts life-changing feels 
report Recommended by GreyKnightz
Both are contain : - Dark Plot (with twist ofc) - Useless sacrificial - Tribute to obtain massive power which could get almost everything - Awful truth - Much suffering - No way to turn back but can't even regret - Stunning battle 
report Recommended by pressF-senpai
Intense frame jaw-ripping action has never looked so good on both animes. Although different in terms of story, both animes display a unique sense of action only BONES knows. 
report Recommended by MagicalMahou
If you liked Deadman Wonderland or FMA:Brotherhood, you would like the other because they both have a young, male protagonist being pushed to limit physically, mentally and emotionally. The two protagonist (Ed and Ganta) are haunted by deaths in their past. Both were helpless to stop their loved ones from dying, and went on a dangerous journey of action to overcome that past.  
report Recommended by kalon
I don't think a lot of people have made this comparason, but both animes in my opinion are similar in the way that the story and the feeling of the anime are laid out, the main diference is that one is longer are more fleshed out, but both in my opinion are worth checking out. If you like adventure and a world that isn't quite like ours, this is the way to go. 
report Recommended by shnapii
I give both these anime's a 10. They both had me hooked from the very beginning. While Assassination Classroom is still running, FMAB ended. FMAB went out with one of the best endings ever. Both are very funny and dramatic. 
report Recommended by LelouchForPres