Black Butler

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Synonyms: Kuro Shitsuji, Kuroshitsuzi
Japanese: 黒執事
English: Black Butler
German: Black Butler
Spanish: El Mayordomo Oscuro
French: Black Butler
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Type: TV
Episodes: 24
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Oct 3, 2008 to Mar 27, 2009
Premiered: Fall 2008
Broadcast: Unknown
Studios: A-1 Pictures
Source: Manga
Genres: ActionAction, ComedyComedy, MysteryMystery, SupernaturalSupernatural
Themes: HistoricalHistorical, MythologyMythology
Demographic: ShounenShounen
Duration: 24 min. per ep.
Rating: R - 17+ (violence & profanity)


Score: 7.671 (scored by 575323575,323 users)
1 indicates a weighted score.
Ranked: #11862
2 based on the top anime page. Please note that 'Not yet aired' and 'R18+' titles are excluded.
Popularity: #110
Members: 1,101,042
Favorites: 21,638

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Both animes have similar dymanics in the relations between main characters: an older, stronger servant who protects a weaker, younger master. Also, the topic of hell/Abyss that threatens one of the characters is kind of similar. Both animes are very nice in the visual aspect, dramatic but with some humor to lighten the mood. 
report Recommended by Juxian
They both involve solving multiple mysteries in the beginning of the series and end up with a big thrilling finale! 
report Recommended by GeniusofIron
These anime have plenty of bishounen and fascinating relationships between the male leads that are sealed in blood. They are about genius-level lead characters who have faced trauma as children. The time period is set in Victorian England for both. They are both dark mystery-solving dramas. If you like one, you are sure to like the other!  
report Recommended by shadowfireflame
Both are superhuman beings (Sebastian and Alucard) under contract to english nobility (Ciel and Integra). Even though the main aim of the two animes are different, (revenge vs elimination of vampires), they are almost cut from the same cloth! However, Hellsing tends to be darker and more bloody. 
report Recommended by Shurtugal
Mysteries, dark settings, detectives..If you liked Death Note you might like Kuroshitsuji, though it's not that serious and a more funny setting. (There are Shounen-Ai hinted themes in Kuroshitsuji, so for the LxLight shippers, you can get your moments in Kuroshitsuji too) 
report Recommended by GeniusofIron
Kuroshitsuji is about a demon butler, Sebastian, while Majin Tantei is about a demon detective, Neuro. Slightly different, but very similar characters. The shows both contain a similar atmosphere as well. 
report Recommended by Monkey_D_Luffy
Both are in a Victorian-era setting with heavy paranormal activity. Plus, there's also the master/servant thing going on between Integra and Alucard. 
report Recommended by meow117
Both have the same elements: butlers , "bochan", bishonens, elegance, demons, contracts, fanservice with shonen ai background tones, even the fonts of the titles are almost alike, the same setting and feeling, with dark aura but with comedy very funny, the story in both are almost alike because of the contents. But I found Kuroshitsuji a little darker. 
report Recommended by darkuria
They are very similar -- a story of a demon serving a child from a rich family. Perhaps a bit darker with less humor, but the core is the same. 
report Recommended by renchan
Though the plots and story line are completely different, the main characters seem to have similarities. First off, Ciel and Ritsuka are both 12. Though they have different voice actors, their voices sound extremely similar. They're both stubborn and have snarky attitudes throughout the series. They have also both lost something precious to them. Ciel his family, and Ritsuka his older brother. Both lost their relatives due to fires. (in Loveless, this is directed via anime, as to where the manga tells otherwise about his brother's 'status'.) Soubi and Sebastian are similar as well. Both have extrodinary powers and call the main characters their 'masters'. They are  read more 
report Recommended by Kaymyu
Both the protagonists of Kuroshitsuji and Code Geass are very similar - from the fact they both follow the way of self-destruction and vengeance to the order issuing abilities and proficiency in chess. In general, Ciel looks like a chibi version of Lelouch, not smart and skilled enough to pwn anyone he wants through strategy, relying on his butler Sebastian instead. (btw one of Shinigami in Kuroshitsuji is voiced by Jun Fukuyama.) English nobility, royal family members, tons of pathos, the only difference is XIX and XXI centuries, so no mecha in Kuroshitsuji.  
report Recommended by Razmes
Both series take place in a victorian era and have occult themes, such as demons. The characters and plot are very different, but are both appealing and interesting. They are both unique series filled with loveable characters.  
report Recommended by chibimaka
The two main characters look strikingly alike and many of the people who have enjoyed Kuroshitsuji have been known to love Nabari No Ou as well. =3 But I suppose it's not just that, people who enjoy Kuroshitsuji just seem to be very compatible with NnO too. ^^ (Neither is Shounen-ai btw) 
report Recommended by arsanii
Koroshitsuji and Jigoku shoujo are that same in A Few ways. The storys are some what the same becuz There is a demon serving someone, And in jigoku shoujo, she grants a wish. You get the same feeling from Both the animes as well. 
report Recommended by Natsuko
both have quirky similar random humour (which is at excellent quality) and has simiar strange atmosphere to it, where it (in soul eater) is in a different gothic world whilst kuroshitsuji is normal life with many dark supernatural aspects (which also seem quite gothic). lots of action, some drama, lots of humour and great general anime :D 
report Recommended by sugarplumfairy
Both are about bishounen, which is protect by tall, dark-haired and handsome demon. Besides, a lot of magic and similar personalities. But 'Uragiri' is shounen-ai. 
report Recommended by Reosia
Both shows feature a supernatural + human main character duo solving mysteries in late 1800s Europe. Kuroshitsuji takes place in England whereas Vanitas no Karte is in Paris, and Kuroshitsuji focuses on demons whereas Vanitas no Karte focuses on vampires. However, they have a similar narrative style and humor, while still being able to get serious when the time is right. If you enjoyed one, I highly recommend watching the other. 
report Recommended by LittleKnightling
Both anime's are set in a world full of richdom and welth. I think the art is also kind of similar, but I don't know if other people agree. Kuroshitsuji also has those random funny moments like Ouran High School Host Club. Here's a funny fact: Both main-characters (in Ouran High School Host Club it's Haruhi, and in Kuroshitsuji Ciel) are voiced by the same seiyuu! Ouran High School Host Club & Kuroshitsuji both have shounen-ai hinted themes. 
report Recommended by GeniusofIron
Both are supernatural shows in which a demonic being which has assumed the form of a beautiful man is bound to serve a human boy. In both cases, the demon is loyal to his master to a certain extent but relatively neutral in terms of good and evil. Both shows also have a variety of silly characters in the background, including a clumsy maid. 
report Recommended by Dorothea
Both of these animes have the same supernatural dark themed atmosphere, and it has the same theme of having a strong bond between it's two male protagonists (yami no matsuei's shounen ai is much more exposed though). Both animes pertains to solving some mysterious cases too. I am 100% sure that you'll like Kuroshitsuji if you're a big fan of yami no matsuei. 
report Recommended by cafekun
Characters really do look a like! i think that Sebastian from kuroshitsuji is male version of Yuuko from xxxholic. also at first sight i thought that kuroshitsuji was product of Clamp, but i guess i was simply mistaken. 
report Recommended by Ni2no
Spoiled brat of a boy has servant help him run things. Except in Soredemo, boy has an older girl to complain to as well. Both clearly appeal to fujoshi and female viewers. 
report Recommended by Makise
Set in 19th century England, both have bishounen, some supernatural and magic element. Both are comedy with a little bit of action (in Kuroshitsuji there is much more) 
report Recommended by doorotka
Young boy makes a contant with a supernatural being, and proceeds to meet a cast full of bishounen characters. Predominantly male cast anime made more for a female audience. 
report Recommended by abystoma2
Both are set in the 1900s in European countries. Both of the main characters are seeking revenge on the people who killed their family. Both stories are dark. 
report Recommended by Kyunetsu
European aristocracy + supernatural forces + some shōnen-ai allusions. Gankutsuou is more sophisticated and unique.  
report Recommended by Ms_Beast
Kuroshitsuji concerns certain uncommon interactions between butler and master. Vampire Knight does not concern demons/angels/shinigami. If you really enjoyed either this one or Vampire Knight then you will love this next series (if you're into vampires). Vampire Knight is more focused on dark romance involved with vampires and humans with a love triangle in the mix and a dark secret that will unravel itself later in the story.  
report Recommended by memento_mori
Roughly same time (Victorian Romance Emma takes place about 25 years before Kuroshitsuji), same attention to detail and I believe Kuroshitsuji references Victorian Romance Emma in a few things. Otherwise very different, but if you like the era, go for it! 
report Recommended by capitainejanvier
Many people have the same character in particular is very similar to the relationship hagixsaja- sebastianxciel 
report Recommended by Bimbazuccherata
Both are in the same Era, and have two protagonists that make a contract with each other, one of them has supernatural powers and uses it to solve mysteries. Both give you a gothic feeling.  
report Recommended by Orulyon
Loki and Ciel are alike in many ways and both stories revolve around the supernatural. 
report Recommended by bunnychii
Both take place in Europe in much older times and the main characters are both people who serve directly under the ruler of their country. Both also contain fantasy and mystery elements 
report Recommended by RedBardIsCool
Both focus on supernatural storytelling with dark elements in it as well as both having quite a bit of comedic elements in it as well too. 
report Recommended by Crow_Black
Both have the same old fashioned lolita, renaissance, elegant, etc. kind of style 
report Recommended by RedBardIsCool
Both series have a similar color palate,and theme of judement of life and death,and are Psychological theories on humans.  
report Recommended by Alicethetsundere
The main character in both is a supernatural/ultrapowerful being who can pretty much do whatever it wants. It will be a hard time killing either Korosensei or Sebastian. Comedy also plays a huge part in both shows, although the humor in Black Butler is much darker. Both series also have huge casts. 
report Recommended by NameWithheld
I'm surprised nobody has recommended Kuroshitsuji yet as an alternate anime to FMA. While Kuro was produced by A-1 Pictures and FMA was produced by Bones, they've got a LOT in the way of similarities. 
report Recommended by defunctmaluser
In both series, there's a fantasy like feeling with a more sophisticated style of its artwork. The main male protagonist is a young boy; although they have very different personalities. However, it focuses on his relationship with others as well as the people he meets along the well. Both series also gives off a gothic like feeling with its artwork and also a small sense of mystery. 
report Recommended by Stark700
I am a kuroshitsuji fan and i also love to watch seraph of the end or owari no seraph. I highly recommend everybody to watch seraph of the end because it is an amazing anime and i think if you like this anime then you like the other one. Reasons i say so: Both animes have something to do with demons Both animes are dark Both main anime characters want to revenge their family death Both anime characters are cute cool and hot Both anime are amazing Shounen Fighting Historical Mysterious Tragic  Sad Little bit of comedy   
report Recommended by Zahra-chan
They are about the main character doing something in order to get revenge on a certain person and both anime have a good balance of humor and seriousness. But the plot, setting and characters are nothing alike.  
report Recommended by Addicer_xx
At first it doesn't seem similiar at all. But there is some things that connect these series and I probably only noticed because I watched them one after another (I watched Natsume immediately after Kuroshitsuji). Both have a contract with a demon who promises to eat them after all is done (or in Natsume's case when there is an opening.) In both cases the main lead is about the only one who knows about it. Furthermore the male leads seem similiar in personality, appearing adult, serious and short-tempered. 
report Recommended by kujika
both anime deal with a master who has a servant with special powers…though the situation is a bit different both anime have a dark atmosphere and show the wicked side of human beings 
report Recommended by KuroYume-96
•Similar aesthetic and art style featuring a toned down color palate •Aristocratic main characters who are young in age, yet fairly capable and skilled as expected of the upper class •Set in a historical European time period and environment with gothic architecture •Darker plot themes •Revolves around a political base (in Kuroshitsuji, Ciel works for the queen, in Meine Liebe, the characters are potential candidates for an advisory position in the royal palace and aim to be nominated) •Social hierarchy is emphasized 
report Recommended by Gray_apothecary
Both Kuroshitsuji and Steins;Gate have there serious points and their not so serious points and have a bit of violence with something to do with a period in time Kuroshitsuji taking in place in the past and Steins;Gate getting involved with both past and future 
report Recommended by lilkk4321
Very similar vibe as both series are set in different eras of the British History (Late Medieval vs Victorian), with their plot points based on actual past events (Jack The Ripper, Warwick's Rebellion, etc). Both protagonists are petite young boys with an aristocratic background, having contact with a demonic being (Joan of Arc, Sebastian), extremely vengeful, and are slowly consumed by darkness as the story progresses.  
report Recommended by will-974531
although yamato-nadeshiko-shichi-henge has a normal non Victorian setting , i felt that it was similar to Kuroshitsuji ,, " humor wise " plus it has some really awesome characters , and ofcourse it has a pervert that can be grell's son if that was possible , i'm talking about Ranmaru , and guess what ,, he has red hair as-well  
report Recommended by maha_amead
"Yes, my Lord." - Sebastian Remember that phrase? Made you fall in love with him, right "Yes, Master." - Frankenstein Are you ready to fall in love with your new unhuman Master-Butler/servant duo? You are welcome to catch a glimpse of the exceptional life of the noble Rai, who is the creature that is above all others. The fascinating animation & storyline and hot bishounen characters will glue you to your seat  
report Recommended by LastGod
Both comedies about a relationship between master and butler, where butler is always trying to protect his master. While Mayo Chiki is more romantic, Kuroshitsuji has more action. 
report Recommended by abystoma2
Demons come to earth. The world is in jeopardy. The MCs are similar. differences one works with the demons, the other has to choose his side. 
report Recommended by Ennis1001
Both of them have a MC that has a familiar , expert in everything  
report Recommended by pride95
Both are dark animes which involves selling one's life/soul to a different being(demon/incubator) in exchange for a single wish. 
report Recommended by zetsuboSensei
Both are somewhat similar in that they both deal with demons and contracts. Kuroshitsuji is much darker than Kami nomi zo Shiru Sekai but they do both have their share of comedic moments. 
report Recommended by pretence
Well, I personally liked both of these, as they deal with similar themes (Darkness, Evil ECT.) However, This anime is a little more girly, with a hint of romance, but there are also fight scenes, and the 2 main characters are males. On the otherhand, I guess that Kuroshitsuji AND D.N.Angel can appeal to both audiences. This anime is worth watching! 
report Recommended by falakalak
Firstly, both were produced by Square Enix. Both have eye-patches, Shinigami, contracts, death, and a dark mood. But the most notable similarities are those between the characters: in both series we have the usually clumsy meganekko (Michiru/Meilin), the gay man who provides some comedy (Hakka/Grell), the always calm and kinda tedious Chinese guy whose eyes are constantly shut (Toho/Lau), the emotionless pretty girl (Kuze/Ranmao), the weird and non-human ferryman/grave-digger (Bekko/Undertaker), the cute and cheerful shota boy (Yuta/Finnian), and even the domesticated wolf (Raika/Pluto). That said, Zombie Loan is way better. 
report Recommended by RenaPsychoKiller
1. The setting and scenery of the anime is almost the same. 2. Lau and Ran Mao were probably inspired from the characters Ran fan and Yao Ling from FMA. 3. Circles of Alchemy and Sebastian's symbol seal were probably very much interconnected. 4. The feeling of both anime are pretty much similar. 6. Experimental and such. 7. In Kuroshitsuji, there were indians but in FMA, there were ishbalans. 8. Yao Ling is the 12th prince from his country but Soma is the 27th prince from his country. 9. Agni and Scar are similar, they have queer powers in their right hand/arm and they worship their god very much. 10. Ciel Phantomhive and  read more 
report Recommended by licht_
The art quality and the air of mystery are very similar in both. Both have humor and a dark past. 
report Recommended by amabebe
Hayate no Gotoku is pretty similar, instead of a 12 year-old boy the butler in Hayate protects and serves a 13 year-old girl 
report Recommended by Nebbi
Both stories deal with the supernatural and both are much more than what you originally expect. They have well develped characters, comedy and still manage to tell a deep story. Great music and art. 
report Recommended by tsuki77
They both have demon's, especially they protect someone whom they are close with like Sebastian protecting Ciel, Dante protecting Patty.That's what they are common with ^_^. 
report Recommended by xXKatRyzXx
both stories, focus on a wealthy orphan and their servant as well as also both also having a focus on comedy as well too. 
report Recommended by Crow_Black
-The MC looks / sounds / ''resembles'' a girl, but is really a boy. -Both anime are about Murder and Mystery -The cases are, by the children (MCs), as 'games'. - Games that are fun in a different, twisted sick way where you look at murder, gore and violence to satisfy your want for fun!.  
report Recommended by B3astpwn
Both focus on a cynical lone wolf mc as well as pacts between companions and also lots of supernatural elements and shinigamis as well too and also lots of food focus as well too. 
report Recommended by Crow_Black
Ciel is so much similar to Natsume. Cold, Distant, Emotionless, yet soon you see what lies behind those cold eyes. Revealing to you a wounded soul that needs much love, and that is where you find Gakuen Alice. The anime that will light your world, bringing you out of that depressive state of only knowing how to kill, how to hurt, how to destroy. The two anime's are very similar in so many ways, except for the killing, it doesn't brutally show you up close the 'bloody marks'  
report Recommended by B3astpwn
They give off the same vibe, it's hard to explain but there's a new story episode, both have young teenagers taking a responsibility due to hardships through their childhood. If you like one you'll probably like the other  
report Recommended by clair3_jan3
Bit of a long shot but Sebastian is the only anime character I can think of that can be compared to Kafuka. Nice and likeable while hiding very dark, twisted and demonic presence. Often they both pop up out of nowhere and turn situations upside down with little effort. 
report Recommended by blackhaulmike
Contract with demons and an air of mystery with a flair of Gothic lolita fashion. -Both Chocola and Ciel engaged in a contract with a demon to have a wish granted -In each series there's at least one character wearing gothic clothing -Both series have this air of mystery -Also Chocola and Ciel have a past related to there family but I wont say what because of spoilers. Now Chocolat no Mahou has short episodes that dont always do the manga justice because there's not enough time to cram in every story detail or character development but I think it's still a nice anime and if you want something  read more 
report Recommended by Kogenta3
Both anime have a similar setting, as they are both set in Victorian-era England. In both anime, the main protagonists are noblemen, whose lives are turned upside down after the death of their parents. Both anime have supernatural elements and creatures, with JoJo having vampires and Kuroshitsuji having demons. They both also tackle the infamous case of Jack the Ripper. Both anime have a lot of action, as well as some homosexual undertones. Overall, they have a similar atmosphere. 
report Recommended by BohemianRhapsody
- Each anime is about 'Revenge', that relates towards 'Family'. - Lots of action, and cute moments between our MC's. - Each anime is about forming a pact (Chaos Dragon), or a contract (Kuroshitsuji), where in exchange for something precious, they are returned with a wish that is to be granted. 
report Recommended by B3astpwn
Desperate protagonists willingly to sell their souls to demon. With twisted character and plot development. They are completely different, but same. But different. 
report Recommended by deesintegrashun
Boy gets in contract with demon, super competent and powerful being that will fulfil any wish and wants to consume all of him.  
report Recommended by blackhaulmike
-Both of the main characters Maou/Sebastian are Demons, who acts kind of very nice and kind way, also they have a strong confidence to serve with them (Maou: As a employee job for serving a fast food chain to the customers) and (Sebastian: As a butler being a servant job to serve with his master Ciel Phantomhive). They have powers too, But they may be bad sometimes. -Having a conflicts and confrontation of Demons and Angels.  
report Recommended by Tuscavoir
The villain for Gatchaman Crowds, Berg Katze is essentially Grell. Like seriously. They're both flamboyantly villainous fem transgender red heads with other worldly powers. I'm really surprised this correlation hasn't been made before.  
report Recommended by MariSan28
Both anime share similar Faustian motifs, featuring characters who sell their soul in order to get special powers. Both have incredibly stylish action, combined with darker themes of tragedy and psychological thriller, with a grim and eerie atmosphere hiding behind a facade of comedy and cheerfulness. Both anime also feature modern takes on classic folklore and mythological creatures, such as demons, grim reapers, and witches. 
report Recommended by BohemianRhapsody
Both leave you questioning "Is there anything this tall handsome demon can't do?". Both also have a Chinese character voiced by Koji Yusa. 
report Recommended by poopmaster
Basically both of this animes have a serious and sinister moments/history, but the charism of the characters broke this and make a perfect harmony of plot and funny 
report Recommended by lhenrique7071
The overall vibe is really similar to Violet Evergarden! 
report Recommended by Bourbons
both start off as a light anime with a little bit of jokes here and there. built on a not-so-light premise... but then the story takes a darker turn 
report Recommended by lilith192
These anime are similar in that both anime deals with mysteries. Kuroshitsuji deals with the mystery of who killed the MCs parents and in Detective Conan you deal with the MC trying to get his body back from the black organization. 
report Recommended by Konan_Edogawa_
Both feature vampires (though Blood Lad shows other creatures too. In different ways, the vamp's life is sort of ruled by a human (though, Blood Lad is in a romantic sort of way). The shows carry the same dark tones, violent and bloody with some humor. They also share seiyuus (Yuki Kaji, Takuma Terashima, & Ryohei Kimura). 
report Recommended by AnitaSleap
Young duke who lives alone with his staff Shinigamies Curses Supernatural  
report Recommended by RotttenBlue
similar setting and detective elements both play a part in the plot 
report Recommended by Heir0phant
both protaginists are calm and cool regardless of the situation and are seemingly perfect at what they do. the only difference is black butler is about perfect butler who will do anything to serve and protect his master v.s bartender where the bartender will do anything to make the customer's experience pleasant 
report Recommended by nidoqueen106
Strong children as main characters, both with magical eyes and a gloomy atmosphere around 
report Recommended by Demeteri
Both series contain theme of supernatural dealing. The story is not like kuroshitsuji, but the atmosphere is a bit like. They both have dark, sad atmoshere. In Shigofumi then people died he become shigofumi, in kuroshitsuji then people kill himself he become shinigami, and nothing remember. 
report Recommended by Rose007
This will scratch that unsettling, mystery itch Neverland gives you. Its one hell of a ride as Ciel uncovers monsters and mysteries with his evil, demonic Butler. You won't be physically scared, but the ideas and world presented are spine-chilling.  
report Recommended by fireball4011
Maybe people wont find this similar, but i think they have their similarities. Both are shonen, and im so used to them that i liked them both. They have this demon thing in their main characteres, that make them have to hide their really personallity from others outside the world. I really like the relationships Sebastian-Ciel and Rin-Yukio-Shirou, thats another similaritie. And these animes have strong and lovely secondary characters like Mephisto o Shura in Ao no Exorcist and Grell and Undertaker in Kuroshitsuji. 
report Recommended by Athena839
both have crime solving elements that play an important role in the series both are highly rated and critically acclaimed  
report Recommended by MrTacopants
The animes grab you each with a backstory that develops the plot as a whole. Luckly each anime has a comic relief for the intensity of the action grabs you. Honestly I watched them both with in a week because once I watched two episodes I was hooked. Although they are hardly related each has a character viewed above all else and is in need of being protected. We all have someone we want to protect in our lives and that is why these animes grabbed me so much.  
report Recommended by Sophiabrou13
Both delve into the supernatural aspects of London, England. While one is about a boy who summons a demon in exchange for his soul, and the other is about a mage who buys a human to become his wife/apprentice; they both have very common themes. Sebastian and Elias seem to be very similar characters as neither is human and nor do either understand human emotions. They both try to help their human companions throughout their journeys to accomplish their goals. 
report Recommended by SailorStorm711
Both are shows with Gothic and Victorian influences. Each show has a predominately male cast and the shows are marketed towards young women. Both shows contain dark mystery plot lines with supernatural elements. While Black Butler uses demons as their creature of choice, Diabolik Lovers uses vampires. Diabolik Lovers leans towards the sexual side while Black Butler is much more violent and gorey.  
report Recommended by MelodyFire
I don't know why, but it feels as if Vampir Kufa is similar to Sebastian. Like Sebastian is in secret a demon and Vampir Kufa is half vampire lycanthrope. They like to tease their "Masters" and they both have ulterior motives. Melida Angel is the opposite from Ciel. First of all, Melida is a girl, she is shy, quiet and overall bullied. But the interaction with Vampir Kufa (teacher / Student) is almost the same as Ciel with Sebastian. 
report Recommended by Naru-Ghost
If you're a SebaCiel shipper like I am, then Super Lovers is the closest you're going to get to SebaCiel being canon. The teenage protagonist (Ren) looks eerily similar to Ciel, while Haru is absolutely eye candy, just like Sebastian. There is also a power struggle between the two, just like there is between Ciel and Sebastian (even though his contract states he has to obey his master, no matter what). Just take my word for it and watch Super Lovers. 
report Recommended by -Sonal-
Everyone who is kept captive in Deadman Wonderland's "G-Unit" have been through something quite traumatizing, alongside the undertakers...This is similar to the main character in the Black Buter, and they both try to change their future by accomplishing something...yet the only important difference is...Ciel has some kind of false hope and runs on hatred, while the people kept at Deadman Wonderland have a kind of hope or light that keeps them going.  
report Recommended by Jidzi4yeshua
In case you were amused by how the definition of Good & Evil got alternated in Amatsuki, you're gonna enjoy Kuroshitsuji as well. 
report Recommended by afflatus
It's sometimes dark and dramatic anime like kuroshitsuji , but there is more comedy in Tsukuyomi Moon Phase. 
report Recommended by Kodomo_R
Well, Kuroshitsuji's idea is different from KHR but, they have similar characters. If you love Sebastian, you'll definitely love Mukuro, one of the hot guys from KHR. They both have the same hotness, smile and both came from hell! Besides Sebastian and Mukuro, there are some other similar characters. Such as, Lussuria 'n' Grell, they're both weird ,Toma 'n' Bell, they're both stupid princes, Chrome 'n' Ciel ...the same eye-patch lol. BTW: They both start with the same letter. 
report Recommended by Lulu-94
- Main characters for both series consist of a cute young boy(both have an odd-eye with supernatural powers) and older bishounen male (among others). - Both have a non-modern setting, though one is fantasy and one is alternate history. - Both have fantasy/supernatural elements, as well as partnership. - Both have yaoi fandoms (Shounen anime aimed towards girls, perhaps, but both can enjoy it immensely). Overall, I think someone who enjoys Kuroshitsuji will enjoy Tegami Bachi, and vice versa. Tegami Bachi is a bit more light-hearted in theme, but also has a serious plot that reveals itself later on. It's not really historical, but it has somewhat of an  read more 
report Recommended by Pikangie
both anime have good quality character for females, great dialogs, in-depht characterization, great soundtracks, plot and plot twists. sure this is a good experience for young females 
report Recommended by Toro-ro
Both these anime have a contracted master-servant relationship with shounen-ai overtones. 
report Recommended by shadowfireflame
In Hakkenenden, the way that Sousuke values and takes care of Shino, and the way that Shino trusts Sousuke to take care of his daily needs (eating, sleeping, riding first class on trains) reminds me of Ciel’s relationship with his butler Sebastian in Kuroshitsuji. However, Shino and Sousuke have more of a brotherly/friendship relationship and Ciel and Sebastian’s is darker and based on a mutually beneficial contract. Still, both Sousuke and Sebastian have that calm, protective demeanor in taking care of their pretty, younger charges. There is also hints of shounen ai in both these relationships. 
report Recommended by shadowfireflame
The two shows definitely have some similarities. Both have kids as the main character/characters, and both contain a mix of light comedic moments overshadowed by some seriously dark stuff. Kuroshitsuji is probably the lighter of the 2 (although it definitely has its share of disturbing moments) 
report Recommended by kaleidome
Quite similar relations between main characters and also supernatural abilities. 
report Recommended by aievolsleep
I know many people might be surprised by me saying that Kuroshitsuji and MoHS are similar. But I'm not crazy because they really are. In Kuroshitsuji it defies cliches and is serious and funny and so many things all wrapped into one. This is also true for MoHS. Also, the characters Sebastian and Haruhi are similar in the way that they can pull off basically anything at all. And sometimes when they do it's just absolutely hilarious. Like the time in Kuroshitsuji episode one when Seb had to do all the work cuz everyone else at the mansion is incompetent. XD and then how Haruhi  read more 
report Recommended by Ky-chan
It has that master/servant relationship. An adult serving a child. 
report Recommended by SonnyGoten
Suteki Tantei Labyrinth is like a cuter version of Kuroshitsuji. Both involve a young boy with special powers and his butler(s). The style in clothing and character design is similar in some point and both main characters solve detective cases. 
report Recommended by mikaz
Both shows revolve around a team of people solving cases that have to do with the supernatural. Although Kuroshitsuji includes demons, shinigamis and similar creatures, Ghost Hunt revolves more-so around spirits and hauntings. Regardless, what these two shows have in common are the 3-4 episode arcs that are tie together to describe a full story.  
report Recommended by VK11
both are dark comedies with distant and disapproving main character. over all mood goes from comedy to drama in brutal pace. both are not the most pleasant to watch. 
report Recommended by gknight
Both have very dark supernatural plots where many people die and the protagonist tries to solve the mystery behind those deaths. While Kuroshitsuji focus on comedy, drama and demons, Shiki focus in psychological, drama and vampires. The protagonist seeks revenge for something that happened to him. Both have an outstanding soundtrack and voice actors, as well a very unique art, where the outfits are great. Although, Shiki is very slow paced and Kuroshitsuji fast paced, they will both leave you addicted if you watch them until the end~~ 
report Recommended by Orulyon
Both are full of dark mysteries but sometimes funny. Sebastian and Kaname have quite similar personalities.  
report Recommended by minwonderland
Both have the whole 'boy with a eyepatch that fight demons'. 
report Recommended by yoongi
Shirogane resembles and almost acts exactly like the Undertaker. The style is also got that 'pretty boy' element and the magical graphic elements included in Kuro. It's just got a large combination of Square Enix's pretty boy stuff with the Loveless elements and some Sex Therapist manga moments thrown in. 
report Recommended by Prophetess
Ryner Lute is a Alpha Stigma bearer,when activating their powers they have a red pentagram appearing over their pupils. Alpha Stigma bearers are often shunned and called "monsters" as once they go berserk and lose their sanity, they will start killing and destroying indiscriminately and never to return to their senses again. 
report Recommended by ParadoxCharlie
It both has its darker themes and times. It also has a alice and wonderland kind of thing going on like it the ova of Kuroshitsuji. :) 
report Recommended by DarkPrincess97
Vampire Holmes and black butler have similar themes and take place in London. While vampire Holmes relies mostly on bad comedy, black butler took itself more seriously. 
report Recommended by Weeaboi420
How is a romantic slice of life comedy similar to an action packed anime with supernatural stuff happening almost every episode, including demons and the like? Not at all! But if you liked the characters from one of these two, then you will find the other anime's characters stunningly similar. Of course not completely the same, not even in the gender department. It might be a good gateway for a person that wants to get into rom-coms or action, supernatural animes, thanks to how familiar the characters will feel. 
report Recommended by NekousagiKorou
Bot anime have very alike feeling when you watching them. Both is about high social rank boys Intrigues Mysterious tutor/butler Bishounen Funny chibi forms But Oushitsu Kyoushi Haine is comedy meanwhile Kuroshitsuji is darker with fantasy and comedy elements 
report Recommended by EMV
both have fighting scenes as well as manny funny scenes added to it. They both have manny lovable characters. 
report Recommended by DarkenNightLife
If you really like Doki Doki, you might just love Black Butler! Doki Doki Precure often makes references to Black Butler. You can additionally get easily hooked to the two endings they both have. Not to mention, they both have butlers with the same name. Don't forget the epic battle scenes! Just switch the gender roles, Doki Doki is like a feminine version of Black Butler and vice versa.  
report Recommended by xXBlue-ReaperXx
Another year, another anime about people in Victorian London(Princess Principal adding steampunk to the mix and Black Butler adding supernatural mysteries). In both anime there is a mix of relaxing and dark/cruel atmosphere. 
report Recommended by JokerDBlue
Both are set in the past and revolve around a human and an immortal being. Also both include a lot of talking about food. The soundtracks for both anime are similar. 
report Recommended by teramisu
Both involve a duo solving murder mysteries. Both duos consist of one superhuman and one human character. However, while Kuroshitsuji has a child filling the human role and an adult figure filling the superhuman role, the roles are reversed partially in UN-GO with a human adult and the superhuman character acting mainly as the child but transforming at times into a smexy, fully-blossomed woman. Also, both involve a pact between the two main characters that involves eating souls. However, the two anime have a slightly different feel to them. Kuroshitsuji is set in the past and has more of a gothic vibe, similar to Gosick,  read more 
report Recommended by britttain
Black Butler [BB] (Kuroshitsuji) i feel is very similar to Unbreakable Machine Doll [UMD]. BB has elements of mystery and plot twists, but it is much 'darker' than UMD. Both have master and those who they control and both are set in olden England. Both main roles go to young males set out to gain revenge for their lost family members and both make unusual friends. there is much more "ecchi" in UMD however. Both have good fight scenes where the master 'battles' with their doll/butler. 
report Recommended by Rayner-Joy
While Black Lagoon and Kuroshitsuji look different on the surface, they are both excellent at bringing across the feeling of darkness, more specifically, darkness within humans. Both are crime-infested shows, that have one or more completely badass characters, and one or more that'll send a chill down your spine. The only real difference between the two, is that Black Lagoon has more realism to the fighters (they're all humans) and Kuroshitsuji has more realism to the setting it's placed in (Victorian England). 
report Recommended by Sabeeh
Both are about daily life (in a fishing village and in a mansion), but both have an underlying sinister theme (unknown monster lurking in the depths and demon butler).  
report Recommended by iamsherlocked
- Both main characters have a "servant" who will fulfill any order given to them. - Stronger servant protects the weak master. - Main characters have a dark past that drives them. - Both set in the past (Katanagatari having their own take on the Edo period of Japan). 
report Recommended by Neowu
Both series feature mysterious, darkly charismatic male leads with otherwordly powers. Though set in different time periods and geographical locations, they both feature fantastic character designs and tight, elegantly choreographed action sequences. Thematically, characters in both series struggle with what constitutes good and evil, as well as the meaning of being human. 
report Recommended by WillMunny
This may sound as a strange recommendation, because how do a bread anime & a demon butler anime compare?... But the more you go into Kuroshitsuji, the more you notice similarities. Sometimes in characters, but mostly of all, in the sense of humor. For example, the episodes about the Indian people could've came straight out of Yakitate!! Japan and you never would've noticed the difference :-D 
report Recommended by MaJuV
Both have world settings that ivolve the main character into politics and supernatural, lots of unique characters, shonen ai fanservice, both have an interesting meaninful plot. 
report Recommended by Narushisto
Both have some handsome bishouen boys and awesome openings and ending theme songs  
report Recommended by OtomeXOtaku
The atmosphere and setting are both the same although with Kuroshitsuji it's focused around a butler and the supernatural whereas in Emma, it's around a maid and is a love story. 
report Recommended by RafaelDeJongh
The undertone of kuroshitsuji is very similar to Arcana. There is comedy in some senses, and a dark power or powers that one or many use. When watching Arcana I see the resemblance to Kuroshitsuji by character interaction and the way the story happens. 
report Recommended by lovelydeath
Shinigami,gothic theme,western europe 's influences ,protagonists have very powerful eyes and their bitter pasts(forced to be slaves) are common properties these both anime shared.  
report Recommended by santicres