Saihate no Paladin

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Alternative Titles

Synonyms: Paladin of the End, Ultimate Paladin, The Faraway Paladin
Japanese: 最果てのパラディン


Type: TV
Episodes: 12
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Oct 9, 2021 to Jan 3, 2022
Premiered: Fall 2021
Broadcast: Saturdays at 22:00 (JST)
Licensors: None found, add some
Source: Light novel
Genres: ActionAction, AdventureAdventure, FantasyFantasy
Duration: 23 min. per ep.
Rating: PG-13 - Teens 13 or older


Score: 6.931 (scored by 6239162,391 users)
1 indicates a weighted score.
Ranked: #40782
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Popularity: #980
Members: 188,044
Favorites: 1,123

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Jan 3, 2022
SingleH (All reviews)
This show just feels pathetic to me. There’s a pang of desperation to it.

Its deficient attempt to reinvigorate the ossified corpse of isekai is meager and sad. Its cheap, shoddy animation and even cheaper, even shoddier CG is worsened by its dull, flat color palette.

Every line of dialogue grovels, begging you to care about its characters or its mechanics, but neither are engaging. Its exposition dumps are endless, sometimes occurring simultaneously with characters talking over one another. However, its verbosity is vacuous, and it features not a single moment of directorial inspiration.

A monumentally generous person would struggle to call this show mediocre.

Thank you for reading.
Oct 30, 2021
SpRayquaza11 (All reviews)
A hidden surprise !

this and Osama king are definitely the hidden gems of this season.

In any isekai anime, two things are very important

2)main story (basically the characters)

but even if we have only one of them it still makes it a good isekai anime. A great isekai anime Must have both.

And yes sahite no paladin is leaning towards the latter through a very clever writing gimmick, though there is not much to say about the MC (who I think is probably another loner/hikikomori) and uninteresting for the most part. The story still remains engaging.


simply because the goal of the MC is interesting because of the CIRCUMSTANCES read more
Jan 3, 2022
ZeroMajor12 (All reviews)
Oh boy, where do I begin with this one?

If there was one positive thing to say about this anime, it's how it made a great first impression when I first looked into it. I have no idea what the story, went into it blindly and was genuinely curious to know more about it. If only I knew to avoid this.

Story: 3/10
Watch this anime until episode 5 and then stop. Do not watch anymore after that. It turns into a dull fantasy adventure where the main character becomes too powerful to fight against and talks like a doofus when he comes across new people. First, impression-wise, read more
Jan 3, 2022
KANLen09 (All reviews)
If there are 2 things that I can learn from this show, it's the quote of “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery”, and that the author Kanata Yanagino is a nice and cool dude that not a lot of authors like him actually interacts with everyone on social media, good or bad, for or against, with his utmost eloquence and politeness.

The reason why I quote one of Oscar Wilde's famous quotations is that Kanata Yanagino's work is definitely influenced/inspired from Rifujin no Maganote's Mushoku Tensei on its premise/theme. And because plagarism is never a wise move, everything else from then on was his own read more
Jan 3, 2022
algoPotaku (All reviews)
First of all, I'm going to talk about the author of the work, who is a great Mushoku Tensei phenomenon, that is, in this anime we see the origin of the work with a very good animation and a fantastic soundtrack. Besides, you can appreciate the creator's love for Mushoku Tensei since he focuses more on giving the protagonist a very unique personality, trying not to repeat the mistakes he made in his previous life. With this we see a world of magic and fantasy type but only the first chapters already show you that it is not any generic isekai. I really like how read more
Jan 3, 2022
MihaiEXE (All reviews)
That's my opinion on anime. Warning: This review may contain a few Spoilers.

As of writing this and only seeing episodes 1 through 8, I admit it's not bad. It's not great either, which is a bummer but it is what it is.

Originally I thought the plot would be finding out about the MC's parents or who the main three are, but they really just info dump EVERYTHING on you in episode 3 so... wonder where the story'll go next.

It's got some pacing issues and I wish they'd work more on character development between the main three + our MC. You can also see certain read more
Oct 30, 2021
K9F0 (All reviews)
This review contains minor spoilers.
Please read the synopsis before continuing, and remember that this is mostly my opinion.

I generally dislike isekais, especially since the majority of them are mass-produced cookie-cutter uncreative harem/ecchi/over-powered anime aiming to follow a trend and be popular. I went on a journey to make a list of all these mass-produced manga titles, and to my surprise, there were several hundred that all had incredibly similar cliches, tropes, stories, and objectives. Saihate no Paladin isn't one of those titles (hopefully the manga is also good), Saihate no Paladin is a pretty good isekai.

It goes without saying that I had bad expectations for read more
Oct 30, 2021
Ellenwitch (All reviews)
Honestly, the concept alone would be enough to interest any anime watcher. Think about it, we've seen so much, but three different monster like creatures, working together to raise a human child? Now that's a whole different story all together. It's not without it's flaws. But Saihate no Paladin, continues to be interesting week by week.

In these few episodes that we are given. We learn so much, not just of how the boy is trained. To how the whole story has come about. It doesn't take it slow either, it as a nice progress that can keep a viewer entertained. Even if sometimes a little read more
Oct 30, 2021
ultimategamer95 (All reviews)
So err, ended dropping this anime earlier on and had the urge to make a review for it, so here goes.

This is a show that interested me before the season even started, solely because the cover looked cool and clean. Also I like anime swordsmen. Didn't really live up to my expected hype though, as you can probably tell from my rating. I'll keep it brief since I don't wanna write an essay:

The opening is an absolute banger, not gonna beat around the bush about that. The characters are pretty decent, and they actually feel like a real family. Not the best cast of characters read more
Oct 31, 2021
aoikimahri (All reviews)
Not only is the market flooded with mediocre isekai anime, but the Faraway Paladin represents the worst type of negative and harmful isekai anime around: the one driven by characters who lack self-worth and both figuratively and literally kill themselves in order to be reborn in a new world, while still retaining all their former memories, as well as all the accompanying psychological baggage, and overcoming their insecurities and feelings of incompetence and lack of belonging by being BLESSED with exceptional innate power and skill. They are always "dame-ningen", worthless dregs of society, who have escaped into the fantasy realm, and it's an indictment of read more
Oct 31, 2021
HonyakuNeko (All reviews)
The fact that this one came out during the air of a certain Mushoku Tensei really shows how two artists could take a hack at a common idea. One of them put infinite love for the setting, deep and consistant world building with a nice pace that keeps the viewers engaged for the entirety of the main character's childhood arc.
- That would be your Mushoku Tensei

The other likely has the same idea, but really struggles to choose what should be relevant, engaging, and convincing, and really feel like you're watching a baby crawl across a football stadium.
- This is what I see SnP as.

On read more
Dec 18, 2021
GroundHOG-2010 (All reviews)
Many people I have read review immediately start talking about Isakai as a genre, and I guess I should to, since this is listed as one. The genre has been very popular but also has ideas and concepts associated with it. The person living the life in the new world brings their knowledge. That knowledge is useful and gives them an edge in the new world. And that person is powerful because they were reincarnated/teleported (or specifically because they were given an advantage).

Faraway Paladin is not that.

We don't learn about William's past. The anime isn't about it. It is too busy trying to understand, talk read more
Dec 8, 2021
emerpustoidi (All reviews)
This show is basically a good show that is also not. It's fine. Any review above 7 I highly mistrust that they even are watching it and anything below a 4 it seems as if they stopped after 3 minutes. You are confused by this, I know, but you will also be confused by the show. It has all the makings of a great show but after the first couple episodes you will see that this show is just so weird in its quality. I've talked to many people about this show. Nobody would say its amazing or terrible but nobody would say it's good. read more
Dec 6, 2021
tabarnhart (All reviews)
Will, the protagonist, was never the good part of this anime. His three guardians were what interested me. (Having Horie Yui's voice as one of them was bonus points.) The pathos of their circumstances, and the changes having this young human to care about, was touching and why I kept watching.

Now that Will's on his own doing the usual isekai thing, the show is unwatchable. He's bland and pointless. The story has no movement. I couldn't even remember the previous week's plot.

Then they bring in that over-hyped "halfling" as if to capture our hearts with her energy and singing, and that was that. Had this read more
Jan 5, 2022
SentiOnikawa (All reviews)
Isekai is the new shounen, in that it's the thing everyone wants to adapt and/or write, but nobody really knows how to do well. If you told me that Akira Toriyama is going to write a Dragon Ball isekai, I wouldn't even blink. The issue with this over-saturation is that you get a lot of mediocre and bland mixed in with the diamonds in the rough. Unfortunately Saihate no Paladin tries to be both, and comes out a lump of coal instead.

William G Maryblood is your pro-typical power fantasy isekai protagonist whose power soars past coherent thresholds, yet seems to lack the means to read more
Nov 14, 2021
lolitsisaac (All reviews)
Listen, this show had an interesting story to work with. That is what drew me to the anime in the first place. Isekai and their unique story are what make each one appealing. However, this one is nothing special after seeing the first few episodes unless anything major changes in the rest of the season (which I doubt).

The show has unique character designs but all the characters themselves are very simple and static. This results in having a very predictable and bland story. The MC makes no sense either. He's strong and very unfun to watch. A weird thing was his design to look read more
Nov 14, 2021
EldritchNeko (All reviews)
I read The Faraway Paladin series back when it was just a light novel (before the manga. or even the third volume were out) and found it quite enjoyable.
I hadn't really realized it was actually a light novel at the time though, so it hadn't even crossed my mind that it would receive an anime - though later I saw that it had a manga and figured it out. I was pleasantly surprised when I saw the entry in the Fall 2021 anime release schedule on this site.

Until recently, I only watched anime and didn't really pay attention to manga or light novels, so I read more
Nov 23, 2021
lesfiches1600 (All reviews)
So as promised, I'm updating my review now that I watch all episodes of Saihate.

Story 7 (previously 5) :

The story of Saihate is rich but really complicated. That's why it's so difficult to stay hooked at the beginning of the show.

After the mid-season around episode 7 or 8, you feel that Saihate has a good base and is actually developing the story on its base. So you can feel a great and interesting flow to it. Because the world building and the story were well developed before, it's interesting to follow after the mid point (episode 6).

So the problem is that it's like the read more
Jan 5, 2022
Mega_Mega (All reviews)
Saihate no Paladin does right what most other isekai stories do wrong. Instead of wasting time lampshading tropes, it decides to just tell a good story.

Isekai stories almost always have impossibly strong protagonists who are strong for no real reason other than to be a power fantasy for viewers/readers. Will, the protagonist of this show, is strong, but not invincible, and the audience can see the progress he makes in his training as he grows up. The arc where Will is raised by his undead adopted family is one of the most genuine and heartwarming things I've seen in a show like this.

Many detractors read more
Jan 4, 2022
FlexySpagoot (All reviews)
To me, Saihate no Paladin is little more than a depressingly shallow discount-Mushoku Tensei. It started out pretty fantastic, it showed potential to be one of the best shows this season, but really started to fall flat on its face as it went along; going from a more unique isekai to an incredibly vanilla and boring one.

Our story follows our isekai protagonist Will as he is trained by 3 undead humans in a faraway ruined city. He trains and learns before setting out on his own adventure to stop evil and spread the word of the goddess of light, Gracefeel. It was the first part read more