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Yu☆Gi☆Oh!: Duel Monsters GX

Alternative Titles

English: Yu-Gi-Oh! GX
Synonyms: Yu-Gi-Oh! GX, Yugioh GX, Yu-Gi-Oh! Genex, Yugioh Genex, Yu-Gi-Oh!: Duel Monsters GX, Yugioh: Duel Monsters GX, Yu-Gi-Oh!: Duel Monsters Genex, Yugioh: Duel Monsters Genex, Game King of Duel Monsters GX
Japanese: 遊☆戯☆王 デュエルモンスターズ GX


Type: TV
Episodes: 180
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Oct 6, 2004 to Mar 26, 2008
Premiered: Fall 2004
Broadcast: Unknown
Studios: Studio Gallop
Source: Manga
Duration: 23 min. per ep.
Rating: PG-13 - Teens 13 or older


Score: 7.231 (scored by 70,207 users)
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Ranked: #28342
2 based on the top anime page. Please note that 'Not yet aired' and 'R18+' titles are excluded.
Popularity: #867
Members: 121,537
Favorites: 991


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Mar 11, 2010
Gotcha-san (All reviews)
I'm not sure exactly why so many see GX as the weakest of the Yu-Gi-Oh anime series, as I thoroughly enjoyed it, and continue to do so no matter how many times I watch it. GX has a strong cast of characters with terrific voice actors, excellent back-ground music, and an interesting setting and storyline. I'll admit that the storyline is a bit shakey at times and contains gaps, but that is also true of the other Yu-Gi-Oh series. In my opinion, GX contains far more comprehensive character development than the other Yu-Gi-Oh series. It has been critised for focusing too much on the main read more
Jul 13, 2009
Issuxark (All reviews)
After watching the whole series in just two weeks or so, I will tell you how I felt about this series. I watched the orignal Japanese version, not the English dubbed version (although I've watched some on TV).

Yu-Gi-Oh! GX is a sequel of the original Yu-Gi-Oh! series as most would know. The game of Duel Monsters has gotten so popular that there are pro leagues as well as specialized schools to mainly train and teach students to become great duelists. It's an interesting setting and did intrigue me.

The story follows after a young boy named Yuki Judai, who just starts to attend an elite Duel read more
Dec 30, 2008
Seeker (All reviews)
It's best to note that while the Yu-Gi-Oh! GX anime is not the worst anime in existence, it is far from the best. This series puts a couple of blemishes on the Yu-Gi-Oh! franchise; in fact, when compared with the manga, it earns the same reaction you'll find from avid Tsukihime fans: "What anime?"

The premise of a dueling academy makes a lot of sense when you consider the fact that Yu-Gi-Oh! is about a children's card game. While the importance of a children's card game seems exaggerated in the viewers' eyes, you have to remember that in this animeverse, it -isn't-. Duel Monsters is the read more
Feb 12, 2007
OtakuFreak (All reviews)
Well, what's to say about Yu-Gi-Oh! GX? Well nothing much really. Basically they just added a new theme to Yu-Gi-Oh! that doesn't seem so good. When I first thought of the sequal of the Yu-Gi-Oh! series, I thought that this one had to be good, but yet I was wrong. On the other hand there are a few good things about this show. Many of the cards that Yu-Gi-Oh! players loved appear in the show more often and shows a different approach toward Duel Monsters. Usually we thought that the theme of the Cards were Egyptian Monsters and what not, but in GX they change read more
Oct 13, 2018
Yung_Warrior (All reviews)
The tightrope between absurdity and existentialism. The setting is not what it appears to be.

The series has remained fascinating to me for many years, despite its status as a tie-in to a trading card game. The expectations going in are low, but the show dazzled me as a younger man for its surprising depth of character writing and the journey of the characters. GX is absurd, but also unafraid to go to dark places. It's about growing up, the meaning of games, the pain of adolescence, and the Jungian shadow.

Judai is at first an annoying main character. Blithe, casually arrogant, undisciplined. But there is also read more
Aug 27, 2015
Axis-Strike (All reviews)
Yu☆Gi☆Oh!: Duel Monsters GX is oftenly known as the weakest Yu☆Gi☆Oh! series aside from Zexal, which in my honest opinion is under rating it a lot. The show may have it's flaws but it's actually an outstanding experience for anyone who looks for long running shows with great characters, funny interactions between them and entertaining story since it begins until it ends.

The show features a lot of one shot episodes and characters thrown in the "filler" category, which is the first point in trashtalking the show. When the story begins it takes a bit long to get into the first arc so the first 30 read more
Mar 11, 2009
EnvitChan (All reviews)
I have a little confession: Yu-Gi-Oh: Duel Monsters GX wasn't that bad, BUT wasn't that good.
Okay, let's begin:

10 years have passed after we broke up from our beloved Yugi, Atem and their friends, here comes a new story about Judai, a dueling dreamer, who is going to a duel academy to learn how to be the best dueler all over the world. Without to notice, Judai meets Yugi on his way to school, when Yugi gives him a luck card: The Winged Kuriboh (Judai calls him at the beginning 'Partner' and after that, the real name). Since then, Judai comes to school and the read more
Dec 16, 2018
SupremeLord (All reviews)
After the Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters anime was finished, Konami commissioned a sequel to be made. Already this would prove a bit difficult for the guys at Studio Gallop as the Manga had ended, so they would literally have to pull stuff right out of their asses for this show.

Honestly, it paid off magnificently, as to this day I consider Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters GX (GX standing for Generation NeXt) to be the best anime in this franchise, if not straight up the best thing to come out of it. Why is that? Well, let’s find out:

1st Arc: Seven Stars Arc (Episodes 1-52):

One thing I loved about read more
Jun 7, 2015
Lord_Rutsah (All reviews)
Perhaps the only case of anime where the dub actually did a better job than the original, and we're talking 4kids here.

Set approximately 10 years after the original ended, we meet Jaden, a student who enrolls in the famous Duel Academy, that trains people to becomes pros. Since it's a yugioh anime that's not Arc V (or 5ds) you can already guess that there isn't much in terms of character development, backstory etc etc. Jaden is nothing short of a hyperactive cheerful clown who has the occasional kinda-badass moments, and then we have the background cast of Alexis, Bastian, Chazz, Cyrus and a few others, read more
Jun 26, 2011
FullMetalTroopa (All reviews)
Please note before you read this, the scores i gave it were all 10's. I'll explain in detail shortly

Yu-Gi-Oh!, as we all know it , is a super successful card game show, and downright franchise. Most of the content that spill's out of its universe, is made purely, for cash. The original series people will argue, is the same. And they are right, but here's how I look at it. So fucking what? As a child, me and the kids my age were absorbed into this show and its card game. I was about maybe around 9 when GX came out, and as a kid read more
Jul 8, 2018
robiu013 (All reviews)
So since I already reviewed the manga counterpart and have been rewatching this for the past couple of months, I might as well put down my thoughts on it.

With the Yu-Gi-Oh! anime ending, but the card game and hype still going strong, it was no surprise, that the franchise would go into it's next round. This resulted in a series, that further expands on the crazy world of competitive card games by creating Yu-Gi-Oh! GX, where an entire academy, where kids learn how to play the game and educate themselves to be pros, got build. If you are reading this and think it sounds stupid, read more
Jul 31, 2011
genno2009 (All reviews)
First of all, I came here, not to talk about the story, but to get rid of this burden after watch this series

I have a lots of comments about this one

I am a Yu-gi-oh fan, and I am the type of person who likes to see all series

I got really disapointed, unfortunately I saw this GX series in 3 languages, the first season I've downloaded in the original language (JAP) and I started to like it, but around 50th or 60th episodes, I couldn't find in Japanese, and downloaded Portuguese Version, which kinda sucks

Around 80th's I had the bad luck to encounter the disgusting version read more
Jul 7, 2014
Brianthepanda (All reviews)
This is my first time righting a review for an anime, but I will explain this as thoroughly as possible. I watched this in Sub because 4 Kids did a terrible job.

Yu-Gi-Oh! GX follows a time period after that of the original Yugioh and we follow Yuki Judai, who is on his way to an elite school for duelists "Duel Academia" , as he progresses his success often grabs the attention others negatively, much like the original series with Yugi and Kaiba. If you watch the beginning your going to read more
Jun 17, 2017
wolfwing (All reviews)
This isn't a perfect series, it has it's ups and downs, the first season suffers a lot from introducing a lot of characters and no real over all plot, though that improves in the second and third season.

What the show does have that I love is some really nice themes, and doesn't seem to suffer from 1 card syndrome like other yugioh's I've watched, where the main char only ever uses the same card every fight to win. His deck is varied with enough surprises and new editions, along with everyone else.

What I do like is how every characters deck has it's own theme read more
Sep 6, 2011
Sakulollipop (All reviews)
I don't get why everyone says Yugioh GX sucks so much, I prefer it more than the other three. Probably because of the dub. But this series was amazing and heart-felt and I don't regret watching it.

Okay, first off the story. The first season is what drew me to the series because of the light-hearted themes in it. At one point, things kinda got serious but nonetheless it still had its comic relief. The story was kind of scattered though. It wasn't until around later did it finally get into it's actual plot, not that I had a problem with. The second season was the read more
Jan 7, 2014
Shinatosark (All reviews)
Following up the original yugioh series, we have yugioh GX. Now if you are looking for something to top the original, this is sadly not it. While pretty fun to watch the story lacks a lot from the original yugioh which has a pretty deep story, GX offers a more childish and fun story to watch.

Story 5/10: Jaden goes to a dueling school and just goes threw seperate arcs. It is a simple story and not very in depth. Fun to watch, nothing more.

Art 7/10: The art in yugioh GX is average, the monsters look alright but some are made childish, too childish and read more
Jan 26, 2016
KikiYushima (All reviews)
This is going to be a rather harsh review so skip it if you do like the series. Also it contains spoilers for some bits so read at your own risk.

I honestly do not understand how anybody is giving this series above a 5. It is one of the most painfully mediocre anime series I've come across in all my years of watching anime. The second half of 5D's which is a trainwreck compared to the first half is HIGH ART compared to GX. I'll admit I've only watched random bits of the series, but I've watched large chunks across the first three seasons, so read more
Sep 8, 2017
SixLeafCloverOF (All reviews)
Yu-Gi-Oh GX, how I love you so! I don't know why this is one of the most hated Yu-Gi-Oh series, because in my opinion, it's the best! I'm not quite sure why, but perhaps it's my nostalgia for it. Of course, the original Yu-Gi-Oh is a VERY close second to this for me, but for some reason this kind of just takes the cake. Let me give this a quick review.

Story: 6

It's Yu-Gi-Oh. Don't expect a deep plot obviously, because there won't be one. It's about people playing a children's card game for fun and to be the best, but there are also a lot read more
Mar 13, 2019
Duckielover151 (All reviews)
Getting through GX has been quite the journey for me… Of the first three seasons—which are the ones I associate with my childhood—GX was the only one I never got into. And in the past I would have said it was because I didn’t like the Duel Academy premise or because Jaden was annoying… Or basically, I just latched onto all the most popular reasons to hate this season. Even when I decided to go back through Yu-Gi-Oh the way I had with Pokemon, I seriously considered just skipping this one… but at the end of it all, I’m really glad I didn’t.

From the read more
Mar 10, 2019
Cerenebus (All reviews)
Well, as the animations has really been out-dated and worst for the picture quality. I have to say, it's hard to fill out enjoyment when old shows like the first series of Mobile Suit Gundam looks better than this or any older shows. The company that did this did it in lack of cash and grab. The English Dubbed characters themes are all over the place and doesn't align with the series themes. Each voice actor has a distinctive tone of voice that aches my head as of hearing them speak per line. Again, the sound-track is always so loud and it's not fitting for read more