Summertime Render

Summer Time Rendering

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Japanese: サマータイムレンダ
English: Summer Time Rendering
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Type: TV
Episodes: 25
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Apr 15, 2022 to Sep 30, 2022
Premiered: Spring 2022
Broadcast: Fridays at 00:00 (JST)
Licensors: None found, add some
Studios: OLM
Source: Manga
Genres: MysteryMystery, SupernaturalSupernatural, SuspenseSuspense
Theme: Time TravelTime Travel
Demographic: ShounenShounen
Duration: 23 min. per ep.
Rating: R - 17+ (violence & profanity)


Score: 8.481 (scored by 227543227,543 users)
1 indicates a weighted score.
Ranked: #1462
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Popularity: #414
Members: 543,942
Favorites: 9,207

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Preliminary Spoiler
Sep 29, 2022
Ya can’t just act on instinct and expect things to work out.
Anger, frustration
View them objectively and they become weapons.
- Ajiro Shinpei.

From the outset, Summertime Rendering has the air of a slice-of-life anime with a lighthearted and clean story. But as the story goes on, one can find themselves drawn into a storyline that is amazingly intriguing and engaging.
I began reading the manga just after the sixteenth episode aired; the ...
Apr 29, 2022
Preliminary (3/25 eps)
this is how mystery anime should be done.


i really like how it gives you enough clues to keep pace with the developments in the plot, but not enough to make it predictable. tension is skillfully maintained. the show-don't-tell aspect is subtle and well done.
pleasant to look at, and character designs are quite unique. animation is really smooth. TINY SPOILER: i also like how the shadows have red on their bodies so viewers can differentiate between the real people and shadows, i know it has been done before, but the red makes it extra creepy.

the soundtrack is what i like the most. it's ...
Apr 28, 2022
Preliminary (3/25 eps)
The straight-up "here's your foreshadowing" on a mystery show of the season.

I'm not criticizing the cliches, but it is a friendly set-up for anyone who likes mystery. There's a certain charm to each mystery author's writing style, and I couldn't oppose the one used in this show either. How the show so far is neatly executed is what I personally prefer. There are no excessive "innovative" twists, no lore dumping right on the get-go, and no overblown fanservice. To be fair, the last part might be subjective or poorly aged later on.

An aspect that I like would be how the story is told from ...
Sep 29, 2022
Imagine if you crossed Higurashi with Erased and dialed up the production values by several points, you would essentially get Summertime Render. I went into this anime without any real expectations, the source material was not one I had previously read, and I assumed this was going to be another poorly made horror anime given the description. However, I was pleasantly surprised, while not original in concept, STR is one of the most well executed psychological thriller anime produced to date, with a great cast and stellar production. This review will expand on why I personally thought this series was excellent and will attempt to ...
Sep 29, 2022
Summertime Render is a time travel story. As many other time travel stories do, it capitalizes heavily on the idea of cognizant recurrence and the horror related to it. As far as time travel stories go, I think Summertime Render is very strong, and easily one of the most ambitious anime that I have ever seen.

It’s difficult to assess the quality of plots in anime that have to do with time travel due to their inherent scientific (and often purely logical) faults with random semantic details, which may or may not even be worth docking credit off the whole. It’s often the case that some ...
Sep 30, 2022
Time loop stories are no easy type to write and most of the times they leave viewers unsatisfied. Its extremely hard to execute such tale well that would leave little to no complaints. To my eyes, however Summer Time Rendering has managed to provide and enjoyable experience from start to finish that I would gladly return to in the recent future. Let us embark on a journey to Hitogashima where various secrets lie beneath that will change the person striving to render for a new tomorrow.

Characters are important factors in a story and its mostly due to them that we keep enjoying a tale. If ...
Nov 22, 2022
Mixed Feelings
Summertime Render

I don't know if I wanted to praise the anime for the fact that I could hardly stop watching it. Or to express my sadness about how this show got worse and worse with each episode. This is of course often the case that series lose quality over time, but here it was impressively fast. Especially from episode 19 on, you couldn't talk about quality anymore, it felt like the writer was changed and some amateur grabbed his chair.

And the golden rule... if in an interesting anime, a white-haired evil loli with different colored eyes appears, then you already know that the ...
May 13, 2022
Preliminary (3/25 eps)
Honestly, not what I expected but I like it a lot. (MAYBE SPOILERS)
I don't usually go into anime reading what they're about so this was a complete surprise to me compared to it's thumbnail. I can genuinely say that my jaw was on the floor at the end of episode 1 and then it all clicked. I can probably predict how things with go or maybe not because the plot in itself about being able to go back in time and change things is sorta basic. Yet, it's still really really enjoyable and the characters are definitely likeable.

It is a murder mystery with a ...
Sep 29, 2022
The art of mystery is always a tough thing to achieve perfectly. It’s one thing to be suspenseful, a bit scary, and leave viewers at the edge of their seat, but to have the story done without convolutions or questionable points is what’s difficult. This show looks great, and is pretty good in showing off its brutal moments, but has its share of questionable moments that took away a little from the immersion. For the most part, this show was pretty good, but as it went on, it kept losing steam towards the finish and sputtered to an ending that probably could have been better.

My ...
Feb 20, 2023
Mixed Feelings
Summertime Rendering has one of the single greatest premises to a mystery anime I’ve ever seen. Unfortunately it completely abandons the whole “murder mystery” part of its plot.

Effectively the idea is that our main character gets the ability to return back in time to a specific point, the catch being that the point gets later and later as time progresses. For example if he dies once than he’ll be sent back to the beginning of the show, but the next death may send him a couple hours into the future.

This is absolutely brilliant because it allows the character to make mistakes, but still gives a ...
May 9, 2022
Preliminary (4/25 eps)
Summertime render, a mystery story on an original exotic island in Japan. The MC takes some day on this island cuz his childhood friend died on weird circumstances. As he originally planned to leave the island after the funerals, he decides to stay after learning that all his friends are endangered. Some old traditional beliefs of the locals are more than just beliefs...

What do I think of those 4 first episodes ?

I've hardly seen an exotic setup on a japenese island like that. I've got some names in my head but it's really rare. It's really pleasant with the upcoming summer to travel a little ...
May 6, 2022
Preliminary (3/25 eps)

Initial impressions :

Spring 2022's supernatural thriller genre.

I saw the pilot and got hooked in about 8-9 minutes. The plot hadn't still been revealed and I was under the impression that this would be a classic murder mystery. The flow of the episode and the other elements seemed to point in the same direction. Then the episode wrapped up, and I was left with mixed emotions. I had to make a call to either enjoy this show as it was or constantly compare it with Re:Zero and spoil my experience of watching this show for its natural elements.

The following contains Spoilers. Proceed with caution.

Shinpei returns ...
Dec 19, 2023
Mixed Feelings
Summertime Render is almost a tale of two different anime. For the first third or so of the show, maybe even the first half, I was largely glued to my seat. It had the right blend of mystery, action, genuine creepiness and plot twists that were still within the realm of normal human comprehension. The latter half, however, goes completely off the rails and continuously tries to one-up itself over and over again until the plot is so bloated, convoluted, over the top and hard to follow that it just feels like a mess. It absolutely tries to do way too much rather than simply ...
Mar 6, 2023
Summertime Render is one of the best anime in recent years, period. Let me just start with that. It's freakin' great!

But let's break it down further:

Animation / Art / General Visuals - 10/10

An absolute masterpiece. The visuals simply blew me the hell away, and I'm hundreds of anime deep. The scenery is gorgeous. The entire setting is as if painted by masters with unlimited time. I can't even imagine improving on this.

The animation is similarly top notch, with faces receiving amazing detail when it comes to emoting. Extreme versions of both realistic and comedic variations are masterfully sprinkled into the show. Just enough to catch ...
Sep 29, 2022
We don’t like Disney... Summer Time Rendering is great! This anime that no one can get their hands on ended up being one of the best anime of the year so far. I thought the 25-episode length was the perfect amount of time to tell this wonderfully sewn-together story. It was an enjoyable ride from start to finish, with plenty of drama and action-packed moments. We got a real gem with this one.

Art: 9
Now I dont think the art is anything amazing to look at, but it definitely fit the tone of the anime, the character design and art style would really mesh well ...
Apr 7, 2024
I was watching Re:zero s2 and after finishing it , i missed it so i decided to look for a similar anime and i saw this being recomended and oh my god was I pleasently surprised , it has almost every trope i love , time travel , the main characer is smart and protected by the strong love interest, and the attention to details is astonishing , making it a great rewatch , all the reveals are hinted at early on , ushio the girl is so adorable and fun to watch , the mc is smart in a fun entertaining way , and ...
Jun 13, 2022
Preliminary (9/25 eps)
This anime should fall under horror. this is nightmare fuel. New fear unlocked.

this anime has me exploring a new fear of mine and it is not fun. but not fun in the best of ways. this anime has pulled an emotion out of me that has not been pulled before. 10/10 this string of pixes gave me what I am always looking for. emotional manipulation. this time I'm scared out of my mind of identical twins. thankyou for attedning my ted talk. if my review could be shorter it would have been but i have to put ford in for mal to let me ...
Apr 29, 2022
Preliminary (3/25 eps)
Finally, a mystery anime about doppelgangers! That`s something I always wanted to see, and so far it seems to be written really well too.
Cool and intelligent protagonist, grasps his situation very quickly and comes up with well thought-out plans to deal with things, which is very refreshing to see. Though as always, the characters lack of reaction over the supernatural or life and death situations still bothers me. Writers need to understand that, in a realistic scenario, seeing clones of themselves or their relatives walking around killing people would most certainly cause panic and terror on a normal human mind. But hey, small nitpick from ...
Oct 21, 2022
Once in while you get to witness a series that makes you think - "What a blessing it is to be alive and to be able to watch such a great series!!"
I certainly felt that way!! I waited for all the episodes to come out so I could watch all of them at once and I am so glad that I did exactly that.

It only took few episodes to make me say - "Whoever wrote the story for this series is a genius!!"
ASUKI TANAKA is indeed a genius.

Each and every character is well written and really interesting. The story also is really good. ...
Dec 25, 2022
I think people missed the point of the show. At the start we are faced against unstopable enemies and tons of information. Later we start to get glimpses of a way to not die with hope of saving the island. The main character decides to help the island out of love for Ushio, so that makes it a lot more sad when we get the the bottom peaks of the show. It also showers us with relief when something slightly good happens. These waves of fear, relief, love, bittersweetness, makes the show enjoyable. The fact that the main character has to think outside the box ...