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Alternative Titles

English: Mushi-Shi
Japanese: 蟲師


Type: TV
Episodes: 26
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Oct 23, 2005 to Jun 19, 2006
Premiered: Fall 2005
Broadcast: Sundays at 03:40 (JST)
Licensors: Funimation
Studios: Artland
Source: Manga
Duration: 25 min. per ep.
Rating: PG-13 - Teens 13 or older


Score: 8.731 (scored by 157,810 users)
1 indicates a weighted score. Please note that 'Not yet aired' titles are excluded.
Ranked: #392
2 based on the top anime page. Please note that 'Not yet aired' and 'R18+' titles are excluded.
Popularity: #124
Members: 445,581
Favorites: 19,091


Natsume and Mushishi are both about the interaction between spirits and humans and nature. Both shows do an amazing job with the storytelling, the characters, and playing with your emotions. If you liked one, you'll surely like the other. 
report Recommended by d388
These are both episodic anime that center around someone who travels from town to town and they usually wind up helping someone through a difficult situation at each stop. While Kino's purpose is only to travel and to see different countries, Ginko's is to find and research "Mushi." Both stories have beautiful animation and offer up "life lessons." Although these lessons may be a little easier to see in Kino's Journey, they're there in Mushishi, as well. Enjoy ^_^ 
report Recommended by Chelle
The story lines are pretty similar. They both feature a male lead that travels in search of supernatural events and spirits, etc. And both are episodic type animes.  
report Recommended by June
They pretty much share the same mentality regarding nature and spiritual life, both being influenced by the supernatural. The overall atmosphere is also the same with incredible scenery and hauntingly beautiful music. The most simple things turn out to be miracles of life.  
report Recommended by induce
Both series involve mysterious encounters with supernatural creatures and events. And neither of them have high amounts of action. 
report Recommended by Chicken008
Both animes are focused around people and their lives, with no emphasis on action or drama. This makes both series very relaxing to watch, and makes you feel something like an inner peace. 
report Recommended by Kurai
Im not saying the story line is the same but it'll gives you quite the same feeling when you're watching Mushishi. You'll be waiting patiently for the mystery to unfold itself. 
report Recommended by elsherl
Both very mellow. Both have supernatural elements. Both main male characters looks similar and act the same for the most partxD 
report Recommended by Bluesnow
Both are calm and slow-paced series where the main character helps to solve the problems of the people he meets. 
report Recommended by saizen
Both of these animes are about people who deal with the interactions of otherworldy creatures and humans. The series are divided up into short segments. However, Bakemonogatari's short stories can last a few episodes long while each episode of Mushishi is seperate. Bakemonogatari is more eccentric with unique animations and a cast of very developed characters. Mushishi focuses more on nature and harmony and has only one main character. Bakemonogatari is recommended for more mature viewers. 
report Recommended by TheRawPotato
Both are episodic and have very little plot development but are still very enjoyable. 
report Recommended by Tem-Inburn
Both focused on the person, who can't live side by side with people because of circumstances. Both cause a calm and sadness 
report Recommended by irenika
slow moving, calm pace, presentation that is strongly supported by an excellent music score and a unique animation style, story has a mysterious feel to it and it all falls together slowly piece by piece. Mushishi is episodic and more plot/world focused, and Saraiya Goyou is more character centric.  
report Recommended by eyerok
It's not about the action, it's about the journey and the discovery of two amazingly created worlds. They both are pure piece of art!  
report Recommended by pasteroni
There are only a select few people who can see the small creatures that are always there but most people can't see. Both animes are somewhat light hearted and have an earthy feel... if that makes sense.  
report Recommended by mangos
After only watching one episode of Master Keaton, I could tell that Mushishi is similar. Ginko travels and solves problems with mushi, and Keaton solves problems for (insurance problems if the anime stays consistent) people who are in trouble. They both have the slice of life style pace, and from what I hear it is kind of episodic. But you probably would have heard of Mushishi before this one. 
report Recommended by eternalmetal
Both are fantasy Anime that are really imaginative and filled with fantasy. Both Anime feature strange creatures in a world that is similar to ours. 
report Recommended by JeremyC
The pacing in Death Parade resemble Mushishi a little bit. As with each new episode you will see new characters, that most likely won't appear in the next episode. Ending's of mushishi episodes put you in some kind of a harmony state, while in death parade it is more intense. Decim in Death Parade also has a similar appearance to Ginko.  
report Recommended by MaridiuS
Both deal with the supernatural, and both are told as stand alone episodes. Although Mushishi is the "darker" of the two shows, Mokke is still definitely worth watching. 
report Recommended by Archaeon
Both deal with a supernatural theme. muis although no similarity in the story, two animes are considered 'slow' by several people, you have to always be attentive to detail. 
report Recommended by mahoutsunay
This may seem like an odd recommendation at first glance, but it's not completely without reason - both invite contemplation on moral issues, the characters, and the mystical world they're set in without making any judgment, welcoming the viewer to either make their own or simply accede that there is no clear right or wrong. Shinsekai Yori is much more dramatic and epic, presenting a world that is dystopic; Mushishi is subdued and calming, presenting a world that is filled with muted wonder, if at times melancholic. 
report Recommended by VirescentZephyr
Well, it seems like Mushishi manga was partially inspired by Black Jack and I guess that's pretty much clear, since they both are episodic, focused on extraordinary main hero who travels different places and tend to help others in trouble with his skills and knowledge (being doctor in one case and mushi specialist in other). Though there are certain differences, like Mushishi setting has more mystique and fantasy world rather than almost real world in Black Jack settings, and Dr. Black Jack having more deep and controversial personality than Ginko from Mushishi who is not so emphasized, similarities are pretty much straightforward. 
report Recommended by Predelnik
Same thing with alternative setting. Same short mystery stories about mushi (spirits) instead of books. Also both series has no main plot. 
report Recommended by iRayden
A strong and positive depiction of nature and it's role in society. In both series the main characters fight a mysterious evil that more or less conveys similarities with corruption and taint. 
report Recommended by Kopanda
Deals with the slice-of-life of our deepest fantasies in episodic form. This may not be as warm as Natsume, but just as moving 
report Recommended by CrazyHead3
A quote from my review: "The best way for me to explain the series to someone totally in the dark is to use Mushishi; a very popular, totally episodic title, with very little development for its lead and few recurring characters. Like the lead of Mushishi, Black Jack is always on the move, attempting solve mysteries in order to save the lives of his patients. Each episode focuses on a different problem, and Black Jack often finds himself in a race against time to save lives. There's isn't much in the way of greenery, the stories mostly taking place inside towns, and there isn't any relaxing  read more 
report Recommended by AironicallyHuman
they are both with great stories / backgrounds for each episodes, mushishi is more supernatural though 
report Recommended by sebbu
Similar simple art and animation, action progression is equally slow. There is no useless moves, actions, scenes. In both anime reactions of charachters are believable and it simply gives us similar feeling of well spent time after watching anime where there is actually almost nothing to complain about.  
report Recommended by Tenrag
It has same aura. When you watch Mushishi, and when you watch Seirei no Moribito, you feel somewhat close to nature. (and both anime are quite nature-spirit related)  
report Recommended by Aklama
The main characters in these series aren't mere humans, they can see mystic creatures. Both Kantaro and Ginko don't think these creatures are evil; their attitude seems more similar with the attitude towards nature, neither good nor evil. Besides that these series have the same structure: one episode - one story. If it's not enough for you to put these titles together, you'll definitely enjoy the mystic atmosphere in Mushishi and Tactics. 
report Recommended by Iahel
Peaceful, calm, contemplative, melancholic, poetic and even philosophic. Same mood, great ost. Girl's last tour is maybe a little cuter but if you enjoyed Mushishi you can only appreciate Shoujo Shuumatsu Ryouko, they convey the same feelings.  
report Recommended by Soliniumm
Both deal with main character seeing spirits with emotional experiences. 
report Recommended by BriBri812
Beautifully crafted landscapes and countrysides, each image seems to be a celebration of nature and different colors of life. The aesthetic blend of music, artwork, and direction of Kaguya-Hime, coupled with the symbolism in the story and presentation, reminded me of Mushishi. They are both clearly influenced by Japanese culture, folk tales, and myths. At times, its like 'reading' a picture scroll (Emakimono) - a feeling that is clearly more present in kaguya-Hime.  
report Recommended by eyerok
Both are very moving and poetic, and while Aoi Bungaku deals with a lot of more disturbing and horrific events. They are both very emotionally driven and convey a very strong sense of atmosphere within them. 
report Recommended by FordFocus96
Both main characters can see weird creatures, same mystery, and similar plots. Each episode new story new characters.  
report Recommended by mayara1
They both involve people who can see spirits. 
report Recommended by NavyCherub
They may not be similar in genre or art~ but they are in another way. Mushishi is an episodic series in which the main character goes on a journey and learns the stories of other people. For the first half of Kaiba there are also quite a few episodes in which the main character meets and learns about other people while traveling. Both series are very unique as well 
report Recommended by JeremyC
Both have a calm and peaceful atmosphere. They follow an individual as he travels around meeting interesting people and experiencing fantastic things. 
report Recommended by Danish
These two anime series both involve supernatural beings, which also could be referred as youkai or in the other case as mushishi. Both these series have a very unique atmosphere and pacing and are definitely a great watch. 
report Recommended by RafaelDeJongh
Gave me the same light-hearted adventurous feeling 
report Recommended by spirgiuz
While the first season of Natsume Yuujinchou was already compared often to Mushishi, Natsume Yuujinchou was always a lot more gentler and less that's-the-way-life-is than Mushishi. Zoku Natsume Yuujinchou for the most part is just like the first series, but it's a tad bit darker and closer to Mushishi, with its theme being confronting with reality and making a choice rather than the changing of the main character of the first season. Otherwise, watch both series for the reasons stated by others for natsume Yuujichou. 
report Recommended by CookieBun
beautiful music (same person who did it). supernatural mysteries which are then solved. ghost hunt is more comedy, whilst mushishi is more relaxed, yet both are brilliant 
report Recommended by sugarplumfairy
If you like "slow" anime, easy ones. I think you will love it. 
report Recommended by MissChopin1
Both animes have Mushis and have no violence, but a deep history. 
report Recommended by saosin
"Just like Mushishi but with more action!" That's what I thought after a few episodes. Both anime are dealing with a beings from a different world that blends with our reality and affects people. The main character gets rid of a beings called Phantoms that cause problems to people the same way as Mushi do and Ginko takes care of them in Mushishi. 
report Recommended by iHitokage
Both are mostly episodic with a subplot forming very passively through the series. But the reason you will like both is that they have the same type of viewing experience. The nice soundtrack in Cowboy Bebop and the beautiful artwork in Mushishi really make for a lovely viewing experience. There is also the same serene mood in both series (although both can be quite exciting at times). 
report Recommended by PawnDa
both series give a similar feeling-kind of melancholy and creepy.. plenty of spirits and dead people thrown in there.. and some seriously beautiful animation.. good stuff. 
report Recommended by inoneoutheother
Vampire Princess Miyu TV focuses, like Mushishi, on episodic stories that explore how darkness can enter any human being's story, and how we can either triumph or succumb to our circumstances. Both Miyu and Ginko serve as either a savior for those normally doomed, or an arbiter that knows the truth of when it is too late for rescue. 
report Recommended by sailor_titan
Both anime is about people trying to co-exist with some unknown lifeform. But mushishi narrative style more like in parables and each episode tells completely different story with some lessons for viewers (which he should find and learn by himself). Both anime somewhat philosophical and psychological. 
report Recommended by Zulmamwe
These two series are polar opposites of each other in every aspect save for two: catharsis and uniqueness. Allow me to explain. The two are unique series in their own manner, however both are extremely appealing for this fact (as shown by their very high ranking), this certain "appeal" can only be experienced with a clear and open mind while viewing them, unclouded by prejudice or preconceived notions of expectations. In other words, take the series as they are, and you will enjoy the series to the fullest. As for catharsis, both series are able to hold much "intelligence" within them. What I mean by "intelligence" is  read more 
report Recommended by ManvsPillow
Both take you into a magical, beautiful, but sometimes dangerous world. The art and sound in both Mushishi and Hoshi wo Ou Kodomo are beautiful and well done, the story is wonderful and the creatures in the two anime are both mysterious and captivating. There are many differences in the two as far as how the story goes and the setting, but if you like one, there's a good chance that you will like the other.  
report Recommended by AnimePope
Genshiken is a study of people, a documentary, and there is not so much a plot as there is an extract of life, and we happen to follow a few select characters through it. It is serene in a very particular way. Mushishi has that same tranquility and although it contains the supernatural it is also unmistakably a study of people, a documentary, and it too is serene. 
report Recommended by chiryoushi
At first glance, these two series may look very different, but their aura is very similar, magical, peaceful, laid back, with a lot of small details and great art. In both nature has a big presence. 
report Recommended by DaKakashi
Mushishi and Kanon are definitely dissimilar in a lot of ways, but they share qualities too. for example, the main protagonists in both shows are very quiet and conserved and full of secrets. The two shows have the same sort of absent, airy feel while you watch them as well. Both these shows are some of my absolute favorites, and I enjoyed them thoroughly. If you got a kick out of Mushishi, you will probably like Kanon, and vice versa. I highly recommend both. 
report Recommended by qwedrfs
They both have similar themes of strange life forms that are misunderstood. Both Nausicaa and Mushishi are very intriguing, and nature as well as human coexistence with nature are central themes in both anime. I can highly recommend Mushishi to any fan of Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind! 
report Recommended by Haitaka
Both of these shows are about living in harmony with creatures who are hard to understand. While Kemono no Souja Erin also focuses somewhat on the politics and war that is effecting the country where it takes place, it still focuses heavily on the research and understanding of creatures just like Mushi-shi. If you want another folktale-like story similar to Mushi-shi, Kenmono no Souja Erin deserves a shot. 
report Recommended by sheisme-iamshe
If you have a strong love for scenery and detail, you've come to the right place. I believe that Osamu Tezuka spent more time on the details of the characters, but the emphasis did fall greatly on everything else just as the creator of Mushishi did. Both of these involve solving mysteries, but other than that and the art work they don't really have much in common. Even the way in which the mysteries are solved is different. 
report Recommended by LadyTimePiece
Both characters and stories have similarities. Both series are episodic and give a similar sensation. 
report Recommended by Ruci
1. It has the same innocent child-like feel to it. 2. Filled with strange creatures.  
report Recommended by RedvelvetDaisuki
Imagine 2 completely opposite plots, give them opposite mood and setting but involve somewhat similar characters and outstanding value. That would be Mushi-shi and Darker Than Black. One is almost exact opposite of another, and both are captivating in manner of its own. Main characters look somewhat same and are more (Hei) or less (Ginko) insane. Besides both are very composed, mature and logical. Both may seem older than actually are and are brilliant professionals in own fields. Difference lies in their approach and goals. While Mushishi's character longs to light, DTB's one is forcing self deeper and deeper in darkness. Other similarities: 1. outstanding art value. DTB  read more 
report Recommended by NeoYojik
Similar characters with a cold dark air about them but are highly intelligent, and have a special ability. similar feel to the anime (if you truly watch anime you know what I mean) 
report Recommended by --Aurabreaker--
auto conclusives chapters, and relaxing histories 
report Recommended by Baelgun
I can't believe anybody hasn't recommended this already!? Both animes are very atmospheric while being supported with the background music and narration is enhancing mood even more! Both animes have abstract fluent animations with beautiful and colorful effects to the point of almost looking supernatural at certain point just like Mushishi! some Chihayafuru's characters do have almost inhuman abilities at certain points the main difference between both animes is Mushishi is about adventure and seeking path in life alone with supernatural touch while Chihayafuru is more Game oriented seeking your path in life through playing Karuta with friends! If you liked the atmospheric feel and music in Mushishi you  read more 
report Recommended by Eneitilyn
On the surface, these anime may seem like they have nothing to do with each other. One is an occult detective story about mysterious life forms, the other is a cross-class romance. However, these anime are very similar in terms of atmosphere. Thick, heavy atmosphere. Sometimes relaxing, sometimes mysterious, sometimes somber, but always strong atmosphere. Every episode has a weight to it, every character a long-staying presence. If you enjoyed one of these anime and are willing to watch another series based on similar tone and mood alone, give the other one a shot. Also, they could both be considered "historical" if only because both  read more 
report Recommended by DeleteSystem32
At first glance these anime couldn't be more different since they are completely different genres, but what they have in common is a dense atmosphere and a mysterious soundtrack. Also both anime deal a lot with nature and animals. 
report Recommended by AshitaNoJonas
The main Character travel to many place and solve all problem he meet in their adventure - both anime contain a little slice of life genre 
report Recommended by Barakamon-kun
Although the content of the two works differs greatly, the tone and general atmosphere of The Place that Was Promised very much reminded me of Mushishi, and I believe that anyone for whom the tone of this movie really resonated is likely to enjoy Mushishi for the same reason. 
report Recommended by EpyonComet
While a completely different premise, these shows share a strong bond in a peculiar serenity and beauty that comes with centering around gods, spirits, and myths in simple yet touching stories. Both shows are also quite episodic, solving one prevailing myth per episode, while Konohana Kitan is a bit stronger on continuity and overarking storylines but Mushishi touches on some more sincere topics. The major difference, apart from the premise, is the general vibe and feel - Konohana Kitan takes a more cheerful approach while Mushishi can sometimes get quite gloomy. 
report Recommended by Cobra_Fast
Both series have a comparable mysterious ambience to them, and kind of give off a similar vibe - especially with their somber art styles. Although they don't have the same plot, Dororo almost feels like a more action-packed Mushishi to me, dealing with strange 'out of this world' creatures. They also take place close to the same time period in Japan - Dororo being during the Sengoku period, and Mushishi between the Edo and Meiji periods.  
report Recommended by Zadoskey
If you enjoyed Violet Evergarden's one-off episodes that don't serve much purpose to the overall story (although I personally consider those to be the worst of the bunch), then you might like Mushishi. 
report Recommended by Nyanza
A series with a similar atmosphere and dealings with the supernatural. The similarities between yokai and mushi are apparent between the two and they are probably the closest you'll get to the same feeling you get from one of the two.  
report Recommended by ShizuFlame
- Both Anime share a fascination of mysterious sightings of creatures in their own unique forms. - Both Banba and Ginko chase rumors of occurrences that are tied to finding out about their own sightings of mysterious creatures in both of their own respective series. - Both are episodic animes in someway that center around both of these main characters Banba and Ginko who travels from place to place and they usually wind up helping someone through certain situations and events. - Both are Atmospheric. - Even though both series have different art and animation, Both have their own haunting themes in someway. 
report Recommended by 1nfiniteXcaliber
They're different, it's true: different characters, different plot, different setting... So why am I making this reccomendation? Because few animes thouched me like these two: nostalgia, sadness, hope and more. Both main characters are searching their purpose, and i love both personalities in the same way. So yes, if you like Mushi-shi try Fune wo Amu! 
report Recommended by Franken-sama
while not similar in plot or world build, both shows have an incredibly strong usage of art and animation, as well as individual stories in cinematic and non-cinematic ways to percieve their stories and motifs in the best way. both are incredibly well built and thought out, and heavily rely on atmosphere as a way of passing the story to the viewers. 
report Recommended by aware
- Calming music. Generally light and twinkly. Grimgar features lots of acoustic guitar tunes which is always refreshing, but it also varies more both in style and quality. - Great voice acting; in Japanese at least. - A slow story that's not in a rush to get to places. Chill out, get a long glass of lemonade, enjoy the scenery and the little things in an anime. - Realistic characters and behaviours. Drama is dealt with in a serious but low key sort of way. 
report Recommended by Lemon
Both contain elements of Japanese folklore. No overarching plot line. 
report Recommended by Onijirou
They both have a subdued tone and are introspective and wise.  
report Recommended by jamodis
It may surprise you at first, but you don't need much time to realize about similarities that they share in almost everything. From the same director, the two series share a slow pace, the use of long frames, great depth in the characters, their evolution (or their no evolution), and the depth of the message whose existence becomes obvious, but underlying deeply in the work. The setting of both is quite different, but is from the few things which haven't in common. Two pieces of art. 
report Recommended by zu-mo
This might seem like a strange recommendation, given that one series is about supernatural events, and one is about trans children living their everyday lives. However, they're both slice of life series that have a similar bittersweet atmosphere. This atmosphere is created largely through the art and sound in each of them. They also both feature very beautiful backgrounds. 
report Recommended by BlueEnvy
Wandering doctor 
report Recommended by Zulmamwe
Both are slow-paced slice of life glorifying Nature that include beautiful magic phenomena and likeable -but not so developed- characters. 
report Recommended by Johnny-Jay
Apart from being different in so many ways, ghouls and mushi bear resemblances in some ways. Most important part of them are these two beings that are just trying to live, without the thought of pleasurably harming humanity (With some exceptions on ghouls, but thats because they have intelligence and their actions can lead their sanity, unlike mushi), and many humans are strongly against them because these species threat their lives, both CCG and other Mushishies. Also, main character are guys who loses their past after unpleasant events, and then later their hair color both changes to white, as well as the color of one  read more 
report Recommended by Silent7
They are both episodical anime with story around a main character that has to travell because of his job. They both excel in both visual and story part and each episode brings something new and original. While Mushishi is fantasy and Space Dandy is sci-fi, if you liked one, you´ll surely like another. 
report Recommended by abystoma2
Slow pace anime with magic creatures  
report Recommended by mutsuriniii
It's the Fictional, yet somewhat believable environment they're both set in. The slow going pace of each episode and the small dosage of humor here and there. If you enjoyed the slow, "refreshing", movements and random story line, then Mushishi could be a nice choice also. 
report Recommended by zerokill
They are both "Think Pieces"; each feels reflective in its own way, on its own subject matter. Overall it is the tone of Kunio Kato's creations that are similar to Mushishi to me and I would recommend one to a fan of either.  
report Recommended by starshinesMonet
Both feature stories about interesting places that the lead character visited, also the pace of each anime is similiar. 
report Recommended by Talamare
supernatural stuff. shigofumi is much more dark and has violence, whilst mushishi is more relaxing and less dark/action. both good though 
report Recommended by sugarplumfairy
The anime world is filled with series that boast of amazing supernatural events with unique characters. However, not many have captured the sentiment as well and as truly as Mushishi and xxxHOLIC. The lead characters do not pretend to be the best at everything they do and are fatally flawed characters whose tapestries slowly unravel to reveal its masterful weaves, which are accented by the fantastic supporting cast. There is no fan service nor the typical moe scenes. These two series are the rare art that you come across while watching as you waddle through the muck of what is called anime today. 
report Recommended by arimakenshin
Both of these animes involve supernatural elements, and a main character who chooses to investigate and solve the mysteries and problems plaguing various people. Both shows feature ensemble casts. Mushishi is a much calmer show, probably lacking most of the 'paranoia' that was present in Paranoia Agent, but there are certainly great things about both. They are thought-provoking and profound stories about unique people and their efforts to make change in people's lives, whether they want to or not. It has been a while since I watched PA so this might not be the most accurate, but I still felt many similarities while I was  read more 
report Recommended by GeneratorSN
Really light and easy going, pretty visuals, and life values. 
report Recommended by TechnoCat
The theme of coexistence of humans and nature is prominent in both these animes. 
report Recommended by Al_Sleeper
Both series deal with fictional sciences. One deals with alchemy while the other deals with the study of a fictional phenomenon called "mushi". Ginko, the main character in Mushi-shi, is similar to Edward Elric of FMA in that he is very knowledgable in his respective science. Every episode of Mushi-shi features an interesting and imaginative explanation of the phenomenon of mushi while FMA makes in-depth explorations into the concepts and laws of alchemy. 
report Recommended by Yves
Another "supernatural" series with an interesting lead character. Supernatural is in quotation marks because Ayatsuri Sakon usually presents mysteries with supernatural clues but always ends up being a person's evil scheme. Much like Ginko, Sakon acts like a detective to unfold very interesting mysteries.  
report Recommended by nanyate
Mystery that unveils in different ways. Both slow paced in their own ways. While Mushishi is much more of a relaxed, yet serious watch; Le Portrait de Petit Cossette is more of a horror(bloody) dramatic anime. Very different in everything apart from the core feeling, but both intriguing in their own ways. (And I think I never said 'own ways' so many times in my life) 
report Recommended by Nayelianne
Though essentially different storywise (YKK is more slice of life while Mushishi is fantasy), people who enjoyed one should be able to appreciate and enjoy the other. They both have similar slow pacing and evoke a calming feel. Both are peaceful and nature plays a part. 
report Recommended by Maltovski
Pet Shop reminded me of Mushishi because of how supernatural creatures were mixed together with everyday, normal characters; the sort you'd see in slice-of-life titles. I suppose Pet Shop is more 'horrifying', while Mushishi is more relaxing, but there are definitely similarities between the executions of the two. 
report Recommended by AironicallyHuman
Celebrating Earth's day? well, these two animes are what you are looking for. they can transfer your mind into the nature love mood at full blast. 
report Recommended by ashura
If you're into themes of spirituality and beauty in the natural world, both shows are a good fit. Though Mushishi is not focused on humor, both shows are slow and deliberate. 
report Recommended by jukugo
Both series deal with supernatural beings, and focus more on character interaction. In Mushishi's case, the series focuses on a new character every episode, and details how their life is affected by the Mushis. Zettai Shounen, on the other hand, has more of an air of mystery about it, and focuses much less on the interactions between material fairies/evils and the characters. They both have a very relaxing atmosphere about them, as well as a slow-paced plot progression. 
report Recommended by OGT
Both feature a protagonist who travels and speaks about the sanctity of life. Each are episodic and can be very emotional. 
report Recommended by Danish
Hanada Shounen-shi is a hidden gem that captures a quite similar atmosphere to Mushishi (or Natsume Yuujinshou for that matter). This show made me laugh and cry. A lot. It's much different from current anime and makes you feel somewhat nostalgic. The setting is a realistic one, presumably post WWII, although the war is never directly mentioned.The comedic parts are sweet and fun and the story of the humans/ghosts are gentle and moving. It's outrageously unknown and deserves much better. 
report Recommended by Vurtox
Both are about the sometimes complex relationship between humans and spirits. 
report Recommended by Archaeon
They are two common points between Mushishi and Byousoku 5 Centimeter. The two animes are beautifuls, slow and relaxing. Watch it. You will enjoy that. 
report Recommended by Tsuchi
At first you wouldn't think that an anime about swords could be alike to a story of a man who travels around and help people with their problems. But actually Mushishi and Katanagatari are a lot alike. Both have this wonderful slow pace which brings peace to your mind. They both are made in an episodic style where in each episode you'll see a story which may not have much relevance to the previous nor the next episode. Of course the art style in both of them is very nice, Katanagatari's might need some getting used to but it's really nice once you finally have.  read more 
report Recommended by Tsiise
both are relaxing most of the time but at times have some awesome action and at times makes you "FEEL". Houseki has more actions scenes but they are Biutiful to look at. both have a mysterious world that you learn more and more about as you watch the show. similarly, the characters learn and grow as the story unfolds. truly a must watch.  
report Recommended by KILERDEMON
Lot of characters which allow for the main characters to drift in and out of the series. Being produced by the same studio results in both the anime having a great background art as well as music. Very philosophical at times due to the well written dialogues.  
report Recommended by kaushik17
Both series have a very peaceful feeling to them. .Hack//Sign reminds me more of a lullaby, while Mushishi reminds me of calm water. Other similarities: -calming music -white hair protagonist They're very different genres, but if you like one you may like the other. 
report Recommended by Mirorin
Both are nonchalant althou mushi shi is more dramatic it is a mystery like these,one were what kind of spirit did this and whatever 
report Recommended by mleno
Both feature very calm and relaxing/warm atmosphere. Both have similar style and sound theme. Mushishi deals with themes similar to ENJ in several episodes. Both animes feel very similar in terms of storytelling as well. One major difference, though, is that ENJ is set in the future, and Mushishi is set somewhere in 1800's (?). 
report Recommended by qdm1n
Some of the scenes in Utawarerumono give a very similar feel to the scenes in Mushishi. The beauty of nature, the connection man has to nature, etc. The series has an overall feeling of mystery in its setting that is similar to Mushishi. 
report Recommended by arilando
Anthologies about healers who travel the lands, observing various cultures and helping people with their problems. Each tale often focusing on a single classic theme (e.g. family, independence, responsibility, romance). Merc Storia is mostly simple fairytales for younger audiences, while Mushishi is more contemplative folktales for mature ones. 
report Recommended by kasarn
Both very calming, dramatic, and sad. Also slightly twisted.  
report Recommended by ranlou
Although on the surface there seems to be little in common between Mushishi and She and Her Cat, both feature, at their core, very rich and human stories, told with great sensitivity. The visuals, though one is colour, the other black and white, achieve a similar feel with subtle but eloquent animation, framed within leisurely, lingering shots. 
report Recommended by WillMunny
Mushishi, if one is interested in vast philosophical questions, can be somewhat similar to Pokemon because it's about these mushi, which are like spiritual bugs, and the protagonist goes around managing them... other than that, though, it's more about dissolving conflicts than actual battling with the mushi or other characters. It's episodic too, so doesn't necessarily continue on with the same storyline as Pokemon, but still has the same atmosphere through the 50+ episodes. The music is really beautiful and appropriate too. 
report Recommended by Seyfert
Set in similar era, has supernatural themes and melancholic feel to it. Both deal with dark mythological creatures and unsolved mysteries. Amatsuki has more fighting, confused main character, time-travel and it is plot-driven. Mushishi depicts different setting every episode and has a master in 'mushi' as a main character.  
report Recommended by Halettan
Similar era and characters' costumes and Japanese ancient mythology themes. Both anime have supernatural beings and a main character with a power to see them. Shounen Onmyouji deals with ayakashi(aka familiar) and is action-packed, while Mushishi has a slower pace, 'mushi' and darker themes.  
report Recommended by Halettan
Well, it´s not because they´re both episodic. But how they deal with it. A bit hard to explain, but they both deal with a certain situation linked with a moving past (though gintama deals with people and mushishi with mushi). In both, the solution might leave you a bit sad or rather relieved because anything can happen. But there are big differences. Gintama is mostly meant as a humurous/parody show whereas mushishi is very serious. Gintama has 201 eps, mushishi 26. A part of the 201 consists of filler, arcs, special eps, character dev eps etc. That's why you cannot compare many eps with mushishi but  read more 
report Recommended by Eucalyptustree16
At first glance, belonging to quite different genres, one a mystery, the other a historical action, Mushishi and Rurouni Kenshin: Tsuiokuhen are still linked in a deep, perhaps more important way. A certain calmness and wisdom of unspoken simplicity have spread their roots through every scene, creating an experience not unlike that of drinking a fine cup of green tea on a quiet afternoon. Apart from all that, there is the the setting of feudal Japan and thus similarities in art style which feels more akin to that of a carefully constructed art piece than a cartoon. 
report Recommended by jiyuudansei
Slow pace anime with magic creatures and epic story  
report Recommended by mutsuriniii
These dramas share a slow, easy pace that really allows them to develop a nice atmosphere. Watching these shows leaves me feeling peaceful and calm. 
report Recommended by Shibs
Both have this soul-cleaning-ambient feeling that is able to make one cry out of happiness. Also, the constant Japanese natural atmosphere, with its fields and deep woods, is just too beautiful in both. 
report Recommended by Nikxx1
Well, oriental setting, and with that Naruto occasionally manages to deliver the same kind of tranquil 'zen' feeling that Mushishi is completely based on. If you're into Mushishi's atmosphere and characters and don't mind the occasional martial arts sessions, then you'll like Naruto too. Also the way the Mushi in Mushishi twist reality is sometimes similar in its weirdness to the use of Ninjutsu in Naruto. Both series' worlds therefore contain a mystical layer with them. 
report Recommended by DominoEge
The monster type elements floating around and being objects in Mahoutsukai no Yome, directly reminded me of Mushishi with that not everyone could see these elements/creatures. Both stories are quite different in terms of atmosphere and character progression though. But still wonderful on itself. 
report Recommended by RafaelDeJongh