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Alternative Titles

English: Mushi-Shi
Japanese: 蟲師


Type: TV
Episodes: 26
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Oct 23, 2005 to Jun 19, 2006
Premiered: Fall 2005
Broadcast: Sundays at 03:40 (JST)
Licensors: Funimation
Studios: Artland
Source: Manga
Duration: 25 min. per ep.
Rating: PG-13 - Teens 13 or older


Score: 8.731 (scored by 159,332 users)
1 indicates a weighted score. Please note that 'Not yet aired' titles are excluded.
Ranked: #382
2 based on the top anime page. Please note that 'Not yet aired' and 'R18+' titles are excluded.
Popularity: #125
Members: 451,244
Favorites: 19,258


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Sep 4, 2007
Chelle (All reviews)
"Mushishi" is an episodic anime that has only one main character~ Ginko. Ginko's purpose is to travel from town to town, researching a phenomenon called "mushi" and their effects on humanity. He also helps the different villages deal with any mushi "problems" they may encounter.

This is the SINGLE MOST beautiful and original story I have ever seen, both inside and outside the anime community. The concept of "mushi"~ an entity that is neither human, plant, or animal, that affects the daily lives of humans is intelligent and thought-provoking. How Ginko deals with these phenomenon, whether he is just researching or "treating" read more
Jun 27, 2008
TheCriticsClub (All reviews)
“Don’t let yourself be blinded by fear or anger.
Everything is only as it is.”

Mushishi is essentially a series of stories styled after East Asian legends and folktales. In lieu of gods, spirits, and demons, the paranormal phenomena are attributed to more primitive yet no less enigmatic creatures called “mushi”. Dealing with their kind is the expertise of “mushishi”; professionals whose role may be thought of as an amalgam of healer, exorcist, biologist, X-Files investigator, and Jedi master (well, sort of). Ginko happens to be one of these mushishi and he wanders from town to town, looking for interesting cases and lending a helping hand read more
Jul 20, 2013
mahoganycow (All reviews)
In spirit, at least, each episode of Mushishi strongly reminds me of one thing: A cave painting. A depiction of man and the outside world, brief and primal but perfectly expressive, radiating mysticism, perhaps possessed of more meaning than it initially appears to have.

From minute one, Mushishi's representation of a vast world grabs the eye and doesn't let go. Lush forests with dew dripping from every leaf; barren winter mountains peppered with stubborn snow-covered trees; an innocuous pond with lilies on the surface of the still water. The series roams from setting to setting, and all are presented with a lifelike attention to detail. The read more
Aug 2, 2015
TheBrainintheJar (All reviews)
Some people will tell you Mushishi is great because it doesn’t contain action and fanservice. These must be the same people who praise a film for not including Adam Sandler. They also make Mushishi look more pretentious than it is. It’s far from it. The problem is, even though Mushishi has a worthwhile aim and the right methods, it doesn’t know how to use them.

In order for something to be pretentious, it needs to put up a cover while not including the methods. An anime that has a realistic art style with dramatic characters is pretentious. It looks realistic, but the methods that are used read more
Jun 8, 2013
KingIK (All reviews)
This anime was a very unique experience. The show introduces a very interesting concept called the mushi. It'd be very difficult to describe what the mushi are precisely. In a nutshell , they're essentially spiritual beings, but at the same time they inhabit the physical world ( Yeah I know what your thinking, you just completely contradicted yourself. I know, I know just go with it) and they use humans as a host ( very similar to a parasite). One aspect in particular that struck me about the show was how it was devoid of any western influences whatsoever. Many anime fans don't realize read more
Nov 30, 2008
kiriska (All reviews)
It's pretty rare to see a purely episodic anime that isn't a comedy, and that's just another reason Mushishi was such a treat.

STORY - The series follows the journeys of a traveling Mushishi named Ginko who investigates paranormal phenomenon usually caused by creatures called Mushi. Each episode describes one of his encounters with self-sustaining villagers in and around vast mountain ranges. Something is wrong, and Ginko does what he can. It's very straightforward, but even though each episode more or less follows the same format, it isn't a simple case of Ginko saving the day every single time. Sometimes things are beyond his control; sometimes read more
Dec 5, 2013
brdobu (All reviews)
This review contains no major spoilers. I was beyond thrilled when I had finally got my hands on Mushishi in its entirety. I have to shamelessly admit that I'm pretty dang easily entertained. So typically when there is a show that EVERYONE seems to love, I tend to enjoy it just as much. Unfortunately, once I got around to getting into the series I found a number of issues that others just didn't seem to have. I was entertained on a number of episodes, and definitely compelled to complete it. However, this certainly wasn't the masterpiece I thought I was about to watch.

Aesthetically this anime read more
Dec 8, 2007
Vurtox (All reviews)
So what reason could there be to praise a show that's been reviewed four times already, receiving highest marks? The answer is simple enough: it's been a long time since an anime has impressed me as much as Mushishi did. Going beyond the boundaries of the entertainment-based pop culture, this deserves the term 'art' in every aspect.

The provided synopsis could hardly be more accurate, yet does it tell little to nothing about the series. The reason for this is that Mushishi, unlike usual modern entertainment, convinces the viewer through style - aesthetics. There is no flashy, grotesque or absurd story, competing for attention among the read more
Oct 24, 2007
Master10K (All reviews)
A compelling, mysterious and thought-provoking anime on being's known as Mushi. This unique show proves that an anime doesn't need to have romance, action, comedy or something thrilling to be interesting to watch.

Mushishi is comprised of a bunch of episodic adventures where each episode follows its own mini story of, Ginko's encounters with the natural phenomenon known as Mushi. Each heartfelt episode manages to cleverly bring a great deal of drama involving different types of Mushi, with different problems, and there are episodes that stand out from the rest. It's pretty unique how this anime is set out like 26 different Japanese folktales, which read more
Sep 5, 2009
TheLlama (All reviews)
Mushishi is, to tell the truth, nothing very special. It doesn't try to stand out, nor does it feed us with anime standards, like moe, or fanservice. it doesn't have flashy action - hardly any at all in fact - nor has it excessive amounts of blood. In fact this in itself is what makes it stand up. Its tranquility and taking things at a calm pace is what makes Mushishi so great, yet in a way it is also what makes it a bit offputting to some.

Setting-wise, Mushishi is set in a world where being not human nor animal live. They are basic, pure; read more
Feb 2, 2014
Gonzo-lewd (All reviews)
There are many who struggle with wrapping their heads around certain folklore that is completely different from the cultural roots of their own country. It can be a herculean task for the ill-prepared minds that nevertheless wants to explore all facets of any country’s folklore that captures the entirety of how it’s culture evolved from its roots to the present. There hasn’t been many shows, or anime for that manner, that have handled folklore with the level of atmosphere and creativity that the show Mushishi has to offer and for this we have to be thankful for its existence. It’s beautiful existence to be more read more
Aug 20, 2007
lowell (All reviews)
I heard about this anime a while ago, but the synopsis didn't seem that appealing to me. So I basically forgot about it until recently and decided to watch a few episodes to see why it was so well regarded...

It's beautiful. It's like meditating.

Story: It's an episodic show that feels like a collection of fables or myths to me... almost as though these stories were from a world before science when people made up spirits or gods to explain life's mysteries. That's not really the premise of the show, but that's how it felt to me.

It's laid-back and meditative. But read more
Oct 11, 2010
Spfer (All reviews)
It’s very nice that Mushishi had showed a great way of enjoying such scenery, environment, and culture of each passing scene as you might find yourself exploring its wonders and deeper meaning of it, which the series proves when you’re into this world. Starting with its bunch of supernatural and mystery that engulfs the whole series, it never crossed to my mind that it is dull, boring, typical, and all used up theme just like the others, thus, it has shown such different mixture of drama, tension, and unusual phenomenon that will surely be a factor why this show is worthy to be watched

Now that read more
Feb 3, 2019
Krunchyman (All reviews)
“Mushishi is a beautiful tragedy…”

“Tragic, in the sense that it was tedious to watch; beautiful, because it’s finally over” — Krunchyman

Conceiving an interesting, well though-out anime is not as problematic as one might assume, because, as Hayao Miyazaki has demonstrated, quality is not subservient to complexity; in fact, it’s quite the opposite. Simplicity, done correctly, is exceptionally sublime. There is nothing more pleasing than watching a “basic” show that executes its own themes splendidly, with a cast of characters that exude authenticity. A simple anime has the potential of conveying a wealth of information that can impact the viewer in a myriad read more
Jun 8, 2009
Dredgy (All reviews)
“One direction, no destination”

The Story…

It tells about different tales that involves paranormal phenomena, phenomenon that has something to do with a so-called ‘mushi’. The story is about the expedition of a Mushishi named Ginko, whose expertise is on paranormal phenomena. On his journey he encounters various phenomena that have something to do about his expertise, making it as a part of his living, or a threat with uncertified safety.

The main attraction would be supernatural and mystery of the story. It consists of long, serious and mind-boggling monologues that will never come up to boredom though it will surely hook to your senses. read more
Nov 4, 2014
literaturenerd (All reviews)

Mushi-Shi is a a very unique series about microscopic mystical creatures called the "Mushi" and a man named Ginko that goes around studying them and helping people with Mushi related problems. Mushi-Shi tries very hard to be an artistic and sophisticated series and many hail it as a masterpiece. Whether or not it meets that criteria in your book of course depends on your answer to that eternal question of aesthetics, "What is Art?".

Plot: 7/10

The Mushi are said to be much simpler than bacteria or even viruses, but have intelligence and are sometimes able to take human form. In the first episode, a woman is read more
Jan 15, 2015
Franzor (All reviews)
Mushishi is a unique show in many ways. It’s rather weird and bizarre but is also very intriguing and definitely grabs your interest. This show was much different from what I expected it to be (in a good way) and for many episodes I had my eyes glued to the screen, watching intensely. Mushishi has a calm, mellow, and soothing, but also very deep and powerful feel to it.

I think the story is one of the strongest points in this anime. What makes Mushishi different from most anime is that it does not focus on a single overarching story and instead each episode has its read more
Jan 30, 2018
Emperorjun (All reviews)
Less of a show and more of a journey; a spiritual one. The way each episode is laid out is fairly simple, there is a problem where a Mushi is involved and as such a Mushishi is called upon (Ginko our main protagonist is one of the many Mushishi). Yet through those problems be it successfully solved or not, we experience nature, humanity and all the range of emotions it has to offer.

- Depth and complexity through simplicity -
Sometimes a simple meaningful conversation beats 1000 flashy sword strikes. Mushishi does not try to use cliffhangers, exaggerated mysterious protagonist, complicated vocabularies and other means capable read more
Apr 23, 2014
TheNeko (All reviews)
Mushishi is the most simplistic yet beautiful series that I had the pleasure to experience until now and is one of the examples that shows the incredible variety that anime has.

Well then, ladies and gentlemen I welcome you to my Mushishi review. I hope you enjoy it.

Now, the story of Mushishi follows our protagonist, Ginko, as he travels around the world working as a Mushi-shi. So, instead of having an over-arching story, this show chooses to have a more episodic nature. This way of telling the story has its own pluses and minuses. For one hand, as every episode has a different story read more
Aug 12, 2013
PixelPenguin (All reviews)
Coexistence is a difficult concept for humanity to grasp. All too often humans choose the path of domination rather than understanding and harmony, often to their own detriment. We fear the unknown. We reject the unusual. We hide our eyes from life's harder truths. Mushishi delves into these concepts as we follow the protagonist, Ginko, on his unending journey through a strange and beautiful world. In this world, their exist living creature that are neither flora nor fauna. These creature are made of pure life energy and are called mushi. In this world, mushi exist everywhere, but only a select few can see them. Ginko read more