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Hakushaku to Yousei

Alternative Titles

English: Earl and Fairy
Synonyms: Hakushaku to Yosei, Count and Fairy
Japanese: 伯爵と妖精


Type: TV
Episodes: 12
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Sep 29, 2008 to Dec 24, 2008
Premiered: Fall 2008
Broadcast: Unknown
Producers: None found, add some
Licensors: Discotek Media
Studios: Artland
Source: Light novel
Duration: 25 min. per ep.
Rating: PG-13 - Teens 13 or older


Score: 7.381 (scored by 40,714 users)
1 indicates a weighted score. Please note that 'Not yet aired' titles are excluded.
Ranked: #21872
2 based on the top anime page. Please note that 'Not yet aired' and 'R18+' titles are excluded.
Popularity: #1209
Members: 88,724
Favorites: 586


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Jan 6, 2009
Archaeon (All reviews)
The one thing that always impresses me about anime and manga is the attention to detail that the japanese creators of individual stories have, especially when they utilise culture, history, folklore, etc, from other parts of the world as integral parts of their tales.

Hakushaku to Yousei (or Earl and Fairy in english), began life as a series of light novels written by Tani Mizue, which were serialised in Cobalt magazine. The novels proved to be popular given the japanese love of western folklore and mythology, allowing the novels to be adapted for two drama CDs and a manga which is currently serialised in The read more
Jan 6, 2009
miskat (All reviews)
Hakushaku to Yosei is a delightful romantic shoujo fantasy. However, for one to enjoy it, expectations have to be set. The 12-episode anime is based only on a few volumes of the light novel series. Therefore, do not be surprised that at the end of the anime, there are still a lot of questions left unanswered. It is because the story still continues in the novels. Perhaps the producers are still planning or are leaving the door open for a second season.

The characters are beautifully drawn and the designs, in fact, are slightly better than in the manga. The music, on the other hand, read more
Dec 26, 2008
SilentMuse (All reviews)
I have to admit that this anime had failed to impress. I was expecting much more from the plot and the characters, but to my misfortune I had only ended up disappointed. Once I finished viewing the entire series, I was not satisfied with the overall outcome of the characters' journey.

Story: [6]
There is still so many questions the anime has left unanswered. The viewer knows little of the Blue Knight Earl. The plot itself is mainly concentrated on Edgar's need to bear a name with a powerful presence, as well as to fight for his love for Lydia whilst others are after her. There was read more
Jan 28, 2009
formosan (All reviews)
This show starts out with a decent premise: a Victorian romance with a touch of Celtic Twilight mythology. The heroine is a "fairy doctor," and throughout the show she demonstrates a touch of folklore, plus the useful ability to see fairies that are invisible to ordinary people.

However, the folklore and mythology references, which could have carried the show, are under-used. They are sprinkled over the top of a story which plainly is trying to drag itself out into the maximum number of episodes. Unlike better stories (such as, say, Tweeny Witches, or Magical Shopping District Abenobashi) the mythology and folklore doesn't seem read more
Apr 12, 2010
Takai (All reviews)

I decided to watch this anime as soon as I saw the news about it. Romance, Victorian-like style, and yes, a cat wearing what looked like butler attire. All those factors and the overall feeling the promotional images and the trailer gave off got me attracted to this charming fairy tale.

-STORY- 8/10

My only big disappointment was the ending. The story itself was quite exciting and adventurous, and was building up nicely toward its grand conclusion. Except that conclusion never came. The viewers were left with more questions than answers, and the issue that seemed to be the main focus of the plot, was never resolved. read more
Nov 23, 2008
Anelis (All reviews)
First of all i must say that i do not like this anime, and i'm making a review because it seems that people only write reviews of the stuff they like so everything tends to be rated with a 10 or a 9 and that is frustrating.

-Short review
Story: 6-7 It's not that it's a bad concept but it's poorly written and developed.
Art: 8 Plain but beautiful, especially the protagonists.
Sound: 6 The seiyus exaggerate the emotions, the background music is ridiculous.
Character: 6 Extremely poorly written and "unbelievable" personas.
Enjoyment: 7 I like the era and it has a pleasant feeling.
Overall:6- 7 You could ignore it, you read more
Oct 13, 2019
mouthpiece (All reviews)
Earl and Fairy is an adventure where a doctor and a prince are going on a journey to find an heirloom of fairy origin. But since it is also a shoujo, the doctor is your typical silly girl with a good heart that can see mythological creatures and the prince is your typical mysterious hairless chest bad boy hunk. YEAAAAH here comes the cheese.

Animation is done by Artland, a studio which has produced nothing but mediocrities with the exception being the highly acclaimed Mushishi. Other than that, they never had high budgets and thus this show looks rather run down. Direction is done by a read more
Oct 3, 2009
PandoraxChan (All reviews)
When it comes to soujo anime, I'm always a little wary about watching them. Many rely on the overused character personas, sigh-worthy romance, and drop-dead gorgous men to sell the show. And let me tell you, Hakushaku to Yousei (aka, Earl and Fairy) does have these things. But at the same time, there's something really stand-out about this show that made me watch it in one sitting.

Plot/Story: This is the anime's strongest point. The plot follows a teenage fairy doctor named Lydia, who suddenly finds herself employed by a mysterious earl, who is in search of a mystical sword that is held by the ruler read more
Sep 4, 2009
AyaSeiran (All reviews)
Animation- As though it were a portrait of the countryside(to me), it has such soft nostalgic feeling. Yet, there are times in the episode where Raven's eye/fairies/hounds have an opposite effect with its glowing effects and vivid colors- bringing out enthusiasm from the viewer. Animation and artwork are beautiful and in detail. It does give the feel of a "fairy tale" story.

Storyline- The series was rather quick (but quickly addictive), but it didn't confuse me with the current plot the characters were facing. Although, it did leave a few questions, and the last episode was open-ended. The series has some good humorous scenes -I read more
Jan 1, 2011
StarrySkyline (All reviews)
The story for this anime is simple and easy to understand.
The art is beyond amazing. There was a lot of time and effort being put into the art. All of the characters were absolutely hypnotizing.
Each character did not resemble others, they were their own, that was what made this anime series very unique.
I enjoyed watching this anime series SO much. I didn't want it to end. 12 episodes were pretty short. Time flys by when you're watching a good anime. As you watch this anime, you can tell right off the bat that this isn't an anime like any other.
I give Hakushaku read more
Feb 23, 2017
JazCo (All reviews)
I watched this whole bloody thing bloody thing because it was only 12 episodes and I was hoping it would get better.

I began watching because literally, I liked the look of the character I was after a nice romantic storyline, which there... sort of... was?

I felt like there was no natural progression and there wasn't a clear difference between when the characters first met and how they felt at the end.
I had to ask google to explain to me the storyline because it was very choppy and seemed to miss out some essential information that probably would have made it flow better. I have a read more
Oct 14, 2012
NeoYojik (All reviews)
1. character background story,
2. action scenes choreography,
3. concept of mystical world.
No like:
1. Character design. Faces are too deformed even for anime, bodies look as if everyone in this country suffers from severe anorexia,
2. plain 100% predictable plot. At the same time it lacks logic a bit. Should circumstances of this anime be real, people wouldn't act this way,
3. mixed style and mismatched clothes, furniture and other objects. Series' designer didn't put effort into actually representing XIX century Great Brittain,
4. Ending. It leaves impression that authors were creating slow-paced narration for 10 series and then rushed to the end like "there's no tomorrow". Ending episodes look read more
Dec 29, 2009
inkmouse (All reviews)
At twelve episodes, it doesn't really advance as much as one hopes it would. It moved very quickly and fluidly, which I liked, but by the end of the series, the relationship between Edgar and Lydia is very much the same. I did enjoy the romance during the series, though, and I think it was quite cute.

I liked how the manipulated all this myths and legends to fit the story. They really made them look quite different from what I imagined. Of course, it has something to do with anime's superficial nature. Some of the creatures they mentioned I never expected to have human form, read more
Feb 22, 2013
moonlitneko (All reviews)
I enjoyed this anime alot. I actually gotten into it because I had read a little bit of the manga in this magezine I looked at. I don't remember which magezine it was nor do I know where it has disappeared to XD But it had been quite a while since I last saw this title. It was by chance that I found it again.

I had only thought it was a manga but it turned out to be an anime as well, so that was a delight. And so, I have watched it and I have finished it, so on to a review of read more
Nov 4, 2015
Ushi_Chan (All reviews)
So, Earl and fairy's plot was pretty creative and unique. I really like how you can tell the characters apart from their personalities.
Sometimes, I feel confused by male lead's feelings towards the female lead's feelings, and wonder - How did it even end up like this? XD. Sure, i like a lot of chemistry and romance but I feel like it was slowly progressing but then it was just rushed at the end. I like to see the progression but not that slow and I get confused when things get rushed.

The story plot, art, voice characters and characters were great. I just wish that there read more
Oct 19, 2014
SugoiChappy (All reviews)
Short review:
Having read the first volume of the manga, I was very excited to find out there was an anime adaptation of this. However, the story was paced a little too quickly, and often times felt disjointed. I also found it a bit difficult to get attached to the characters. Art and animation are kept to a minimum, like with most shojo anime. The voice acting was okay, and the music didn't really stand out to me. Overall, I don't think this anime can stand alone, meaning you wold have to get the original source material to fully enjoy this anime.

Loooooooong review:
Story and Characters:
Now, read more
Sep 8, 2016
Chinomi-san (All reviews)
I came in with expectations before watching this because I had finished reading the two-volume manga a week before. Both the anime and manga are based on the light novel, but it seems the anime took things a little further and didn’t include what was in the second volume of the manga.

Anyway, I know this anime was probably quite popular back in the day with young girls. There’s a beautiful young lady who’s misunderstood and finds comfort in a mysterious and devilishly handsome man who is in need of her fairy services. She can see fairies! He sparkles so much when he saves her life! read more
Sep 6, 2012
MayTail (All reviews)
Hakushaku to Yousei (Earl and Fairy) was a surprisingly fun and addictive watch. It takes awhile to get into the series, but after several episodes I was hooked. It wasn't the story that got me. To be honest, the plot wasn't what made the show for me. My enjoyment was much more character driven. The art was pretty good, I thought the style fit the characters and the story well. Lydia's hair was a bit out of hand, though. I'm not sure she brushed it very much :) The characters were fun. Edgar was undoubtedly my favorite, but Kelpie and Raven were fun, too. read more
Aug 4, 2014
HeyHarp (All reviews)
Anime: Hakushaku to Yousei, also known as Earl and Fairy.

- I would strongly recommend reading the manga before watching this anime. You would be confused otherwise.-

Through my understandings of this anime, Earl and Fairy is about a girl, named Lydia Carlton, who is a Fairy Doctor. Like her mother, Fairy Doctors can see what others can't.
One day Lydia received an invite to go to London to visit her father, then her whole world changed.

- It has mythical creatures in it, like fairies, selkies, and merrows.
- I believe the anime is longer than the manga, which is always good I guess.

- It didn't explain read more
Mar 12, 2014
rayandjim (All reviews)
Hakushaku to Yousei is an anime I have now watched twice, and thoroughly enjoyed both times. The story is set in Victorian Britain, and includes action/adventure, romance and fantasy-a strong starting point.
The main reason I enjoyed this anime was due to the fact it was relatively original, fast-paced, and has an interesting story-line. One of my favorite elements of this anime is the fairy doctor the story follows: Lydia. In most animes I watch the female protagonist is either sweet, week and does not do much or on the other hand, arrogant, loud and annoying. Thankfully Lydia is neither. Though she is feminine and read more