Shenmue the Animation

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Japanese: シェンムー


Type: TV
Episodes: 13
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Feb 6, 2022 to May 1, 2022
Premiered: Winter 2022
Broadcast: Sundays at 14:30 (JST)
Producers: Wave Master
Licensors: None found, add some
Source: Game
Genres: ActionAction, AdventureAdventure
Theme: Martial ArtsMartial Arts
Duration: 23 min. per ep.
Rating: R - 17+ (violence & profanity)


Score: 6.661 (scored by 72287,228 users)
1 indicates a weighted score.
Ranked: #58512
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Popularity: #4735
Members: 22,259
Favorites: 158

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Preliminary Spoiler
May 1, 2022
I didn't watch many anime this season, but of the few I watched this was my favorite. Shenmue the anime is an incredibly faithful adaptation of the first 2 games and finally helps tell the story of Shenmue the way the game's creator always wanted it told without any of the hardware limitations of the Sega Dreamcast or budget worries.

So, what the Hell is a Shenmue? Before we get into the anime review, we have to talk about one of the most unusual franchises in the history of gaming. The story of Shenmue begins with its creator Yu Suzuki. This guy was 25 years ...
Apr 30, 2022
For the uninitiated, Shenmue might just be another series that people are willing to take a back seat on binging all at one time, but for the true diehards, Shenmue is a masterpiece of a franchise that's like no other: it's arguably one of Sega's most beloved IPs with a heavy cult following with the first two games released on Sega's once-beloved but short-lived final game console, the Sega Dreamcast in 1999 and 2000, and Shenmue III making a revival in 2019. And fans might've wondered what an anime adaptation of Shenmue would look like if it was made modern, and courtesy of series creator ...
May 1, 2022
Shenmue The Animation is an adaptation of the masterpiece game series Shenmue.

A game series that revolutionized the game world in 1999, Shenmue and Shenmue II are games way ahead of its time. Shenmue is more than games to me, Shenmue it is a beautiful experience that i will never forget, and now we got a anime and this is wonderful. The more Shenmue in more media the better

This adaptation tells the story of the games Shenmue I and Shenmue II.

I'm a Shenmue fan and i love the anime, the anime added more informations and even more screen time and development for a lot of characters, ...
Mar 6, 2022
Preliminary (5/13 eps)
I cannot begin to describe how much joy seeing the Shenmue story adapted into the anime medium has brought me. Shenmue the Animation is an outstanding companion piece to the original game series and also stands on its own as a great way to experience Yu Suzuki’s grand tale of revenge and discovery.

The pillars of Shenmue’s plot are investigation, mystery, and martial arts action. The series does a great job weaving between these elements in a way that is true to the multi-faceted gameplay of the source material. The action scenes are well animated and always incorporated as means to advance the story. Every ...
Mar 9, 2022
Preliminary (5/13 eps)
[No Spoiler Review] I have just finished the first 5 episodes which makes up the equivalence of the first "Shenmue" game and i'm really impressed.

All the main story beats I remember have been covered, there have been some chops and changes to suit the anime formula but on the whole, without heading into spoiler territory, I am really enjoying what the production team have achieved. The anime leans on the more serious side of things, but there are plenty of humorous bits and certain parts that make you punch the air with satisfaction.

I was concerned after the first episode that each fight scene would ...
May 2, 2022
A great anime adaptation of console masterpieces.

Recommended both for those who have never played the video games, as well as for the fans of them.

Very faithful to the originals, but at the same time introduces interesting changes that are not at odds with the story or the characters, in addition to adding new scenes.

The production staff are fans of the games due to the love and passion they have put into the project.

The pacing is really good and it keeps the intrigue and interest going at all times. very well adapted to the anime medium.

The animation is quite successful, especially in the action and the ...
Mar 30, 2022
Preliminary (8/13 eps)
Wow! I'm so impressed with the Shenmue The Animation . It captures the key moments of the games in the series, both big and small. It's very accurate to the games, and manages to expands upon them with new / sound details. The translation of both games' pacing to work as a show feels just right. It shows the moments in the games that move the plot, while not feeling rushed and doesn't skip over the small things we diehards remember. My hope is that this series will spark new players to try the Shenmue game series and see what a ground breaking series it ...
Mar 6, 2022
Preliminary (4/13 eps)
I was scrolling through this season's anime and there I saw Shenmue. I was quite excited, to say the least. Having played the games and enjoyed them I was hoping this would be a good adaptation... thus far I have been utterly disappointed.

To be fair, the animation is good and the voice acting is very similar to the original games. I also enjoy the extra screen time given to certain characters but I still can't get over how bad the pacing of the show is. The Shenmue games are slow burns and I feel as if the show loses a large majority of the charm ...
May 2, 2022
I enjoyed Shenmue the Animation very much and was glad I could feel lot of the original vibe throughout all the episodes, something I was really hoping for. I found in particular the visual art pleasant, with various places resembling the atmosphere of their video games counterparts very nicely, like the peaceful and spiritual Man Mo temple, the Hazuki Residence, the Yokosuka harbour or the Bailu landscapes for example.

I also appreciated the soundtrack and the faithful representation of the various characters, just to say some, Ryo, Shenhua, Joy and the fascinating master Lishao Tao. Regarding the story, it covers the first two video games main ...
May 1, 2022
"It's called the Shenmue tree."

-- the following is a brief paragraph on my overall thoughts, followed by spoilers of story structure. reader discretion advised. --

Feel like I'm in the minority here, but I found Shenmue: The Animation to be an absolute slog and consistently boring. An overpowered protagonist who almost never loses and when he's on the verge, there's a plot device to save him out of the situation or a flashback that gives him the motivation to suddenly defeat his adversary. Being an adaptation of two separate games, there's a giant divide between the two halves as every character is basically forgotten as we ...
Mar 7, 2022
Preliminary (4/13 eps)

tl;dr: It's a good adaptation that tries to quickly tell the story of the first two games in 13 episodes but misses what made Shenmue what it is. You are free to watch this without playing the games but doing so may make the story, characters and world feel less impactful and interesting.

As a fan of Shenmue since its release (or close to) seeing an anime of it is welcome, but also quite confusing. In my opinion, Shenmue is a game that is about the minutiae of everyday life that you should really experience for yourself at your own pace. ...
May 1, 2022
If you're looking for an anime that involves the typical shitty big boob girl animes that have horrible writing, Shenmue The Animation is not for you. Shenmue The Animation is based off the first two Shenmue games, which involves the protagonist, Ryo Hazuki, as he sets out to get revenge on the man who killed his father, Lan Di.

Story 10/10.

Shenmue The Animation's story is based on the games Shenmue I & II. The story involves Ryo setting his sights on getting revenge against the man who killed his father, Lan Di. Ryo's journey starts in Japan where he goes around his hometown of Yokosuka to ...
May 1, 2022
Shenmue is a divisive series. On one hand it is a relic of the past, an ambitious attempt at an open-world game that has failed so that other games can surpass it. On the other, fans swear that it is a timeless masterpiece that deserved to be celebrated among the best games ever made. Personally, I love the games I think it has a charm and story that are not seen often in other martial arts stories. However, I also agree that the video game’s biggest barrier is its nigh outdated game design and English dub which makes it a struggle to play through. When ...
Jul 9, 2023
Ho boy... Shenmue, the anime. You can't write a review of it, without mentioning the fact, that this anime is an adaptation of a video game series, with episodes 1-5 being an adaptation of the plot of the first game (Shenmue I, 1999), episodes 6-13 being an apdatation of the plot of the second game (Shenmue II, 2001).

When adapting the storyline of an interactive piece of media (such as a video game) to a less interactive form of media (such as an anime, live-action movie or TV series), there are so many things that can go wrong, and much to my positive surprise, Shenmue ...
May 2, 2022
Shenmue is an amazing story that began in 1999 and to this day it's still unfinished. This anime is an adaptation of the first 2 games in the franchise.

I really hate the gameplay elements of both games but the story is just phenomenal. When this anime was announced I was hyped to experience just the good part of the saga. I still believe it's mandatory to experience the games, although I'd recommend to watch someone else play it because the gameplay of the 1st two games is atrocious, as I said before.

Animation & Sound:

1) The visuals look very faithful to the games except ...
Apr 3, 2022
Preliminary (8/13 eps)
I don't know what's wrong with people giving 9 or 10 to this.
To be honest and don't act like a fanboy, this adaptation is mediocre and definitely not a 10.
Animations are good but it could have been done better, the drawing style is very anonymous, for shenmue I would have used a more sophisticated style.
Some events have been shortened and some skipped but on the other hand summing up all the games in just 13 episodes is not easy.
All in all this series is neither good nor bad, you could certainly do better, but it can be a great way to bring more people ...
Jun 12, 2022
My experience with the Shenmue franchise begins and ends with the couple reviews made by videogamedunkey. to my understanding this covers the plot of the first two games, with plans for a second season to cover the recently released Shenmue 3. Based on what little knowledge I have of those games, I can see now that they probably would have worked much better as a movie or a tv show like this in the first place than as games. While they were a marvel at the time they were released, showcasing realistic human models and expansive open world-cities rivaling even some modern games. On a ...
Jun 3, 2022
Mixed Feelings
I have never played the games so have no high expectations nor can I be utterly devastated. It looks exactly like the trailers. Very average, perfunctory, and ultimately forgettable. It's something you can throw on the background and sort of zone out while doing other things, much like a mundame crime procedural e.g. CSI. It won't offend or excite. It's just there. There is zero character development or emotional drama. You won't care for any of the characters. Everyone is very simple and one-dimensional. Same for the repetitive dialogue. It's a simple revenge story involving a murder mystery that's really just an excuse for yet ...
Apr 30, 2022
Mixed Feelings
Preliminary (13/13 eps)
Most of us are familiar with Shenmue because of the game series Shenmue which I played in my childhood and because of that I was so excited about this show.
Shenmue is a yakuza-like anime and I think it's a very good adaptation for its game series. the story of this anime is following the first two-game of the Shenmue series. Fighting scenes are the best moments in the show for sure but other scenes are good either, Shenmue the animation is good at voice acting and I think the animations of this series are fine.
I think sometimes the story goes further in the anime series ...
Mar 5, 2022
Preliminary (3/13 eps)
Shenmue the Animation is the kind of show that is bound to make you laugh. In fact, all through the first episode I found myself involuntarily bursting out laughing, every 15-20 seconds! It's all thanks to the amazingly wooden voice acting; the terrible, pretentious narration; the incongruent and inappropriately-timed music cues; the bafflingly bad animation and character design; and the horrendous writing and characterization. If you enjoy laughing, and particularly if you enjoy laughing at "so bad it's ... meh" anime, then this is the show for you!

Seriously, though: You should not watch this anime alone. Make a friend suffer through ...