Ragnarök The Animation

Ragnarok the Animation

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English: Ragnarok the Animation


Type: TV
Episodes: 26
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Apr 7, 2004 to Sep 29, 2004
Premiered: Spring 2004
Broadcast: Wednesdays at 01:30 (JST)
Producers: Frontier Works
Licensors: Funimation
Source: Game
Genres: ActionAction, MagicMagic, FantasyFantasy
Duration: 24 min. per ep.
Rating: PG-13 - Teens 13 or older


Score: 6.481 (scored by 2054420,544 users)
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Ranked: #59312
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Popularity: #2391
Members: 42,349
Favorites: 119
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Mar 1, 2010
Archaeon (All reviews)
Fantasy anime is a bit of an odd genre at times. One would think that, with all the great ideas and influences out there, the fantasy genre of anime would be exceptionally strong and, most importantly, original, and would turn out some cracking shows season after season.

Unfortunately this isn't the case, and more often than not the viewer is subjected to episode after episode of mediocrity, genericism, and poor storytelling.

One such example is Ragnarok: The Animation.

Based on the MMORPG, Ragnarok Online, which itself is based on the Korean manwha Ragnarok by Lee Myung-Jin (who also took on the role of chief director for the anime read more
May 25, 2008
Yggdrasil (All reviews)
Many people thinks because this anime is base of a game so it naturally suck and that might be true for another one, but this one is really good.

some people watch a little of the beginning and saw that it was not game related and then say is not worth watching. well, i think those people watch the anime because of the game's brand name. this anime got a really good plots that come with a good ending. this story also included some romance in it, which makes it even better.if only the game is more like the anime.

the art was ok since is kinda read more
Aug 5, 2010
KeroKai (All reviews)
This review is mainly aimed at those who have played the game Ragnarok Online, and are tempted to watch this anime as an additional bonus. All I can say... It was an extremely disappointing and generic fanservice based fantasy show.

You would think that with the game, there would be countless of possabilities in making the anime good based on the potential surrondings. But instead we get given two extremely annoying characters that don't seem to have a clue about what they're doing and where they are going. The romance in this is extremely forced, in fact, it was more focused on perversing on the female read more
May 14, 2008
galluvton (All reviews)
I know that based on my art and ound score you might think its a nice show, but altogether, it SUCKS.

I only watched the first epiode, so I can't really tell you about it, but from what I saw, it is really bad.

Art & Sound:
Well, its anime. It's art is nomal. And I never saw an anime with low sound rating, so...

Well, aside from your every-show rocket team, the background story of the 2 main characters sucks. The new hero for the first chapter (uses ice) is moderate.

1 can't really cover it. I never saw a show and dropped it after only 1 epiode.

Most people read more
Apr 16, 2009
pdf4 (All reviews)
About 1 year has passed since I finished watching this anime and now that I am writing this.

I've played Ragnarok Online for several years now 4+
I've read the 10 Ragnarok manga chapters.

This game is just an adaptation of the Ragnarok Online game... every information like the locations, monsters, items, graphics, classes is part of the game.
The story and the characters are original from the anime.

I am considering 7 as average.

Story - 7
Story of those people going in an adventurous journey for the sake of justice and then answering their questions, ok. However the journey itself becomes very lame. read more
Feb 17, 2009
chonny (All reviews)
Okay, all of you can say that MARS of DESTRUCTION is the worst anime ever.
But at least MARS is just an ova.
Ragnarok the animated series IS 26 CHAPTERS FULL OF S***T!!

Let's just start with this crap:

I always say that the plot is a vital part of any serie.
Well, this history SUCKS.
Just imagine a generic history of a "good party" against a very bad person, AND NOTHING MORE.

Art it's good, but just good. Don't expect something better.

Nothing memorable but the intro (We are the stars).

If the history is BAD, the chars are WORSE.
I can't believe that so stupid and generic characters had ever exist.


Jun 8, 2016
fallensunset (All reviews)
First of all, maybe it sounds weird but I think you can enjoy the animation more if you have never played the Ragnarok game like me, or just leave the fact that this is an adaption from a game away. I read some of the reviews from frustrated game players complaining that the animation isn't quiet the same as game, they certainly have reasons to do so but as someone who never have the opportunity to play it, I find it enjoyable with well-designed background and proper(kinda) story line.


The story about Ragnarok is like any other fantasy animation. Young hero travels all over the world, read more
Jun 10, 2014
jyagan0 (All reviews)
This was a great series! If you watched Final Fantasy Unlimited and was disappointed that it lacked a lot of mechanics from the game, you will love Ragnarok. This series is based off of an online MMO (massive multiplayer online) so be ready to see a lot of things that might feel more like a game than a movie or episode. This series does not hide the fact that it has a class system like games do (wizard, knight, crusader, monk, etc) and labels them as such in the series and there are even developments almost every character makes to become stronger in their own read more
Oct 11, 2015
Lord_Odous (All reviews)
Ragnarok Online was the first MMORPG I came across 12 years ago. Needless to say, nostalgia goggles were wrapped tightly around me when watching this anime.

Despite the fact that it is heavily based on the game, the game mechanics aren't featured much here, unlike the recent animes such as Sword Art Online or Log Horizon, both implement the RPG elements such as the hp and mp bars, stats etc. None of these are present here.

Instead, what we get is a world largely based on the game. We have the familiar locations, jobs, monsters and skills from the game, and I must say I did squeal read more
May 22, 2009
mantikore (All reviews)
Very difficult to appreciate this anime if you are not already a Ragnarok fan. It was very fun to watch this anime with other Ragnarok users and discuss what we saw that was similar in the show and in the game :)

Cliffhangers kept me going through the show, always wanted to see what was coming up on the next episode. The animation was also relatively good. Unfortunately, the plot line and characters were nothing new or innovative to anime.

Great opening theme!! =D
Feb 26, 2016
IndexXx (All reviews)
This is my very first anime review so please be patient with me. As a gamer and game enthusiast, Ragnarok Online was very popular when it was released last 2002. It was based from a manhwa and lately adapted as one of the best MMORPG I ever played. As a gamer, when I first heard that it will have an anime adaptation I was surprised and thrill. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to watch it until now and I was deeply disappointed.

Characters: 6/10
The anime was composed of six MC. Mainly, the six available jobs in Ragnarok (Swordsman Class, Thief Class, Merchant Class, Mage Class, Acolyte Class read more
May 7, 2016
magiawan (All reviews)
I was biased at first because Ragnarok Online it's one of my favorite videogames ever, I play it every time I can, I love to read about the lore of it and I've read the manhwa as well.

As for the anime... well, let's see.

Story 3/10
I felt like the plot went ahead way too fast, like it was rushed and poorly pierced together with clichés in order to make it interesting, but the writing was awful and it was so cheesy I mostly spent the entire time mocking this anime. Given that this anime was mostly based from the MMORPG, it had a lot more of read more
Aug 31, 2012
wingz00 (All reviews)
I have finished this anime for a long time ago, and there is very few people who likes this.
it seems people are TOO attach this anime to the online games OR NEVER played the games either.
(c'mon man, in the games the monsters is continue to spawn, and you cannot die, and of course I didn't want watch anime with one group contains 3 priest with 1 tanker, 10 hunters and hunting mvp's like robot)

but for me, this is great anime (of course i had played the games)

Story: not too flat, with great emotion make it very good. And the proportion of the role of each read more
Nov 18, 2012
yorknell31 (All reviews)
This anime is actually not bad ONLY if you do not compare them to the popular (at least in Japan) Ragnarok online. The anime is actually poor reflection of the online game and thus, it is disappointing for fans of the game. Why? It's simply because the story is full of exaggeration and drama. A low-leveled swordman and acolyte like Yuufa and Roan for example, will not be that easy to beat that monster from clock tower. However, the storyline is actually not bad (once again, ignoring the accuracy). Just bear in mind that dont compare this with the game online.

My most favorite character? read more
May 7, 2010
Torii-chan (All reviews)
I haven't played the game, so I don't have a preconceived notion on the plot or story as a whole. Therefore, my review is based solely on the series. Ragnorak has a bit of what I'd call hoakiness, but then again, that's appealing in its own right. The story is pretty typical of an action/adventure series- group of travelers bound together even though they might not have much in common but one goal- to save the world... I did like the art it was clean but the backgrounds were nondescript. The sounds were off in terms of voice actors. Some were too high pitched read more
Feb 22, 2012
justinhhp87 (All reviews)
for this anime combine the most annoying elements for shonen and shoujo anime into the two main character and have the story focus on their other somewhat pathetic character development. the other supporting characters are all damaged goods in some way while the two main ones wistfully and ingorantly go bout adventuring

i mean the fact that after the first few episodes you can predict teh path of the main characters makes it very weak. the lead male likes the female but she constantly dogs him and ignores him; he gets upgraded and she becomes angsty blah blah blah. same contrived ending

the fact that the read more
Apr 14, 2012
c4live (All reviews)
I may be a bit biased when it comes to Ragnarok. It is by far my favorite game and I had played it for upwards of 6 years. As time caught up to me, I had to stop playing but I remember many great things from the game and as such these memories translated into enjoyment as I watched this series. In total I have watched this series twice now. The first some years ago, and again just now. I can see where people may not enjoy the series as the story is nothing new and the characters are not groundbreaking. With this in mind read more
Oct 6, 2011
HollowNightWolf (All reviews)
well, it's time for another review by NightmareRequiemWolf ^^ to think i'd find another anime based off a game that i really enjoy and play quite a good bit. so how does it fare? well, in the story department, i thought it was pretty good. sure it may be a bit difficult to get a story out of an online multi-player game but i liked the actually placing us in the world of ragnarok. when you play the game, it's your character but you are always "outside" in a manner. not really there; however, this allows us to see how life may have been for read more