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One Piece Film: Strong World

Alternative Titles

English: One Piece Film Strong World
Synonyms: One Piece Movie 10
Japanese: ワンピース フィルム ストロングワールド


Type: Movie
Episodes: 1
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Dec 12, 2009
Producers: None found, add some
Licensors: Funimation
Studios: Toei Animation
Source: Manga
Duration: 1 hr. 55 min.
Rating: PG-13 - Teens 13 or older


Score: 8.281 (scored by 85,748 users)
1 indicates a weighted score. Please note that 'Not yet aired' titles are excluded.
Ranked: #2712
2 based on the top anime page. Please note that 'Not yet aired' and 'R18+' titles are excluded.
Popularity: #781
Members: 136,471
Favorites: 417


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Jul 26, 2010
omoikane (All reviews)
First of all, I decided to write a review for this movie because it left a strong impression on me, and not a pleasant one I might add. I am a big fan of One Piece and I especially like where and how the story is going in the manga and the anime series and that's why I was really anxious to watch this movie too, only to be wondering why have I even bothered after seeing as much as half of it. I really had high expectations from this one, especially with all the hype around it and all, even though the past movies read more
Jul 27, 2010
NZimmer (All reviews)
One Piece: Strong World is, indeed, a great movie. If you like the anime, you should watch this. You'll probably love it. Now, about my ratings:

Story (9): The story is great. I suppose they couldn't do more in just one movie. The Strong World: Episode 0 OVA helped buying a lot of time. Like in any One Piece arc, the story moves fastly, no matter what has been shown before.

Art (9): Once you watch One Piece (anime) and see how the art isn't that good in many parts of the series, you'll notice that this movie contains a great art. Like, Franky had a read more
Nov 14, 2012
ktulu007 (All reviews)
One Piece needs no introduction. It's one of those franchises that everyone's heard of, even people who don't watch anime. It's also one I haven't seen a whole lot of. I stopped watching after about a dozen episodes because it didn't interest me and Mr. Fantastic's brain dead son was absolutely unbearable as a character. I might have watched more if he hadn't been the main protagonist. Why am I bringing this up? Because I received a request to review one of the movies. You might ask how I can review it when I haven't watched most of the series, but it's pretty simple. It's read more
Apr 2, 2011
Danno (All reviews)
Considering Oda's supposed contribution to this movie, it was pretty disappointing. Note that Shiki's abilities and some other things are spoiled in this review just since it's hard to talk about the movie without spoiling it, but... ah, who cares? The movie was predictable, anyway.

I simply couldn't think of the story as being more than filler. I know they tried to make it "tie into" the main story, but I simply wasn't convinced. They added this magical "Shiki" character who escaped Impel Down! That place has such tight security that NOBODY HAS EVER broken into or out of it until Luffy managed to. Oh... wait, read more
Jul 25, 2010
Elusius (All reviews)
Honestly, I like keeping my reviews short since most people just skim through these things (like myself) and have pretty short attention spans, but just this once I'd like to make it somewhat longer.

Strongworld. This One Piece movie has a fitting name. It takes place in an island where only the strong survive, literally. Movie # 10, I enjoyed every bit of it since I knew it would be good. Why? Eiichiro Oda had a hand in its making. Why? To celebrate the 10 year anniversary of One Piece silly.

Anyways... where should I start...

Story: (10)
The story is refreshing and creative. Assuming read more
Nov 7, 2010
Rampant (All reviews)
This is an anime of forced gags, less awful than usual but still average animation and art, and really bad action. The main point of the movie seems to actually be to debut Nami, now with bigger tits than ever and "cuter", rounder anime eyes than ever. "Growing up" is one matter, but this has really spiraled out of control.

The biggest problem with the movie is that the action is interrupted by humor over and over, but the humor is terrible which leads to a very messy progression. When you have the same "YOU CAN TALK???" joke 4 different times, even by Shiki multiple times, read more
Jul 26, 2010
Sakata-san (All reviews)
When the next OP moviie was announced I had mixed opinions. The movies have always been enjoyable and recently have been going back to remaking some of the classic arcs with a bit of new goodness. However when I learned the original creator Eiichiro Oda would be heading the project, I squealed like a school girl. So, after waiting about 8 months the movie has finally been subbed and I watched it today. Does Oda's canon movie triumpth over the original and remade story lines of the other movies? Let's tackle this movie.

Plot: Surprisingly the plot is the toughest thing to talk about IMO. The read more
May 20, 2011
Allblue (All reviews)
I generally do not like Japanese anime movies based off long-running shonen anime series, because they are pretty much just long fillers. So finding out that the creator of One Piece, Eiichiro Oda, was the executive producer of the then upcoming One Piece film, One Piece: Strong World, got me interested in it. I still figured that it would be a filler movie, but I was wondering whether Oda's involvement in the movie would make it more enjoyable or not. I am pleased to say that it did.

(Story -- 5)
Though the story is pretty much your typical shonen anime movie story, it does have read more
Feb 7, 2012
Jetman2021 (All reviews)
Up to this point, all of the One Piece movies have either been a big hit or a big miss. Then comes movie 10, Strong World. The big thing about this movie is that it's the first One Piece movie that is actually written and produced by creator Eiichiro Oda himself. So after finally watching it, does the movie surpass all expectations? Well, I'm going to get to a little flack for this review because to be honest I don't believe this is the best of the One Piece movies, BUT that doesn't mean I find this movie bad. In fact, it's more of the read more
Sep 8, 2010
Psycho_Sanji (All reviews)
One Piece: Strong world is a glorious adventure! I really enjoyed it.

They balanced a lot of great stuff well here. The side character plot of the feathered village folk was nice, and given just the right amount of time without any long flashbacks of their hardships, but enough for us to care. Nami really shined, and Shiki was a very solid villain, plus Luffy and the crew all had their cool moments. Good humor, good drama. And beautifully animated!

And it was fun seeing the crew dressed all classy gangster style, and firing huge guns like in some of those Oda color pages, cool stuff.

Only a read more
Jan 27, 2013
explicit707 (All reviews)
This is the 10th movie for One Piece. Oda (the creator of One Piece) himself contributed to this movie, and it turned out fairly well. It has a lot of cool action scenes, the artwork is fantastic, and it's plot isn't bad at all. As far as One Piece movies go, this is the best one. They even integrated it into the Manga series, and they had a filler arc in the anime that helped integrate it as well.

Though I give the series a 10 hands down, this isn't as good due to the time constraints of a movie. No story arc in One Piece read more
Jan 24, 2011
Racaholic (All reviews)
Story - Strong World to me seemed to feel like it was just a retelling of Skypeia with a new setting and different villains. The whole concept is pretty similar. Although this movie is technically part of the overall OP story it feels very tacked on and contradictory to a few other parts of the plot (i.e. "no one ever escaped from Impel Down..... oh yeah Shiki did").

Art - The animation looks crisp, flowing, and makes it very fun to watch. The unique character outfits they used for this movie are IMO the best used so far in One Piece, which read more
Mar 2, 2016
Rimoldi98 (All reviews)
[[ this is my first review and I am not fluent in english so ... be patient pls ;-; ]]

So, I watched this movie because after I said One Piece Film Z were awesome a friend of mine told me Strong World is the best One Piece Movie, and honestly I preferred the Z one, but that doesn't means Strong World is a bad movie, don't get me wrong, this movie is very good.

[Story] - 7

Oda's histories are always creative and full of adventures not difference with this one, but something I didn't like is the fact that nothing have an aprofundation, for example, we read more
Dec 11, 2012
Santoryu_XBurner (All reviews)
This is the only One piece Movie that I have ever seen so far so I cannot really compare it to previous ones. After watching the anime my friend suggested that I watch this movie and all I can say is awesome and amazing.

Story: 10
Storyline pretty easy to understand. Bad guy declares destruction to the world. Good guy Luffy somehow gets involved especially when a nakama is involved. Luffy beats the bad guy up along with his crew while doing it really cool and awesome.

Art: 9
The animations are done really well for each character as well as the scenery for the whole movie.

Sound: read more
May 12, 2012
Kasavon (All reviews)
I absolutely loved whatching this movie! Luffy and the crew are separated have hit mulitiable flying islands filled with Beasts far overgrown. As they all try to meet up, they seem to have a lot of fun, or atleast Luffy does xD i wont spoil anything for you but you will enjoy watching This if you love the anime One piece. You should definitely watch this as the Art, Storyline, and sounds are all beautiful plus I can only add to the One piece storyline :)
Oct 13, 2010
keithjon11 (All reviews)
Its Far Best One Piece Movie i have ever seen! I hope they'll make way more exciting One Piece movie in the upcoming years to come that will get me thrilled in watching more than Strong World :)
Jan 18, 2017
aemerr (All reviews)
i was really really really really really ..... disappointing about this movie :( when the the "ep 0" was the first episode that i watched from this anime ..and it was the main reason that i am still watching it .. its obvious that i will hate this movie a lot !!!!! it was really horrible , why ? i am telling you why !! when they said in ep 0 that he was the one who fought against Gol D. Roger .. and the first who esscaped alife from Impel Down.. and was the one who destroyed half of the marine ford by himself read more
Dec 22, 2015
IzashiNakamura (All reviews)
Light Spoilers In This Review:

Welcome to Jurassic Park! A land filled with incredible creatures and danger at every turn! Hold on....wrong movie. One Piece: Strong World takes place sometime between Thriller Bark and the Sabaody Archipelago arcs and focuses on the legendary pirate Golden Lion Shiki. For the last 20 years after escaping Impel Down Shiki has been experimenting with "IQ" plants in order to create extraordinarily powerful animals in which he intends to destroy islands with.

Story/Character: One Piece is certainly well known(in the anime especially) for dragging things out, but this movie just drew the line with me for how much of my read more
Jun 7, 2013
cronosteso23 (All reviews)
I saw this movie a long time ago. And I have to say that it is highly overrated.
This movie is like a "remake" of the Arc of nami with arlong . Because the story its the same with an old enemy of Roger the King Pirate. its the same "Nami comes back" bla bla, "you are my nakama", "i Kick the ass of an old legend".
the art and sound is not anything special.
is enjoyable but normal.
character development is bad with a villain who gives more laughter than fear
Jan 30, 2016
Rikuson1 (All reviews)
One Piece Movie 10: Strong World Review

Story (8/10) Very Good
More Specifically (8.50/10) Very Good+

The 10th One Piece Strong World Movie was finally the One Piece Movie I was waiting to see which is something within these One Piece movies worth calling a movie quality presentation. The Story for Strong World is very simple with a lot of adaptations and setups before the movie even coming out a prequel OVA, a manga adaptation by Oda and even some filler setup episodes within the One Piece anime during the Impel Down Arc. I think for a movie this accomplish what it set out to do.

Art and Animation read more