Jujutsu Kaisen (TV)

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Alternative Titles

Synonyms: Sorcery Fight
Japanese: 呪術廻戦


Type: TV
Episodes: 24
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Oct 3, 2020 to Mar 27, 2021
Premiered: Fall 2020
Broadcast: Saturdays at 01:25 (JST)
Licensors: None found, add some
Studios: MAPPA
Source: Manga
Genres: ActionAction, DemonsDemons, SupernaturalSupernatural, SchoolSchool, ShounenShounen
Duration: 23 min. per ep.
Rating: R - 17+ (violence & profanity)


Score: 8.761 (scored by 738063738,063 users)
1 indicates a weighted score.
Ranked: #352
2 based on the top anime page. Please note that 'Not yet aired' and 'R18+' titles are excluded.
Popularity: #55
Members: 1,325,361
Favorites: 48,704

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Both recent phenomenon series with very similar premises and appeal. Both involve elite human warriors trained to face supernatural beings average humans are powerless against (demons & curses).  
report Recommended by JVskunkape
Both animes have a supernatural theme, stylish battles, cool characters and a similar art style 
report Recommended by igorrr
A red-haired protagonist, with an evil being inside him, who grants him more power and tries to overcome his consciousness. So this protagonist fights with bad guys/curses. There's an ongoing bromance and rivalry with a cool dark-haired guy, and a senior white-haired guy with face covered by mask (but the masks are in reverse). And many charismatic supporting characters. 
report Recommended by Neesan-chan
Both feature unique power systems and amazing world building. Both series can have a dark gritty tone but perfectly balance it with it's more lighthearted bits. 
report Recommended by JVskunkape
-Both about the main character who thought they were normal and live normal lives, but then they ended up both having a demon inside of them. -Both of the main characters are then forced to transfer to a new city, new school that focuses strictly on magic. -Both typical, interesting shounen anime 
report Recommended by iNinjeek
it is simillar treat as spirit world and curses but Noragami is about easier and relaxed start but it makes development is actually scary. in jujutsu all curses is like chakra from naruto. it is more about fights and techniques both have fighs and spirit/curses. you may like only one or both. 
report Recommended by ArchNiki
Both newer phenomenon JUMP series. 2 of the 3 manga that were dubbed "JUMP hell trio" alongside the now ended manga Chainsaw Man (although it's anime adaptation will soon join BnHA & JJK and likely be as big a phenomenon!!) Both experts at balancing their darker moments with their more lighthearted humour and lovable characters. 
report Recommended by JVskunkape
The comparison is clear to anyone who has seen both. Someone even mistook me for watching a new Parasite anime when they briefly glanced over my watching JJK. They both have a foreign entity who inhabits their body and manifests themselves on that body in similar ways. 
report Recommended by JVskunkape
Very similar - 3 key characters - each with their backstory supernatural powers strong lead that obviously doesn't know he is strong strong antagonist lead that is always scheming.. 
report Recommended by nerdyslacker
both have a similar power logic and use, the chacra resembles the cursed energy, the genjutsus resembles the domain expansion, the shikkigami summoning resembles the naruto summoning animals, etc the difference is that naruto can have a slow and convoluted story full of fillers, whereas jujutsu is more interesting and engaging 
report Recommended by Darknya
kemono jihen is a really good anime but kemono jihen got overshadowed by jjk because it aired around the same time as jjk. I kind a get the same vibes from them. both are supernaturel shounen anime. both are about a group defeating monsters.  
report Recommended by Dragonmaestro
I think it's too early to say this cause it's only in the manga of black clover but I think i can say one word. *spoiler?* Demon 
report Recommended by Yan-AnsonI
Supernatural action series with the same concept: a bunch of chosen ones - Jujutsu sorcerers/Spirit World warriors are fighting against different Curses/Youmu - most of them are just brainless monsters, but some can communicate and even imitate a human form. The most principal difference between these two shows is that Beyond the Boundary is a SoL moe romance while JJK is a classic battle shounen. 
report Recommended by kataneer
Both Protagonists Hunts some kind of Cursed Spirit both cursed spirit in anime have similar concept 
report Recommended by Yayuly
Both feature ranks of trained warriors (Jujutsu sorcerers in jjk and the Fire force in FF) who battle non-human dark entities (curses in jjk and infernals in FF). Both have great world building, art styles and humour. 
report Recommended by JVskunkape
In both, the protagonist deals with an unknown demonic being inside his body. And constantly (based on the OP) decides a dilemma if he's a good or bad guy after all. 
report Recommended by Neesan-chan
Pretty large cast with good characters. They use magic and they fight bad guys. The main characters are very similar to each other. 
report Recommended by blaavane
1. Master - Student pair in both ANIME. 2. Masters (Sensei) are very cool & funny character in both Anime. 3. Overpowered Protagonist. 4. Art & Animation are excellent. 5. Supernatural Anime with plenty of action.  
report Recommended by ChetanS
Both feature a lovable cast of main characters who hunt non human entities terrorising average humans (demons in YYH and curses in JJK) for the greater good. Both have great premises, world building & art styles with classic OSTs. 
report Recommended by JVskunkape
Both anime have OP characters fighting in puzzle fights. Almost every character in these two animes are really buffed. Every character has a different power to defeat a enemy. There also are Jojo refferences in Jujutsu Kaisen. 
report Recommended by OfficialNarwal
Both hold a certain visual elegance which enhances the watching experience. They both have beautiful fighting sequences which are all extremely enjoyable and a goofy and funny side to the show. Even though neither have revolutionized the shounen genre and they may contain some common anime tropes, they execute it well and create an interesting plot throughout with well explored premises and backstories. I highly recommend both. 
report Recommended by The_edgy_eskimo
Both protagonists involuntarily became vessels to an op demon, but are still able to maintain control over their mind/body and remain "human". They use their powers to fight other demons for the greater good. Especially when others get hurt or are at risk, that's when they really kick into gear. Both series have great action scenes as well.  
report Recommended by HybridKidd
Super similar character dynamics between the main trio group: - A very energetic boy who is kind-hearted and wants to save as many people as he can. - A quiet, cold and more reserved boy who cares for his friends a lot but doesn't openly express it. - A confident, sassy girl who acts as the peacekeeper of the group. Both shows feature characters with special powers that they use to save people or accomplish favours for others. Both are very different in plot but the similarities are in the characters. 
report Recommended by Grand_Inquisitor
Shingeki no kyojin is about killing titans instead of curses. Both Protagonist is something that they also want to kill. For example, the main character of jjk is a curse while the main character of Snk is a titan. Both animes also have a guy that every fangirl is simping on. 
report Recommended by Animelord_16
Both have their main characters train in a school specifically for their powers, and have great characters, animation, and fights, however Jujutsu kaisen is better in all of those categories. 
report Recommended by ThickTomato
Both shows deal with the supernatural, the macabre, curses and spirits. The protagonists live a regular life, until one day, when they unintentionally get bond with a world of shadows they know nothing about. They understand that going back to their previous life is impossible, so they try to live as peacefully as possible, without results: they start to draw the attention of new allies but also of bad guys...  
report Recommended by micsss
Both have characters with crazy Supernatural powers and hold a fight against one all-powerful villain. In Jujutsu Kaisen, the all-powerful villain is Sukuna, who Yugi Itadori is in a constant fight with. In Mob Psycho, it is Suzuki, who is the boss of the Claw organization. 
report Recommended by sox1box
-Both are horror -Both have action 
report Recommended by Justa_normalweeb
Both have dimensional power (domain , reality marble) , red hair MC , and a story that questioned MC's ideology about being Hero of Justice  
report Recommended by TimMarcus
Congratulations! You're a Japanese High schooler possessed by a demon! Other such similarities are not wanting the demon to plunge the world into chaos, having a core trio of fighters, and both having comedic moments. 
report Recommended by Calabre006
Mind-blowing fights though not upto the level of One Punch Man but still amazing. 
report Recommended by Krish03
Jujutsu Kaisen sort of feels like a slightly more grown-up version of Soul Eater. Both have a fun cast of quirky characters and lots of funny dialogue. These series both also manage to incorporate their humor into a story with a lot of more serious action and horror elements, without sacrificing the drama of those more serious elements. 
report Recommended by AgnesVardaStan
- Both protagonists deal with monsters born from humans' negative emotions - 'Both protagonists 'exorcise' the monsters born from human's negative emotions' - Both protagonists experience growth throughout the show. - Both protagonists are kinda overpowered I feel the animes are rather similar because of these reasons. They might have a few more but I have already forgotten some details from Sousei no Onmyouji as I watched the show awhile back but these are the main similarities. Happy watching ! 
report Recommended by Mxshiro
I think Jujutsu Kaisen and Boku no Hero have somethings in common like Gojo Saturo and All Might are powerful character of both the series feared by the villains. Both are overpowered. Similarly we can compare Deku, Bakugo and Todoroki to Itadori, Megumi and Nobara as they seems to be the main in lead. Both have a good concept, are exciting and have great fighting scenes.  
report Recommended by theUchihaMaster
- To start off, both anime have really good animation, MAPPA and ufotable both did fantastic jobs. Kara no kyoukai centers it’s plot around mystery while jjk prioritses action. - In particular, Nobara does remind me of Shiki, short haired with an attitude (I find that hot btw) which means they both provide us with some damn entertaining fight sequences and badassery. - If you’re looking for something different to watch, this is the one.  
report Recommended by Mo168
- Both of them are about fighting something evil - Both are the same only the chosen one can see and fight that evil thing If something evil in jujutsu kaisen is called cursed spirit, then in mahou shoujo madoka is called majo. If in jujutsu kaisen someone who fights something evil is called shaman, then in mahou shoujo madoka is called mahou shoujo.  
report Recommended by Na0kiKun
Both feature supernatural beings in curses (jjk) and the demon society (blood lad). Both have great humour with very lovable characters & OSTs.  
report Recommended by JVskunkape
Both have sorcerers as an integral theme and characters with physical abnormalities. 
report Recommended by JVskunkape
In both, the MC's deal with supernatural beings and are trying to defeat those to help other people. In JK the MC is forced to rely on the cursed spirit to fight back, in UtT the MC teams up with a powerful youkai. They both are against evil acts and wrongdoings, being similiar in their fate and also in character. Both are kind of episodic dealing with 'monsters' but also follow the main storyline in the process. Both have great trio/duo dynamics and same sense of comedy in between..., also they give off the same Shounen, action vibes.  
report Recommended by TheWhiteDemon
Both have super natural entities that toy with human lives as they see fit and the small group of elite humans who are aware of their existence. 
report Recommended by JVskunkape
Both great shonen with extremely lovable characters and amazing OSTs. Both main characters are similar in that they are both almost blockhead-y strong men driven more so by their intense emotions rather than thinking too deeply into a situation. Both also have impeccable world building with gorgeous art styles, characters and character designs.  
report Recommended by JVskunkape
Both main characters bodies are inhabited by a powerful ancient spirit which they share their body with. 
report Recommended by JVskunkape
Both contain non human entities intrinsically woven into the lives of our main cast (monster spirits, curses). Both also have the concept of two beings inhabiting the same body.  
report Recommended by JVskunkape
There are demons/curses, which are similar, as well as exorcists to destroy them. both in a school like setting for others who are training their own power to fight. Great fight scenes and well crafted story lines. 
report Recommended by emmyspirit
Jujutsu Kaisen is a fantastic show all around. From the story to the characters to the action, everything is executed phenomenally. However if the thing that sold you the most was the silky smooth fighting animation by Mapa or just he fights in general, I would highly recommend checking out Tenjou Tenge. The shows packed with mind blowing fight sequences. Swinging strong right out the gate with Ep.2, which contains one of my all time favorite anime fights.  
report Recommended by Kazual999
Similarities: Both have a bromance thing were the 2 dudes deals with the supernatural. Both have that situation , that they have to get into some school for training to become exorcises.... Dissimilarities: TR: One guy has some romance with a girl in the same school. Guy's friend happens to be a monster himself. Guy has a familiar that assist him in his fight against Dark Forces. JK: The main character itself is one half stupid and one half risk taker. The main character is someone even his own circle is to watch for.  
report Recommended by Horn_dawg_2019
Possessive curses. At first glance, it looks weird to entangle Princess Mononoke and JJK, though I can say that both stories are similar in the respects that they have a protagonist who is cursed with a great evil force. Then they made everything in their power go forward with their ideals with the curse holding them back. Princess Mononoke does this with Ashitaka trying to save his life whilst stopping the ongoing war between the forest and Iron Town. JJK does this with Itadori fighting in the name of good so that he dies a hero with the new cursed power he has. Both are highly acclaimed  read more 
report Recommended by NextUniverse
-Both deals with a tale showcasing sorcery -Spells/Jujutsu works as similar power systems -Deals with fighting/exorcising monsters -Digs into the depths of living vessels and curses -Violent themes 
report Recommended by UltraDEBUNKED
Similarities: Both start off as cheeky guy having special ability , suddenly finds himself facing the supernatural. Both , also have that same situation with cheeky guy got drafted into the club that deals with them so called supernatural forces... Dissimilarities: JK: Mostly on action and horror HsDxD Mostly on Comedy and ecchi. 
report Recommended by Horn_dawg_2019
- Both have special empowered weapons in order to fight against the enemy - Main characters are similar to each other - "Enemies" in both anime have rankings similar to each other, although it is more mentioned in Jujutsu Kaisen - Both anime have a school for training against the enemy 
report Recommended by Jeheia
Very similar premises and storylines. Both stories incorporate a substantial group of members with supernatural powers trying to save the city from terrorism and evil, but at the same time add twists of humor to lighten up the mood. 
report Recommended by wluo329
Both have similar versions of humor and character development. Even though these anime are vastly different you will find many of the same themes and quirks that are similar. 
report Recommended by JCPrp
Both series have a dark undertone to them. In both of them, the protagonist is looking for something that is very important for them and play a big part in the overall plot. In both, we follow these youngster as they grow; through the path they have chosen. 
report Recommended by 2Dforlife