Clannad: Mou Hitotsu no Sekai, Tomoyo-hen

Clannad: Another World, Tomoyo Chapter

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Alternative Titles

Synonyms: Clannad OVA
Japanese: -クラナド- もうひとつの世界 智代編
English: Clannad: Another World, Tomoyo Chapter
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Type: Special
Episodes: 1
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Jul 16, 2008
Producers: Pony Canyon
Licensors: Sentai Filmworks
Studios: Kyoto Animation
Source: Visual novel
Genres: DramaDrama, RomanceRomance
Theme: SchoolSchool
Duration: 23 min.
Rating: PG-13 - Teens 13 or older


Score: 7.931 (scored by 198885198,885 users)
1 indicates a weighted score.
Ranked: #6792
2 based on the top anime page. Please note that 'Not yet aired' and 'R18+' titles are excluded.
Popularity: #741
Members: 298,709
Favorites: 844

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Preliminary Spoiler
Aug 22, 2008
This one episode Clannad OVA is to me one that is filled with emotions. Aside from that, it manages to do three things to the Clannad series: One, it provides the romance that was mostly minimal in Clannad. Two, it provides the drama that gradually fell from the plot after Fuko and and Kotomi's arc. And three, it allows satisfaction to Tomoyo supporters, since not everyone was a Nagisa fan. Many people expected Clannad to be a series with significant romantic struggles and a high level of drama, but it instead turned into a slice-of-life comedy after the first one or two arcs. But with ...
Jul 21, 2008
Set in an alternate Clannad universe, Another World presents viewers with a love story between Okazaki Tomoya and Sakagami Tomoyo. Though it suffers from a number of problems, Another World nevertheless still achieves the emotional drama viewers would expect from an extension of the Clannad series.

With the run time of an ordinary episode, Another World inevitably suffers from a shortage of story development. The usual buffer time for viewers to get attached to the characters is heavily truncated -- the process of Tomoyo and Tomoya falling in love is not included in the episode, for obvious reasons concerning time. However, the fact that it detracts ...
Sep 14, 2010
Despite being a just a short, half 25 minute OVA, "Clannad: Another World, Tomoyo Chapter" managed to capture most of the essence of the original series - just like the original series, it's guilty of being over manipulative, of having contrived scenarios that strives to squeeze a tear or two out of the audience by whatever means necessary. In other words, it's guilty of being complete bullsh*t... just like the original series.

In this alternative playthrough... er, I mean, alternative universe, Tomoya is dating Grey Haired Girl instead of Brown Haired Girl, and Grey Haired Girl gets elected as the Student Council President. The gist of ...
Mar 19, 2014
I was watching the anime and playing the VN simultaneously. When I proceeded into Tomoyo arc in VN, I wanted to smash my computer because of Tomoya's action. But quickly I found consolation in the anime. I was deeply touched by it (probably because of my similar experience) and I rewatched multiple times. Well, the feeling has faded now (unlike the After Story) but I still think it a good story.
Tomoyo chapter is the first time when our main character firmly encounter the harshness in reality. The whole story is like a drama, and a well-made one, including its story development, building on conflicts, ...
Sep 26, 2008
Mixed Feelings
I like Tomoyo as a character a lot but not with Tomoya. I feel that his character needs to be the person to support someone which gives him strength and reason to do better. Tomoyo is already a very strong character which in turn would make him feel more vulnerable. The chemistry between them wasn't there as it was with Nagisa. It was just awkward to watch. Eventhough Nagisa can become dependent and annoying at times, her gentle and innocent side compliments Tomoya.
Jul 18, 2008
A nice alternate story of Clannad. Definitely a MUST WATCH for people who watched the series.

The provided explanation for Tomoya and Tomoyo's love history is unsatisfactory (could have been better with visual narration). Still, the story runs well and it ends really great. Good drama as expected. Great thoughts and ideas can be learned from this edition.

The backgrounds are excellent. All the characters look good as always but they don't seem to be animated at their best. The drawings for the background people were decided to be just decent enough. Art is not at its best, but it still looks great.

The sounds are great. Kind ...
Oct 16, 2012
Ok, those of us who have watched Clannad and feel as strongly as I do can safely say, it's one of the greatest animes of all time. I'm sure it's changed some of our lives, and for those of you who haven't seen the OVA, you'll be feeling exactly that if you're a true fan of the series. Even if you gave the series like a 7 or 8, I'm sure you'll find this OVA more then satisfying. In all reality, this was probably in my top 3 episodes from Season 1.

The story was really good. At first, when I started watching, I was all ...
Sep 8, 2008
The “Clannad ~ Another World, Tomoyo Chapter” OVA brings us an alternate reality story focused entirely on Tomoyo and Tomoya. While I enjoyed the “Clannad” series, I was a bit disappointed that some of the female characters such as Kyou and Tomoyo did not get as much screen time or story arcs that span multiple episodes. This OVA resolves this largely for Tomoyo's case as it deals only with her and Tomoya's relationship, none of the other “Clannad” characters save for Sunohara appear.

Even with the single episode time constraint, this chapter nonetheless brings its story well paced and shows us Tomoyo and Tomoya's relationship over ...
Aug 9, 2011
Ok this may be a little bias because personally Tomoyo is my favorite character inside the Clannad series. In this alternate universe, Tomoyo is dating Tomoya. And the whole episode just teaches us that there will always be difficulties in any kind of relationship. But if both really care for each other they will find a way through. This little alternate universe was just mind blowing in my opinion because like I stated before I just love Tomoyo! :D Anyways this another must watch episode of Clannad. It really is a sweet and somewhat sad, but happy story. Now go and watch it! Hope you ...
Aug 16, 2010
Well...considering this is an OVA i could say is one of the ebst OVA's I saw.
The story take's place ina different place where Okazaki Tomoya a deliqvent is together with Tomoyo...But the school don't see with good eyes their relationship and starts to tear apart their relationship...Tomoya decides to breake with his girlfriend Tomoyo hoping that way he won't stop Tomoyo achieving new places and dreams to go...time passes and both of them are making their way in life but those 2 they still love each other...both of them are still watching after them...and when finally Tomoyo manages to do what she wanted she meets ...
Apr 21, 2015
This episode of Clannad takes place in an alternate world. I was very confused when I was watching this because I thought Tomoya was with Nagisa and now he's with Tomoyo?? So remember: this is in the alternate world!

The story is absolutely fantastic. In fact, if this was an actual episode (meaning that it is part of the Nagisa universe), it would have been the best one. The story focuses on the internal struggle that Tomoya has: he wants to be at Tomoyo's side but due to his track record, he would tarnish her reputation. Although the ending is predictable, the process by which the ...
Jan 15, 2013
All I feel like I need to say is that this was a far greater love story between Tomoyo and Okazaki than in the series between Nagisa and Okazaki. This special gives watchers of Clannad what the series lacked in romance.

Aug 9, 2012
Note: When I say Clannad, I’m referring to the whole series, including season 1 and season 2 ‘After Story’ and the extras and OVAs as well. (This is why I've attached this review to each Clannad anime, as this is a review on the whole series. So don't be confused if you see this same review multiple times).

Clannad Review – By Riley D (RIED14):

A dramatically life changing and perception shifting 'slice of life' philosophical masterpiece of love, family, connection, gratitude and simplicity (WITHOUT the ingenuine and uncalled for 'cheesiness').

Clannad was not just a 'good show'. It was an unforgettable experience that drastically rekindled the ...
Dec 10, 2012
What the? How exactly did they get my eyes watery in one episode?!

This was a crazy amazing episode and I have to admit, I like the Tomoyo arc more than the Nagisa, even though Nagisa is crazy adorable. It seems like Tomoyo and Tomoya have something deeper than NagisaXTomoya.


They both sacrificed so much for each other! When Tomoya broke up with her because he wanted her to have a better life. He said he was being selfish, but that is one of the most unselfish acts anyone could perform. When Tomoyo didn't care what people thought about ...
Mar 28, 2009
If theres one thing Key can bring to you, its not only an amazing series but also amazing ova's and alternate arcs. I honestly think that OVAs are supposed to be like this in every way possible. In one single episode separate from the original series, Tomoyo's chapter brings to you a whole new plot and in this short OVA satisfies its viewers fully.

This OVA was able to refrain from rushing the development of the episode and in turn was like watching a mini series in itself and at the same time was extremely easy to enjoy. Because Tomoyo and Tomoya has already ...
Oct 15, 2020
"We were close with someone really amazing, weren´t we?"

We´re here to celebrate Sakagami Tomoyo.

After Clannad 1st season ended, the team decided that people should see more of what the game offered. This time around, Nagisa is pratically non-existant and Tomoya ends up having a relashionship with Tomoyo. This, is the Tomoyo route.

Jul 23, 2008
This is based on the Tomoyo route and the beginning of the game, Tomoyo After, which in my opinion, is a good game. The Tomoyo OVA provides the main insights in her route and fleshes out who Tomoyo really is, since in the main-story anime, you don't see much of her. The sound and characters are near perfect in my honest opinion. It's to short in my opinion, as they bunched everything in 1 OVA, but if you have read the Tomoyo After manga or played the game you'll enjoy it. To all other Tomoyo fans out there, this is a must watch for you.

Overall, ...
Dec 1, 2019
First of all i want to say that i save this OVA for the last(save the best for the last is what they say after all :D ) I watch it the last because tomoyo is my favorite heroine in the franchise/series. Secondly i want to say that this review might contain some spoiler but i'll make it less as much as possible and rephrase it.

Story: A question love or dreams? you might find yourself asking this question before but what will it be? upon watching this OVA it shows the importance of sacrifice in a relationship sometimes you need to go far away from ...
Jul 5, 2015
I assume anyone planning to watch this has seen Clannad so I won't bother describing the characters, art, sound, things you wouldn't already know about.

The story is set in an alternate universe where Tomoya is dating Tomoyo. If you liked Clannad you will probably like this. Basically the point is just another perspective of what could have happened if Tomoya dated Tomoyo. I won't bother describing the plot...

If you watched Clannad and are looking for more Clannad then go ahead and watch it, I thought it was well done.
Jun 6, 2020
TL;DR Review:

Story - 8: Story based on sacrifices due to pressures of society. Well executed which made for an intriguing story.
Art - 8: Pretty good animations for its time. It was somewhat fluid and pleasing to look at. I expected less, but it was surprisingly well done.
Sound - 10: This may be biased. But I have always enjoyed Clannad's OSTs. Always placed well and sounds amazing. Also memorable for the subsequent times.
Character - 8: Solid characters, there wasn't the greatest amount of development which would make sense for a special of this length.
Enjoyment - 8: Very good watch.
Overall - 8.4 (8)

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