Koi to Producer: EVOL×LOVE

Mr Love: Queen's Choice

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Alternative Titles

English: Mr Love: Queen's Choice
Japanese: 恋とプロデューサー~EVOL×LOVE~


Type: TV
Episodes: 12
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Jul 16, 2020 to Oct 1, 2020
Premiered: Summer 2020
Broadcast: Thursdays at 00:00 (JST)
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Licensors: None found, add some
Studios: MAPPA
Source: Game
Genres: Sci-FiSci-Fi, MysteryMystery, Super PowerSuper Power, RomanceRomance
Duration: 24 min. per ep.
Rating: PG-13 - Teens 13 or older


Score: 6.121 (scored by 58265,826 users)
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Ranked: #75542
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Popularity: #2992
Members: 27,315
Favorites: 236
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Aug 5, 2020
Ellenwitch (All reviews)
This show is a bit weird, but that is what keeps me watching. It's certainly different from what I've seen before, and it's been a pleasant experience so far. Should you watch it? You should give it a shot!

The first thing of note is the well done art style. It's mostly fitting for whatever moment of the show it is at. As it can be super bright and well done in parts, but well done in the dark too. Cannot fault there, it's a great and colourful artstyle. The sound of course is well done too, major props to the anime for that.

The characters read more
Sep 30, 2020
Le_Triste_Ange (All reviews)
So, as someone who has seen ALL of the episodes and played the game, I'd say this anime is okay and can get a bit weird for people who have not played the game itself. The anime for me was great in the beginning, but then as the episodes went by the story changed and became extremely rushed. This could have been a great anime with a season 2 included due to the contents of the plot from the game, however it was obvious that paper games just wanted a "promotional anime". The last episode definitely gives off a "if you want to know more, read more
Sep 4, 2020
Lucien4ever (All reviews)
This review contains some spoilers.


“In this world, it takes all the running you can do, to keep in the same place.”
- The Red Queen Hypothesis

In this cruel world of natural selection, species must evolve faster than others to gain a favourable position in the biological chain. Those who believe in the Red Queen Hypothesis insist that humans should actively seek changes in order to rule nature. “Evol” is a special ability that only appears in a very small number of people. These few people who own Evol are called “Evolvers” and they are super-evolved humans who possess superpowers that enable them to surpass ordinary read more
Sep 4, 2020
Fia2727 (All reviews)
Some Spoiler! But not alot.

So let's get right to it: this anime is hot, pandering garbage.

What I saw in the first episode was promise. A FL (female lead) that did stand up for herself and have what a lot of FL's lack: ambition.

However, what remains an issue is the FL's (f*ck I don't even remember her name) lack of conviction or power (or brain?). She has the will, but she has no way. To no fault of her own, the writer's keep throwing her into situations where she's not allowed to show off any strength other than:

Her: "Please you're a good person I know read more
Aug 15, 2020
baekbyun (All reviews)
It may contain minor spoilers!

First of all, this anime comes from a mobile game called Mr. Love: Queen’s Choice. If you enjoy Mystic Messenger, then you should give a try to both the game and the anime.

The story is simple, it’s about a woman who wants to develop a career as a media producer. But, her life changes one day as she starts to encounter Evolvers (humans with special abilities, superpowers). And (spoiler, but you shouldn’t be surprised by now) she happens to be an Evolver too! The story has villains, romance, superpowers, drama. It's also sort of dark as the Heroine finds herself in read more
Sep 30, 2020
xCeIestial (All reviews)
Koi to Producer: EVOL X LOVE: Another Visual-novel Otome game turned into an anime adaptation.

Story/plot: 8/10
The story begins from where the protagonist, "I", is the owner of a TV Producer company, "Miracle Finder". A pretty unique storyline, where it centers around Evol and Evolvers.

Art: 9/10
Resembles closely to the game art style, clean artwork , gorgeous background and lighting. The ambience lighting are pretty bright or dark in some parts of the show. Lots of fancy effects included.

Sound: 8/10
I lowkey was hoping that they would use the in-game music, but the anime music was quite matching and good too. Though it didn't give read more
Aug 6, 2020
LilCatUwU (All reviews)
The anime of the videogame for smartphones is ok. You can clearly see the parts of the story from the game, but it lacks some parts of the original story from the game. Some parts are shorter then the original and others donˋt exist.
So in the story part of the anime ist failed a little bit.

The charakters are a bit different from the original in the videogame but they are ok.

Personally I like the game ( with the same name as the anime) more, there is the story longer and you will enjoy every singel moment.

The anime is totally ok and you shold watch read more
Oct 11, 2020
MOMOpatisierre (All reviews)
As someone who's know nothing about the game version, I enjoying this anime so much!
Otome or reverse harem genre usually always have those repetitive formula that always makes me bored easily. But KoiPro nothing like that, they going more smoothly. I hate it when the guy always touch the girl so freely and suddenly (and sometimes even the girl get pissed by it) in otome genre, but this show aren't like that. The guys treat the girl with respect, and I love how soft them all towards the girl...

Story 8/10 : The story going pretty quick, but in right portion. Definitely not an anime read more
Oct 3, 2020
Aisukurimu (All reviews)
You look over at The God of Highschool and come have a peek at this and look again, hang on a minute, they are both by MAPPA this season???

It would be wrong to say that I didn’t contribute to the production of this anime as I have made a full on 188rmb in app purchase on the game. While I’m no whale player, I am a LV.70 player, as of writing this review, the diary function of the game tells me I’ve met our four boys for 1000 days, and Ling Xiao (Shaw/Siho/Sho) for 575 days, the Chinese server of the game existed for 1016 read more
Sep 30, 2020
Elfsire (All reviews)
The game makes sense/ the game isn't a rush job/ the game actually has an in depth well developed plot thats taken years and years of love. Its also more interactive....doesn't cut out important details and actually makes sense.

Firstly I am a huge Game player who realllllly wanted to see the thing I love in anime form.... I was so excited I reviewed it weekly on Youtube.

But within a few episodes of horrific cuts/ tweaks... and very disjointed plot line ... I realized this was just a train wreck of everything I love being thrown at 12 episodes read more
Sep 30, 2020
ngrace (All reviews)
I honestly regret watching this. I don't regret much, but this was kind of a waste of time. I know that this was based off of a game. It's kind of like how anime that are made off of a manga are not (as) good. I haven't played the game, but I can already assume that it was better than this. Reverse harems usually have the following: an annoying, ignorant girl who can't do anything for herself, despite having some sort of "power" or "specialty" that puts her above the rest. This anime is no exception when it comes to that. I was hoping that read more
Sep 30, 2020
SmolOwl21 (All reviews)
Joseimuke and otome game to anime adaptations are always average whether you like it or not. The original source material is where the story, characters, and plot shine the best even if there are underlying issues with how each of those three are presented. That isn't to say I don't like the idea of these types of games getting an anime adaptation because I am ikemen trash and love seeing my men being animated. But I'm starting to realize just how redundant some of these types of shows are. Not that I think they're terrible (except for Stand My Heroes Piece of Truth), it's just read more
Oct 7, 2020
NonBruhMomento (All reviews)
I hate to say it, but I was expecting something much greater after watching the trailer for this anime a few months back. FYI, this anime is based on a mobile game of a similar name.

Story: 2/10
The plot is extremely hard to follow, even as someone that played through all of the available chapters at the time of airing. It is incredibly rushed and the anime fails to develop the main character, her four "love interests", and the plot. I think the anime tried to fit way too many events in the show's runtime and should have ended on a much earlier chapter. At read more
Sep 30, 2020
Misbah_shah (All reviews)
It's a Must watch, especially for those who are looking for a Complicated plot with beautiful Protagonists. First half literally made me love this series, but 2nd half was so unclear that it ruined the interest.. So many questions were left unanswered in the last episode, with no proper ending.

Art: 10/10
First of all, the most impressive thing about this anime is its Art. A huge round of Applause!

I simply Loved the appearances of the characters, shiny eyes, beautiful sceneries and colors of this series. Dresses of the female protagonist are so brilliant. I'm glad she isn't going to wear the same outfit for read more
Sep 21, 2020
BLU3B1RD (All reviews)
Very good anime, mediocre adaptation. This could've been one of the best animes of the year and Mappa just wasted the chance.

Based on a mobile game with an amazingly thrilling story and an epic soundtrack by V.K., this anime adaptation looked quite promising in the trailers. However, many of its aspects ended up being disappointing to the players, especially because it mainly shows only one side of the story, the cute shoujo one, cutting or rushing almost all the emotional, heart breaking and action scenes.
Interestingly, somehow, although it's an awful adaptation, the anime is still enjoyable. It's one of the best productions of the season, read more
Aug 31, 2020
SoloNoc (All reviews)
Alright i have heard about the game which is popular among the girls and so i thought should try this adaption and i am gonna be honest with you it is just an fan-service nothing major, despite the plot-holes i believe this anime is for girls only even though in my perspective because i do watch reverse harem but this one is purely not something to get excited about it's way too generic and those characters which are main looks way too supporting i really don't find them very attractive i guess those fan arts triggered those girls LOL, that's why it's kinda popular game read more
Sep 4, 2020
KaydenceL (All reviews)
I really love this anime and that might only be because I played the game. I love the story and the characters and the voices and the music and everything about it. I mostly like Victor/Zen I love how interesting the story can get and it really submerges me into the story. It may be based off of an otem game but it doesn't have a lot of romance. It only has 8 episodes out right now but I believe this game deserves a lot of support. It is a little upsetting that it only will have 12 episodes but I'm exited to see how read more
Sep 30, 2020
KappiSoS (All reviews)
Otome game adaptations tend to get a bad rap and I'm sure tons of people wrote this one off as another Brothers Conflict, Amnesia or shoot, even Diabolik Lovers (which is actually a guilty pleasure of mine). And the MC of this show not having a name certainly gives off that vibe at first glance.

But I was pleasantly surprised by this show. It definitely wasn't great, but certainly not worthy of being thrown onto the pile of crappy Otome adaptations. And the biggest reason for that, to me, is the MC herself. The show shockingly passes the Bechdel Test and the MC actually does read more
Oct 13, 2020
uniqueindividual (All reviews)
I haven't played the game, so maybe I don't understand the full potential of this anime. I dropped it halfway through because I was so bored. Which is weird because the plot itself about super powers and conspiracies with a dash of handsome men is normally right up my alley. I can only think that my boredom stems from the weird pacing and the Mary Sue main character. Everyone loves her for very basic reasons and she is painfully boring despite having a strong motivational backstory.

Overall, I decided I got no enjoyment from it and would rather watch other shows.
Oct 13, 2020
glessshie (All reviews)
This might sound bias but personally, I love the anime as much as I love playing the game.

Obviously, the game chapters isn't done yet so we expect that the ending in the anime won't be satisfactory for other viewers. Those who don't play the game will surely have many questions, especially during the 2nd half because it's like it's been rushed and some scenes were changed.

In my point of view, I enjoyed watching the anime and it is surely worth your time, though you shouldn't expect too much or you might as well feel disappointed.

I just love the anime since I love watching the read more