BNA: Brand New Animal

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Alternative Titles

Synonyms: Brand New Animal
Japanese: BNA ビー・エヌ・エー
English: BNA: Brand New Animal
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Type: TV
Episodes: 12
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Apr 9, 2020 to Jun 25, 2020
Premiered: Spring 2020
Broadcast: Thursdays at 00:55 (JST)
Licensors: None found, add some
Studios: Trigger
Source: Original
Genres: ActionAction, FantasyFantasy
Themes: AnthropomorphicAnthropomorphic, Super PowerSuper Power
Duration: 22 min. per ep.
Rating: PG-13 - Teens 13 or older


Score: 7.361 (scored by 184034184,034 users)
1 indicates a weighted score.
Ranked: #22552
2 based on the top anime page. Please note that 'Not yet aired' and 'R18+' titles are excluded.
Popularity: #629
Members: 336,204
Favorites: 2,469

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Preliminary Spoiler
May 7, 2020
Alright alright. When I first took a glance at BNA, I felt that it was going to be something pretty cool and awesome. Well, was I wrong, or was I right? I’d say neither. BNA is a show that shows the darker side of the world if beastmen really existed.

Firstly, I was pretty shocked to find out that BNA was 12 episodes instead of 24. The setting and everything made it feel like it would have lasted a lot longer than what it actually is. The world-building and everything made you have an easy understanding of what is going on with their world and ...
Mar 23, 2020
Preliminary (6/12 eps)
Having seen 6 episodes of this show thus far, I can certanly say that it seems promising!

BNA is very much your usual Trigger show. The plot is all around not that hard to predict, but it's truely well done and presented in such a way that it's enjoyable to follow along with.

Without going into to much details regarding the shows major plot points, it's something like a crossover between beastars and kill la kill. The wacky Trigger animation and storytelling methods in combination with a cast that can shapeshift into half human - half animal hybrids makes for some very interesting worldbuilding.

The ...
May 7, 2020
Story: 7
As mentioned in some other reviews, the story becomes quite a cliché as it moves on. There are so many questions that are left unanswered. BNA is a story that draws parallels between real-world discrimination and discrimination against the beastmen and also how money often drives horrible things that can happen in society. In trying to deliver this message through the story, Trigger did a great job, despite having a plot that is so obvious that it can be seen from a mile away.

The story could have been much better fleshed out and become much more comfortable and less ...
Mar 24, 2020
Preliminary (6/12 eps)
OK, so admittedly I am a huge Triger fan boy. Keep that in mind as i talk about this show. First off, my hype for this show was immense. Coming off the last Trigger show I saw, Gridman, I was ready for that sweet sweet predictable Trigger goodness. From here on out I'll break down the show in its components. Spoilers from here on thru episode 6.

Story: The story so far, 6 episodes, feels not super linear. As in its not moving towards its main goal in a direct manner. Every episode, besides the first, feels as if it could be shuffled around and not ...
Mar 24, 2020
Preliminary (6/12 eps)
B est
N ew
A nime

I usually don’t like to hype up anime in previews since you never know how the rest of the show will go, but damn, I’ve been enjoying the hell out of BNA so far! I’m usually hesitant about anthropomorphic themes, but man, it really adds layers and originality to this anime.

We’re still in the beginning stages of the anime, so the overarching plot hasn’t been fully fleshed out yet. It essentially revolves around energetic, sporty protagonist Michiru Kagemori’s quest to find out how and why she was transformed from a human into a tanuki beastman. There’s a lot of mystery and ...
Mar 24, 2020
Preliminary (6/12 eps)
Hmm…let me see here.

2 Cups of Beastars
4 Tablespoons of Batman
1/3 teaspoon of Dorohedoro baseball
1 Dash of Elastigirl

And last, but not least.

Awesome-sauce. Gobs and gobs of awesome-sauce!
May 19, 2020
You ever watch a series that feels like it tries to juggle too many plot points at once? When attempting to have a full story in the short time span of 12 episodes, you generally want to focus on only a few elements at a time, but this series tried to have its cake and eat it too, with concepts such as discrimination, segregation, poverty, super powers, corruption, a friends middling relationship, and it all ends with a subpar Trigger final battle that resolves all the issues in the city that it really shouldn't.

The protagonist is Michiru, a young teenage girl who mysteriously turned into ...
May 8, 2020
I am what you can call a huge Trigger fanboy, so I advise you to cautiously take this as enthusiasm, as guidance, or even just as a piece of experience that a viewer had for BNA.

BNA is a freaking delight, but for reasons different from my profile picture. If there's one thing that could overcome my furry bias, it is my appreciation for the craft of Trigger studio. That said, I know this anime has evident flaws, and I will be judging it appropriately... after I shower it with praise and love.

Story (9/10):
I believe there are legitimate grounds for saying that the plot of this ...
Mar 24, 2020
Preliminary (6/12 eps)
Honestly this show is certainly fun and enjoyable! It's made me so hype for when the next episode comes out! So already from that basis, you should check out the show yourself! It's a blast, so give it a go! But here is why!

The sound...While the sound hits most marks when it comes to certain scenes, what I really love is the opening itself. It's catchy, is great to listen to. I hope other shows this upcoming season's openings are just as good.

The art style is so colourful and bright, so pleasing to see. They've really done a good job on making sure the art ...
Apr 18, 2020
Preliminary (6/12 eps)
10/10 - You don't want to sleep out on this anime. While it may have only 6 episodes at the time being and more on the way, it left me wanting more after each episode.

- Character Progression and Personality
- OST and sound is amazing and great to listen to
- Art and animation is very smooth and nice
- Story

- None i can think of ATM.
May 8, 2020
"BNA: Brand New Animal" was the latest "Studio Trigger" Anime, which means epic fights, quirky characters, fast-paced tune, cool animation, a soundtrack that increases the EPIC factor, and an overall "Rule Of cool" series that is more style over substance... Right?

Well, yeah, but similar to their last project, "Promare", it feels uncreative and inspired.


Similar to most of the works of the studio, start off with 3 episodes that establish the set-up and concepts, then is episodic for a couple of episodes to gradually develop a plot.

The most obvious of the problems is the pacing of the story, because of his extremely short duration, there's ...
Mar 31, 2020
Preliminary (6/12 eps)
To the question of whether BNA is a *smart* anime, I answer with this: there is a three-second crowd scene in the first episode, unrelated to the main plot, showing an anthropomorphic rock band in Sgt. Pepper uniforms and vaporwave sunglasses. A horse plays lead guitar and has hooves for hands. A rooster has wing-mitts and plays bass. A cat's on the keyboard, and a terrier's on drums. The horse has three ponytails. This is, by far, the most thought-through scene in the entire series. To the question of whether BNA is a *fun* anime, I invite you to re-read this paragraph. In short, yes.
Studio ...
May 8, 2020
I want to base this on what the anime IS rather than what it could have been. That said, I really enjoyed BNA. The characters were compelling, the universe was intriguing, the art was stunning, and while the anime didn't accomplish anything particularly revolutionary, I thoroughly enjoyed every episode. It was a good concept with some parts that could have been elaborated on or explored more, but in 12 episodes, I still got a good sense of the world at large, the challenges characters faced, and the overarching themes. For a 12-episode anime, the plot was really well-done with a good amount of build and ...
May 11, 2020
People in the furry community has non-stopped talking about this show and saying it it's the best anime of 2020. So I watched it for myself and all I can say is this show...was not good, like, I don't see how is this good? And as a furry, I am insulted how this show went. Here's my full review:

Story: Honestly, from how it started, the story was actually decent. The world was segregated by 2 races: the humans and the beastmen, and the humans that turned into beastmen goes to a city called Animacity where people can be beastmen however they like and the backstory ...
Apr 7, 2020
Preliminary (6/12 eps)
I feel likes shows with animal/beastman have been coming out a lot in medias this pass years. I started realising this after Zootopia, they use the difference between species or canivor/herbivores as a tool to talk about the issues of our society. At first, I was scare that BNA fall into that, because I don't think this trope has more to bring to the table. Unfortunately BNA fall into this trope, but at my surprise it has so mush more to offer. ( Explanation of the trope in the case of BNA: There is a conflict between human and beastman, and by that I ...
May 9, 2020
If you’re watching this show for deep nuanced story about politics, racism, and furry rights you’re going to be deeply disappointed. This is a trigger show, and one written by Kazuki Nakashima (the mind behind kill la kill, promare and most of gurren lagann) nonetheless, so if you came here for the raw energy inherent to shows like Kill la Kill, Gurren Lagann, Inferno cop etc this is going to suit you just fine.

Story & writing: As stated in a plethora of other reviews the story is a bit cliché and the characters are a bit generic. But it is a means to an end, ...
May 22, 2020
Trigger made a fantastic story again!
I really enjoyed watching it and I love everything about this show :
Michiru’s Seiyuu voice is something brand new!

Despite of new animal theme, it was a real classic trigger series.

You see, here we have :
0.Rocking Opening
1.Genki/Clumsy/sometimes sad main female character who doesn’t understand many things at the start, but in the end she finally gets everything and grows up.
Apr 21, 2020
Preliminary (6/12 eps)
Studio Trigger is back at it again. Everything the studio touches seems to either hit or miss. This was definitely a hit.

The art is easily deserving of the 9 I've given it. Out of all the shows whilst excluding movies, this show looks slick and the characters move creatively in the classic Trigger style. There is a very effective use of colour and sound, especially in the earlier episodes.
The atmosphere gets built well throughout the course of what we have thus far, especially the city-scape vibe it seems to put on you as you watch. Locations become familiar and scenes last just the ...
May 8, 2020
Mixed Feelings

First off, I want to mention that BNA is my first Trigger show, and I intend to share my thoughts on the show based on its own merits without this infamous studio’s work in mind. That being said, I’m definitely looking forward to exploring Trigger’s catalogue further. One more thing, this first bit is going be spoiler-free, but I’ll include some specific details at the end, so read at your own risk.

Brand New Animal (BNA) brought up plenty of discussion among the community when the project first got announced. An anime-original story, backed with a Netflix release? That’s just unheard of!* ...
Jul 28, 2020
Mixed Feelings
Seriously competent but essentially pointless.

I don't normally care for Anime studios. My tastes lie in stories, not frames. It's for this reason, though, that Trigger is one of the few I've come to follow, what with the vast majority of their productions being originals. While they have a track record of nearly all of these being excellent, I cannot say BNA fits the trend.

There's a sort of permeating indecisiveness all throughout. Stakes come and go, scale fluctuates wildly, and whether or not the characters even address the plot from episode to episode is anyone's guess. All this aside though, I can point to a fair ...