Seihou Bukyou Outlaw Star

Outlaw Star

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Alternative Titles

English: Outlaw Star
Synonyms: Future Hero Next Generation Outlaw Star, Starward Warrior Knight Outlaw Star
Japanese: 星方武侠アウトロースター


Type: TV
Episodes: 24
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Jan 9, 1998 to Jun 26, 1998
Premiered: Winter 1998
Broadcast: Fridays at 01:15 (JST)
Studios: Sunrise
Source: Manga
Genres: ActionAction, Sci-FiSci-Fi, AdventureAdventure, SpaceSpace, ComedyComedy
Duration: 25 min. per ep.
Rating: R+ - Mild Nudity


Score: 7.871 (scored by 5141251,412 users)
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Ranked: #7052
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Popularity: #1136
Members: 122,140
Favorites: 2,108
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Sep 4, 2009
Crofty (All reviews)
This anime is a rare piece of genius, across 26 episodes it ranges from light-hearted humour to dark philosophical questioning, with neither ever seeming out of place. The premise is a young man, Gene Starwind, and his friend and business partner Jim Hawking, who run a business best described as a jack-of-all-trades operation, including bounty hunting, bodyguard work, anything that will pay. At the arrival on their planet of Hilda, a mysterious outlaw who frees Melfina, an amnesiac girl, from the clutches of pirates, they get caught up in events far beyond their understanding, and Gene chooses to follow his dream of freedom as an read more
Aug 4, 2009
thekindamad (All reviews)
I remember awhile back, I use to come home from school and watch this on Toonami. This and DBZ were the highlights of the few hours I spent watching TV before getting to homework.
I just recently found Outlaw again and decided to rewatch the series again, since it had been years since I watched it last.

It was not as good as I had remembered... it was 10x better! I enjoyed it from beginning to end, and I wasn't bored... once. And if your able to keep my attention for 26 episodes straight, then your doing something right.

I'll start with the story. It was very read more
Jun 24, 2009
JesuOtaku_ (All reviews)
On the technical side of things, Outlaw Star has aged incredibly well. While not a fossil by any means, this show is at least old enough to have hand-painted cels instead of being digitally painted like what new fans are used to, giving it a classic texture. Don’t let the aged appearance fool you, though, because the action sequences in Outlaw Star are caster-tastic. There are zero corners cut in the space battles or hand to hand combat and there are often numerous fights per episode to pop your peepers at.

The music is pretty low-key unless there’s a grappler duel a brewin’, but it’s read more
Sep 6, 2015
ChucriBZ (All reviews)
What a let down this anime was, don't get me wrong i was really amazed for the first 4 episodes and i had my favorite character already, yeah Hilda, just 4 episodes and she had better development than Gene in all the other 22 eps. and not just that, the episodes were packed with action, interesting plot and a story that could be really great for the next eps. but that wasn't the case and i love 90's anime but the art style on this was bad, getting worse every episode.

The story is interesting for what it could be not for what it is, after read more
Sep 16, 2008
Maur (All reviews)
So I started watching Outlaw Star again, and I'm glad I did.

First off I'd say, right away, Outlaw Star does a fantastic job of painting a beautiful world of good vs. evil and those inbetween, the outlaws. The characters are all solid, but I particularly love that the main character is so... human. He's morally complex (and sexually deviant). I find something about his character so... believable, if not relatable. I hate it when characters, main ones in particular, are so pristine or so caught up in idyllic optimism that they just come across as naively romantic. In that sense, I guess I prefer realistic, read more
May 1, 2018
TakamakiJoker (All reviews)
Ahh Sunrise you have made such beautiful and enjoyable series over the years.

You gave us such classics such as Cowboy Bebop, Code Geass, Gundam 00, U.C Gundam and much more and today I will be reviewing an another classic but this time it’s from the 90s. That anime is Outlaw Star.

Hello, everyone, this is Shawn aka PhantomKurata and welcome to my review of Outlaw Star and with that said let’s get started.

The story of Outlaw Star follows Gene Starwing and Jim Hawking who run a small business called Starwing and Hawking enterprises who they do odd jobs.
One day they meet a mysterious woman named Hilda read more
Aug 13, 2007
LivingAlchemist (All reviews)
Like most anime fans, you probably believe that Japan invented pulp fantasy. After all, the only places that science fiction exist today are in movies, video games, and the memories of people who read Flash Gordon, Lucky Starr, and watched something called Star Wars.

Outlaw Star is based on all of those adventures that people used to read about, back when people tried to masquarade adventure fiction as scientific. A young man, without any direction in life, finds a way to escape to the stars to find adventure. Gene Starwind is the kind of pulp hero that you want to read about, the read more
Sep 10, 2013
FullmetalCowboy (All reviews)
Critic’s Log - Earthdate: September 10, 2013. Review #57: Outlaw Star

This is ground control, calling Outlaw Star. Please inform everyone that your crew is going where no man has gone before. Outlaw Star, Liftoff!.

Gene Starwind and his kid partner Jim Hawking run a small business on the backwater planet of Sentinel III. However, all that changes the day that Hilda hires them for a bodyguard job. Now, thrust into a mystery beyond their comprehension, they're on the run from the cops, the pirates, an angry alien, and a mysterious assassin. But they've got one thing going in their favor...they have the Outlaw Star, the galaxy's read more
Oct 30, 2007
Huntsman (All reviews)
It had the unfortunate time of coming out the same time as Cowboy Bebop.

Outlaw star is a great anime, it just had the unfortunate time of coming out the same time as Cowboy Bebop. I hear and read people saying it's a rip off of Cowboy Bebop, but it's not. First the tone of the shows were different. Cowboy Bebop was more of a action/Drama and Outlaw Star was a action/adventure. The animation styles were different. Cowboy bebop was darker in tone while Outlaw Star was lighter in tone. The stories were completely different. Cowboy Bebop was more condensed in broadness of the show, instead read more
Aug 25, 2012
rydia91 (All reviews)
I watched this on Toonami when I was a kid and I used to think this was the best show ever. As I re-watched the first 3 episodes, I was faced with action, adventure, and the introduction of dynamic characters. I should have stopped watching right there. My favorite character was Hilda. After those episodes, I watched believing that the plot was going to come together into something deep and exciting. It didn't. After some lolly-gagging around in space and meeting some cool characters, the protagonists take up boring jobs for far too many episodes. The climax of the show was lackluster. Also, I HATED read more
Nov 15, 2014
literaturenerd (All reviews)

This late 90's anime is often seen as the forgotten member of the Space Western Trilogy that also included Trigun and Cowboy Bebop. Although it never gained the fame and fandom of the other 2 series, Outlaw Star was fun, had great characters, had an interesting story, and didn't take itself too seriously. If you have some time to kill, I would recommend cracking open a couple beers or whatever your drink of choice is and watching Outlaw Star.

Story: 8/10

Outlaw Star chronicles the many adventures of a ship of "Outlaws", which are mercenaries belonging to neither the official guild of space pirates read more
Nov 5, 2009
Sonicdahedgie (All reviews)
Outlaw Star - A man named Gene Starwind happens across the fastest ship in the galaxy and claims it as his own. Hilarity and action ensues.

The story, like all aspects of Outlaw Star, is almost great, but somehow comes up drastically short. Everything is there, and you know what's happening, but it's all executed improperly. Part of this is because of the characters (I'll explain later), but it's really because of the directors. You constantly find that dramatic scenes are cut down to size, losing the tense air that's supposed to surround them. Romantic sub-text is established early on, but after that you're supposed read more
Mar 27, 2009
kaigen (All reviews)
outlaw star, is an excellent watching experience, I'm know for deeply analyzing story's, I try to pull out as much out of scope information as i can, from what I'm watching "meta-story" if you will. outlaw star has always been an anomaly as far as my rubric is concerned, analyzing it just doesn't get me any where. It is just a fun watching experience, not to say it is with out is certain complexity's.

An out right 10 by my standers they are unique while remaining very easy to relate to, the young boy Jim is useful with out being annoying and Gene is read more
Aug 9, 2008
SunoharaMaster90 (All reviews)
The good days of old anime, ahh yes, I remember in my younger times watching many great shows such as this. But not too long ago i bought myself the complete dvd set, and the memories came back. All old-school and mecha fans should give this anime a look as soon as they possibly can, trust me as this is one you will not regret missing out on.

It begins with two out of the three cast members Gene and Jim who run their own shop, but their lives are changed when they encounter Hilda, a pirate that helps to start their journey into space as read more
Apr 14, 2009
walla (All reviews)
Outlaw Star was the show that got me into anime. Sure, I liked Pokemon, but it wasn't until I caught Outlaw Star on Toonami one day that I thought 'Wow, there could be something TO this anime stuff!' It had everything... a ninja, and alien catgirl, guns that shot magic, a spaceship controlled by a naked woman... my teenage mind exploded. Where had these things been my entire life?! XD I bought the DVD immediately.

Both the plot and setting are complex and interesting, with lots of neat ideas, such as the casters, grappler ships, etc. The cast of heroes is diverse and likeable, a bizarro read more
Apr 6, 2019
Yung_Warrior (All reviews)
Arguably one of the flagship anime titles airing on Toonami in the West during the early 2000's, it is surprising that Outlaw Star is not talked about much when discussing adventure stories, especially considering it helped pioneer the space western genre in anime alongside its peers Trigun and Cowboy Bebop. Outlaw Star does not seem to be held in as high esteem as the other two, so I approached the series nearly twenty years after its release to judge its merits.

Firstly, I find it odd that MAL lists the series as having 24 episodes, as it actually has 26. Considering how important the final two read more
Nov 14, 2015
angelsreview (All reviews)
So this was a show I heard some really good things about from one of Professor Otaku’s videos and I thought it would be interesting to watch. I was not disappointed. The show actually had the same feeling as Firefly, a live action series based around a group of mismatched characters all together on a spaceship. It was so awesome to see something that wasn’t a big moe fest with cutesy characters that just want to get into the main characters pants. I’m not saying there aren’t characters that are doing that, but it’s so much more to the story. I know I did this read more
Apr 28, 2009
Coatlicue (All reviews)
This review is a direct result from watching 12 episodes of the anime, and will likely not be of much use apart from expressing my fairly negative opinons of this anime.
First of all i would like to say that the backgrounds for the story is gene starwind the main character of this anime who starts of as a bounty hunter of some sort with his sidekick james. this then leads on to them taking on oddjobs and becoming bodyguards of hilda, leading to the rescue of melphina and the control of the most advanced ship in the galaxy later read more
Mar 6, 2010
zoddtheimmortal (All reviews)
Outlaw Star is a very "user friendly" anime. Nobody will hate it, and I don't think anybody will choose it as an absolute favorite, but it is most definitely a classic.

The story is very good, there are multiple plots, and to catch on to all of them you've got to pay attention to the emotional cues.

The art worked together with the anime to show the sense of urgency of quick decisions much better than many of the animes I have seen.

The characters are very good, they stick well with there given personality, although oddly enough the best character says the least yet read more
May 17, 2014
KorvenKuningas (All reviews)
Featuring a wealth of imagination and creativity, ‘Outlaw Star’ is a triumph of 90s anime that provides a thoroughly entertaining action-adventure story that’s not only visually awesome, but surprisingly thought provoking.

Following the exploits of self-confessed outlaws and bounty hunters, Gene Starwind and Jim Hawking, their lives are changed forever when they decide to accept an offer from ‘Hot Ice’ Hilda, an infamous criminal who’s fleeing from an interstellar gang of pirates. Together the trio hijack an experimental spaceship along with its resident android, Melfina. Determined to find the Galactic Leyline, which is rumoured to hold a legendary treasure and the key to Melfina’s existence, their read more