Mugen no Juunin: Immortal

Blade of the Immortal

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Alternative Titles

Japanese: 無限の住人-IMMORTAL-
English: Blade of the Immortal
German: Blade of the Immortal
Spanish: La Espada del Inmortal
French: L'Habitant de L'infini
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Type: ONA
Episodes: 24
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Oct 10, 2019 to Mar 26, 2020
Licensors: Sentai Filmworks
Source: Manga
Genres: ActionAction, AdventureAdventure, DramaDrama, SupernaturalSupernatural
Themes: HistoricalHistorical, Martial ArtsMartial Arts, SamuraiSamurai
Demographic: SeinenSeinen
Duration: 23 min. per ep.
Rating: R - 17+ (violence & profanity)


Score: 7.411 (scored by 2509825,098 users)
1 indicates a weighted score.
Ranked: #20132
2 based on the top anime page. Please note that 'Not yet aired' and 'R18+' titles are excluded.
Popularity: #2226
Members: 73,090
Favorites: 366

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Preliminary Spoiler
Mar 25, 2020
This was a great show. It started out rough. I didn't like the first three episodes that much, but I was drawn to the character and the concept so I stuck with it. I like the more adult/violent stuff... And this has an immortal wisecracking samurai. What's not to love? I couldn't be any happier about my decision to stick with the show more so than how I feel today having watched the finale. That was excellent. From episode 4/5 to the end I had a blast watching this every week alongside Vinland Saga in the fall, and alongside Dorohedoro this season. It was consistently ...
Nov 6, 2019
Preliminary (6/24 eps)
- Despite being known as the Hundred Men Killer, you have some good in you. I’m surprised.
- I’m flattered.
- Who said it was a praise?

Stop me if you’ve heard any of these before. A daughter of a samurai hell-bent on avenging her father’s death. A ronin with unparalleled sword skills, but no attachments to the world. He agrees to be her yojimbo because she reminds him of his dead sister. A colorful villain of the week demands to hear the protagonist’s name before they can cross swords with him.

Mugen no Juunin is every chanbara cliche possible thrown together into a blender and made into a ...
Mar 25, 2020
Mixed Feelings
What defines a disappointment isn’t what you got, it’s what you expected.

Blade of the Immortal is one of the most illustrious manga titles to date on the back of its artwork alone. No critic worth their salt has ever paraded Blade of the Immortal on the quality of its writing, characterization, storytelling—none of it. It’s all on the art. And rightfully so, so when I see it getting adapted by LIDENFILMS, a studio whose prettiest production to date, Hanebado!, had to rely on the trusty ol’ rotoscope to stay standing for even a single cour, the last thing I expected was an anime which ...
Dec 4, 2019
Preliminary (9/24 eps)
This show is just a pure disappointment and garbage, the only somewhat ok episode is the 1st episode, the rest is trash.

Story: The story is about a immortal samurai and a girl whos family was killed by a different dojo. The girl goes looking for the immortal samurai so she can ask for his help to kill the people that killed her family, I thought this was an interesting concept but the show just disappointed me.

Art: The art is trash, once I started watching more and more episodes, I started to hate the art more and more, if you like good animation, then this show ...
Mar 26, 2020
Mixed Feelings
The silver blade cleaves the skin, ripping, tearing through broken flesh. A sea of scarlet spews, transforming into rain dancing amidst the blade that released it. The body broken in two, now covered by a cascade of carmine droplets as numerous as the lives cut short by the sword and its wielder. The loud eruption is followed by silence as the chaos settles into tranquility. It’s a scene characterized by its duality.

There’s a strange sense of serenity to Blade of the Immortal 2019. For all of the vile horrors it presents as rape and death are littered across the show’s 24 episode run, there’s a ...
Jan 5, 2020
Preliminary (14/24 eps)
Blade of the Immortal is a samurai anime that has been blessed by Hiroshi Hamasaki’s fantastic direction. At its core, Blade of the Immortal is a rather simple revenge story, but is elevated by the quirks of both Hamasaki, the director, and the mangaka, Hiroaki Samura.

Hamasaki’s direction of this show is absolutely crucial to its success. He brings such an overwhelmingly nihilistic tone to everything that he works on, and Blade of the Immortal is no exception. The often washed out colour palette, the great shot composition, and the incredible action choreography, all of Hamasaki’s hallmarks are present in this show. The manga is ...
Feb 20, 2020
Preliminary (19/24 eps)
Blade of the Immortal is an okayish manga (6/10), but enjoyable nonetheless, so when I found out that there were plans for a 2nd attempt to adapt the complete story I was surprised and a little excited. I thought this would receive the treatment FMA got with Brotherhood, but boy was I wrong. This new adaptation is below average.

Story - 3/10
The pacing is the worst aspect, it's so fucking rushed you can barely understand what's going on most of the time. The story itself is nothing special, a pretty straightforward revenge story, with lots of convenient chance encounters for the sake of the plot ...
Mar 26, 2020
This is one of those adaptations that take a lot of creative liberties when it comes to direction. Hamasaki's imprint is very apparent with this one, with many scenes preferring stylized compositions over cohesive ones. And when it comes to a simple samurai story, I believe this is one of the most interesting ways to do it.

With the source material being this graphic and revolting, the use of effects like static, rapid frame changes and outlandish imagery drives these moments home and makes them more memorable overall. This also includes the fight, while mostly stylized in direction, they don't compromise on animation quality and good ...
Mar 31, 2020
The story is great, its dark and have amazing characters. I never read the manga, so I was a bit confused about the story because they dont explain everything, they avoid showing some important things (maybe because this is just 24 episodes to an manga with 200+ chapters).

But... The animation is just terrible, they dont even show the fight scenes, sometimes when someone is fighting, we just see a black screen with some sword's sounds. not even in the final battles there was a fluid animation. At least the character design is beautiful.

Its worth watching, if you ignore the animation.
Mar 25, 2020
I never thought I'd ever say this. Go watch the live action movie, don't waste your time with the anime. Spoilers ahead.

I love anime set in the samurai era, unfortunately this one was a mess. I can't tell if it's because the source material is awful or the adaption was awful because the live action which was extremely trimmed down was pretty enjoyable, but the anime which had far more content (that was still rushed), was far less enjoyable, and frankly sucked. Here's why.

The fundamental story of BoTI is solid and very fitting. The arcs and the villains however are pathetically executed. First the arcs. ...
Mar 25, 2020
Blade of the immortal is one of my favorite manga. 30 volumes condensed into 24 episodes didn't cut it. The character development is one of the best things about this story the amount of details given about the historical context, the numerous gory battles that get you wanting to read more, the moral and philosophical aspect to the story, the finality... All gone. The OST is horrendous I would actually prefer silence.

Don't get me wrong some of the episodes where enjoyable (shira vs magatsu)and had my interest but then they announced they were making it into a 24 ep adaptation. And then said they ...
Mar 27, 2020
Well, this was quite unique ONA, given that its title was Mugen No Juunin or Blade of the Immortal, but it was a bit of a disappointment when the ONA itself doesn't live up to its title, so here are my ratings:

Story- Good 7: For a while it does have a very good story plot when it involves a girl who was the daughter of a certain samurai master that was killed by them Itto Ryu antagonists. But, that just as good as it get, cu'z as one gets to the middle of the series it becomes a disappointment.

Art- Good 7: It does have ...
Mar 25, 2020
Mixed Feelings
Being someone who's never read the original 30-volume manga nor never watched the countless adaptations striving to take the context off of famed mangaka Hiroaki Samura's work and going into this re-adaptation blind, I must say that going in this totally blind, it was all a very wild ride whilst cutting and rushing content for a full adaptation of the manga.

The story of Rin Asano's journey to eradicate the Itto-Ryu, a sword school whose members massacred her family, and perchance the story of the Immortal Manji, the Killer of 100 with his many blades of death, and aiming to kill a thousand more from affliction. ...
Mar 25, 2020
I feel like this took a turn for the worse

Aight hear me out. I originally gave this a 9 but after the show went on I fell off the tracks and I didn't understand anything that happened and the story wasn't anything that great. Some episodes were just super boring. The start was nice and some episodes near the end but most of was just kinda boring for my liking. If anything the art and the animation were fucking good.

The characters are just there I think. Lets start with Manji. He is this immortal samurai who has killed over 100 dudes. Manji now acts as ...
Mar 25, 2020
24 episodes is a long ride and even though I binged the first 10, I had troubles remembering the story and connecting names to faces. The art style is quite good, there are some misses, but overall it is well done, animation at times are smooth as butter, others not so much, so it felt like a well balanced anime considering its production.

Voice acting overall was quite good, however I am disappointed with Sakura Ayane, I heard three different voices for the same character she gives life, Rin's "normal" voice feels natural, however at times when she projects her voice to sound more imposing that ...
Mar 25, 2020
Mixed Feelings
Preliminary (23/24 eps)
To keep this review short, and to the point: everything about the show's production value is good. The fight animation is solid, the animation and direction are both good, and the art and music fit very well with the vibe of the show.

HOWEVER, the pacing of this show is absolutely impossible to follow if you are an anime only like I was. Past the first 2 arcs of the story, the pacing is so fast that you will be utterly lost as to what the fuck is happening for the duration of the show. Random characters that you don't know at all will pop up ...
Apr 1, 2020
Mixed Feelings
This is my first review. I like to keep things brief and to the point. No spoilers. 1-4=don't like 5=indifferent 6-10=like These are my thoughts on this anime.

Story 7:

I think the overall story is really well done. The execution could've been a lot better though. The reason it wasn't that good was because of all the other elements. The story sits with you and the ending solidifies the feeling of the entire anime, the bitter-sweetness of an era in your life, in the world, coming to an end. I don't know whether I'm just slow in my head but there where a bunch of ...
Apr 26, 2020
Mixed Feelings
English Version:

General: (6.65 / 10)

Honestly, the best phrase that comes to my mind to describe this adaptation at the moment is "Whoever embraces little presses." I mean, it is a show that can be easily entertaining for anyone who is interested in a Sumarai / Historico plot (as in my case), but nevertheless it lacks a lot of depth in the characters, most of them are very forgettable and only a few will remember their names at the end of the series.
One always puts on the table the over-understanding of "cut to adapt" but at the end of the day when you want to convey ...
Mar 27, 2020
if only the studio had been given couple of episode more to build up a Cohesive story instead of cutting both the story and the importance of character dialogue hence a lot of the times i didn't know what is happening in story, another thing that left a little bad taste in my mouth is the fighting some fight needed to be longer in addition to being a real fight not couple of frames changing and thats just it , o but that doesn't take away that BOA has a story that tops most other anime's and im glad that i watched ...
Dec 17, 2021
Edo period. Decapitation. Evisceration. Disembowelment. The breaking of Gods weld. Interchangeable arms. Good guys (are there really any?!?) cavorting with bad guys. Powerful women. Not like the stronger they are the less clothes they wear power but true powerful, intelligent, skilled women who are looked upon as equal threats. The Japanese version of Dr. Frankenstein. And romance. Yes I said it, romance. The blood saturated snow is soaked in romance.
Mugen no Juunin: Immortal makes the Godfather Trilogy look like a birthday party at your mother-in-laws house. Not your cup of tea? ...