Baki: Dai Raitaisai-hen

Baki: The Great Raitai Tournament Saga

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Alternative Titles

Synonyms: Baki (2020)
Japanese: バキ
English: Baki: The Great Raitai Tournament Saga
German: Baki: Die Saga vom Raitai-Turnier
Spanish: Baki: Saga del Gran Torneo Raitai
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Type: ONA
Episodes: 13
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Jun 4, 2020
Producers: Akita Shoten
Licensors: None found, add some
Source: Manga
Genre: SportsSports
Themes: Combat SportsCombat Sports, GoreGore
Demographic: ShounenShounen
Duration: 24 min. per ep.
Rating: R - 17+ (violence & profanity)


Score: 7.541 (scored by 102326102,326 users)
1 indicates a weighted score.
Ranked: #15852
2 based on the top anime page. Please note that 'Not yet aired' and 'R18+' titles are excluded.
Popularity: #1260
Members: 168,484
Favorites: 437

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Preliminary Spoiler
Jun 4, 2020
Baki new season just dropped and like always its a wild journey

Baki takes place right after season 1 with baki going to china to enter the Raitai tournament to cure the poisoned. It's differently one hell of a way to end and start a season but with over the top fights and characters it's such a fun bloody journey.
They really went all out on this season no butt ugly cg and each impact of the fights looked painful it's a fun to watch.
The sound in this anime is great as I said in my art part the fights look painful ...
Jun 4, 2020
Mixed Feelings
So this will include a spoiler or two so there is that. The last season left us off with Baki going to this tournament to help him recover his fighting spirit. And we continue with the tournament starting and finishing after around 7 episodes.
(Small Spoiler so small it doesn’t matter) when its Baki’s turn to fight he fights against Mr. poison hand man, Baki negates the poison and somehow this helps him in the long run.

This is great an all. An by all means if you like hearing about fighting instead of seeing it then this season/show is definitely for you. During the final fight ...
Jun 4, 2020
The team that made baki 2018 really learn from there mistakes from the convicts arc and showed it in this season of baki, the art, animation and sound is 100x better than it was in the first season with no cgi at all and an amazing op, Ed and and ost with even more songs than before, this season was amazing with the amount of improvment from the last season, but let me actually tell you what I think of each arc

Raitai tournament arc: 8.5/10
This arc is easily one of my favourite arcs in all of baki, i won't deny the fact that some of ...
Jun 14, 2020
Honestly It baffles me how many people thought this was a good season. I already had a bunch of things that I dislike regarding the first season, but honestly this one is just plain worse in every step of the way.

Not going about too many spoilers, first there's this tournament, that gets all hyped up and delivers basically nothing. Just the main characters fighting a bunch of random "kaioh masters" that get defeated very anti-climatic. Then there are the episodes regarding Mohamed Junior that seems to be getting to a point, and barely makes a point at all. When we finally get to the fight ...
Jun 5, 2020
Completed Baki Part 3 11:10PM 5 Jun 2020 - Review contains minor spoilers

If we take Baki Part 3 (Season 2) at face value and compare it to its prequel, I think it was inferior in every aspect possible. In this recently released part, we mostly see through Mohammed Alai Jr, the son of the former legendary boxing champion Mohammed Alai which is one of the main reasons why this part didn't connect as well as the original story line did...

Story: 6/10
When fans are excited for a sequel of their favorite anime series, it becomes a make or break decision whether a sequel maintains the ...
Jun 9, 2020
Mixed Feelings
Allow me to just say a couple of things before I get started:
1) the original Baki from 2001 is still the best;
2) Netflix continues to stain Baki's legacy and the sequel is actually worse than last season.

1) incredibly inconsistent and CGI usage is cringy. The characters' bodies change in the middle of fighting (ex: Yujiro's devil back muscles disappear and reappear at will; Baki's body proportions; etc.)
2) it's 2020. It's about time we see movement in fights rather than random lazer beams. Hajimo no Ippo is also an old school anime with a rough art style and managed to update its ...
Jun 11, 2020
Now that was absurd.

Finally after 2 years Baki made a return in the form of an anime. Luckily it continues straight from where we left but there is a small recap in the first episode. TMS went all out on this since there is no PS2 grade cgi but since the character models are complex the animation is not the greatest thing on planet Earth.

Story: The story is about the Great Raitai Tournament which is a tournament held every century or something like that. In said tournament 10 Sea Kings fight for the title or Sea Emperor. Sea Kings are just very amazing martial ...
Jun 5, 2020
It's very good. I liked the first season and let me tell you this one is like a better version.

Story could be better, the last episode kinda makes up for it.

There is a second half coming later in the year so this is only for the first half.

Animations are super nice and no more of those first season BS. Sound is great, all in all a enjoyable start of the season.

I'm kinda worried about them not giving us the finale in this season and doing it in the 3rd season.

TL;DR, So far exceeded my expectations lets hope for a great 2nd half.
Jun 5, 2020
Spoiler Free

NETFLIX GOOD JOB !!! i watched the original BAkI years ago and after years of waiting i lost hope in a second season long ago. The fights are awesome , for an action anime this is a must watch


Different from the usual action anime in a good way . Many plot twists and suspense.

Netflix did a good job in animating but not the best at least they did not try any CGI this season.
Jun 6, 2020
Baki 2nd season i believe is a step in the right direction in terms of the animation for the series,i quite honestly believe that if it continues to improve from season to season that it might get up there with one punch man,but as it is,it leaves a foul taste,sometimes when the characters are supposed to be walking or moving,the whole thing is so poorly done that it looks like they are walking in place.

Art style

Is in my opinion very good,i love the harsh black outline that depict's the harsh reality the characters are in and have to live in,but on the other hand it ...
Jun 20, 2020

Baki was one of the first animes that I watched, but I soon dropped it. After giving it another try after watching Baki the Grappler, I very much enjoyed it. Unfortunately, almost all of the things I enjoyed about the first season are no longer present in the second. In hindsight, I wish i kept Baki dropped, or at least stopped after the first season. I will state my major problems with the second season, which is where the spoiler warning will come into play.

First: The Raitai Tourney
This tournament was set up to be spectacular, but did not live up to it (to me). ...
Aug 7, 2020
Netflix Baki season 2 is the second season of the new Baki funded by Netflix, it continues directly after its predecessor, and has two arcs the great Raitai tournament, and the Muhammad Ali Jr. arc, plus the revenge tokyo episode where we find out what happened with the death row convicts. It tells the story of Baki Hanma participating in the Raitai tournament in order to find a cure for his poison, along the way he fights strong foes and gets stronger, same goes for his friends. This season is ultimately better than the first one, but it has a lot of major flaws like ...
Jun 5, 2020
Baki is back reminding everyone that it is the absolute, unrefuted, number one KING of mindless fighting in anime. Fight scenes galore (although some of them were kind of short) and completely ridiculous feats of strength, speed, and skill. If you liked Baki 2018 you’re going to like Baki 2020.

Tl;dr Baki 2020 is a continuation of the Baki 2018, so much so you’d seriously wonder why there was a 2-year gap between the two seasons. It's so similar in fact it's so much alike that most of the parts of this review is ripped straight out of my last one.
Jun 12, 2020
After the release of the first season I had high hopes for this adaption of Baki, however, while it is a great adaption- its a far cry from the first season. I have 3 key points to pick at.

First off the fights, the art was crisp and direct exactly like the manga, I wasn't at all disappointed, but the commentary- the commentary was disgusting, I hope they know that most anime watchers aren't blind, I don't need a screeching voice drowning out the action and screaming "Ryujin this" "Ryujin that" every damn second. The narrator was as good as always

Secondly the pacing, while the pacing ...
Jun 8, 2020
Mixed Feelings
There's some good things about this anime but there's also some very glaring flaws. If you enjoy fantasy/adventure with a fighting atmospere I say go for it but if you're expecting epic fight scenes and satisfying character growth and depth you're much better off watching something else (I'd suggest Kenichi at least).

It definitely has it's enjoyable parts mostly at building up to fights between a protagonist and antagonist along with some great brief explanations of techniques being used and the feats accomplished by the opponents. The animation creates a tense atmosphere and has some ...
Apr 8, 2022
A Classic Continuation For This Solid Original Anime

Netflix’s bloody, bone-crunching, steroidal original anime Baki returns today, with another 13 half-hour episodes devoted to pugilism and family drama in all its many complex forms. Whether this is Season 3 or Part 3 or whatever seems to be undecided on by virtually everyone, but no matter — the run of episodes is collected under the helpful subtitle The Great Ratai Tournament Saga, and that gives away virtually everything you need to know about it.

Yes, Baki Season 3 — that’s what we’re going with — adopts the classic setup of a martial arts tournament, this one held in ...
Oct 4, 2021
i wana say, i love baki.
the fighting and unique odd-ball chraraters going head-to-head is awsome.
i love baki's father as a charater and how he is esablished, and baki's gole to beat him.

i think it was grate that the animtion team dropped the 3D in this half of the show ( was prob the worst part of the first season).

most of the charaters are awsome! (esspesally the inmates)

and its sad, i wana love this arc of baki but muhammad ali jr. involvment was WAYYY to much!, it would be fine if he was in the show to fight baki or just ...
Dec 20, 2022
Mixed Feelings
Baki: Dai Raitaisai-hen

After the very tough but amusing Convicts arc, we actually got a sequel to everyone's surprise. After the relatively poor results of the new Baki 2016 series, I didn't expect it to stay alive, thank God I was wrong.

This next season is all about Baki's recovery after being poisoned and the 4000-year-old traditions of the 4000-year-old Chinese Raitasai Tournament which is held every 100 years. Hoping that 4000-year-old Chinese martial arts and broken bones can heal Baki, Retsu Kaioh kidnaps the dying Baki to save him.

Now comes the most important point, if you are not a Baki fan "yet" or the ...
Feb 5, 2021
Mixed Feelings
I'm a big fan of the Baki series but I was very disappointed with this season. As far as tournaments arc go this was a really short tournament arc not helped by the hype and build up to it as the most prestigious tournament ever featuring the best practitioners of Chinese martial arts in the world. There's a lot of padding and anti-climatic fights in the anime.

Also I know it's a Japanese manga so natural bias is normal but they really crap on Chinese representatives apart from Retsu and Kaio Kaku everyone else got decimated and not even close to the threat level of ...
Feb 9, 2022
I really liked the Death Row Convicts arc, after coming off of that high I said to myself I would give this season a 10/10 if it could somehow top that.

And the tournament arc itself was really impressive. However there are two big problems that hold it back for me. First we have the obvious one, which is the anti-climatic end to the final fight between Kaku and Yujoro. The second and also the much more disappointing to me was the handling of Kaiou Retsu and his character. At the start of the arc he gives baki tough love and helps him in his own ...