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Sounan Desu ka?

Alternative Titles

English: Are You Lost?
Japanese: ソウナンですか?


Type: TV
Episodes: 12
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Jul 2, 2019 to Sep 17, 2019
Premiered: Summer 2019
Broadcast: Tuesdays at 23:15 (JST)
Licensors: None found, add some
Studios: Ezόla
Source: Manga
Genres: AdventureAdventure, ComedyComedy, SeinenSeinen
Duration: 13 min. per ep.
Rating: PG-13 - Teens 13 or older


Score: 6.761 (scored by 3192531,925 users)
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Ranked: #48382
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Popularity: #1395
Members: 78,321
Favorites: 167


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Sep 17, 2019
AstralBread (All reviews)
Bear Grylls: Waifu Edition… would be a shallow and reductive way to describe this show. Many edutainment anime series fail by wasting their potential. They give you their topical lessons and maybe comedy, but nothing more. No story, no progress, no characters - nothing that is supposed to be the point of fiction in the first place. This isn’t one of them.

The story follows four anime girls stranded on an uninhabited island. While the lessons how to make fire, what to eat, etc. are still there, that doesn’t distract the story from being about characters first and foremost. The episodes aren’t formulaic and follow a read more
Jul 26, 2019
Dr_Sephiroth (All reviews)
“Are You Lost?” is shaping up to be my favorite of the “ecchi-cational” shows of the season. It’s not as slow and monotonous as Dumbbell and it’s a bit more creative with the way it delivers and paces the ecchi and “lessons” when compared to Magical Senpai. To me it’s also just straight up funnier.

The premise here is about what you would expect when you think of an anime about survival. Four high-school girls of various archetypes get stranded on a desert island and have to survive. They are the sporty tomboy Asuka, the sensitive wallflower Shion, and the studious glasses-girl Mutsu. Rounding out the read more
Jul 24, 2019
Pipe (All reviews)
I always wondered what would happen if you end on an island with Rambo's daughter after an accident (airplane crash, a sinking ship, etc)? However, Homare isn't Rambo's daughter but she received similar training from her father. The plot of the series is easy, following a group of girls that ended in a desolated island and watching their adventures to survive and how Homare an expert in those situations is helping them.

On the paper, the idea was interesting. Once I watched the first episode, I figured the series is very average. Most of the jokes are silly, boring, dull, and in some cases read more
Sep 17, 2019
Snapshot426 (All reviews)
Do you know how to make a situation so gloom and bleak feel like nothing? Cute girls obviously. Seriously, cute girls always take a situation so gloom and bleak and make all bright and cheerful. We’ve had many anime where cute girls do cute things and it uplifts the atmosphere into something more cheerful. So what happens when you take four girls and strand them on an Island? Well you get Bear Grylls- The Anime.

Sit back, relax and get a football (or soccer ball for you American readers), draw a face on it and shout “WILSON!!!” as I present to you the anime review read more
Jul 31, 2019
Burning_Light (All reviews)
·Story: 3/10

I know this is a 10min anime, but I have seen a thousand times this type of plot.

There is nothing new to see from that type of series (where the mc gets lost on an island) apart from the fact that in this case all the mcs are females.

·Art: 6/10

Art in general is decent, and obviously gets better in the fan-service scenes, which is something common in 10min animes.

·Sound: 5/10

Sound effects are mediocre. From what I've seen so far there are only the typical tropical effects, like the sound of insects and waves?

For me they sound like if they were taken from a read more
Sep 17, 2019
K1ngOfSloth (All reviews)
Sounan desu ka? was a short episode show you coulf enjoy while also learning about survival.

The learning about survival part fell a bit short tho so, at least for me, I don't remember that much about how to set up some traps.

There was many fanservice and the characters themselves were pretty likeable too with a decent amount of character development.

It got a very very open end with nothing finished at all and I don't expect a continuation any time soon so to ppl that aren't in for that- or picking up te source material, shouldn't watch it
However as the episodes are short it's a good read more
Sep 17, 2019
KANLen09 (All reviews)
"Survivor the Animation." That's how I see this series, like "Sounan Desu ka"! (the Japanese language has A BUTTLOAD ton of ways interpreting the title...)

Compared to Tejina-senpai (which both shows air one after another, with this airing after said series), I find that AT LEAST this series knows its plot so rightaway it doesn't feel overboard with its comedic adventure about basic survival tips and skills should it come in handy one day. Plus, it's "ecchi-cational" (thanks for inspiration @Dr_Sephiroth) and with high school girls instead of guys. BUT WAIT, spoilers if this series entices you to read the manga further (and that's as far read more
Sep 17, 2019
Horn_dawg_2019 (All reviews)
If i were to compared this of "Naked and Afraid" , this was the worst survival theme show, I'd ever watch and if Bear Gyrills and Hazen Audel be watching this, I'm pretty sure they'll be giving this fucking original creator Okamoto, Kentarou an earful of bashing.



Pros: The plot was simply based on one of Bear Gyrill's realty show "The Island" where , a group of participant were to moored themselves in an island where they're to survive on their own.

Cons: It has more to do with one girl who has to use her wits in order to survived and the fact that she read more
Sep 22, 2019
ABPAEAE (All reviews)
Sounan Desu ka? takes the very unoriginal general concept of "what if you got stranded on a deserted island?" and applies it to anime, where it's actually something original (if there's more survival anime that came out before this, let me know and I'll eat my hat). However, as original of a concept as it may be, it still falls short as an anime.

The story is the only decent category, followed by the music. It's not something every anime does, and I have to give it some credit for that. It's a concept that's been done worse, but it's also been done far better. Adding read more
Sep 20, 2019
Sasori_Nagashi (All reviews)
Finally this uninformative, unfunny, stupid ass trashfeista is over. God-damn my aversion to dropping series unless they're super long and intolerable. This was just short and intolerable.

This anime features wholly unsafe survival advice. From drinking urine, which is unviable due to the waste products within it causing a number of adverse health effects that heavily outweigh any hydration benefits, to drinking blood, which will cause iron poisoning in most humans if done more than very occasionally and more importantly expose your digestive tract to any number of pathogens.

The very small amount of remotely sound advice offered is offered with as little practical information as possible, read more
Sep 19, 2019
ionvop (All reviews)
The story is pretty straight-forward and pretty much just that.
Plane crashed, they get stuck on an island, and now they have to survive.

There aren't really any large story development, just some casual moments of 4 girls trying to survive.

It's quite informative and can sometimes teach you some basic survival skills, and some can be accurate.
Though I wouldn't recommend stranding yourself alone on an island just to test out what you learned from the anime, do some more research first.

The artstyle is great, and the animation is somewhat decent.

The sounds are ordinary, but there aren't really that much sounds to produce other than the sounds of read more
Sep 18, 2019
Grizzziff (All reviews)

This anime is a total plane crash, but in the best of ways.

Sounan Desu ka?, has a story focused on the survival of 4 high school girls post being stranded on a deserted island. Thankfully one of them has a pretty decent skill set, and with a little team work, the four spend their days trying read more
Sep 18, 2019
ArtyWolve (All reviews)
This anime is simple, but both funny and educational. The characters are likable - not very complex, but not too cliche - and slowly build up their new lives from scratch depending on the survival techniques of the odd but reliable Homare. There isn't too much detail, but the instructions/explanations are clear to the viewer, passing on easy but potentially life saving tips, although hopefully you'll never need to use them.

Definitely interesting just for the trivia, but the characters make the minimal story enjoyable to watch, rather than being like a straight up lesson or guide. With it's short episodes, I think this is an read more
Sep 17, 2019
LegendAqua (All reviews)
Homare's Declassified Stranded in an Island Survival Guide: Anime Short Edition

4 girls gets stranded on an island when their plane crash, they need to survive as well as send for help in any way possible and Homare Onishima knows all the survival tips because of her father teaching her this at an early age. So that's the basic premise, how about the characters?, well due to Homare knowing all the survival tips let alone her childhood mostly in the dangerous wilderness, she a bit of a quirky, blunt social character and that makes her funny in a ways especially with the interactions with the rest read more
Jul 31, 2019
-HippySnob- (All reviews)
Later On :

"Distinguishing the full analogy of such girls who got stranded in an island where episode is almost half time POV Fanservice Skits.."

Heard of Lord of The Flies?

Over-Bloated of grieving.. yet unnecessary civilization against such certain pave of egotism.. Since the summary catches the eye of view within how hard blinded in sense of prevail that can be inevitable.

"Nothing is pretty ordinary"

A word of upbringing to have quite a negative view of human catalyst can be drawn from the messages it carries.

I mean We have Only girls between the ages of 12 who are stranded on an island after they had read more
Sep 17, 2019
ZB_Blades (All reviews)
I’ve noticed a trend recently over the past couple years. No longer are we getting the influx of cute girls doing cute things. Now we are getting cute girls doing cool things. Whether it’s a bunch of friends sailing to Antarctica or camping in the wilderness or now surviving on a deserted island, this sub genre of anime has undergone a change that I believe is for the better.

Sounan Desu Ka or it’s English name “Are You Lost?” is about 4 girls that suddenly find themselves stranded on a deserted island in the middle of nowhere. While this could be the starting point for read more
Dec 20, 2019
AndyhawkZ (All reviews)
After a sudden plane crash, four girls are now stranded on an island in the middle of the ocean. Luckily for them, one of the girls, Homare Onishima, has grown up with an extreme survival expert father, and claims to have been lost numerous times with him. With Homare's wealth of survival knowledge, the four might just live long enough to be rescued! Eventually...?

Are you Lost? is an Ecchi comedy, the unique spin about this comedy is that aforementioned survival on an uninhabited island. Many of the scenarios and situations the girls find themselves in can be funny, educational even. However, there are a small read more
Nov 24, 2019
0309 (All reviews)
I've enjoyed Sounan Desu Ka? Light and entertaining, yet there are many unexpected important things to obtain. The anime's duration per episode suit the theme and the season well.

• Story: It doesn't give strong impression but it's acceptable for short entertainment type of anime.
• Art: It's decent. I like how the anime not barely gives color, expression and so on despite of the duration and stuff.
• Sound: The sound as fair as the story. It's not bad, just average sounds of situation and places.
• Character: I know the characters are common combination like there are the strong one, the silly, the nerd read more
Sep 28, 2019
FuzzyAngel (All reviews)
Let's get this out of the way first - it's a show filled with fan service of very attractive girls in a survival setting.

Having said that, I love both of those things!

The character designs are gorgeous. The personalities of each character are unique and fun. Their group dynamics are what you would expect when you combine those characters in any environment.

What I really loved about this show is that is really does look "real". Yes, the survival tactics are pretty accurate and yes, most people who are not into wilderness camping would be just as clueless as the other characters.

It just was a joy to read more
Sep 17, 2019
youdeli2 (All reviews)
Sounan Desu ka? This is one of two short-form animes for this Summer Season, and in my opinion, it's the lesser of the two. A group of four school girls are stranded on a distant island, three of them are clueless as far as survival techniques go, while the fourth girl, Homare, is well versed in her survival tactics, thanks in part to her dad.

Story: The story isn't very deep. It more or less follows the girls trails on a daily basis, as they try to survive being stranded on this island. Each episode generally had it's own theme, or issue, that they were working read more