Ni no Kuni

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Alternative Titles

Japanese: 二ノ国


Type: Movie
Episodes: 1
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Aug 23, 2019
Producers: None found, add some
Licensors: Netflix
Studios: OLM
Source: Game
Genres: ActionAction, AdventureAdventure, MagicMagic, FantasyFantasy
Duration: 1 hr. 46 min.
Rating: PG-13 - Teens 13 or older


Score: 6.401 (scored by 1931519,315 users)
1 indicates a weighted score.
Ranked: #65502
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Popularity: #2751
Members: 39,211
Favorites: 42

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Jan 16, 2020
anime-prime (All reviews)
1: You are being chased by a guy with a dagger through the streets. You call your friend but he doesn't pick up. What do you do?
A: Call the cops to come and help?
B: Call an adult to come and help?
C: Call your other friend who is in a wheelchair to come and help?
If your answer is C, then you will probably love this movie. If it isn't then you will probably enjoy watching this show to laugh at other dumb things the characters did.

2: You find your stabbed girlfriend on the streets in the arms of your best friend (not in that way, get read more
Jan 17, 2020
caleb3817 (All reviews)
Am I the only one who strongly disliked this movie. The 2d animation was good but the CGI was downright awful. Models looked worse than videogames from two generations ago. It's hard to get into specific details without giving away spoilers but the world history and logic created in the games are completely shattered in this movie. The timeline is all mixed up. The story is often predictable. I think as a stand-alone movie it would be ok for someone who hasn't played the games but as someone whos put 30+ hours into Ni No Kuni 1 and 2 each this movie feels like an read more
Jan 18, 2020
Firechick12012 (All reviews)
What we have here is Level-5's attempt at making a movie, and on the surface, it looks promising. Ni no Kuni is a game series that got started in the early 2010s, and it was famous for one thing: It was the first video game that Studio Ghibli worked on. No, really. Level-5 actually brought Ghibli on to animate various cutscenes and had Joe Hisaishi make the music for it. Needless to say, everyone who played it really liked it. I've been wanting to play the game myself for years, but it was on the PS3, which I could never afford. It did get re-released read more
Feb 9, 2020
Lycanhunt3r (All reviews)
And here I was thinking that I wouldn’t write anime reviews again because of the time that I consume doing so, then NiNoKuni appears on my Netflix. In first glace I wasn’t interested at all, the art style wasn’t appealing, the animation was just OK and the story shown in the trailer looked unoriginal, until I saw them going to a new world, and as an Isekai fan I immediately clicked on it to start watching. Well, at the end of the movie I regret it.

First of all, let’s mourn screenwriting. I would need a couple dozen hours just to talk about all the mistakes read more
Mar 30, 2020
JDbbx (All reviews)
I don't write reviews. Here we go (?)

Ni no Kuni (2019) is a cash grab. This nearly two-hour shambles of a feature length animated movie is, at best, a mediocre isekai. For those of you who are familiar with modern renditions of the isekai genre this should be off-putting as-is. If not please continue reading.

This is quite frankly an absolute monstrosity of an attempt at art. The story is non existant aside from some poorly executed tropes mixed in with your standard quid pro quo of two best friends fighting for the same cause on two different sides; the resolution of which is read more
Jan 22, 2020
HelloHinnie (All reviews)
As someone who has played both Ni No Kuni's major games (Wrath of the White Witch and Revenant Kingdom) this movie does not correlate the game's storyline, it's an alternative storyline at best.
The story is very mediocre, very predictable (I knew the villain the moment I saw him) and does not follow the game's logic. It's like, trying to be Ni No Kuni, but it is not.
The 2D animation is good(as you expect when you consider it's heavily inspired by Ghibli's work), but the CGI is very bad.
The sound is good, many soundtracks are from the original games, and read more
Jan 17, 2020
Meowmeow1 (All reviews)
Continuation of a previous reviewer (because I thought it was hilarious)

3: After saving a princess from another world (whom had a dagger in her stomach just like your girlfriend from your original world), you learn that she has a malignant tumor that may kill her within the next 3 months. Your best friend tries to reason with you by saying that the princess in the other world must be in danger because their lives are linked in theory. In response you:

A) Use the 3mo of time to test the theory before jumping to conclusions

B) Agree with you friend and go back to the other world read more
Feb 14, 2020
henrylists (All reviews)
I really don't know how to start this review. Sorry it's so long.

tldr: This movie is not very good. If you think that this movie will be full of fun references to the games, it doesn't have much in that regard. I would not recommend unless you love the series that much.

Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch is one of my favorite games of all time. I love the characters, the world, the music, and of course the art. This movie however, does not encapsulate anything about the game series at all and leaves a lot to be desired. I know this read more
Jan 31, 2020
TefWORKS (All reviews)
So I loved the movie as a fan of Both ni no kuni games. The whole ending was fantastic lol. I found the whole thing there to be intriguing. If you played the first game it was a fantastic part and only they'd get why it was great.
But all the plot points where stupid on Haru's end. He literally made no sense. The damn girl called a dude in a wheelchair to help her and the dude actually ran.
Those are my issues. Movie was really good otherwise

The music was straight out of the 2 ni no Kuni titles so you know it was great. read more
Feb 14, 2020
CaioOP1985 (All reviews)
Story: 3

So, the initial premise was actually quite good: People in each world are connected in some way, so what happens in one world affects the ones they are connected to in the other. So when Kotona, a girl in our world, is about to die, it seems like the only way to save her is by killing Astrid, a princess in the other world. So the two main characters, Yu and Haru, go against each other to defend the girl they fell in love with.

The first act is pretty solid, introducing the cast, the two worlds and apparently the main conflict of the story read more
Jan 20, 2020
reredundant (All reviews)
Its another isekai, and not a good one given this was inspired from the game
The animation is passable but, most of the characters were either unlikable due to being incredibly stupid, or barely even relevant to the plot, along with that the movie refuses to explain things like how Yu is crippled in the city world but isn’t in the fantasy world, along with that he is linked with his friend so he should’ve also been crippled, or why they were even transported in the first place since the villain could’ve easily killed the king and everyone else, he already was in the process of read more
Mar 1, 2020
kanaida (All reviews)
I've never played the games, so they have no bearing on this review.

The only good thing about this film was the art style. The detail in the monsters was good, and the fight scenes are relatively easy to see (as opposed to lots of flashing lights constantly covering the screen).

Everything else was cliched and/or boring. The characters aren't fleshed out, and the choices they make often make no sense. After spending a brief time in a parallel world, Haru suddenly decides that murdering the world's counterpart will save the girl he likes in his world, and is completely convinced by this.

Beyond the read more
Feb 23, 2020
jonnyaut (All reviews)
This is one of the most uninspired movie I've ever seen.

Most characters are bland and forgettable. Haru`s actions on the other hand are completely unbelievable. Nobody is this dense. He also switches his mood in an instant.

Story is super predictable but it doesn't flow naturally. Everything happens because it needs to. Haru gets mad for no real reason, magic sword appears out of nowheres, and so on. Also those massive plot holes...
The writing is definitely the worst thing about this movie.

There is no world building, nothing gets explained. I haven't played the games so I was completely lost. Those other races are read more
Feb 19, 2020
ATCkit (All reviews)
felt like a mediocre version of 12 kingdoms, Fushigi Yuugi and other Isekai of the 1990 and early 2000s. with all the shortcomings that that time works where knowen for.

to know why I say this watch this video from Crunchyroll's official youtube channel "History of Isekai"

the movie had all the makings of a great anime but it felt condensed forcing conclusions that would have felt more natural if given more time to develop and would have been better executed as a series rather than a movie.

I liked the ending and it did fell complete just wish that it was better passed.
Jan 23, 2020
WitchyCat (All reviews)
I watched this on a whim. I thought the plot was quite interesting. I didn't see the twist coming, but I usually don't. Though it's labeled as a fantasy movie, the world building and magic system are pretty flat. We actually know almost nothing about them outside of what we need to know to understand the plot. The movie is more based around the characters' relationships to each other and their own selves than anything else. I found this movie somewhat entertaining, but somehow it just didn't get me feeling anything. I feel like this movie is one of those movies where the idea or read more
Jan 18, 2020
Gandheezy (All reviews)
This is a Studio Ghibli movie in all but name, and the closest we'll get to one now that they've closed down. Based on a game that Ghibli made a while back and realized into a movie by OLM with the help of some Ghibli veterans, you get a taste here of what the studio would have continued to put out if they stayed open past Mr. Miyazaki's retirement. The result is not bad, but it is almost aggressively mediocre. I think if this is the kind of thing the Studio would have put out without Miyazaki at the helm, maybe it wouldn't have been read more
Jun 19, 2021
M1GAKA (All reviews)
The second best movie I've watched in my life, although I hate the word integration in anime, but this is one of the works that left me no room to object to anything.
Productively, when you see it, you will say that it is a production of Ghibli, so you move it like the latest productions of the studio, the design of colors and characters is more than beautiful and makes you relax because of the genius director
The storyline impressed me, the best work of Isekai followed by the plot and the interconnection between the worlds and characters made me applaud The construction of the fantasy read more
Mar 31, 2021
Gabby_Cheeks (All reviews)
I mean if you played the game as much as I did, you would probably like the movie a lot more.

For those of you who didn't play the game, the old man is actually the character you play as in the game!! It was really cool to see that incorporated.

I didn't care so much for the wrap-up of the movie, yes it made sense, but I was hoping for a bit more. I was thinking that maybe the MC was going to find out his other world self died and that's why he was paralyzed or something to that effect. I understood the point read more
Feb 5, 2021
LuckyTenth (All reviews)
This anime started out with promise as your classic Isekai storyline, but had its own original spark with the ability to traverse between fantasy and reality all while tying the two together with linked lives. Not the most original, maybe, but it was still very intriguing. The pace was a bit fast and felt like some corners were cut, but I was willing to overlook it since it was mostly punitive details anyway.

It goes downhill from there. Fast. It plunges the deuteragonist into an unreasonable mood swing just to split them and proceeds to throw every cliché imaginable at you in the shortest possible timeframe, read more
Oct 14, 2020
OhsnapitsDavid (All reviews)
I can not believe people hate an anime movie because it uses 3d models. It is pathetic. I am an author, movie critic, scholar, and writer. I found this movie to be absolutely well done. The hardest part about any story is in its execution. This movie had a script that delivered. The characters were well planned. The Story was well thought out. Even the fight scenes were enjoyable.

Anything less than a 10 rating would be downplaying this timeless movie. It is a standalone classic. Not many films can be strong enough to stand alone in its performance.

All credit should go to the animators read more