Yu Yu Hakusho: Ghost Files

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Synonyms: Yu Yu Hakusho, Ghost Fighter, Poltergeist Report, YuYu Hakusho
Japanese: 幽☆遊☆白書
English: Yu Yu Hakusho: Ghost Files
Spanish: Yu Yu Hakusho
French: Yu Yu Hakusho
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Type: TV
Episodes: 112
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Oct 10, 1992 to Jan 7, 1995
Premiered: Fall 1992
Broadcast: Unknown
Licensors: Funimation
Studios: Pierrot
Source: Manga
Genres: ActionAction, ComedyComedy, SupernaturalSupernatural
Themes: Martial ArtsMartial Arts, MythologyMythology
Demographic: ShounenShounen
Duration: 24 min. per ep.
Rating: PG-13 - Teens 13 or older


Score: 8.451 (scored by 298237298,237 users)
1 indicates a weighted score.
Ranked: #1382
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Popularity: #283
Members: 611,603
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These two anime are extremely similar, as one would expect since the source material for both anime come from the same mangaka. The two anime have similar themes, characters, and similar, overall atmospheres. 
report Recommended by Em_Leingod
spirit detective.. supernatural stuff and offcorse monsters and demons that is not possible to see by us. so yeah both show have them in common not to forget comedy, and other stuff 
report Recommended by banglaCM
If DBZ is the king of fighting anime, then YYH is the prince. Both have incredible characters, faster than the speed of light movement, more energy attacks then you can shake a stick of Pocky at, and more insane battles than you'll know what to do with. Now, that said, I recommend checking out the anime before you read the manga, especially if you're new to otakudom. The YYH has been known to turn off some readers, but the anime is very crisp considering it was animated over ten years ago. 
report Recommended by Gyt_Kaliba
Both anime have tournament style fights where the protagonists are aiming to save the Earth from the villains. 
report Recommended by VK11
Both created by Yoshihiro Togashi. Shounen genre and involves the main characters discovering a whole new world outside of what they knew. 
report Recommended by username-here
These two classic anime which influences later works are both action packed and utilize similar color and design schemes which were common place for the industry at the time. Both series also set standards of what to expect and/or surpass. 
report Recommended by Yemi_Hikari
• Both animes begin with a teenager getting involved with the demon realm without having a say in it. • In both Yu Yu Hakusho's and Beelzebub's universe exists a mazoku (demon) race. • Both main characters are deliquents,being the strongest in their school. • Both have young,baby looking “demon lords” ( Bel and Koenma).Altough Koenma has over 500 years and can transform into an adult,whereas Bel is really a newborn. • Both are shounens where the main character gets more powerful with each fight,gaining "nakamas" along the way. If you enjoyed watching Yu Yu Hakusho,you might want to give Beelzebub a try. 
report Recommended by -Hotaru_
The main characters from both series are delinquents. They can see spirits/youkai. After an incident they gain spiritual powers in order face these spirits/youkai. Ushio to Tora was remade. Both series are from the 90's.  
report Recommended by AnimeFan500
There's seriously no way that you won't like Yu Yu Hakusho if you liked Naruto. Both shows are about a teenager who has powers and whatnot, and has to save the day from an evil menace by entering tournaments, foiling the plans of bad guys who've been planning a Machiavellian revenge scheme for years, and have to constantly pull a hidden/inner/bloodline/etc power out of their ass every few episodes. 
report Recommended by robfoster
Shaman King is a relatively forgotten series which was majorly influenced by Yuu-Yuu-Hakusho. The style differs from the older style utilized by Yuu-Yuu-Hakusho. Both influde quite a few battles and have a tournament. 
report Recommended by Yemi_Hikari
At first glance the protagonists are the type of character who would alienate everyone around them, yet as the series progress another side of them shows through as they fight for those they care about, whether they be family or the friends they make on the many adventures they go on. One of the series is a more classic series, but another takes what was in the classics and puts a new spin on it as well. 
report Recommended by Yemi_Hikari
Both refer to the use of Super Powers of great destruction,also, both anime's have a great story line and the main characters share a common goal,to become the best. 
report Recommended by Yusuke-Urameshi
Both feature a lovable cast of main characters who hunt non human entities terrorising average humans (demons in YYH and curses in JJK) for the greater good. Both have great premises, world building & art styles with classic OSTs. 
report Recommended by JVskunkape
Kenichi is like Yu Yu Hakusho, but replaces demons with street fighters. They're both worth watching. 
report Recommended by digiboy123
Kenshin and Yu Yu are both two of the classic action/comedy hybrids, while Yu Yu Hakusho is supernatural, and Rurouni Kenshin is more realistic featuring samurai and swordplay. 
report Recommended by Icy_Auron
Yu Yu Hakusho and InuYasha are both in depth fighting animes. The main protagonists, InuYasha and Yusuke, both develop into stronger, more powerful individuals along the course of their adventures. They both weild incredible powers, whether it be InuYasha's Wind Scar, or Yusuke's Spirit Gun, a lot of fun will be had watching either show. 
report Recommended by PlatinumSouls
The main characters gain power from an infant who can talk. They train in...strange ways to master their power and gather a group of friends that battle together. Two entertaining anime that I'd recommend for shounen lovers. 
report Recommended by Monochrome
Both animes have a four man team that fights against demons, and both four man teams are strong, funny and entertaining to watch.  
report Recommended by srlacount
they are both top of the line fighting animes you well find  
report Recommended by aman
Both stories follow two delinquents on the road towards redeeming themselves, yet they still find themselves a mess of trouble. The fight scenes are also quite intense. 
report Recommended by Yemi_Hikari
Both are fighting shounens with long battles.These two have a way to confront the subordinates to finally meet the head of the saga or a Tournament System like Dragon Ball's tournaments. Also both have nice drama moments and some GAR scenes. 
report Recommended by bereta002
These anime are about high school delinquents protecting their hometown from killers with paranormal abilities. In my opinion, DIU has a lot in common with YYH's Chapter Black arc due to its slice of life pacing, unpredictable nature, and the similar functions of Stands and Territories.  
report Recommended by THEAnimeHERO
Both Have a delinquent protagonist who changes his style by some factor and have somebody who always lose in fights for main. (In Yuu Yuu Hakusho are Kuwabara and in School Rumble are Yoshidayama) 
report Recommended by bereta002
Yu Yu Hakusho is similar in its constant progression of shounen glory in which "good" faces off against "evil" and as the enemies get stronger, the characters of justice follow suite and up their powers with each battle and training they undertake. However, I prefered Yu Yu Hakusho in its complex story line, but enjoyed MAR nontheless, and am confident if you like Yu Yu Hakusho you will also enjoy MAR. 
report Recommended by gamejok3r
Both main characters are supposed bad kids that turn out to be saviors of the world, turning into the strongest fighter. 
report Recommended by Batifyy
Both are very iconic battle shounen with a heavy emphasis on action. Not only do they have likeable characters and cool battles, but also a pretty fast pacing without filler episodes. Also the way the characters fight (special techniques, power ups, etc) is very simmiliar. 
report Recommended by AshitaNoJonas
Both main characters have a cocky, stubborn attitude that shows off their strengths and intelligence to out wit the enemy. Meeting up with new characters who get into conflicts with the main character but helps train and guide are protagonist to later on become companions to fight a much bigger evil. Both series have great action/comedy plus good character development as the stories unfolds. 
report Recommended by Obeythealfa
25TH anniv. for showing the best of the girls v.s best of the boys, both shows still holding up today in my opinion. 
report Recommended by Shura-shurato
Both have many elements of mystery. Both have great art styles, characters and gorgeous character designs. Both also have classic OSTs and extremely lovable characters.  
report Recommended by JVskunkape
Yuu-Yuu-Hakusho and JoJo's Bizzare adventures are both classic action anime which delve into the supernatural, yet delve into the supernatural realm in a manner which stood out for their time. 
report Recommended by Yemi_Hikari
Ippo Malunouchi and Yusuke Urameshi are the same courage and they are also brilliant.. This two anime series have the same adventure but The Hajime No Ippo it involves for sports.. 
report Recommended by Dee_Dee
Both are shounen action anime with carefree and independent main characters who nevertheless have a strong loyalty to their friends. Also I found much of the humor in both to be more situational and less slapstick than in your typical shounen genre show (though each definitely has it's share of both types.) 
report Recommended by UserZero
The main male protagonists are brash, but the female ones also share similar personalities. Both involve supernatural, but both involve gaining a group of comrades as the hero proceeds on their jounrney. One is more goal orientated than the other, yet both are action packed. 
report Recommended by Yemi_Hikari
The animation is kinda similiar, and both have kickass action, but R+V stresses the ecchi aspect a lot more. 
report Recommended by Sleezy
It has the feel of Yu Yu Hakusho in regards to it witty humor, fun characters, and jaw dropping action. Not to mention a very well written and casted english dub. Be warned, this is a very graphic anime.  
report Recommended by coolcat
I've always felt Nurarihyon no Mago was strongly influences by Yuu-Yuu-Hakusho despite one dealing with a human gaining supernatural powers and another who is a demon hybrid. The characters in both series are quite colorful, but the demons stand out as being unique as well rather than run of the mill generic like some other series. 
report Recommended by Yemi_Hikari
The Anime deal with fighting off demons, not to mention the main male characters look alike and have similar personalities. There is also an air of mystery.  
report Recommended by Yemi_Hikari
The main protagonists of both series are antagonistic in nature but find themselves dealing with the supernatural after a tragic event of some kind. There is also plenty of action. The styles differ yet are still enjoyable. 
report Recommended by Yemi_Hikari
Both animes are related to fighting, and if you liked the way the story progressed in either anime then you will enjoy the other at the end. They both share a tournament style as well, if you enjoy that feel in an anime... 
report Recommended by KimimaroKenshin
Each series has a slightly different take on interacting with the afterlife, yet is action packed. The characters are also their own, but there is also quirky humor. 
report Recommended by Yemi_Hikari
The main protagonist is rough around the edges yet deep down has a heart of gold. The same protagonist struggles in keeping out of trouble, yet their knack of getting in trouble draws them into an unseen world. Their adventures lead to forming bonds with others, but saving both worlds. 
report Recommended by Yemi_Hikari
Both are shows about a young boy fighting demons using supernatural powers. 
report Recommended by RoarkTenjouin
Both series involve the main character dying in a seemingly heroic accident - until a blue-haired girl from the afterlife informs them that their death wasn't really necessary after all while trying their best not to laugh at their misfortune. Both blue-haired girls end up becoming involved with the main character's future endeavors. Both series also have memorable comedic dialogue, though KonoSuba is considerably more comedy-focused. 
report Recommended by CatSoul
The chemistry and the relationship between the characters They have personalities and similar characteristics, some GetBackers characters seem to mix other Yuyu characters 
report Recommended by LucasBRBF
I think both shows have a similar supernatural concept. I just watched five episodes of Yuu Yuu Hakusho and i think it's very similar to Noragami. Iki Hiyori's soul is apart from her body while she is slept and Urameshi Yusuke while he got an accident (Actually he is death)... 
report Recommended by Programmer69
I'm adding Hunter x Hunter OVA also because it's made by the same man/creator - Yoichiro Togashi - but because Yuu Yuu Hakusho doesn't have a "remake" version, so it's perfectly justified this way. Both have diferent way stories, Yu Yu Hakusho it's about Yusuke, a spirit detetive and Hunter x Hunter is about a boy named Gon and his quest to find his dad. (btw Yusuke it's perfectly similar to Gon - they have a distinct color which is green). Both have friends in their journey and both together have 3, Yusuke meets Kuwabara (he already knew this guy), Kurama and Hiei and Gon meets Killua, Leorio  read more 
report Recommended by Chinaz
Yu Yu Hakusho: Spirit Detective has a very similar general theme, in that there are people from the other realms who come here to make mischief for us mortals and there are those tasked with stopping them. The art style of Kyoukai reminds me a lot of Yu Yu Hakusho. 
report Recommended by Kurlington
These shonen shows have whats in common: Thrill and Action Packed Tournaments race across your mind like crazy! Evil Guys who plan to scheme to take over the entire world from a villain to the next. Cast whose role is destined to save the world by meeting one character to another. The main char resolves to protect their friends and forge bonds which is part of the theme of the show, Strategy is essential to beating opponents with surprises than just mindless fighting.  
report Recommended by SlaughterDagger
Supernatural elements and fantasy setting are alike with the exception that Fate/Zero is seinen as opposed to YuYu Hakusho's shonen theme. Despite all that, fighting may be action packed but at the same time its methodical too as fight progresses.  
report Recommended by SlaughterDagger
Both feature teenagers with powers in a world much like our own where monsters of some kind abound (spirits in Mob Psycho 100, demons in Yu Yu Hakusho). Both main casts comprise: -a protagonist with a lot of spirtual/psychic power (Mob and Yusuke) -a goofy comic relief that still contibutes to the team on his on way (Reigen and Kuwabara) -a ladies man that is originally a villain but turns good (Teru and Kurama) -an edgelord that also turns good after being antagonistic at first (Ritsu and Hiei) 
report Recommended by eddykapo
Another recommendation that should have been obvious. Two head strong protagonists who fight till their last for their conviction and ideals. Who don't back down or yield to authority? Sounds similar to me. Yu Yu has a bit more traditional Shonen flair , like the tournaments. But they're both saying similar things.  
report Recommended by HunterRose
Both protagonists are spiritual detectives and chase bad guys.  
report Recommended by Guruneko
lets see both main characters who start off with a trashy low life beginning and have a similar death in common at the start of the show and are brought back to life to some capacity. both form teams and battle monsters gantz :aliens Yu yu Hakusho: demons 
report Recommended by Josiah-Joestar
Both MC use their fingers for throwing their powers. Countains demons and a vintage atmosphere. 
report Recommended by Anti-Pollen
Both are about someone needing to get stronger through competition with spiritual powers. 
report Recommended by Blooming_Prime
Similar character dynamic 
report Recommended by StariaSan
Similar themes and inspired character design  
report Recommended by StariaSan
Yuu Yuu Hakusho is a great series after watching Devilman or before it. Both series have some similarities and also they both have that old anime feelin'.(Because they are old) -It is playing sometimes in a school -Schoolgirl(s) -Crazy old jokes (that you probably will never understand) -Powerful Antagonist -Supernatural creatures 
report Recommended by Vinzesco
This one episode OVA in terms of art style and sound design is possibly the most similar anime to YuYu Hakusho, it is also from the 90s. There is a couple of gory fights in an arena (it has a similar feel to the dark tournament ark), the protagonist (Baki Hanma) is very reminiscent to Yuske, an important parallel between the two main characters from their respective shows is that they get the sh** kicked out of them. If you liked you liked YYH then you should watch all of Baki (the tv show from the 2000s, and the Netflix adaptation). But  read more 
report Recommended by Senpai-Shitu
Both series deal with youkai and can be either funny of serious depending on the situation 
report Recommended by OnyxSaiyan
Both are battle shounen anime. Both have well written characters. Both move along at a reasonable pace. Both have well animated fight scenes. 
report Recommended by Anime-Erik
Both are obviously action-packed shounen, but also have relaxed moments (and entire episodes in Boruto's case) to spend time with the characters, making them feel very real along with the world around them. 
report Recommended by RSVaughan
D-Gray Man too like YuYu Hakusho is another supernatural shounen fighting show about good fighting evil demons. In my opinion YuYu Hakusho is superior but it is worth watching D-Gray Man because there are stuff that you will find similar to YuYu Hakusho. 
report Recommended by SlaughterDagger
both YYH and DS is about a guy who works hard to grow strong and both these guys fight demons...and both of them work for organizations that fight demons for yusuke it's the spirit world with the job title of spirit detective where as for Tanjiro its the demon slayer corps with a straight forward job title which lives up to the series name demon slayer.  
report Recommended by Josiah-Joestar
Mix Martial arts and Tournament related fights are included in both of this anime. Opponents train and fight each other to the point that they are unable to move. One opponent after another. 
report Recommended by Heaven_Piercer
Yu Yu Hakusho’s Dark Tournament Arc and Black Chapter Arc are very comparable to MH Acadamia’s Sport Festival Arc and Hero Killer Arc. 
report Recommended by pikachiu24
“Yu Yu Hakusho” and “eX-Driver” involve a talented novice on the side of justice facing off against a skilled veteran who has betrayed the people he once worked for and has gathered a group of misfits in order to carry out his malevolent biddings. Former comrades must go up against each other as their interests clash in these two anime. The protagonist of both is a young boy who has taken over the former duties of his predecessor after a lengthy period of time. The antagonists from the two anime pose dangerous threats, being far more experienced and knowing tricks as to defeating their past teammates.  read more 
report Recommended by StevenHu
Similar to how Sesshomaru's design could remind someone of Youko Kurama, the protagonist Hanamichi Sakuragi has such strong design ties with YYH Kuwabara that one need only to make subtle changes to the plot of Slam Dunk for it to fit with the continuity of YYH. 
report Recommended by Foolness
Yuu Yuu Hakusho is an older series but has some similarities. Both MC started with 0, improving gradually through training. Both MC some kind of hidden power Similar personality, although MC of Yuu Yuu Hakusho is smarter in my opinion  
report Recommended by Top10_anime
While being more of a merchandise anime better compared to YuGioh, the first artwork/design/plot style of BeyBlade (especially the non-American dub) had strong similarities with the character elements of YYH initially. Without spoiling anything, the general gist of the 4 character team involves a head strong protagonist with a bluish special attack, a stoic fire wielder that was initially an antagonist and a smart MA guy one who uses plants and the other an animal but both have their past as leaders of a previous group. Only the 4th member in each group was different but they also have a similarity in that they are very original  read more 
report Recommended by Foolness
Both are about a group of variable characters with their own quirks and fight scenes with the occasional, but welcome, filler. 
report Recommended by MetalShadowX
Yuu Yuu is a much older anime than Rental Magica, but very analogous I looked across my whole entire animelist, and Yuu Yuu Hakusho correlated to Rental Magica the most, and vice versa. The supernatural powers are at hand, but take diverse forms. (Only real thing is... Rental Magica takes a massive leap to take used to as it is lethargic in the beginning)  
report Recommended by HardToName
Despite the fact that Kyou Kara Ore Wa doesn't have any supernatural element and is shorter than Yu Yu, these testosterone-filled anime are really similar, as they both involve: - Rebellious delinquents as protagonists; - Plenty of action, fights, and martial arts; - A spiky character design; - Almost identical comedy styles and school life moments; - Very few female characters, always with supporting roles, who provide some romance, despite these anime's strong, manly attitude. 
report Recommended by RenaPsychoKiller
where as angelic layer is more on the cutesy side of things both of these shows have a turnament in which the main character must win or overcome. the stories are really good but with the longer shows the characters just have to keep fighting in more turnaments. 
report Recommended by animehawk8504
fighting demons,similar graphics,and the main character does anything to save the people he loves. 
report Recommended by RedFingers15
Both titles are from the early 1990's with similar art, animation, and a similar vibe. The main protagonist in both anime is a teenage boy who finds themselves fighting against supernatural forces and must use extraordinary powers to protect humanity. Both titles are action-packed Shonen anime with fast-paced action sequences as well. If you enjoyed one, you should like the other.  
report Recommended by Hellspawn28
Both anime are action-packed with a lot of fights. They also have crazy martial arts techniques and a story focusing around a tournament. Both have a similar animation style and atmosphere as well. 
report Recommended by Hellspawn28
Lots of awesome fights along with an overlayed plot that makes it a really awesome show! 
report Recommended by Glamrgrl104
If you enjoyed YYH for the awesome fights and Kuwabara and Yuusuke being dumb yet charismatic thugs, and if you don't mind a fair bit of crass humor, then you will probably like Shonan Junai Gumi. SJG is a prequel to Great Teacher Onizuka and covers the main character Onizuka's days as part of the delinquent duo Onibaku. It's got great humor and some badass fights, and shows Onizuka and Ryuuji both kicking ass and getting their ass kicked. 
report Recommended by Numi
Blue Seed and Yu Yu hakusho both have lots of action packed fighting. Both main characters fight demonic creatures and have a romance with another character. The main character kusanagi acts a lot like Yuuske. 
report Recommended by TDBanimefan
Not as bad as most people think. It immediately brings to mind Yu Yu Hakusho, due to having some of the same Voice Actors. The eldest brother Abashiri, Goemon is voiced by Chiba, Shigeru, or Kuwabara from YYH(Also does Buggy from One Piece). The main love interest, Shirane, Yukiko, is voiced by Amano, Yuri who does Yusuke's love interest from YYH Yukimura, Keiko. The main Abashiri character Kikunosuke, is highly reminiscent of a female version of Yusuke, in terms of a similar physical appearance, as well as similar power level and fighting style. 
report Recommended by SlickD
Lots of blood, demon fighting, and that sweet late 80s-early 90s anime aesthetic. 
report Recommended by Neko-Hoshishima
"Yu Yu Hakusho" and "Tekken: The Motion Picture" involve incredibly muscular and powerful people fighting against each other under a ridiculous premise with supernatural elements. Despite both anime focusing on action, they each do a very poor job of portraying it. 
report Recommended by StevenHu
"Yu Yu Hakusho" and "Punchline" are two series surrounding a young male protagonist who has control over spirit powers after becoming a ghost as well as involving a world filled with spirits and possession of bodies. Now that they have entangled themselves with the world of the supernatural, they must now ready themselves to save the world from imminent destruction. With the similar premise, both shows contain action but mostly differs from that point on in terms of their genres. 
report Recommended by StevenHu
It has the feel of Yu Yu Hakusho in regards to it witty humor, fun characters, and jaw dropping action. Not to mention a very well written and casted english dub. Be warned, this is a very graphic anime.  
report Recommended by coolcat
Supernatural powers/fighting techniques, mostly damn serious dialogue and a very dark story, one a bit more kiddier than the other but get you quite hooked to see the outcome of the story, and both are remembered series some times ago. 
report Recommended by Shura-shurato
The original Devilman had a pretty heavy influence on Yu Yu Hakusho, which comes through in several ways. Demon fighting is an obvious one, with lots of bloody close-quarters brawls that get your blood pumping. The thematic exploration of evil and human nature is another; being a main theme of Devilman, it is also touched upon in early arcs of YYH and later delved into more deeply in a later arc. Even putting the influence aside, exciting, intense action combines with likable characters and solid writing that makes both of these shows a lot of fun. 
report Recommended by Neko-Hoshishima
Both of these are fighting anime Both are involved with tournament-survival game both of these anime's are Shounen both have supernatural fight humans and demons  
report Recommended by wolfyna
In both of the anime the main characters die in the beginning and are brought back to life. They continually fight and become stronger. Spoiler! Later they are chased by the organizations that they work for and separate themselves from society to prevent harming others. 
report Recommended by werewolfofusa
Jyuushin Enbu and Yuu Yuu Hakusho both portray martial arts in cool fictional fashions. Yuu Yuu Hakusho focuses on spirit energy, whereas Jyuushin Enbu focuses on Souhiki Naiden (called something like that, I probably screwed the name up though.) 
report Recommended by Monkey_D_Luffy
The main characters in these two shows are 14 years old and go to middle school. Both main characters want to protect a girl they like and they have supernatural powers.  
report Recommended by MoonLite88
Supernatural powers are the key elements in both shows and they in fact are similar since they involve extinguishing evil spirits/demons in Japan.  
report Recommended by SlaughterDagger