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Alternative Titles

English: Yu Yu Hakusho: Ghost Files
Synonyms: Yu Yu Hakusho, Ghost Fighter, Poltergeist Report, YuYu Hakusho
Japanese: 幽☆遊☆白書


Type: TV
Episodes: 112
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Oct 10, 1992 to Jan 7, 1995
Premiered: Fall 1992
Broadcast: Unknown
Licensors: Funimation
Studios: Studio Pierrot
Source: Manga
Duration: 24 min. per ep.
Rating: PG-13 - Teens 13 or older


Score: 8.471 (scored by 161,758 users)
1 indicates a weighted score. Please note that 'Not yet aired' titles are excluded.
Ranked: #1182
2 based on the top anime page. Please note that 'Not yet aired' and 'R18+' titles are excluded.
Popularity: #261
Members: 341,087
Favorites: 13,483


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Jul 7, 2008
ensatsu-ken (All reviews)
Alright, I'll start off by saying that I'm no longer a big fan of fighting-based anime. However, I do still enjoy the ones which are well done, as well as some of the classics. That said, if you really don't like fighting anime of any sort, even if its one which has a decent or really good story, then don't bother reading this review, because I can already tell you that this anime is most likely not for you.

Anyways, for those of you who do like a well constructed fighting/action anime, Yu Yu Hakusho is an outstanding show in this category, overall. Yes, it is read more
Mar 16, 2008
UserZero (All reviews)
I was pleasantly surprised when I first watched this show, as I was expecting another typical DBZ clone that was heavy on action but light on the plot and character development. Amazingly what I discovered was the first shounen action anime that was ever able to hold my attention for over 100 episodes. Despite the length of the series and the now-familiar superpowered junior high school student cliché, Yu Yu Hakusho manages to deliver original material for each episode.

What really set this show apart from other shounen action shows for me was the relatively intelligent use of dialogue by the main characters. I originally watched read more
Sep 18, 2014
EpicBlargman (All reviews)
Probably one of the greatest Anime's ever made in my personal opinion. It is a timeless classic that really stands out. This was the second anime I ever watched back in the day thanks to Toonami. Here is my thoughts and opinions on Yu Yu Hakusho.

Story/Plot: Yu Yu Hakusho’s setting is in Japan. It tells the story of Yusuke Urameshi who was hit by a car while trying to save a child’s life. Now Yusuke has to survive ordeals and investigate cases concerning apparitions and demons all while trying to get his life back. Yusuke gets new found powers and has to defend spirit read more
Dec 10, 2009
Rotom (All reviews)
I decided to make some sort of review of this since there didn't seem to be many negative ones previously. The first thing I want to say here is that Hunter x Hunter, the other popular work from the same author, is one of my favorite anime series for half a decade. I therefore had very high expectations for Yu Yu Hakusho. Hell, I'd even have been able to say I liked it even if it was a Dragonball clone. But it was something much worse...

The story is quite trivial most of the time; it gets somewhat good during the last 25 or so eps, read more
May 26, 2012
Ginga_Daiuchuu (All reviews)
Here we go, once more, from the top.

Fighting Shounen like to correspond to a particular formula and list of tropes, one of the most consistent and predictable genres of anime in existence. That being said, it’s also the most popular genre out there, pandering to the mentally challenged section of the anime community. Bleach is an unholy tragedy that follows the, "This isn't even my final form!" trend that seems to last forever and Naruto has the biggest fan base of fat losers I've ever had the displeasure to see or know.

But way back before the dinosaurs became extinct, good Shounen existed. Something had to read more
Sep 13, 2018
ChouEritto (All reviews)
Note: For the most part a copy-paste of my review of the manga, with a few anime changes warranting a little separate discussion.

Yu Yu Hakusho is a series that has garnered a reputation as a great classic amongst many members of the anime/manga community. Much like the opinion of any arc of DBZ after the Saiyan Arc being good, however, most of the praise YYH gains as a great work is purely fuelled by one of the major banes of critical thinking; nostalgia.

Note that this review will be more of a spoiler-filled analysis of each arc of the series to fully analyse the story's quality, read more
Aug 17, 2010
deleteme234 (All reviews)
Heartwarming, Addictive, Classic...

Yu Yu Hakusho remains one of the most cherished animes I have watched in my entire life. From beginning to end, I always find it hard to stop watching Yu Yu Hakusho, from the intense battles to the great character development. There are 112 episodes and I have managed to actually watch this series 3 entire times and I own all 4 seasons on DVD. This is one of my favorite shows and I hope this review can convince you to watch Yu Yu Hakusho if you haven't already.


I'm going to review the story not as a whole, but instead by giving my read more
Jun 25, 2014
djer- (All reviews)
NOTE: I apologize ahead of time for a rather lengthy and what’ll seem dragged on review, this is a show that holds a special place in my heart -gets teary- So I wouldn't feel right leaving anything that I feel is important out of this review. Thank you for taking the time to read this.

“Don’t judge a book by the cover.” This is the first thing that comes to my mind when I think about the show that is Yu Yu Hakusho, given it’s not actually a book but an anime adaptation of a manga, baka, of course I know this much. It appears read more
Jun 9, 2007
Yusuke-Urameshi (All reviews)
This anime is outstanding because it is based on a great story where Spirit Detective Yusuke Urameshi has to team up with Kazuma Kuwabara,Yoko Kurama ( Minamoto Suichi ) and Hiei Jaganshi and save the Human World from demons.
I like the action, storyline, graphics ( Needs improvement though, but still outstanding !!!) and the Cool Super Powers that each one of those character has,its just outstanding.
I also like how they put the Saga's together,they're only 4 Saga's,which is good.Unlike Dragonball ( Z,GT etc...),which has alot of Saga's,the makers of Yuu Yuu Hakusho knew that if they put in too read more
Dec 2, 2015
G0dLey (All reviews)
Honestly i was a little skeptical about this anime series since it was old. Usually old anime series aren't that great because of the bad audio and artwork, where'as you compare it to like Parasyte maxim another amazing anime series the artwork really differentiates. But this anime series was so fricken good i love the characters, artwork and sound effects/music used. Its the best damn show ive seen so far, the story is very well put together i loved the character development of Yusuke and company. I would recommend this to all of my friends, since this show was absolutely awesome 10/10
Jun 29, 2007
loneseeker1990 (All reviews)
Yu Yu Hakusho is another one of my favorites and its definitely my favorite long running anime. (over 100 eps) It does seem to drag on at parts but eventually brings the viewers attention back with the plots twists and turns. The original version of it is so much better once it was brought to afternoon television the censor absolutely butchered it to pieces so if you didn\'t appreciate the one that aired on Toonami I suggest finding a version that isn\'t chewed up by the proverbial censor and spit out as a peice of crap.
Mar 8, 2008
Jin_Kaze_Tsukai (All reviews)
Never have I given anything a perfect ten really, and I mean that. However Yu Yu Hakusho I believe deserves that rating. I had been a fan watching DBZ for the longest time, however I threw that show out the window with this one. For all of you wanting to get into the shounen aspect of anime here it is. It's short than most action shows (112 episodes), and shows a considerable amount of characterization. As we meet each person, especially our main cast we may have mixed feelings. Yusuke is a punk, but he has a big heart regardless, Kuwabara may come off stupid read more
Oct 6, 2016
themegamancave (All reviews)
"You can't end a good party without somebody on the floor."
-Yusuke Urameshi

Nostalgia is powerful. Whether it's snuggling up in a warm, fleece blanket watching Christmas movies with family or taking a casual stroll through a vibrant Autumn color scheme. It reminds us of a very secure and comfortable time in our life. There are certain things in our lives, artifacts from that time period that act as memory vessels, transporting our minds back to that time. For me and presumably most of us here on MAL, the nostalgia-inducing medium is most likely anime or video games. The euphoric feeing that this nostalgia instills in our read more
Nov 27, 2013
ggultra2764 (All reviews)
Yuyu Hakusho is one of the few Toonami titles I never had a chance to see too often during the block's peak of popularity in the early to mid 2000s. It is a shounen battle anime following in the vein of titles like Dragon Ball Z and Saint Seiya that were popular during the time period where you have superpowered heroes fighting evil forces, training to increase their power, participating in battle tournaments and characters often bragging about their powers and abilities. Yuyu Hakusho follows a number of the cliches typical of these titles, but does have some elements to it that stick out compared read more
Nov 9, 2008
Hayamin (All reviews)
One of my first and favorite Animes, just want to share my thoughts.

Story: A common misconception about this series is that it's just another Dragonball Z. It is not. While both contain energy blasts and fighting, the plots here are more deep and complex especially during the third arc. It really made me think about the way the world works. Otherwise, every other arc is a tournament but viewers are compensated with well written characters and great development. The other surprise is that there were no stupid filler episodes. In fact, the Manga had more chapters that can be considered "filler" material. For an Anime read more
Jun 22, 2011
animefreak0007 (All reviews)
I know to most this was a classic but to me it was so cliche. Maybe because I watched all the new anime before going back to the 90s.
This show started off good. Everything was not what it seemed. Yet as the show progressed it became repetitive and a bore.
The same old thing with hero who was weak gets stronger. I usually root for the underdog, but not this one.
Jun 1, 2013
Cbubbles (All reviews)
Although not totally faithful to the manga, this is one of those shows where the problem is that it maybe didn't take enough liberties, and the pacing kinda got lost in translation between the two mediums. It has a certain charm to it, but once the action starts getting emphasized, it turns into one of the slowest, least fluid shows I've ever seen. You know the saying "show, don't tell"? A character will use some move, and then they spend twice the time explaining what just happened.

"Ha ha! I've turned some of my hairs into demon monster things!"

"Oh no! I can see that read more
Aug 22, 2015
ApertureEmployee (All reviews)
Mod Edit: This review may contain spoilers.

There are 4 seasons, or sagas, to YYH; the first saga lasts 25 episodes and the protagonists fight Rando and complete the Maze Castle and fight the Toguro brothers. A lot happens in those 25 episodes. While that doesn't improve the animation quality, poor music, or a weird translation (I watched the dub only, but the translation into English felt much more rocky than any other anime that I've watched), the story and enjoyment boost my rating of the first saga to a 6.

Then the second saga begins. The entire saga revolves around one tournament, The Dark Tournament, in read more
Sep 7, 2014
literaturenerd (All reviews)

Yu Yu Hakusho is a classic early 90s shonen that was popular throughout the world. Lets take a look at what made this shonen different from its peers and what it did well to achieve its beloved status.

Story: 7/10

The series is about a juvenile delinquent that is brought back to life after being killed by a car. In exchange for his new life, he must work as a paranormal investigator working for Heaven itself to hunt renegade demons. The plot starts out quite unique and interesting, but then Yasuhiro Togashi's laziness becomes apparent and there is a tournament every 2 arcs like clockwork. The 3 read more
Jul 28, 2014
Saandro (All reviews)
I think most of the high reviews here are just based on nostalgia. I recently watched this anime and found it absolutely boring and unenjoyable.

The characters are actually pretty decent. They dont receive that much development but they are fine. Yusuke in particular seems better then Luffy, Naruto and Ichigo. But thats the only good thing I can say.

Most of this series consists of fights. Which would be great if it werent for every fight following the same formula. Good guys fight against overhyped superevil demon and get their ass handed to them. But they never kill them. Then you have 2 options. The good read more