Machikado Mazoku

The Demon Girl Next Door

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Alternative Titles

Synonyms: Street Corner Demon
Japanese: まちカドまぞく
English: The Demon Girl Next Door
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Type: TV
Episodes: 12
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Jul 12, 2019 to Sep 27, 2019
Premiered: Summer 2019
Broadcast: Fridays at 01:28 (JST)
Licensors: Sentai Filmworks
Studios: J.C.Staff
Source: 4-koma manga
Genres: ComedyComedy, Slice of LifeSlice of Life
Theme: Mahou ShoujoMahou Shoujo
Duration: 24 min. per ep.
Rating: PG-13 - Teens 13 or older


Score: 7.651 (scored by 5098050,980 users)
1 indicates a weighted score.
Ranked: #12152
2 based on the top anime page. Please note that 'Not yet aired' and 'R18+' titles are excluded.
Popularity: #1396
Members: 132,418
Favorites: 916

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Despite their settings, both being comedies in which the forces of good and evil live side-by-side in an everyday setting, these shows could not be further from each other. Gabriel Dropout is a comedy specialized in mean-spirited humor, where we're supposed to laugh at the characters' misfortune; if this speficic type of humor misses you, you should avoid it (like me). On the other hand, Machikado Mazoku is, while comedic in nature, actually a heartwarming tale about human kindness. I personally would recommend checking out the latter. 
report Recommended by gomennasai
- They're both about a demon and a magical girl helping eachother - The jokes are quiet similar 
report Recommended by Akiichu
Both series talks about Demons in which they deal with poverty, while the devil is a part timer is more about a demon lord working to take over the world, Machikado Mazoku is all about a demon girl working to get her family out of poverty. In both series you will see how they struggle in life and money matters as well as how they deal with their powers and their environment.  
report Recommended by MetalTsundere
Both MCs are tasked with something way too difficult for them but with support of people around they keep on trying. Shows filled with positivity. They make you support (and maybe pity) those girls.  
report Recommended by blackhaulmike
Both shows have a similar type of humor, and are ultimately very lighthearted, fun, and show demons and magical characters in a non-traditional setting, playing on and parodying common media tropes. Both anime feature fun characters, centering around a cute girl, and, most importantly, despite being primarily comedies, both shows feature a surprising amount of genuine heart. You really start to grow to love the characters by the end of the shows, and both shows have some really touching moments. If you liked one of these shows, I highly recommend the other! 
report Recommended by celestialnerd
Wholesome series about people being nice to each other 
report Recommended by IDieScreaming
In both anime, the characters and the plot are very calm, pleasant and friendly, but above all adorable. 
report Recommended by Diegolan
If you like anime filled with cute girls, these two anime are must watch. Both are extremely cute fantasy series with great character designs. In Endro the good girls try to beat the demon lord, while in Machikado the demon lord tries to beat the good girls. Major difference is that Machikado is a fast paced comedy, while Endro is more relaxing.  
report Recommended by Khalan
Same level of comedy. Lots of goofy powers or situations which really mirror how I felt when I watched Ika Musume for the first time. It's a cute feel good show with silly jabs. Even though it's now almost ten years older than this anime, it's still worth a watch. 
report Recommended by Yup
Demon girl is on a quest to murderize a certain magical girl / witch. Her attempts fail in the most spectacular and comedic fashion and said magical girl / witch does not take her seriously in that matter and even tries to befriend her. Both are quality and totally underrated slapstick comedies, however Jashin-Chan contains some dark humour and mild amount of gore. 
report Recommended by Piromysl
Under the layer of heartwarming school comedy we can see bunch of sad characters trying hard to overcome those feelings. In case of Joshikousei no Mudazukai it applies more to side characters which the main trio meets. 
report Recommended by blackhaulmike
Both are series that largely focus on the bonding between female characters who are from different backgrounds/factions, and would seemingly be enemies, but overcoming that barrier to become close friends. 
report Recommended by FinalReality56
Anime that poke fun at magical girls are surprisingly common, but these two share protagonists with less-than-typical goals who struggle to fit in to the stereotypes. They have very different approaches to the slice-of-life elements, largely due to their very different episode lengths, but the comedic timing and styles are very similar. 
report Recommended by cureglitter
Hanayamata and Machikado Mazoku are two Cute Girls Doing Cute Things slice of life shows, though the latter is also technically a magical girl show. The characters surrounding the main protagonist tend to tease her a bit, including the strange girl she meets, but it's still all good fun. They're both fun to watch through both the somewhat episodic hijinks and the very colorful visuals, though Hanayamata has the added edge of more consistent animation quality. 
report Recommended by Fario-P
one is an isekai, one is a magic girl slice of life, but they have similar sense of humor. the world buildings are Kafkaesque surreal, many cool-looking magic practices turned out to be mundane bureaucracy red tapes. 
report Recommended by hirokokueh
Both shows have a world that is bright and cheerful, and comical aspects, and this despite the darker undercurrents their settings have. Also both shows feature magical girls, one of whom has what could be described as PTSD symptoms. 
report Recommended by NeaRetrogamer
Both series have a character with the same name and hair colors. Also, much stronger than the main girl of their respective series. While both series have some yuri moments, Machikado Mazoku is a CGDCT slice-of-life anime while Shokei Shoujo no Virgin Road is a dark-fantasy anime. 
report Recommended by ThomasSaw
Both are SoL featuring characters who have very bad luck and constantly have misfortune happening to them. Rather than giving up, both decided to work hard so they can finally escape the cycle of misfortune.  
report Recommended by TheRockzSG
Both animes are wholesome and they involve two people who are natural enemies: one on the side of good and the other being a demon girl. They're supposed to fight but they quickly turn from enemies to friends (lovers in the case of Love After World Domination). 
report Recommended by VenomEmperor
Both shows are wholesome and involve an extremely unlucky and clumsy MC plus a pink haired waifu who is OP at most times and saves the MC from all sorts of disasters but has moments of shyness plus they have similar weaknesses that are covered for by the MC. 
report Recommended by VenomEmperor
both have tons of cute girls doing cute things aspects Nd the comedy in both is actually good. Both work well as anti-depressant animes that will just put you into a good mood and make you feel a little better. Also in Machikado Mazoku the main character has a great voice actor (same one as Chika from kaguya sama) that really fits the character in subbed. 
report Recommended by Brentith
Machikado Mazoku and Lucky Star are two slice-of-life comedies with cute female leads, bright art styles, and references to video games. Both shows are centered a lot around two of the female leads, the main character and another girl with pigtails, and one of the two even seems to be similarly bothered with the other. Yuuko and Konata make for very funny main leads in my opinion. 
report Recommended by Fario-P
Machikado Mazoku and Bottle Fairy are two fun slice of life anime to watch if you are looking for some wholesome anime with fantasy main characters interacting with the real world. There's plenty of cartoony humor and funny misunderstandings in both shows, and the art styles and character designs of both are really cute! 
report Recommended by Fario-P
Having seen Tonari no Kyuuketsuki-san twice recently, I wanted to find something to re-watch instead to fill that void. The conditions were slice of life, released 2017-present and of course, that it be good. Of the options presented to me which met those conditions, Machikado Mazoku is the one I feel best pairs with Tonari no Kyuuketsuki-san. It has a similar style of humour but is different enough to be viable in conjunction. 
report Recommended by Tenderizer79
Both series have a humor based on the absurd. In addition, both present a world where extremely abnormal occurrences (such as seeing a girl with horns and tail walking down the street or a tsundere attacking her lover with a BAZUKA) are taken as something of everyday. 
report Recommended by CL372
They're similar in financial circumstances and behavior, One is living with their family in a small house and they're dedicated determined at the things they do and The other lives in a large house alone not knowing how to cook, do chores, only eating pre-made food and has family issues.  
report Recommended by KingofEmperors
-Both anime revolves around the daily lives of someone with magical powers, though Machikado Mazoku is more moe and has a little plot on it, they still follow the same slice of plot plot where the main character who has special powers tries her best and lives a normal life. School also doesn't play a much bigger role in both animes but family and friends are. 
report Recommended by MetalTsundere
They are non-serious shows that have somewhat serious or mysterious atmosphere/plot/world in the background, though the characters themselves are really optimistic (Machikado Mazoku) or oblivious (Kemono Friends) to that 'seriousness'. This enables them to put a smile on your face watching character interactions, while leaving you something to ponder about at their slow-but-progressing plots and somewhat mysterious worlds.  
report Recommended by WariReku
Mahou Shoujo animes that parody the Magical Girl genre in some way or another, however the comedy of each anime vary greatly and may not be for all. Machikado Mazoku includes demons with magical girls, instead it's mostly uneventful and it's closer to the traditional CGDCT genre, recommended for all ages. Panty & Stockings is much more closer to the traditional mahou shoujo genre, but the girls are pretty hedonistic and can have very colourful language and scenes, also has experimental animation there. 
report Recommended by tlato_but
- Cute and wholesome characters - Really funny - Great story - Has slice of life elements -NOT 'isekai' genre 
report Recommended by Nightmare_Nova
Both are about demons and stuff, but they're both actually cute and fluffy shows. Both have a sort of light pastel colour scheme and laid back pacing. 
report Recommended by StarManOfAtmora
With a lot of the same staff working on both shows, they share a similar animation and comedy style. Mewkledreamy is lighter and more episodic, but has the same wholesome warmth. There is also a few references to Machikado Mazoku hidden away if you keep an eye out. 
report Recommended by TheDampGod
Both are series about a less than intelligent main protagonist who make friends and find themselves defacto leaders of a group of varied characters through being good people and helping others out, often without even realising it. Applies more so to the machizoku manga than the current extent of the anime adap. 
report Recommended by Fortnight
Quiet and fun animes with lots of doses of moe characters, kawaii moments and adorable situations. Do not get confused! They are both very good if you like this genre. 
report Recommended by Diegolan
The tone of the comedy in both is similar. The MC's have similar personalities as do their respective foils. 
report Recommended by asteron
Machikado Mazoku and Ojamajo Doremi are two funny magical girl shows about a red-haired girl who has just received magical powers and are expected by others to do something, but isn't very good at doing said task. However, the main character in both shows is supported by her friends, who try to help her with her troubles. Both shows are just wholesome, and are also directed by people who are no strangers to directing magical girl anime. 
report Recommended by Fario-P