Dr. Stone

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Japanese: ドクターストーン
English: Dr. Stone
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Type: TV
Episodes: 24
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Jul 5, 2019 to Dec 13, 2019
Premiered: Summer 2019
Broadcast: Fridays at 22:00 (JST)
Producers: TOHO animation, Shueisha
Licensors: Funimation, Crunchyroll
Source: Manga
Genres: AdventureAdventure, ComedyComedy, Sci-FiSci-Fi
Themes: SurvivalSurvival, Time TravelTime Travel
Demographic: ShounenShounen
Duration: 24 min. per ep.
Rating: PG-13 - Teens 13 or older


Score: 8.301 (scored by 865966865,966 users)
1 indicates a weighted score.
Ranked: #2422
2 based on the top anime page. Please note that 'Not yet aired' and 'R18+' titles are excluded.
Popularity: #60
Members: 1,428,262
Favorites: 23,577

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The main character is removed from modern world and tries to bring civilization and modern goods to a world that doesn't know those. 
report Recommended by abystoma2
They talked about people who lived in the future when they aren’t people except them they also talked how to rebuild the earth and human civilization 
report Recommended by randfu
If you are looking for a fun way to learn something, this is it: Dr. Stone will teach you about basically anything science - from geology to how to chemistry -, while Cells at Work will tell you all about the inner workings of the human body! Both have a fun story as well, though Cells at Work is more episodic and comedic, while Dr. Stone has a long-running story and with also some mystery elements.  
report Recommended by Josine
They both involve having to get used to a new way of living. Starting a new society. Working together and building a society.  
report Recommended by JakklL
Both have "Mad Scientist" MC 
report Recommended by Kudryavkaa
For the first episode, I get this vibe from the MC Appare the same brain power we have with Senku from Dr. Stone but with Machines. He's a very skillfull and smart person when it comes to machines. Creating his own machine from scratch. If you love the character of Senku from Dr. Stone or the anime itself, you might wanna try this one too and it's very good 
report Recommended by lanzel-senpai
Both MCs are very passionate of their work and are not afraid to think out of the box to gain an advantage of a situation. They work their way around things that may seem impossible and will always see through things to the end. Their hard work and dedication is something that stands out from everyone else, which obviously attracts the attention from a variety of people naturally making them a leader of some sorts and a target for others. Many surprise moments and wow factors from both anime that will put you on the edge of your seat. 
report Recommended by Koben
Both feature their own take on science heavily. Dr. stone's science if more grounded in realism whereas FMA:B's alchemy is more exaggerated for it's fictional world. Both science's and the young genius main characters who use it, shape the world around them. Both are exhilarating series with great OST's, plots & characters. 
report Recommended by JVskunkape
-Strong rivalry between the protagonist and the rival -Both MCs use their intellect to get to their goal -Both MCs would go very far to reach their goals -Both series have the 200iq moments where the MCs just out smart everyone  
report Recommended by abiisu
-Both feature similar protagonists -In both, the setting is a world in which the protagonist is able to reap benefits due to their extensive intellect -Both are over the top and exaggerated, especially regarding usually mundane acts like playing chess or gathering materials 
report Recommended by thelectricow
Both series heavily feature sensationalised science (albeit FMA's is more fictitious) and they both also have young prodigy main characters who have a deep understanding and innate talent for this science. Both MC's have important family ties that connect them in unique ways to the world around them. 
report Recommended by JVskunkape
Both involves certain situation where the characters found themselves in a predicament where SURVIVAL is not just the name of the game but also to thrive as they live on.  
report Recommended by JiangHaoyi1979
Dr Stone and The Promised Neverland both are about young people who take a stand for themselves, not only for the better of themself but for those around them as well. Dr Stone follows student scientist genius Senku carrying humanity on his back by trying to take it back to how it once was. TPN takes on the same kind of idea but on a smaller scale with the highly intelligible children of Grace Field having to save themselves from the bleak future that awaits them if they are too late. Both are good anime for the shounen demographic which are based upon using the brain for  read more 
report Recommended by NextUniverse
Both are science-related informational anime with characters that use a lot of dark humour.  
report Recommended by pandanbee
Crew. Assassination Classroom and Dr Stone follow characters who have this great connection between each and every individual, regardless of who is an MC or side character. Assassination Classroom focuses on class 3-E teamwork to kill Koro-sensei. Dr Stone follows Senku's plan to remake the world from its shambles of the stone age it had gone back too. In a sense too both Koro-sensei and Senku are really smart people too. Both are good shounen anime with great comedy, Dr Stone giving the action of the brains, Assassination Classroom doing so with the action of trainee assassins.  
report Recommended by NextUniverse
So for me the best parts of Dr Stone are where he outsmarts the opponent with technology so I'd say another anime with those out-smarting hype moments is Log Horizon. The protagonist is Isekaied into a fantasy game and uses knowledge of the game and the real world in order to break the rules of the game and outsmart the enemy. 
report Recommended by Storm_Mortal
Both Dr. Stone & Fire Force have amazing OST's and character designs. Both require the same time investment and are high intensity Shonen shows with intriguing plots. These series also complement each other being watched together weekly as they have different strengths but enough similarities that fans of one will likely also enjoy the other. The change of pace between these shows can be refreshing while they still appeal to the same target demographic. 
report Recommended by JVskunkape
Both shows have very similar humor and stylistic slapstick. While Dr. Stone focuses on science in an apocalyptic world with comedy on the side, Kaguya-sama: Love is War continues a similar joke style but places it’s characters in a totally different environment. Even though the characters are distinctly different, both shows leave similar impressions on the viewer that makes a transition between the two really seamless. 
report Recommended by MistaPolitics
Both shows follow similar plot ideas revolving around the main characters introducing modern developments/technology to olden times. They both also show the impact that the technology/development has on that current society  
report Recommended by Short_Circut
they both have these characters that must survive this world . And they both have these characters that know alot and come up with this ideas to help them survive 
report Recommended by jothanime
Both of them have the survival theme, in which the characters will need to develop "new" technologies in order to survive and achieve a certain goal. 
report Recommended by TheNoName
Both shows combine education and comedy in a way you can still enjoy the show, even if you know nothing about science. 
report Recommended by gyanburubii
Dr Stone is similar to Zipang because of 1. Time travel element(although Dr Stone's time travel mechanism is different, still the idea is same). 2. The trope where ancient characters are surprised by modern technology. In Zipang, Americans and Japanese soldiers are surprised by Mirai's abilities. In the same way in Dr Stone, the ancient characters are surprised over and over again by modern technology.  
report Recommended by rokyslash
These anime both focus on a genius main character Lelouch & Senku respectively. They both take heavy inspiration from and are essentially set it our world's own future (the "real" world). The OST's and art styles for both are absolutely incredible and the characters & character designs are charming, lovable, engaging and relatable. Both series are also great at making you root for characters who may even have questionable motivations and ethics. 
report Recommended by JVskunkape
Both series feature savant's and genius/prodigy main characters with great & unique hair. Both are based off popular shonen JUMP manga. Main cast of characters are of similar ages (high school ish) and also had almost ordinary school lives where they made some of the friendships they maintain on these extraordinary adventures. Both series also have amazing art styles, character designs and OST's. 
report Recommended by JVskunkape
- Cool shounen story where the protagonist evolves incredibly fast and most importantly with charisma - Beautiful animation - Magnificent characters - Can't stop watching it/ must watch type of anime  
report Recommended by melody_04
Both of them are good starters to get into anime 
report Recommended by melody_04
Both of these series have main characters that try to build society's in the new "world" that each encountered. 
report Recommended by Heirophant
Currently, they are two of the best shonen that Shonen Jump is publishing. The feeling of adventure, exploring a new world and recruiting new partners are an important key in them. 
report Recommended by lynx17
Their protagonists are one of the smartest of the history. They have got some situations that can play with your mind. 
report Recommended by lynx17
Protagonists are stuck in a world of with absolutely nothing to start off with. Although Senku is a science genius operating in the 'beginning' of humanity. Kaname is in a battle royale. Both protagonists try and survive the madness they are in. 
report Recommended by NextUniverse
Know-it-all. My Hero Academia and Dr. Stone may seem vastly different, but they both feature the same "know-it-all" character. Midoriya has information of every hero he knows about, as well as his quick thought out strategies he can use in any situation. Senku is the same knowing everything there is to know about science. Both are good anime aimed at the same demographic; shounen, with good comedy on the side. MHA focuses on action and superpowers, with Dr Stone using mind games as an alternative.  
report Recommended by NextUniverse
Similarities - Both MCs are straight male (obligated to state this) - Both MCs timeskip/reincarnate into a primitive world - Both MCs are science geniuses - Both MCs bring modern products into the primitive world (iPad/Cola/Tank/Telephone/CDs) - Both MCs fight against powerful opponents (godly beings, muscular people) Differences - Wan Jie is a CGI Chinese Donghua VS. Dr Stone is a 2D Japanese Anime - Wan Jie MC has a harem VS. Dr Stone has a village of subordinates - Wan Jie MC is the smartest person in the universe VS. Dr Stone MC knows science/math/geography - Wan Jie is a cultivation/xianxia style story VS. Dr Stone is a fantasy/adventure story 
report Recommended by ST63LTH
Themes of world take over, and colonizing 
report Recommended by Alphatreyu
The second season is grerat too, so don't leave it behind  
report Recommended by HimeiMidori
These two animes revoked something in me that I thought I lost a long time ago: The passion for my favorite subjects. I loved Science and Art as a kid, but then the school system had to ruin them by involving Math and hiring a terrible Art teacher, which made me lose faith in both subjects. Until one day, I found these two animes on KissAnime. I read the summaries and got interested, so I binge-watched both animes and fell in love with them! Both stories center around things that you learn in school. But unlike school, the animes made these topics enjoyable, easy to  read more 
report Recommended by Adrena
Both feature young-ish protags in a post-apocalyptic world surrounded by whacky, interesting animals and characters. Both shows have a shared goal of finding the 'cure' to the respective ailment in each show. Both shows feature an assorted, entertaining cast, with atleast one very smart character and one brawny character who are/end up close friends. 
report Recommended by Grand_Inquisitor
Both anime is about science and engineering. Both MC fascinated with space. Both are based on real science. 
report Recommended by LazyAnimator
At the beginning both of the main characters have nothing, and by spending time and meeting new characters and discovering new things they get better.  
report Recommended by blaavane
Both are post-apocalyptic series where the main character uses science to try to undo the illness that caused the apocalypse in the first place. 
report Recommended by Ionliosite2
A similar sense of humor, and people who have this rated decently high have dr stone rated good as well. 
report Recommended by IsekaiSlayer
Similarities - Both MCs fix ancient problems with modern solutions - Both MCs mix are sent into the stone age (isekai) - Both MCs are strategic geniuses - Both Series have shounen based stories Differences - Wo Shi is a chinese CGI donghua VS. Dr Stone is a 2D Japanese Anime - Wo Shi MC chases profit VS. Dr Stone MC chases Science - Wo Shi MC already has the materials VS. Dr Stone has to research and experiment for materials/gather 
report Recommended by ST63LTH
Experts. Surprisingly similar Eizouken and Dr Stone both have similar characters and start points. Experts in a particular field (science and animation) and mentalists type characters who use underhanded tricks to get what they want. Although Dr Stone is about humans getting turned into stone. Eizouken is about making anime. But all these characters have to start from scratch in their journey. Both are good comedy anime, though Dr Stone is sci-fi compared to Eizouken's s.o.l 
report Recommended by NextUniverse
Both are shows that feature main characters who are perfectly fit for their shows (i.e., miles above the rest of the cast). They both feature plots where the mc changes them through their actions, rather than them being another part of it. Most of the enjoyability of both shows come from how much you end up liking the main character  
report Recommended by Short_Circut
After covilization crumbled, the remaining post-apocalyptic humanity regresses to more tribal state, and faction focusing on strengt sees this as an apportunity to sieze the rule through brute force. The protagonist has to stop this. 
report Recommended by abystoma2
Both anime with vast and mysterious worlds that our heroes explore. Both have exhilarating scenes of discovery. Both have great & unique character designs. 
report Recommended by JVskunkape
Both are a utopian world of our modern society with two groups fighting each other for their own truths. While Dr. Stone has more comedy elements and is more "family friendly", the story of Shinsekai yori is way deeper and darker. 
report Recommended by ylight67
Both of them have incredibly beautiful nature filled settings. Both have brilliant visual presentation and incredible landscapes and backgrounds, with stunning greenery. Both have themes of humanity going against the forces of nature. 
report Recommended by alpha_shadow
The main characters in both shows are geniuses with a burning passion for creation 
report Recommended by KingofEmperors
These are both discovery themed series where our main characters are thrust into a world of the unknown and must explore & make new discoveries and friends along the way. Both have amazing OST's & character designs as well as having very lovable characters and humour. 
report Recommended by JVskunkape
Both are shonen shows with interesting plots, lovable characters and great senses of humour. Both Saiki and Senku are often isolated from others due to their own genius and hilarity ensues when they are often surrounded by some of the more "simple" characters. The character designs and OST's are both amazing and I feel both shows are criminally under-rated. They are both adapted from popular Shonen JUMP manga and occasionally break the fourth wall for comedic effect. Both are exhilarating anime that leave you hungry for more! 
report Recommended by JVskunkape
Both have simple minded yet super strong main characters (Goku & Taiju). Both have hostile worlds where only the strong survive. Both have dangerous villains who directly clash ideals with our heroes. Both are exhilarating anime with epic adventures. Both have great character designs, awesome hairstyles and amazing OST's. 
report Recommended by JVskunkape
Both series are Shonen and are based off of popular Shonen JUMP manga. They both have great world building, characters, OST's, humour and character designs. Both Senku and Naruto try to gain the trust and adoration of an entire village that at first mistrusts and misunderstands them. 
report Recommended by JVskunkape
Both involve people turning into stone and then returning to life after a great deal of time passage. In both the revived characters try their best to make sense of the changed new worlds they find themselves in. 
report Recommended by JVskunkape
Both shows portray vast unknown worlds to be explored with a great deal of mystery around this world and it's origin/contents. Both have impeccable art styles, characters, OST's, world building, plots & character designs. Both are pretty well rounded shows with vast appeal to a wide range of anime fans. 
report Recommended by JVskunkape
If you adore such poorly written, juvenile schlock of Dr. Stone, then Eiken is this without the façade of being deep or good. Just go for the obvious schlock vs the one that wastes your time pretending it's smarter or deeper than it actually is, or the ones that tweens beg you to check out because it's the greatest thing they've ever seen.... until they turn 13. Eiken is also way shorter. 
report Recommended by CrimsonCW
Both animes feature a modern character in an unfamiliar world without the luxuries for modern life and show the journey of making modern amenities throughout the story. 
report Recommended by Champario
Both are very comedic but also have a serious and cool side to them, overall both very fun series with interesting characters and some serious undertones 
report Recommended by nyactis
Both of them involve an educated main character, with no super powers, finding themselves in a low tech world where they use their modern knowledge to lead a nation. 
report Recommended by clonex10100
I found Dr Stone to have the same sort of charm as part 4. I see part 4 as sort of a more fun but equally serious and actually super interesting part of Jojo's Bizarre Adventure. I felt like Dr Stone had this same sort of feeling to it. One of the main things I noticed was the sound design. Dr Stone and Jojo have really similar sounds with gunshot sound effects and stuff like that to give more impact or weight to something. This gives the shows a similar feeling. They are also both beautiful at some points. Both are focused on friendship, something  read more 
report Recommended by Rimzyy
Both shows give you a very similar feeling at heart. They give you a really warm-hearted adventure with struggles along the way. Both have a very similar underlying plot laced in Dr Stone ep 17 and Sora Yori ep 12. They both hit just as hard and deserved to be watched by people who love Dr Stone and people who love Sora Yori alike. 
report Recommended by Rimzyy
These series are much more fun if you don't think about them too hard. They're full of bizarre comedy, ridiculous (yeah, overpowered) protagonists, and most importantly, the best asspulls. Dr. Stone goes with some "scientific" trick to solve it's impossible problems, whereas Sakamoto just does everything with the best finesse. Dr. Stone takes itself somewhat seriously but it's lighthearted and popcorn-y enough that I get a wonderful campy experience akin to Sakamoto's slices of parody. 
report Recommended by Turnch
I really enjoyed these two shows. And if I can find a lot of animes like Tate no Yuusha, DrStone is difficult to link with another one. But here is what I found: 1) The story begins into a new world for both MC. And I must precise that they start with (almost) nothing. 2) They both use their intellect to face situations and find allies when they need to. 3) Senku and Naofumi are totally outnumbered by a huge opponent. 4) It's basically two adventures shows; you discover new places, new knowledge, and it's really enjoyable! 
report Recommended by DrMoe
Both anime deal with some real-life facts and applications and share a good humor. as for Dr stone it's like a chemistry science class however gin no saji is a collection of farming and animal biology lessons. 
report Recommended by Joe_Med
Both shows are about science but Dr.stone shows you how the science works rather than just talking about the people who made it happen. It also does a better job in my opinion of getting u interested in science. 
report Recommended by nidoqueen106
Both are shows about characters living in different worlds from what they were used to. Both have brilliant minds that come up solutions on how to deal with their surroundings(Senku, and Oda). Plus, not to mention, both use what they make for future plans Both end on huge cliff hangers, sadly. But more importantly, both are about two sides opposing the other, and are definitely worth watching. 
report Recommended by Jei-kun
Post-apocalyptic world where the Science might get back the old world, but a fantasy or unexplained supernatural forces won't let work easy. -Protagonists are not totally similar, maybe, only the cleverness to make plans and the willpower. But, not the genius in science and the dedication for it. To me, these shows are 56% similar, even so, they're always good shows. 
report Recommended by Lykaios_616
1)Both Have Baddass MC's and Antagonist 2)Jojo is similar to Dr.Stone though in some muscular building and some scene 3)Both has Great action scene like Jojo's 4)Both Anime is Great and Hilarious in some point  
report Recommended by SoraTheSky808568