Magical Sempai

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Alternative Titles

English: Magical Sempai
Japanese: 手品先輩


Type: TV
Episodes: 12
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Jul 2, 2019 to Sep 17, 2019
Premiered: Summer 2019
Broadcast: Tuesdays at 23:00 (JST)
Licensors: None found, add some
Source: Manga
Genres: ComedyComedy, EcchiEcchi, SchoolSchool, SeinenSeinen
Duration: 13 min. per ep.
Rating: PG-13 - Teens 13 or older


Score: 6.451 (scored by 8392583,925 users)
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Ranked: #62132
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Popularity: #842
Members: 191,338
Favorites: 308
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Sep 17, 2019
K1ngOfSloth (All reviews)
A great and hilarious show with looots of fanservice.

The art style was amazing in lots of ways. On one hand it really made the fanservice shine, on the other hand it draws out the comedy scenes

The comedy in this anime was reeeally great too. Can't count how many times I laughed in this show.

As it's a collection of short stories in short episodes this anime doesn't have that much story and the characters also just feel like an element for the show. There is some slight character development tho but most of the time they have their personality and stick to it.
There's also one character read more
Sep 17, 2019
Stark700 (All reviews)
Before I watched the first episode of Tenjina Senpai (Magical Sempai), a little voice told me it would be a very comical experience. From the character interactions and premise itself, this show felt like one that was based off of memes and satirical humor. Is Magical Sempai really a meme or something much deeper than meets the eye?

With 12 half length episodes, Magical Sempai runs a trend of adapting storytelling in the form of humorous skits. Every episode contains various segments that connects the overall themes of the show. At the heart is the Magic Club, run by titular character Sempai. Joining him is a read more
Sep 17, 2019
Horn_dawg_2019 (All reviews)
Ladies and Gentlemen , this 12 min long anime has just ended.



Pros: Every once a while we get to see a variation of Hutaro from Daganshi Kishi, play this fumbling Magician wannabe, who happens to the last one in her club.

Cons: Basically, the plot about her were it has more to do with her panchira and big size melons than the anything else.

Verdict 3/10


Pros: That would be the girls panchira ( where Tejina has the most), and bust size of the 2 girls except the 4 eyes one.

Cons: I kinda hate that the boys were illustrated as dorksters, were one was more of a read more
Jul 25, 2019
citycat (All reviews)
This show reminds me very much of Aho Girl. If you enjoy shows that aren't serious and you don't mind cheap jokes and forced ecchi-ness, then this anime might be for you.

Sempai is a magician wannabe who fails at every trick she attempts. Each failure results in embarrassment with erotic innuendos. The jokes are lowbrow. Even Assistant-kun's reactions show the same sentiments within the show; no one tries to mask the cheapness of it all. There are parts of this show that made me laugh and I very much wanted to like it a lot, (especially because I really enjoyed Aho Girl), but alas, the read more
Aug 15, 2019
WeeabooHunter101 (All reviews)
I've been watching this on Crunchyroll where it goes by the title of Magical Sempai. I usually don't look for ecchi series, but after seeing a couple memes and comments on YouTube, I decided to give this show a shot. It did not disappoint.
Each episode is roughly 15 minutes with 5 shenanigans each, for bite size bits of bumbling magic and mayhem. The jokes are fun with just enough ecchi to help the comedy without overpowering the mix.
There is nothing groundbreaking about this show, but its not trying to be anything more than good fun. I recommend this show to anyone looking for a read more
Sep 17, 2019
Cdynamo (All reviews)
Out of all the shows that came out this season, this one (and Try Knights) were the least impressive of the bunch. This just came off as a little trite and boring in the first couple of episodes. Thankfully, after the first two episodes, the show starts getting it's groove of making itself 100% cheese and it kinda works. I'm not saying I'm gonna come back for this show, but as a way to get my fan service for the last 12 weeks, it wasn't a bad thing at all.

The production, all things considered, is actually decent for what it is. The animation is nice read more
Aug 26, 2019
Benersan (All reviews)
There really is nothing that needs to be said other than the fact that this anime isn't even remotely funny.

If you want to watch an entire anime of the annoying "Oh no! The girl I like accidentally showed me her panties!" joke from every ecchi anime ever made go for it. Otherwise, watch a better ecchi anime. I don't understand how this anime got even remotely positive reviews when there are actually fun ecchi anime out there like Monster Musume.

Literally every joke is the same, I'm not exaggerating. Senpai tries a magic trick, senpai fails and gets into a lewd situation. That's the entire anime. read more
Sep 18, 2019
84DaysWithout (All reviews)
No honest person is watching Tejina-senpai for reasons above gag comedy smothered with fanservice. Fair criticism of Tejina-senpai must come in how the fanservice is actually being delivered and, to a degree of lesser importance, whether or not the comedy is effective. It is there that I take issue with this anime’s lukewarm at best approach to eroticism and a repetitive punchline that wears itself thin as the episodes progress.

The gist of Tejina-senpai is that Tejina has a sexy body that through failed magical acts is exposed to the gaze of the viewer. But this anime goes out of it’s way to ensure that the read more
Apr 10, 2020
Brinxen (All reviews)
Tejina senpai is a really hilarious anime. I really liked it.

The series is chock full of ecchi comedy as one would expect. The side characters are all interesting as well and are also interesting to watch on their own as well. The assistant is definitely the best character for me tho, the dude is hilarious as the straightman.

I know this anime isn't meant to be taken seriously, but I wish they would have dug a bit deeper into Tejina's character. She's hilarious and has a goofy personality, but honestly I wish they showed her in some serious scenes at least. It does feel like a read more
Sep 24, 2019
iron_kang27 (All reviews)
There's no specific plot to it, the show just moves.

It's a laid back and simple show, that anyone can get into. If you can handle fan service, cause that's basically what this show is. Sempai getting herself into unfortunate lewd situations. If you're a fan of eechi, this should be on your list.

The art is good at best, no complaints on it really.

In other words, it's short & sweet.

WATCH: If you want fan service, something simple & fast (only 15 mins/episode)

DON'T WATCH: If you don't like fan service, or want a plot. You ain't finding that here.

That's all there is to this read more
Aug 6, 2019
Marinate1016 (All reviews)
Ecchi: The anime.

So, Tejina-Senpai is a good example of an anime that showcases the cultural divide between the west and Japan. In the west, this type of series is good for memes and trashing on and that's about it. In Japan, this anime is actually extremely popular and is really the type of stuff that many otaku are into. It's ecchi, it's silly, it's an overall good time. Will you get some really deep and substantive plot that you need to tune in each week to learn more about? No. And if you are looking for that, you're in the wrong place. Tejina senpai is read more
Jun 29, 2020
Creature247 (All reviews)
Overall, this is a fun anime that isn't too taxing on your brain! Although story-wise, almost nothing happens and some of the characters are so 2D (no pun intended) that it isn't even funny. The redeeming side of this anime is the Art, which I found was incredibly well done, and I really enjoyed the OP and ED. both sound and art wise!


Story: nonexistent

Characters: underdeveloped

Jokes: Mediocre and heavily breast based

Art: Surprisingly good

OP / ED: Both good but would be better the other way around

I rate this 6 / 10 as it has good art and sound but bad story and characters

Dec 29, 2019
YayaBunWa (All reviews)
I know there won’t be a second season... but I honestly really enjoyed this show. Ecchi, genuine magic tricks, some pretty amusing ‘inversions of expectations’ for the sake of comedy... it was all really quite fun; and, unlike most 12 minute/“half-time” shows, the whole ‘4-coma’ pseudo-presentation really suited the show.

I honestly didn’t regret watching a single episode. Amazing show. ... Hard to rate, though. ... I mean, ‘for what it is, it’s beyond my expectations’—but I didn’t expect much from it to begin with, ya know? Well... I think that kind of “Expectation-Setup” is part of a show’s foundation, so even if “less effort” was read more
Sep 17, 2019
PaulinhaHanekawa (All reviews)
I wasn't a big fan of watching seasonal shows, because I usually prefer to watch the whole thing with a really fast pace, usually finishing an anime in one or two days. I decide to try to keep up with seasonal shows and Tejina-senpai was one of those.
This anime really got me at the very first episode. I didn't really feel like I was watching some well constructed plot-wise masterpiece, but still, it accomplished everything it was trying to do.
Considering this is a pure comedy anime, the jokes were pretty good and I found myself laughing at most of the skits. Even in the ones read more
Sep 17, 2019
robert788 (All reviews)
Tejina-Senpai (2019)

13 minute short episodes of the happenings in the Magic Club which is the storage room for the Science club. Senpai and her Assistance being the main characters with the Assistant actually the protagonist.

The series is nicely done with good art that is pleasing to view.

The opening is a nice tune and the ending also is nice.

Characters develop as best they can in the short time frame. You do get to know people quite well and the generic tropes and fanservice that is played out. Madara-san is one of the better characters to which her actions are a little bit less expected read more
Aug 7, 2019
RobbyRob (All reviews)
There's nothing much to the show. As an ecchi, the main jokes revolve around Sempai finding herself in compromising positions such as getting tied up; having her clothes get damaged; or in one instance, forgetting to bring clothes to dress into as part of one of her street performances. That kind of humor gets really old because of how predicatble it can be. Going onto animation, it's average. Honestly because of the many pantyshots and boob bouncing, it almost becomes bland as it happens in nearly every episode.

The opening and ending themes are decent as is the voice acting. There is a small number read more
Jul 29, 2019
aswerty12 (All reviews)
It's an ecchi comedy about a senpai that's bad at magic tricks and damn does it put a smile to my face, senpai's seiyuu and obviously enjoying herself and the ecchi is damn good as well.

If you wanted a show about a useless senpai ala aqua you've come to the right place. If you've come for anything serious well this is the wrong anime for you.

In terms of comedy if your expecting something like Kaguya-sama your about in the right place, it has kaguya's absurd facing reality themes in comedy, as the senpai's magic tricks are contrasted with her stage-fright and incompetence.

The read more
Aug 4, 2020
TurnoverHD (All reviews)
Ok so, who here likes tits?
Okay now lower your hand, i know that that was an onvious question to ask anime fans but i digress.
Ok lets talk the actual show like a proper reviewer and not a fuckin ingenerate retard who knows too little about anime to review them yet.
Tejina Senpai is a show that exists, it has done nothing more or less than exist and that makes it average in my book, it does nothing special but i got a laugh once or twice and i only ever paid attention to the jiggle animation in the department of the animation quality.
While a dedicated member read more
Mar 26, 2020
pieandchicken (All reviews)
tl;dr: It is a well put together ecchi comedy similar in style to konosuba but involving a magic highschool club , if you like ecchi comedy you will enjoy it if not don't watch it.

This is an ecchi comedy anime which wears its jokes on its sleave. If you are looking for highbrow comedy, a visual thriller or a heartfelt story on the level of Clanned you will not get it. This show is about ecchi comedy and it absolutely nails it. It is focused around a highschool girl and her desire to form a magic club with her new friend aptly named assistant. read more
Jan 31, 2020
Anime_is_average (All reviews)
This was pretty fun, a bit more on the fan service side, but fun nonetheless. The characters are good and have some hilarious scene’s. although it has its funny moments, it doesn’t keep up in story.

Story – 4
Is there one? Really? Not really, it’s more of a bunch of characters being chucked into weird situations that ends with some mildly sexual joke.

Art – 7
I like it. the art style is pretty nice and the character reactions are hilarious, built on a multiple shorts per episode basis, it has a nice sort of brake from long stories.

Sound – 6
I like the OP and ED, the background read more