Yuru Camp△ Season 2

Laid-Back Camp Season 2

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Alternative Titles

English: Laid-Back Camp Season 2
Synonyms: Yuru Camp 2nd Season, Yurukyan
Japanese: ゆるキャン△ SEASON2


Type: TV
Episodes: 13
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Jan 7, 2021 to Apr 1, 2021
Premiered: Winter 2021
Broadcast: Thursdays at 23:00 (JST)
Producers: Half H.P Studio, MAGES., DeNA
Licensors: None found, add some
Studios: C-Station
Source: Manga
Genres: ComedyComedy, Slice of LifeSlice of Life
Duration: 23 min. per ep.
Rating: PG-13 - Teens 13 or older


Score: 8.541 (scored by 5394053,940 users)
1 indicates a weighted score.
Ranked: #932
2 based on the top anime page. Please note that 'Not yet aired' and 'R18+' titles are excluded.
Popularity: #1135
Members: 156,249
Favorites: 2,102

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Jan 28, 2021
AsianG (All reviews)
Promised what??? Attack on Who?? Re: Excuse Me?!? Boy here is the REAL most hyped anime of 2021. And what a way to start of 2021 with Yuru camp season 2 being back with the strongest 2nd swing I’ve every seen in an anime continuation.
Story: 10 Oh baby did someone call for more camping with some nice character development. Getting to see just Rin’s backstory was extremely cute while being able to see Nadeshiko become her own experienced camper is so fulfilling. The texting dialogue is still as great as ever and I love how with it we see lots of interesting mixing going read more
Apr 1, 2021
Marinate1016 (All reviews)
If there were such a thing as a Mt. Rushmore of anime, Yuru camp would be on it. This is really one of the greatest anime of all time and season 2 only reaffirms its ranking.

What makes Yuru Camp great is not grandiose writing, world building or plot developments. Instead, its greatness lies in its simplicity. An anime that teaches you the ins and outs of camping, outdoor life and encourages you to go out and be active might not sound like the most exciting thing on paper, but in its near flawless execution it pulls you in and makes you fall in love.

If you’re read more
Jan 29, 2021
Migsramen (All reviews)
This season of anime is really filled with so many show-stoppers, both in new entries and sequels. Just last month as I was scrolling through the upcoming anime, I was thrilled to be watching as many shows as I am now. Then, I literally jumped out of my chair and smiled like an idiot when I realized that Yuru Camp was getting a second season. Yes, I was that excited for a show about cute girls who like to go camping, but really it's more than that.

When I first started watching season 1 of Yuru Camp, I was just read more
Apr 1, 2021
Goober-fish (All reviews)
"I think solo camping is a way to appreciate loneliness."

Great cute girl anime have an effervescent quality to them that never fails to casually curl either corner of my mouth no matter how inane or minimalist the antics on screen become. By now, we’re all familiar with quiddities/odds and ends of a cute girl anime as they’re thoroughly ingrained in the genetic code that makes anime...well…“anime”. What shows like “Yuru Camp” lack in narrative heft they make up for through sheer force of charm. And that’s not to say that shows pigeonholed as “CGDCT” are entirely bereft of anything worthwhile, as the narrative often read more
Feb 2, 2021
Zengaea (All reviews)
I shed tears out of nothing in the middle of the second episode..

Before you assume this anime from it's name; cute girls do cute things and that's all.
It's significantly more than that. I like to call this type of genre "Fuwa-Fuwa" which is for everyone because it's an easy watch, from you can just sit back and enjoy. However, Yuru Camp is superior to any other light hearthed shows.

The reason why I started crying is because of the slice of life part. Which perfectly represent real life events. It's also teaches you how to appreciate the little things in life. From you read more
Apr 1, 2021
dlxuniuniu (All reviews)
Winter is the perfect time for camping. Would you agree?
In the winter season 2018 we all enjoyed the camping tour of our girls for the first time, three years later the long-awaited continuation is finally here and the comfiness continues!

We all already know what "Yuru Camp△" (don't forget the little tent) is about: Camping! The story is just as simple and ingenious as we know it from the previous season. But wait, we experience Nadeshiko camping alone for the first time without her friends. Can that go well? Camping items are also quite expensive, so she has to take a part-time job to be able read more
Apr 1, 2021
ShinyHex (All reviews)
"The things you see, the things you eat, and the time you get to spend contemplating things. I think solo camping is a way to appreciate loneliness."

Yuru Camp is the gargantuan paragon of iyashikei. Imagine working all day in a hectic semester; it's hella cold outside, you're in your blanket at the end of the day with a cup of hot coffee, and you're watching some cute high school girls going out to camp in the countryside japan with a matching atmosphere. The time you spend alone, watching this cozy little show - not with your friends but with yourself alone can make you feel read more
Jan 28, 2021
wallaceroneyjr (All reviews)
Yuru Camp is the type of anime that makes you appreciate the little things in life. There are few circumstances in which a girl simply buying a lamp could move me to tears but it's the hard work and dedication that she put in, that makes it possible. The scenery is movie quality, the main characters are equal parts funny, wholesome, likeable, whimsical and at times downright goofy. But for me the soundtrack ties it all together in a nice neat bow.

The soundtrack consists of acoustic guitars, ukuleles, fiddles and other instruments that set the perfect backdrop for an outdoor adventure. The backgrounds have read more
Apr 11, 2021
Pixeldrum (All reviews)
Yuru Camp is a grossly overrated anime that barely kept my attention all the way to the end. Truly, I was in a grueling death march near the end of the show.

Yuru camp season 2 plays it safe, and overall, is just a step down Non Non Biyori. While nature shots are adequate in Yuru Camp, they're sporadic and are usually still shots that aren't the greatest. Non non biyori features them both in greater frequency and quality. Plus, Yuru Camp is largely a show centered around camping and nature, yet, again, the feeling that you're being immersed in nature while not being overpowering read more
Apr 1, 2021
takkun_ (All reviews)
They say that good things come to those who wait. And after the sheer excellence that the first season of Yuru Camp delivered, fans were chomping at the bits to have more. And now after 3 years of waiting, the long awaited sequel season has come at what I believe is the perfect time. With the world being in utter chaos, we needed something that slows things down and shows the beauty of the world in which we inhabit.

Season 2 kicks off directly after the end of season 1, with the girls just ending their Holiday vacation and enjoying the New Year’s sights. As the read more
Apr 1, 2021
RPWPA (All reviews)
The feelings of severe despondency and dejection.
Ex: Yuru Camp has ended, I have depression.

Jokes aside, unlike Non Non Biyori, seeing Yuru Camp end is something that makes me feel sad. I know there is still more to come but the idea of this being the last time I may see them in an animated form is still sad. The anime is a complete mood changed. I remember seeing my reflection once while watching it and was surprised at the big smile I had on my face. Yuru Camp is one of the best and most relaxing mood-changing anime.

For some reason, this season felt much read more
Apr 1, 2021
Cozye (All reviews)
It's nice to see Yuru Camp continue its wholesome ways without deviating from what made it's first season so enjoyable. Much like before, the second season brings along with it even more camping endeavors as we follow our main group of girls. Yet no matter how many times I see them going for their next trip, it still feels fresh and exciting. There’s something new to be learned at every turn and new challenges are brought to the table. Sometimes, I feel as if I myself am right there with them learning about how to create certain meals or how to get by without an read more
Apr 1, 2021
KANLen09 (All reviews)
The beautiful and loveable camper girls are back, with twice (or longer) the distances of the camping journey, twice the moving action, and twice the fun, all in the same Iyashikei package as how Season 1 was like exactly 3 years ago from Winter 2018.

To quote ANN's Christopher Farris (full credits to him, some parts paraphrased):
"Obviously there are anime with more grand storytelling ambitions and meaningful idea communication than C-Station's calculatedly comfy cute-girl camping compilation. But in a season, as with any other, that included projects walking a razor's edge of their own success or outright collapsing under their own efforts, Yuru Camp sticks out read more
Apr 2, 2021
LeEggBread (All reviews)
Did this season need to come out?


Was this season amazing?


Yuru Camp is one of the best Slice of Life's I have ever watched. You can watch this series without having a care for anything in the world, you really don't need to take anything seriously. There's no extravagant plot, no heart pounding suspense, barely any character development, yet Yuru Camp manages to be absolutely amazing.

The amount of food porn that's in Yuru Camp is actually insane. Everytime there was a food scene, my stomach started creating an internal earthquake. It really didn't help seeing Nadeshiko drool all over her read more
Jan 28, 2021
veemon23 (All reviews)
We didn't need it, we didn't deserve it, but we're gladly welcome it with open arms and smile. Once again we are greeted by a old friend, a wholesome experience all over again. It continues to just bring smile to your face as you just sit back and relax and enjoy the show.

Not much difference from season 1, just adds more to why we love this show! If you didn't enjoy season 1 then don't even bother with season 2, as it isn't anything different really. It just adds more to their adventure as we see them just enjoying life. So stop worrying for read more
Apr 1, 2021
Takemikazuchi_ (All reviews)
This is my first review, and my English sucks, so bear with me onegaishimasu ~༼ ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° ༽~

C-station studio: "So you watched the first season of yuru camp?"
CGDCT enthusiasts: "Yeah, and it was amazing, but not sure if I'll watch another season."
C-station studio: "Don't worry, it gets even better than the previous season."
CGDCT enthusiasts: "That's what they all say."
C-station studio: "No wait, you don't understand, this season is as good as Sora Yori mo Tooi Basho and Nichijou."
CGDCT enthusiasts: "hmm, go on."

So let's begin, shall we now? Let's start with the characters.
The characters are very charming and likeable, and they all contribute to each read more
Apr 1, 2021
Miyushiki (All reviews)
Rin-channnnnn! Shimarin and the girls are back for another super cozy season of camping and boy was it perfect. I really do not think C-Station could have done a better job on this show, every second of it is so amazing. Yuru camp never fails to leave me yearning for the outdoors after every episode.

Yuru camp is exactly as advertised. Cute girls going on cozy camping trips, while also teaching you about the outdoors and the basics of camping. Watching this show probably makes me smile at least 30 times per episode, its just that cute. Just watching the girls saving up their money for read more
Feb 8, 2021
idcshowmewaifus (All reviews)
Smoking. Meditation. Masturbation. Lifting. These are all things people do to reduce stress, or to make them forget of the troubles in their life that haunt them. Me? I do all of these things, AND I watch Yuru Camp. Yuru Camp is slice of life in its most bare form, with the show focused on a cast of cute girls who go camping. That's all the show is. No drama, no romance, no major flaws in any of the characters - just cute girls camping. It's a mindless watch with bubbly lovable characters, beautiful art, and a fantastic soundtrack and sound design. This show cheers read more
Jun 8, 2021
Naneo (All reviews)
Yuru Camp Season 2 is anime that focus on high school girls do camping and other wholesome thing. This is a sequel for Yuru Camp. There are not a lot of difference between the first season and the second.

Story 10/10
Like the previous season, this anime story is so simple. There are no big problem here. But because the story is simple that does not mean this anime is boring. Because it is so simple you didn't have to worry how the story goes and you can enjoy the show. Also don't forget about the ending, it is amazing. I'm almost cried during the ending because read more
May 2, 2021
Unsaidblackout (All reviews)
I'll be covering Yuru Camp Season 2, and basically Season 1 while I'm at it and I'll be very blunt: it'll remain the best anime in my heart until and overcoming the day I keel over and die. Very simple. But here's the preamble before I actually get into the exact reasons why I enjoy this little slice of life as much as I do.

I think Yuru Camp is the anime-equivalent of chicken noodle soup for the weary soul, and I think that's why I've rewatched the series over and over again. Season 2 just adds more episodes for me to rewatch now and in read more