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Chi's Sweet Home

Alternative Titles

Synonyms: Chii's Sweet Home, Chiizu
Japanese: チーズスイートホーム


Type: TV
Episodes: 104
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Mar 31, 2008 to Sep 25, 2008
Premiered: Spring 2008
Broadcast: Not scheduled once per week
Licensors: Discotek Media
Studios: Madhouse
Source: Manga
Duration: 3 min. per ep.
Rating: G - All Ages


Score: 7.781 (scored by 17,046 users)
1 indicates a weighted score. Please note that 'Not yet aired' titles are excluded.
Ranked: #9132
2 based on the top anime page. Please note that 'Not yet aired' and 'R18+' titles are excluded.
Popularity: #1756
Members: 44,884
Favorites: 387


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Jan 31, 2009
Nek0 (All reviews)
If you love cats like I do, then immediately stop reading this review and go watch. For the rest of you, proceed to the next paragraph.

Chi’s Sweet Home is like the Nintendo Wii of anime. Anyone of all ages can enjoy it: your sister will like it, your mom will like it, even your grandma will like it, if she’s into anime and is cool like that.

The story is pretty clear-cut. A cute kitten named Chi gets lost and separated from her mother, and a human family that lives nearby finds her and decides to adopt her. Unfortunately, pets are not allowed in the read more
Apr 3, 2008
Galatea (All reviews)
Chi's Sweet Home has a pretty linear storyline: a kitty who lost her mom and now wanders on a journey to find her. She always thinks about her mother on her journey, and always has kind memories of her. So far I've seen there aren't so many obstacles in her way, nor any big trouble. This anime is to make you shout "KAWAII", it doesn't have a complicate plot.

The art is linear, clear and chibish for the most characters, Chi in the first place, but also humans; it fits well the kind of this show. Expressions are so funny, believe me they'll make you laugh read more
Apr 16, 2008
Sakata-san (All reviews)
Story: It's pretty simple. A kitten gets lost from her mother, and then she gets adopted into a family. Basically the plot is simple for anyone to understand in a heartbeat.

Art: What I found interesting is that the animation company behind the anime was Madhouse(The company who also did Deathnote and Majin Tantei Nougami Neuro), so I kinda expected some good clear movements and good artstyle. Which I did find and was happy for.

Sound: This is where I think CSH shines. Chi's voice is done by Satome Koorogi(Who has also done supporting roles like Menchi from Excel Saga and Nina from FMA) so I was read more
Oct 17, 2016
ANobleCrusade (All reviews)
This will be a spoiler-free, incredibly-biased review. I love cats, I truly do..that's kinda why my username (as of October 17th, 2016) is what it is. But when I learned that there was an entire anime about the daily life of a cat, I was excited! I was even more excited to learn that it had 104 episodes!

...Unfortunately these 104 episodes are around 3 minutes, and not your typical 20-something. But hey, this format definitely works for Chi and her story. By having shorter episodes, chunks of a story can be told at a time, allowing for a breezy watching schedule if you're like me, read more
Oct 6, 2008
Azumizai (All reviews)
Chi's Sweet Home is not your typical run-of-the-mill anime. It is short and sweet.

There are about 104 episodes of pure love in the series, and even though the episodes are about 3 minutes long each in length, the series remains to be interesting with the short stories. Sometimes, it spans into a few episodes to create "story arcs" that equate to half a regular anime episode.

Chi's Sweet Home is about a little kitten named Chi (the circumstances of her naming is quite humorous), who gets lost from her mother, and is found by a family of 3. And that's when it all starts.

Since they are read more
Apr 11, 2008
Monk (All reviews)
Simple and don't not expect any complicated story. But this simple ,short story is very enjoyable and suitable for everyone.

If u listen carefully the sound of chi's mother, it's seems a bit weird and not sound like a cat. Besides that, everything seems to be ok.

All the character look very cute. Chi's has big and cute eye. Chi's eyes are even bigger than Youhei's father and mother. Youhei's father and mother's eyes are poorly design.

It is very enjoyable, short anime. This anime suitable to those who like cat and cute anime. Even your children can enjoy this show.
Sep 12, 2016
Ryntaia (All reviews)
The best word for Chii's Sweet Home is 'cute'. This show is pure, unmitigated cute. And I'll admit that isn't normally my thing because its rarely done right. That is to say that there's nothing wrong with cute, rather that cute in anime is very often interpreted as extremely dumb anime girls with fifty shades of glitter in their eyes.

Chii avoids this, being that the main focus is on a kitten. The anime is basically the adventures of a cute kitten doing cute things in her cute new home. Again, like I said, this show is CUTE. There's nothing really magical or supernatural about read more
Jun 1, 2016
Yaboku (All reviews)

Very basic. It's about a kitten who gets lost from her family. She bumped into a little boy that took her in his family and the anime follows on what she does and how she feels with these new people she's currently living with. It's simple but enjoyable.


There isn't really a big cast of characters, we have Chi, the little kitten. She's very cute and very enjoyable to watch, for me mostly because she really acts like a real cat. She doesn't like water, is afraid of thunder storms and dogs, gets really upset at her owners for little things but then loves them read more
Dec 7, 2017
LovelyTekki (All reviews)
A must-watch anime for cat lovers! This anime focuses on a small kitten who was taken home by a child. While Chi is trying to adjust to life with the family, the human characters are trying to make sure their strict landlord doesn't discover Chi's existence, as pets aren't allowed in their apartment.

Each episode is very short, so it's easy to sit down and breeze through a couple episodes at a time. It has some familiar moments for those who have ever owned a cat (for example, Chi preferring an empty box to the expensive toys the father bought her). The anime reminds us why read more
Apr 3, 2009
Simply_Waiting (All reviews)
"Chi's Sweet Home" is so sweet that cute and sweet that i wouldn't recommend it to diabetics.
Story -
Being a children's anime plot isn't a key factor of the series but regardless of that it has a very nice little story. It's really great how one three minute episode can leave you rolling on the floor with laughter and the next will have tearing at your hair at anticipation. Some episodes will even having you balling like a baby.Also, the series actually has many realistic themes and will really hit home for anyone who has ever raised a kitten (litter box training, shedding, opening read more
Jul 18, 2010
kiiratanaka (All reviews)
Story: Chi's Sweet Home is about a kitten named Chi who strays away from her family while on a walk with her family. While trying to find her family a boy named Youhei runs into Chi, lost and alone. Him and his family then decide to take Chi in. The story includes the hardships and adventures of Chi.

Art: All the characters are drawn very cute. The backrounds are skilled as well.

Sound: The voices all fit the characters very well.

Characters: The characters are very likeable, especially Chi and Youhei

Enjoyment: An adorable show, perfect for any of the cat lovers of the world.
Oct 17, 2008
Mugiwara-Pyon (All reviews)
Story: Its about a kitten named chi.She strays away from her mother and is unable to find her.So chi is out on a journey to find her mother when chi gets adopted into a family.More comedy and cuteness of chi awaits u XD i dont know about other people.

But i find it touching :) makes me miss my cat which went missing

Art: its cute and chibi..Chi is soo kawaii

Sound: chi's voice is so adorable

Character:not many characters are introduced in this series but i have to say chi is so cute and stubborn lol

Enjoyment: this anime is seriously enjoyable..its a feel good anime that makes you read more
Sep 2, 2010
lisnoire (All reviews)
I ignored Chi’s Sweet Home for years because a) it looked very childish and b) there are 104 episodes. Turns out that it is more child-like than childish and that the episodes are only 3 minuets long. My usual fare is Deep, Dark, Psychological, Seinen but I found that I really enjoyed kwaiiness (something I generally avoid at all costs) of Chi, which in Japanese means Pee.

Chi will appeal to two kinds of people; young children and crazy, cat loving fanatics of which I am one. The art is simple and stylized. Honestly, I don't really like the way Chi looks but, because the read more
Apr 2, 2017
NekoMazzie1993 (All reviews)
This anime is absolutely amazing. Even though it was approximately 3 minutes long, this was worth watching. As a cat lover, I knew I was going to enjoy this! Everything about this anime is an absolute masterpiece. The opening of the song is so catchy that I could not stop swaying my head to it, it's so cute! The beginning and the end made me cry but damn you gotta love the friendship between Chi and Blackie. Absolutely adorable! If you love cats just like me, then I definitely recommend this anime! I give this anime a 10/10. Gotta love cats!!
May 27, 2013
chaoticpix93 (All reviews)
This is a slice-of-life anime that goes through the Yamada's acceptance of Chi's role in their family. From the funny moments of discovery, that cats nails need trimmed, they like being brushed, and how much of a pushover otosan is, to the touching moments, where Chi went for a walk and couldn't find her way home to the Yamada's, and the sudden moving away of Chi's best cat friend, there isn't a moment that you aren't riveted.

Sure, it's an anime for younger children, the japanese is very simple, as are the short (only 6 minutes long) episodes, but when you start watching that all fades read more
Sep 12, 2012
DaemonDesiree (All reviews)
I am a cat owner myself and can recommend this series to not only cat lovers, but to anyone who likes animals.

Chi's Sweet Home is a short 3-minute episode series about a kitten who lives with the Yamada family. You can read the summary yourself, we know that's not why you're reading this!


Story: 9

I love the pacing of this story! If you have not seen the now infamous Axis Powers Hetalia,( which is a 5-minute series), or any other series with episodes this short, you are missing out! But that is beside the point. This type of series is really difficult to write for because read more
Jun 24, 2010
Meronpan_Chan (All reviews)
I haven't seen all of this series yet, but I just had to write a review because to be fair it's probably the cutest thing I have seen in my life. Really.
The basic story is that a kitten called Chi gets lost in the park and can't find her Mother. She is taken home by a young boy called Youhei and his family. They aren't allowed to keep pets in their appartment so all kinds of adventures are the result.
This is an anime that I didn't really think I would enjoy, because on first glance it doesn't look like anything special. The art read more