Kaijuu no Kodomo

Children of the Sea

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Alternative Titles

English: Children of the Sea
Synonyms: The Sea Monster's Children
Japanese: 海獣の子供


Type: Movie
Episodes: 1
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Jun 7, 2019
Producers: None found, add some
Licensors: None found, add some
Studios: Studio 4°C
Source: Manga
Genres: DramaDrama, MysteryMystery, SupernaturalSupernatural
Demographic: SeinenSeinen
Duration: 1 hr. 51 min.
Rating: PG-13 - Teens 13 or older


Score: 7.181 (scored by 2164421,644 users)
1 indicates a weighted score.
Ranked: #29652
2 based on the top anime page. Please note that 'Not yet aired' and 'R18+' titles are excluded.
Popularity: #2139
Members: 66,461
Favorites: 503

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Jun 7, 2019
miuxiao (All reviews)
Breathtaking and seamless animation. I'm glad they translated Igarashi Daisuke's art to the big screen pretty well. The art and the soundtrack is absolutely beautiful and I'm also a sucker for animes with the ocean/summer days/ fantasy aesthetic themes (reminded me of the anime Nagi no Asukara). Seeing it on the big screen gave me that same chest expanding feeling whenever I see amazing animation alongside moving soundtracks.

Honestly, the storyline lost me a little bit but I'm not gonna say I wasn't entertained and absorbed. I would still highly recommend for the imagery. Can't wait until it is released in English to rewatch it!
Jul 1, 2019
war0blade (All reviews)
Let me tell you first off, tokyo movie theaters are not cheap!!! $20 for a ticket are you insane?! I'd better be getting my money's worth if I'm paying that much. Like this movie better change my life.

Next I want to let you know that I've never read the source, or heard of this title before watching this movie. So this review is my impression of the movie watching it blind.

Story - 4
It actually started off really great in my opinion. The premise of a boy who was raised in the wild is not something entirely new but still very interesting. And it read more
Jun 15, 2019
shokansen (All reviews)
For those that are curious, this is an animated adaption from the manga with the same name, beautifully illustrated by Igarashi Daisuke. For starters, I think the film was definitely ambitious, but in honesty was all round lacking in a sense that the director could not successfully portray the clarity within the material of the original work.

STORY: (7/10) Five whole volumes of plot, filled with existentialistic concepts combining science fiction and supernatural themes, delicate portrayals of the relationship between the characters and the panoramas of sea life- all of these are condensed into a mere 111 minutes, a little less than two hours. Nevertheless, read more
Jun 16, 2019
5h1take (All reviews)

Not gonna lie I originally posted this review/report in a twitter thread but it's so detailed it deserves to be a review here. Due to this though, it's not in the standard review form.

Report: Children of the Sea (film)

Aaaaaaa I loved the film so so much (non manga reader)

Overall it was a very solid movie (cont. SPOILERS)

Disclaimer: this is all opinion!!! You can disagree!!! You can agree!!!


The story was easy enough to follow but I could tell they'd removed a number of other plotlines in order to fit the main story into a short 110 minutes. read more
Feb 16, 2020
SnowyDay22 (All reviews)
[b]Story: 2[/b]

When the constellations of the sky and the Yin Yang of the Earth converge, you get a $5 Quarter Pounder Combo complimented with a McFlurry of total nonsense.

There are so many plot holes and flaws with this anime's message!

First of all, what happened to Ruka's handball rival? I'd honestly like to get to know more about her relationship with Ruka.

Second of all, why were the Americans even remotely relevant? Other than the scene of that old man deleting a 1GB hard-disk of whale ASMR -- in efforts to prevent the USA from stealing Japan's technology (ugh cliches) -- the USA never seemed to read more
Feb 25, 2020
johnbradshaw (All reviews)
Studio 4°C is very much a formidable studio in term of animation. Their movies often have a creative art style with realistic character designs and a light cold tone of color choices. Therefore, it's always a treat watching their works. But sadly, I can't say that the stories they offered are just as inspiring. And unfortunately, Kaijuu no Kodomo or Children of the Sea, as beautiful as it may look, is not an exception.

Normally, this will be the part where I'm spoiling the story a little bit to help guiding the viewer into the anime. But this time, the story is just too incomprehensible read more
Sep 8, 2019
JellyNeko (All reviews)
Kaijuu no Kodomo is a strange movie that I find doesn't really fit into the typical blockbuster mold. Your enjoyment will come directly from your ability to understand (or at least feel like you understand) what it is trying to say. Basically, you won't know whether you'll like or dislike this movie until you watch it, simply because of the experience depending so much on factors outside of the four categories of Story, Art, Sound or Character.

STORY: The film conveys its messages as unclearly as possible - you might be able to follow what is happening on a surface level, but having an understanding of read more
Apr 9, 2020
rejectedmoney (All reviews)
This is going to be a very long review of Kaijuu no Kodomo because it is very awesome, hands down, one of the best anime movies that I have seen in my entire life. Even for the people who do not really watch anime, I'm still going to recommend watching this movie. Because for me, this is a masterpiece, with overall 10/10. The review might contain a personal interpretation of this movie, so I would like to apologize or you may correct me if I don't correctly interpret this movie, especially the message contains within it.


STORY 10/10: Firstly, there are a lot read more
Oct 17, 2020
psuedonymph (All reviews)
I love Children of the Sea.

I love its saturated palette. Joe Hisaishi’s atmospheric music. Acid-trip cinematography. Sublime art. A surreal plot that will bend your mind to the ends of the universe, but then back again to return perfectly to its origin, where everything settles beautifully.

This will be a full interpretation of every plot-relevant event. Please use this review as a guide for your own thoughts, rather than a concrete explanation.

Initially, Ruka is a young girl stranded on an island with the entire Pacific sprawling before her, stranded by her frustrations of growing up and communicating with others.

She struggles with communicating her feelings read more
Sep 5, 2020
aueft (All reviews)
Children of the Sea's high commitment to pretty nonsense, both visually and thematically, results in an unsatisfying viewing experience.

Children of the Sea might be worth watching for the sheer verve of its occasionally
resplendent visuals. The raw, complex lineart gives the depictions a real sense of texture, and the shear density of the aquatic wildlife in the frame is impressive. Much of that wildlife is rendered using CG, but it is generally integrated pretty well enough so that way that the high fidelity of the CG art contrasts with the more impressionistic traditional art reads as an artistic flourish. However, integration of CG is much read more
Feb 18, 2021
CureFaith (All reviews)
What an absolute spectacle. This is the sort of film that gently draws you in by the hand, stroking you with gentle breezes, lapping at your bare toes as the distant calls of whales echo by your ears.

And then proceeds to faceplant you into the sand and screech like a dying seagull as you hallucinate from a lack of oxygen.

For the first hour of the film I was completely hooked! Ruka, Umi and Sora are familiar but enjoyable archetypes, and no time is wasted in building a bond between the trio and getting into the mystery. The side characters have next to no read more
Jun 18, 2020
O2-Sama (All reviews)
this is my first review so sorry if there's a mistake.


In my opinion this movie has an art of indulging eyes throughout the scene presented with a details view on the beach and ocean as well as subtle movements in animatio so, no complaints in this art style.

as well as the music that accompanies the story during a sea diving scene or when a character experiences something magical in this story, a background sound that really matches all scenes. I give a 10/10 score on music.

Voice acting-8 (I hate the father, lol)
while for voice acting there are no problems. All actors read more
Feb 22, 2020
Racioo (All reviews)
This movie was... interesting. This is a short review of the movie I watched, and here are the ratings:

STORY: 5/10
The story was decent the first hour, but after that, a lot of weird things started happening, and I still can not figure out what they were trying to tell. If you were to ask me about what the plot was then for the first hour I would say: "Whale is having a party and is inviting people, including some special kids." while for the other hour of the movie, I can honestly only say: "Ruka is all over the place while yelling "Umi-kun!" every 5 read more
Dec 13, 2019
MeganeBaka (All reviews)
From the everyday, to the simple, to the surreal and eccentric, visually and audibly - Kaijuu no Kodomo was absolutely artistically stunning. The artistic visuals and beautifully composed music was the best part of the film. These two elements blended seamlessly to create such a vibrant and well-designed world, with use of colour and music really visualising different tones and environments perfectly.

Ultimately though, Kaijuu no Kodomo was slightly disappointing. Leading up to this film's release in my country, I was pretty excited and anticipating a similar enjoyment to the first time I ever watched films like Wolf Children or Your Name. With their stunning read more
Jun 20, 2021
ry_psd (All reviews)

As someone who works at a movie theater and has seen the ad for this movie only about a million times, I was excited to finally sit down and watch this movie that has been on "my list" on Netflix for a long time, but I have to say I was a little disappointed. To preface, I have not read the source material and I watched the English dub, which I thought was decent. Or at least the dubbing matches the monotone dialogue of the film.

STRENGTHS: The art style is incredibly unique and beautiful. A solid 10/10, besides the fact the eyes were read more
Jul 3, 2019
fillyy (All reviews)
Children of the Sea presents a story that is very metaphorical and is something that should be appreciated for its visual presentation. The quality of this anime film is rather inconsistent. I loved some scenes and was generally amazed by the effort put into the most important scenes, but other scenes just felt rushed and lazily done. The story is really metaphorical, so if you are the kind of person to turn your brain off while watching films, don't watch this film. You will be bored. However, if you are the type to analyse a film while watching it and after watching it while digesting read more
Feb 23, 2020
zoarch_vanderman (All reviews)
This movie was a ride to say the least. I walked into this expecting what I read in the synopsis, but the synopsis did NOT prepare me for what I actually viewed.

Story- 4
It was going just fine in the beginning; there were fish, oceans, kids talking about a ghost of the sea, just as the synopsis said. But then, that all changed. I tried to understand what was actually happening and catch the meaning, but from that whale consumption scene to end of the movie, all I picked up was...METEOR, THE MEANING OF LIFE, BIRTH... THE UNIVERSE!!! I couldn't follow along then.

Art- 9
The read more
Feb 19, 2020
LightIsKirai (All reviews)
Best art I've ever seen in a movie. Every frame is beautiful and the animation is extremely fluid. The only drawback to this movie is that the story lost me a bit especially at the end and the way it tried to wrap it up. Something about the birth of the Universe and being connected to the sea with some festival.

The characters also felt very dull. There's clearly some drama introduced that got placed at the backend or resolved very quickly/abruptly so more time could be put to showcase the more surrealistic parts. Because of that there isn't really a satisfying ending and left read more
Mar 27, 2021
lizzziziz (All reviews)
a breathtaking dream. this was what the movie felt like to me.

first quarter of the movie was pretty simple. *first quarter*. you have your main character ruka who is struggling with her relationships both at home and at school. she goes to her father's workplace, the aquarium, a place she's always took interest and peace in and she meets an energetic boy there, umi. she quickly learns that umi isn't exactly "normal" as apparently he was found with his brother, sora in a beach and was said to be raised by dugong's so they had to be in water a lot.

things started to go from read more
Dec 19, 2020
Moomochi (All reviews)
Out of 100 Nobles watching…
83 were impressed!
10 would have liked more dialogue and substance from the books
7 had minor complaints about the visuals

Kaijuu no Kodomo is one of my favorite Manga and was quite possibly the impetus to me writing reviews about media I consume. I made a MAL account because of manga like Kaijuu and Made in Abyss and I really couldn’t believe that something that felt as obscure as this got a full movie adaptation. In my eternal struggle with Studio 4°c I was hesitant to pick this one up, but after seeing the official AMV I determined if the movie was poopy read more